A Young Witch
Prologue: A Spiteful Retaliation

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, NonConsensual, Magic, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, Masturbation, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue: A Spiteful Retaliation - Alice is the school popularity queen, and a total bitch to those who are different or don't suck up to her. When she confronts Elle, the new school dyke, Elle casts a transformation spell on her. She grows a workng male penis, and her life is forever changed. This is her story...

"Do what you want with the bitch," said Alice Doxer, the buxom, blonde popularity queen of Dainsworth High. Hugs and smiles to those she liked, White Witch to the outcasts and those whom she felt had slighted her. "Everyone knows God hates dykes and fags."

Oh yeah, and she hates gays too, thought Elle Hamilton, a petite teen in slender glasses and androgynous, nondescript clothing, as she glanced grimly at the two burly jocks. She recognized them from the football team. She cursed herself for her timing. What rotten luck she'd encountered Queen Bitch and her goons on the way to the bathroom.

Presently, the goons stepped slowly towards her, and as she edged back nervously, she repeated in her head, Must never use it to harm another. Must never use it to harm another. Must never...

Elle's hands started to give off the faintest glow as her control over her powers slipped. Just then, though, a voice called out behind the goon squad.

"Alice Doxer! Chad Farnes! Tony Argoz!... Elle Hamilton," the voice concluded. Oh, great. Mr. Wormwood knew everyone's names. The janitor seemed a bit irritated as he pushed the wide mop down the hall. "Just what are you doing out of class?"

"Using the restroom, sir," Elle was quick to reply, certain that Alice would've said something highly incriminating. "Alice and her friends just stopped to say 'hi.'"

"Fine," Wormwood grumbled. "You three, get back to class. And you hurry up! If you aren't gone when I'm back in one minute, I'll see the lot of you in detention!" With that, he pushed past them towards the end of the hall. Chad and Tony had already split, far more fearful of the faculty and for their precious positions on the team than of displeasing Alice.

Alice stepped forward and grabbed the neck of Elle's hoodie. "You got lucky today, dyke," she growled. "You think you're so clever, always hiding in the crowd... well, there'll be another day like this, and I can promise you any friend you might bring along with you'll get hers with you."

Elle only smirked. The faint glow around her hands had never truly faded. Magic was not chanting as one might think, but rather, a manifestation of will and intention. Words had not been used since the Dark Ages, for not only were they too limited a medium for channeling, but they also gave rise to a rather large scare in England, so she had heard. But presently, one hand twitched, and she stuck out her middle finger at the ground.

"I don't need a friend, bitch, for your information," she said flatly. Alice scowled, but she continued. "Neither do I need the cover of strangers. But since you were so kind as to greet me in the hall, I ought to give you a little present." With that, she brought her middle finger forward and rubbed the crotch the blonde's jeans. Her smirk grew wider as she felt the power channel through her hand. When she'd had it, she'd had it.

Alice responded with a horrified "Ugh!" and threw Elle back. "Fucking sick dyke!" Her face contorted with disgust as she considered her next words, but apparently there were none hateful enough for Elle, and she stormed away. Elle sat there with a thoughtful look, fantasizing of the things that would come of her little spell as she watched Alice's sexy ass disappear around the corner, until the sweeping sound of Mr. Wormwood's mop echoed down the hall. She quickly got up and headed for the girls' room.

It's not like I'm completely gay anyway, as the bitch'll soon find out, she thought as she gave the Alice issue one last resentful mental grumble.

Alice's dreams that night were troubled, and more than a little heated as she floated through an erotic red haze. Random figures, random faces appeared and had their way with her, but their cocks weren't big enough, and no matter how much they licked, their tongues could not bring her off. It was wrong. Sinful. This was the kind of thing sluts and whores did, but she couldn't help it. She needed so badly to come. In the absence of invading parts, she would supply her own hand, her entire hand, moaning in frustration, longing for climax and a release that never came...

Alice jolted awake, and saw the first morning light through her window. Then she registered that she was bathed in a cold sweat. Her memory of the dream was quickly fading, and all that she could remember was that it'd been erotic. It was all good and well; the pastor had told her this was normal for an adolescent young woman, and that she should pay it no heed.

But as she rose to go to the bathroom, she felt a tightness in her panties, and a most peculiar sensation, like something soft rubbing against a very sensitive spot. She paused for a brief second, then shrugged it off, and stood up... And immediately yelped as the sensation came again, only more intense as her panties began to feel even tighter. Feeling slightly lightheaded, she looked down to see what was wrong, and would've screamed were she not so shocked.

There, protruding from the front of her pelvis was a lengthening bulge, expanding upwards and outwards. She yelped again as she yanked the panties down to reveal a hard, smooth, nine-inch penis. Horrified, she tentatively lifted her hand to give the head an explorative touch, and jerked it away as she felt the organ throb at her touch.

Her mind was now swimming in an alien desire. She needed something around it, something soft and warm and slick. Then she looked in the mirror. At the sight of her pronounced curves and the perfect swell of her breasts, her new shaft surged with blood - blood that felt as if it had drained from her brain - and she simply stared, too far gone to register amazement at being so attracted to her own feminine body.

It took her a few moments of increasing pleasure, even looking in the mirror, to notice that she had her rod in her hands and was stroking, lightly. The pleasure was centered on the organ, instead of radiating throughout her body as had been the case when she'd let Chad finger her.

Long lost to abandon were any thoughts of morality, and she began to stroke in earnest to the image before her in the mirror. Oh, if only she could sink this throbbing tool into a... into... oh, God, help me, she thought as suddenly her entire body tensed, the pleasure magnified, and several thin ropes of white fluid shot from the swollen tip, splattering on the mirror and the floor. Her knees gave way, and she sank to the floor, dazed and panting as her cock remained stiff and spasming.

Her first thought as she regained the power to do so was, What the hell just happened?

Her second thought was, God help me, it's still hard.

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