Keep It In Your Pants
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two teens about to part ways to go to different colleges are dismayed that they can't be alone long enough to get out of their clothes and make it past third base. Before it's too late, some desperation and inventiveness lets them finally get close enough to go all the way.

"I wish it didn't have to be this way." I said.

"I'm not blaming you or anything," she replied somberly "it just sucks, the whole situation..."

she was right, it would have been better if there was someone to blame, someone who's fault it could be, so that we could just be angry with them and be over it. it wasn't that simple though, nothing ever is.

Heather was my girlfriend. We had been dating for the last six months, and now with summer nearly over and the two of us going to different colleges the future looked grim. I wanted to go to the same college as her, but got rejected. it wasn't even a real rejection, i was put onto "the wait list" because they had too many applicants of acceptable standing, or whatever terminology it was they used. point was, i didn't make it in, and so we had to go to different universities.

we were going to try for a long distance relationship. even if we managed to stay together, we still wouldn't get to see each-other in person. We could barely stand how little alone time we got now, it was going to be hell to have to go weeks or even months without each other.

"lets not worry about what's to come" she said as if reading my mind "let's just have now..." she got into her bed next to me. whenever her parents were actually both gone we'd try to spend time together. her dad worked an office job, but her mom was half stay at home mom, half e-bay home business runner. That meant that her mom spent most of her time at home, keeping one eye on her auction bids, on eye on her pot roast, and one eye on the two of us. i still haven't figured out where that third eye came from, but every time our cuddling time turned into making out she was there to "check on us."

my place was out of the question. My Parents were usually gone, but i had nosy neighbors and nosy siblings. assuming i actually snuck her into my house without the paranoid old woman across the street sending my dad an e-mail report, one of my brothers or sisters would tell my mom if my room door was closed for more than a minute.

With no place outside the house either, we were left with whatever time her mom spent at the grocery store. she would never leave while I was there, but if she left and i made it over to her place in time we could get a good fifteen minutes together. Then her mom would come home and we'd have to act natural. i was sure to show up enough when her mom wasn't gone so she would catch on that we were planning it.

"how much time do you think we have?" i asked as i got up to get some water for the two of us.

"about five minutes, ten if we're lucky"


when i came back she was still laying in her loft bed. i climbed up the foot after putting the water on her nightstand. i paused briefly when i noticed a hole in her jeans. there were lots of holes in her jeans really, but this one was right on the crotch. She really was a beautiful girl, she had silky skin with an slight tan, short brown hair to match her light brown eyes. She wasn't stick thin, which was just fine with me, she wasn't fat though, just comfortably fit; the type of fit that looks good on a girl, like how her hips filled her jeans, and kept her soft and cushiony when she sat on my lap. her breasts were nice C cups, and they held up fine without a bra, which she rarely wore if she didn't have to.

in fact, she didn't wear panties all that much either, thats partly what caught my eye. it wasn't a very big hole in her jeans, but it was just big enough to see that she wasn't wearing anything under those pants. i was looking at the cleanly shaven edge of her lip, with just the hint of pink showing.

i almost laughed. it felt like such a treat to see that since i had never actually seen her naked. with so little time together at any given time, we had only ever gotten to third base, and even then it was only with my hand down her pants. with the possibility of her parents arriving at any time, we couldn't risk being caught with our pants down. the most i had seen of her were here breasts, not that I'm complaining about her breasts.

i decided to let it go, i doubt she'd mind that i saw her, but i figured she wasn't in the mood. i continued into the bed and held her next to me. "ten minutes?"

"at most, more like 8 now" she pointed out, then kissed me "but whose counting."

i slowly brought my mouth to hers and placed my hand on her back. i gently slipped my toung into her mouth and hers into mine as we both began to breath heavily. she pressed her chest against me, letting me know what she wanted, and i worked my hand around to her stomach and caressed up into her shirt.

i could felt her heart beat intensely as i massaged her breast. lightly at first, then a little harder. she let out a little moan as i ever so lightly pinched her nipple, causing her to hold her breath for second.

she pulled her face away "i want you" she let out before pulling me in again.

i ran my hand down her chest, over her naval and into the top of her jeans, then slowed down as i slid my hand down the velvety soft skin of her crotch. "you shaved?"

"i wanted to see how it-" she gasped as my hand made contact with her clit "... felt" i slowly rubbed her clit until she got nice and wet, then rubbed my finger up and down her slit, pushing it in a little more each time.

i knew from talking to her before that a finger is as much as she's ever had inside her, and i was her first, besides her own, to be in her. but from that angle and with her pants having to stay on, i could only go so far in. i pulled away from kissing her and caught my breath "I'm guna try something"

"okay" she breathed.

i took my hand out of her pants, and put it on her crotch over her jeans. i lightly rubbed her exposed lips through the hole in her jeans.

she gasped slightly "i... forgot that was there..."

she readjusted a little and i was able to slide an inch of my middle finger in through the hole of her jeans and past her waiting lips, then slowly slid it the rest of the way in, pushing it deep into her.

she let out what would have been a moan if she hadn't been breathing in as i curved my finger around to push on her g-spot. "ah... yes..." she managed to say.

i continued to finger her, as she clenched the sheets and and tried to stifle her panting. "keep going" she whispered "almost..." she arched her back a little, then a little more, then let out a slow sharp breath of air as she nearly tore a hole in her sheets.

i pulled my finger out and let her catch her breath while i readjusted my place on the bed to be closer to her.

