Good Neighbours
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Horror, Slut Wife, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, White Couple, Safe Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mikey & Candi love moving house, meeting new neighbours. Candi loves showing her body off. Gardening is her big hobby and wearing extra nothing while gardening gets her into some interesting situations. Some very dangerous situations!

They had just moved house. Candy and Mikey loved moving house as it nearly always spiced up their boring marriage. Candy had the knack of turning men's head where ever she went with her long flowing dark red hair. Her body was perfect in every sense. At twenty eight everything was still in good condition. Rounded boobs with large nipples. She needed a bra, but she barely wore one. Mikey told her she looked good without. She had long legs which went on for eternity. Brown and silky where she had sun tanned each summer for the best part f her life. Mike had her wearing the shortest skirts ever and he wouldn't allow her to wear anything else. This got her into more trouble at times that she didn't know whether she was coming or going.

Mikey wasn't the most handsome chap in the world. There was a big age difference too, but once he had his eye on a girl he normally got them. They fell for his charms and he gave good sex every time. This made girls keep coming back for more. All his mates wondered how he did it. The girls that fell for him were stunning and he was forty one and bald nearly.

Candy stayed the longest and three years after they were married.

The night before the wedding though Candy didn't have a hen night like most girls did. Instead Mikey arranged a do where she was the only female and the rest were male. His close mates and mates he knew from work.

Candy had no idea what was up her husband-to-be sleeve, but he knew she wouldn't be disappointed.

"Aren't we supposed to be apart the night before our wedding night?" She asked in her sexist Essex accent licking his neck as he rubbed his big bands over her pert bum. They were just finishing their meal.

"Well, in a sense we will be apart." He laughed at his own joke which Candy didn't get. Instead she just sat there with her head on his hairy chest and fell asleep.

The next day they got up at seven o'clock. The day was going to be busy. Candy had cooking and cleaning to do while Mikey went out and did the shopping. It was a boiling hot summers day and Mike opened all the doors and windows while Candy went to have a shower. He joined her in the shower that morning and made sure she had a good lathering up.

"Come here you little beauty!" He grabbed her roughly around the waist and stuck her on his erection. This was what Candy loved, a bit of rough sex. Well, not just a bit, quite a lot of rough sex. She moaned and grinded her hips as he pumped her. She wanted it to go on for ages, but it rarely did because Mikey couldn't hold his erection for that long, he never had done and that had been his downfall in his sex life. He had no complaints though. What ever he lacked in the cock area he made up for with his tongue and fingers, not to mention a bag of sex toys. He had bought about three or four sex toys each time he went out with a new girl because he didn't want to disappoint them.

Candy had collapsed now against her man. After two orgasms she was finished. Mikey kissed her back to life and left her to get on with getting ready.

Eating her breakfast she made a list of what she had to do while Mike was out doing shopping and stuff. She hated shopping and they had both agreed he would do that chore if Candy took care of home life. The house was big and cleaning each day. The garden too was nearly as big as the house which was why they had brought it in the first place. Candy considered herself a gardener and every opportunity she had she would be out there doing something.

And this was where she would get into those situations leading to sex, either with Mikey or, sometimes more exciting, with next door neighbours. As she thought of these times she could feel herself getting aroused again. She stopped thinking of that for now.

Quickly, she finished her toast and coffee and rushed to do the vacuuming. She couldn't let in to her desires before doing the house work or it would never get done.

Mikey wouldn't be back for ages she told herself so she had plenty of time to build up to a blinding orgasm when the opportunity arrived.

Her neighbours were nice people. The husband was about Mikey's age but much better looking. When they had introduced themselves the husband, Peter had already feasted his eyes on Candy's gorgeous body and both Mikey and Candy knew that they could be in for a great time. The wife was an old bag and didn't talk much. No wonder Peter need some spice in his life.

As Candy thought about her next door neighbour she suddenly thought she heard someone call her name. Switching off the vacuum she listened again and yes she was right, someone was calling her. It was Peter. Her face flushed a bright red as she went out into the garden.

