Francesca And Frieda

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BDSM, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Prologue - The adventures of two characters in the story Naked Amazons. This pair rejoin the Amazons after two years of luxury, intending to surpass Joanne's record. They finally regret their foolishness, but not before they have many painful experiences.

After the Liberation, in which Joanne and Annie's Amazons played a minor but notable part, life started to return to normal. Schools were opened, Universities re-established and science and medicine flourished again.

In this busy new world, where civilisation was being reborn, a regiment of naked women subjected to a savage discipline and accustomed to enormous harship fitted ill with an increasingly sophisticated society - a way of life they had done so much to restore.

After a few months moves were made to disband them entirely and many of the original members had left. Joanne, stooping and white-haired after the horrors her friend Annie had caused her to endure, was a leading member of the Government. Francesca had taken Frieda off to a tropical paradise to nurse her back to health. Annie was a general and resplendent in a fine uniform. Soon the regiment had lost most of its original members. But its fame was inextinguishable and hardy adventurous young women flocked to join.

A compromise was reached and the Amazons were deployed in the far North where remnants of the old regime still held out. The inclement weather was thought by the powers that be to be enough to make them give up their proud nudity and become an ordinary, if exclusively female, regiment. Many did fail to adapt to the cold and rugged terrain and left. Others tried to stick it out and perished from the terrible cold. But it soon became apparent that some women had such powers of endurance that they not only survived the cold but thrived on it.

Before the Amazons were finally brought into the normal Army and made to abandon their nakedness and savage discipline for ever, many women were to join them. Here follow the stories of some of them, beginning with: Francesca And Frieda

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