"i can't stand this any more" she said "i just can't take it?"

"what?" i said a little surprised "what'd i do?"

"no, not..." she seemed like she was in no shape to be making clear sentences "i need you in me." she rolled over on top of me and startled me, her crotch pressing against my erection trapped in my pants. "i can't handle fooling around, it's too much."

she lifted herself a little and pulled my pants and underwear down just enough to let my dick stand free. "what are you doing, your mom-"

"i don't care" she said, clearly lying by the sound of her voice. what was more likely is that she was trying to convince herself that she didn't care"

"but how-?"

she moved her hands from my pants to hers, and put two fingers into either side of the hold in her jeans, then pulled the hole wider. she fit in more fingers and tore again. she felt around the new tear and then leaned down to kiss me while i steadied my erection upward with my hand.

with her face inches from mine she slid her dripping wet lips over the head of my cock and began to slide it in. she went slow, savoring it. she smiled wryly as it went in.

i felt more and more of my cock going into her warm and inviting pussy, then she slid down the point of no return. she cringed and jerked as their was a just barely audible snapping noise, like the sound of a muffled knuckle crack as her hymen broke and her lips went to the base of my shaft.

i felt the tight, wet muscles of her cunt clenching every inch of my throbbing cock. the pained look on her face remained, but was less intense. "are you... okay... ?" i managed to say.

"I'm... I'm fine..." she whispered "it's just... tight..."

"yah, i noticed"

she laughed. "it's okay if i just... stay..."

i answered her by holding her close to me and letting her rest with me inside her. it was heaving on earth being with her like that.

then, i felt her muscles relax a little, and it was like her pussy got a little more wet. "ah..." she began moving up a little, then back down "there we go..." up again, a little further, then down. she began slowly pumping against me, sending warm waves of ecstasy flowing through my body.

"I... uh..." i tried to talk "I'm guna cum..."

"go ahead, i came already" she said in the happiest voice i've ever heard come from her.

"but, we..." i couldn't take it, as if sensing me swell, she pushed her crotch down as far as it would go and rocked her hips against me, pushing me over the edge. i squeezed her hips and nearly shouted as i shot pump after pump of my cum into her.

i nearly blacked out, and finally relaxed. My cock was still throbbing inside her. she seemed fine where she was, lightly nibbling on my neck while we caught our breath.

"that felt so good..." she purred

"fuck yeah it did..." my cock was beginning to relax "i shouldn't have cum in you though"

she moved her head from my neck to my face and kissed me "i told you, it's okay." she grinned mischievously "I'm on the pill"

"what? since when?"

"since about two months ago" she said with a little laugh.

"what? why didn't you tell me?" i laughed too.

"i wanted it to be a surprise..."

"well, you know how i love surprises" i said, and a moment later was proved wrong, as we heard the front door open. "shit"

"heather, I'm back" came the voice of her mom approaching her door.

she jumped off me, sending a shock of pleasure into my now softening dick. i quickly pulled my pants up as she got off the bed and to the floor as a knock came at her door, followed immediately by it opening. "heather, I- oh, you're here" she said, caught slightly off guard. "heather, you know i don't like it when you two are here with the door closed."

she was holding her legs together to keep her mom from noticing the slight moisture around the hole in her jeans "come on, we've still got all our clothes on, what are we guna do?"

"okay" she said still slightly skeptical, but appeased. "come on and help me with the groceries."


"i'll help too" i offered, jumping off the bed.

her mom walked off and heather turned to me with a look of shock and relief "i'm guna go to the bathroom, i'll catch up."

i helped her mom bring in the groceries, then Heather joined us for the last of them. i went tot the bathroom myself, i had too pee, and clean off the bits of now dried blood left on my penis.

I stayed over for the rest of the day, hanging out with heather in various non sexual ways. I even ended up staying for dinner. as the sun was going down i kissed her goodbye on her doorstep and went on my way home.

i was still unhappy about having to leave her for another school, it felt better and worse at the same time, better because at least we had the chance to fuck before we were too far away, worse because now we knew what we'd be missing.

when i got home my dad was working on the computer "hey there, have a good time?"

i laughed inwardly "yah"

"that's good, oh, you got some mail today, it's on the kitchen table."

"thanks" i went into the kitchen and grabbed the letter. it was from the university that heather got into.

i opened it and nearly had a heart attack "... you've been offered an enrollment..." it was a letter saying that my place on the wait list had payed off, and i got in. i never expected to actually get in, i thought a wait list was just a nice way of rejecting you.

"what is it?" my mom asked

"i got in"

"what?" my dad asked from the other room.

"i got in!"

"oh thats great!" my mom exclaimed "i bet you'll want to tell heather the good news"

"no" i said grinning "i'll let it be a surprise."

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