"Hi there!" I was just vacuuming." Candy smiled as she walked over to the garden fence. Her tiny shorts were nearly non-existent and Peter couldn't take his eyes off her large boobs that were jingling around. Candy's top was way too small for her breasts.

Peter had forgotten what he was going to say, he was lost in her beauty. He quickly remembered without looking too much of an idiot.

"Hi, Umm." He stuttered clearing his throat. "I'm a landscaper and I just wondered if you wanted help with the garden? Not that it looks bad." He added quickly. In fact, if he was honest their garden looked better than his own. How shameful was that? Candy lowered her head and tried not to smile, she didn't want to offend him and so she quickly thought of an answer.

"I'm a gardener myself, but mowing the grass is hard work and Mikey gets very bad fever. So, if you wouldn't mind, yes we'd love a hand." Candy beamed at him. She hadn't realized what she was saying, but Peter did and his cock sprang to life. she would get more than just a hand he thought. He controlled himself.

"OK then, let me know and I'll do it. Free of charge mind. I don't want paying." He told her as his eyes gazed over her boobs. Candy noticed and giggled which made her top rise further up.

"I'm sure we could pay you back somehow!" She told him allowing her top to expose a bit more of her boob. He looked as though he was going to faint. Candy come closer to the hard fence and pretended to look at the flowers in his garden, but really, she only leaned on the fence to encourage her top to rise even further. "Nice roses there Pete."

His hand was resting on the part of the fence where Candy and this is where hand met breast. She knew what she was doing and suddenly so did Pete. He, however, tried to continue the conversation as well as he subtly caress the naked part of the breast that was resting on the fence. It must be hurting her, he thought as his fingers lightly touched her flesh, but what did he care. She could stay there all day if she wanted, he would be happy standing there giving her little pinches.

His cock was rigid now and there was no hiding it. She could see how big he was and Candy began to ache just from the sight of him. Coming even closer to the fence she hung her full boobs right over the fence. This didn't it for Pete and he ejaculated there and then. He couldn't stop himself and just stood there shuddering.

"Sorry!" Candy said in her quiet sweet voice.

"No you're not!" His manner had changed now. A menacing glare was in his eyes as he boldly put his hand under her tight white top and found her nipple a gave it a rough squeeze. He didn't stop until he heard her yelp. And a loud yelp at that. "There! That's what you get for being a bad girl!" there was no hint of him joking either.

They went their separate ways at that point. Candy was in a state of arousal and Pete in a sticky mess. She had no time to go upstairs and satisfy herself because just then Mikey had returned from shopping. Greeting him with a big cuddle and kiss in the hope that he would be in the mood for some fun, but he wasn't.

"We have to get this place ready for tonight love!" He started unpacking the shopping.

"OK. Well, I've done the housework." She lied as she put the vacuum cleaner away. Mikey didn't notice the dust very often and she did do it almost each day so it wasn't too bad.

"Good!" He continued putting large quantity of beer in the spare room after he had filled up the fridge up.

"Oh, by the way. Peter called me out. Just to say hello really, but he is a landscaper." She caught herself filling up down below as she started talking about the man.

"Yes I know!" Mikey said irritably. "Did you invite him to the party?"

This threw Candy off guard. "Erh, no."

"Why not?" Mike asked. "He's a nice bloke. I'll invite him in a minute."

Candy continued with what her point was.

"He offered to mow the grass for us, free of charge he says."

"Corrr, what a nice bloke! I'll take him up on that." Mikey said kissing her on the cheek and slipping his index finger into her wet hole. Just what she needed, but as she began to get into it he pulled out and continued with what he was doing. This made Candy crazy and she stormed out of the room in anger.

Pete did come to the party that night and boy, wasn't Candy pleased to see him. Being only next door he was one of the first to arrive. Grace, his wife didn't come along.

"No, she doesn't like loud dos like this." Pete winked at Mikey. Candy hadn't been there when both had spoke about the party and still she hadn't realized that she was going to be the prize package for that night.

The front door rang again and Candy went to answer it. She looked the part of the hostess of the house and this next guest whistled as she opened the door to him.

"Wow! You look the biz Cand! Am I the first in line? Lee asked as his free hand went straight up her short skirt to feel that she only had a g-string on.

"Oih! Watch it! Remember what day it is tomorrow? My wedding day. This is my hen party. Behave yourself!" She tried getting away from his roaming hand nearly knocking the bottle of wine he held in his other.

"Yes, that's right. You're the only hen coming to this party tonight darling." Mikey had joined them at the front door. Candy turned to look at her soon-to-be-husband.

"What?" Candy couldn't move. If she did her g-string was going to seriously cut into her. She could see Mikey had that grin upon his face that meant sex.

"Just lay back and enjoy the attention tonight babe." He came closer to her and kissed her lovingly on the lips. She automatically relaxed and she could feel Lee's fingers probe her vulva.

Lee took her to the kitchen and lifted her up on to the sideboard. She didn't say anything while she was being manhandled. Her red hair fell around her face. Feeling her legs being parted and lifted this way and that way. Lee had caught her on many an occasion and gave good oral sex. This was what she was going to get next in front of everyone watching.

Leaning back against the wall she waited for what she had coming to her. Lee expertly freed her from her tight g-string very roughly making her moan in pain, but the pain was replaced by three fat fingers struggling to enter her. Opening her legs wider she encouraged him to push hard. Juices helped. He was in.

"Is that good Babe?" Candy heard Mikey asked her tenderly from the kitchen doorway. She couldn't answer and just nodded her head lost in ecstasy. Lee's mouth had found her clitoris now and was giving it a good licking. Candy came within seconds with loud screams and movements that nearly had her falling off the bench. If it hadn't been for Lee's fingers still deeply up her she would have been on the floor.

The pumping of Lee's fingers gave her two more climaxes before he slowly released her, but he hadn't finished with her just yet.

"Oh what! Let me have a rest first Lee. I'm sore." Lee just ignored her pleas and positioned her so that he could enter her.

His whole seven inch cock entered and he held her on to him carrying her into the lounge. This made the other two guys slap her bare bum as she passed. Slap! Slap! Slap! Candy felt every slap and with every slap she felt she was climaxing.

Lee sat her down on the window sill and started getting his pleasure by pumping her. Anyone walking by wouldn't mistake what was going on. Mikey and Pete had joined in by sucking Candy's nipples. She begged them to stop, but Lee was building up to a nice ejaculation and had intention of withdrawing until he had filled her.

Lee had been secretly in love with Candy for years and he felt insanely jealous that she would be marrying Mikey tomorrow. Mikey had even given him the job of being best man. He was determined he was going to make the most of this night, not that he intended to stop fucking her when she was married.

Finally, Lee let his semen out inside Candy's swollen hole. He made strange noises in her ears that only she understood. At moments like this Candy did wonder why she wasn't with Lee. They were more compactable and she adored everything him about him. Though, he did play the field and she couldn't stand sharing him.

Candy jumped down from the bench and tried making herself presentable.

"Excuse me lads! I need the loo." She rushed upstairs leaving them to it.

When she returned fifteen minutes later she felt and looked as good as new. She had changed her dressed from a white short dress to a red one that barely covered her buttocks. Being a stretchy material it rose every time she walked.

The house was full of guys, some she knew and some she didn't. Most of them just admired her from a far and some slapped her bum as she walked by and some went further. Mike left her to it and to be honest to herself she was enjoying it all. There was no more full on sex like there had been with Lee for a few hours. Then bang!

Pete was waiting in the garden for the opportunity to grab her. And when he did he was going to snatch her. He had a mean in him did Pete and Candy had pulled that streak out of him that day. He smoked as he watched and waited. Visions of what he would do to her made him sweat. It was a hot night with not much cool air about. He could do with a few days break from his wife, but that wasn't the point. He could do with a few days away with Candy. Alone with her. All these guys didn't know what to do with her. She was miles too good for them. She was certainly too good for that fat bastard, Mikey. What Candy saw in him he couldn't imagine?

Finally, she came out into the garden. Some stupid guy was walking along the garden path with his hand deeply embedded between her vulva. Pete swore with jealousy under his breath. He watched and waited. They were walking back in Pete's direction and luckily Candy caught sight of him.

Smiling, she withdrew from the guy fingering her bum and came over to Pete.

"Hiya, you're OK?" That was the last thing Candy could say. Something was shoved into her mouth and her hair was pulled sharply back making her neck crack. The pain was so much that she thought she was going to faint. She tried struggling and muffled sounds came from her, but no one heard over the loud music.

Kissing her neck to try and soothe her Lee made her walk out into the dark alley, but she refused to put one foot in front of the other. Falling to her knees she prayed this would make him let go of her. Her hands were flapping, but somehow he managed to lift her up around her waist and carry her out of view. Her hands were scratched by the wall as she struggled. No one came to her rescue. Pete smacked her bare leg as she kicked.

"There there! Just relaxed and everything will be just fine. Take these two for starters!" He shoved two of his fat finger up her swollen vulva and she went limp. He pumped her all the way to his car at the front of his house.

At the front of the car he leaned her over and pulled his eight inch cock and dived straight into her without a moment's hesitation. She couldn't believe the pain it caused her, but beside from that she couldn't believe the ecstasy she was experiencing.

He freed her mouth now because he was sure she wouldn't be screaming for help now. There were moans coming from her now. Low and soft.

"There! How's this for you? Have you had it this good for a while?" He asked on baited breathe. He was about to ejaculate, but Candy climaxed with a cry. This made him fill her up. She wondered if he would ever stop spurting.

Both stayed slumped over the car until they caught their breath back.

Pete sounded worn out. It was as if he had fallen asleep on top of her there and then. The weight of him was hurting her. Her lower half of her body was being crushed.

Wondering if she could wriggle out from underneath him she attempted to, but as she lifted her hand up he forced it roughly down again.

"What do you think you're doing? Pete whispered in her ear in a menacing tone. She knew now that she was in grave danger. This was no game he was playing and sheer fear rose in her as she began to struggle. "Keep still or you'll get hurt. I'll get up from you when I'm good and ready. You deserve punishment for what you did to me today."

Candy looked round at him in astonishment. What had she done apart from made him ejaculate in minutes of talking to him? Most men would have been over the moon. This was when she knew she wasn't dealing with any ordinary bloke. They were living next door to a nutter on the loose.

When she heard her name being called relief hit her then as she heard the voice of Mikey. Mikey, her beloved safe man. She craved to be in his arms right at that moment. Struggling, she tried spitting out the horrible tasting thing that e had shoved back into her mouth.

Mikey's voice came closer and there was some kind of urgency in the tone. Other voices started appearing. All male of course. There were no females at the house.

Pete began to panic and he had to get his thinking cap on. There was no way he was going to free her now, he had plans for her over the next few days. She would get back here when he decided he had had enough of her. For the moment she was his.

Finding his car keys from his trouser pocket he was going to shove her in the back seat and drive off quickly into the night. Fiddling around in his pocket he nearly forgot to keep hold of Candy and she nearly got away, but he caught hold of her dress. It ripped under his grip and her whole body was exposed. Her boobs looked divine in the night light and Pete couldn't help but grab her around the waist and took a mouthful of her nipple and gave it a painful suck.

Hell broke loose after that. Somehow, Candy had managed to dislodge the thing was tasting so nasty in her mouth and she let out an almighty scream. Pete hadn't realized it had come from her at first, but when the second scream came he knocked her out cold. She never made another sound from that moment.

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