Family Education
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, DomSub, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Angie's parents divorced, she went with her mother and her brother Frank went with their dad and she didn't see them for years. Now that she's off to grad school where her father teaches it's time to get to know her father and brother all over again.

Angie fidgeted in her seat as the plane slowly made it's way to the gate. Here she was, twenty-two and on her way to grad school, the next step in preparing for her future. Her grades and GREs had been through the roof, but she was still a little surprised that she was accepted to the large eastern university. Angie had to wonder if her father pulled some strings. And it was her father, Prof. Leone, not starting grad school that was making her so nervous.

Angie had not seen her father, or her younger brother for that matter, in about ten years, since her parents had divorced. Her father had been offered this teaching position and had accepted without consulting his wife. When she did not want to leave her career behind, the couple separated. Angie's mom wanted custody of both children, but lacked the money for a drawn-out custody, so she settled on bringing up Angie, believing a young girl would need her mother. With all the bitterness, Angie's mother would never allow her to go see her father and for his part, he always found reasons not to bring her brother to visit. Birthday phone calls were about the only contact.

And now not only was Angie seeing her father and brother for the first time in ten years, but she was moving into their house. When Professor Tony Leone found out his daughter would be going to his university, he insisted, saying it was the least he could do after so many years of not being there. Angie finally relented, over her mother's protests, and here she was. But would they get along? Would he even like her? She wasn't a little girl anymore, but a woman, with a mind and plans of her own.

There was the final thump of the gangway connecting to the plane and the passengers began to deplane. Angie grabbed her bag from the overhead compartment and slung it over her shoulder. Well, here goes nothing, she thought.

There was a crowd waiting in the terminal and Angie scanned it, looking for a familiar face. Could she even be sure she'd recognize him? She'd certainly changed in ten years. Toward the back of the crowd, Angie saw a tall man in sportcoat and jeans. It took her a couple seconds, his black hair was now shot with gray, as was the beard he had grown since he left. But aside from that, Tony Leone didn't look all that much different than the photograph on her nightstand.

The gorgeous young woman approaching him could not possibly be his daughter, Tony thought. The woman was approaching tentatively. She only looked a couple inches shorter than his six feet, with auburn curls that cascaded way past her shoulders. She was trim and the gap between her snug t-shirt and clinging jeans showed a gold hoop in her flat stomach. The beautiful girl looked every bit a movie star, not a grad student. "Daddy?" She said, standing in front of him. Well, his little girl had certainly grown up.

"Angie." Tony said and embraced his daughter. She clung to him tightly, tears welling in her deep green eyes.

Angie and her father got her luggage from the checking area and he drove his daughter to her new home. The small talk was a little strained and there was a little catching up, but Angie's fears were beginning to ease. Her father seemed like a very nice man, not the lout her mother had described.

Angie was shown to her room, which was filled with boxes she had sent ahead. Tony explained that her brother wanted to be there to greet her, but just couldn't get out of work. She told him she wanted to get some unpacking done and he said in that case he was going to run to his office. He said he shouldn't be too long and left the number in case she needed anything.

Angie only got through a couple boxes before she collapsed on her bed, jet lagged. She had a good long nap before her eyes dreamily drifted open. She'd been having the most wonderful dream about one of the male flight attendants from the plane and woke up very horny. Angie rummaged around until she found her robe and undressed. A shower would do her a world of good. And now would be a good time to see if they had a shower massage.

She only heard the sound of the shower when she rounded the corner. The door was wide open and a pair of cut-offs lay in a pile with a t-shirt on the bathroom floor. Angie knew it must be her brother, Frank. There was a window in the shower and its light through the silloette of a big, powerfully built man onto the shower curtain.

Obviously, frank thought he was home alone, because as soon as the water was shut-off, the curtain was whipped aside. Angie quickly spun back around the corner, but not before snatching a glimpse of her brother. And that glimpse made her peek back around the corner. When she did, her heart skipped a beat. Frank looked very much like her father, but of course much younger. Frank was the baby of the family, by three years. However, it was no baby that stood in that steamy bathroom. Frank's chest was very broad, arms thick, muscles rippled as he dried himself with the towel. His butt was granite, and when he turned around, Angie could not help but notice Frank was not a little brother. He had one of the largest pricks she's ever seen.

Angie leaned against the wall and reflexively her hand went under the short blue terrycloth robe to touch herself. Her dream had made her horny, but now she was getting very wet. She heard the bathroom light click off and she scurried back down the hallway to her room, leaving the door open a crack, and flopping on her bed. She blushed immediately. That was her brother! What was she thinking? But she only looked and it wasn't like she grew up with him. And being a psychology student, she knew that these sorts of feelings weren't that odd.

Through the door, Angie could see straight into her brother's room and he was just standing there, naked. Angie pulled her robe open and stroked her damp clit. She could rationalize later, but she had not been laid in weeks. Frank loaded a CD into his stereo. Angie watched his big tool hanging as he moved around the room. What she wouldn't give for some time with something like that. Angie's pussy was streaming, soaking the fingers that touched it, and playing with her clit. Frank bent to pull on a pair of running shorts and Angie bit her lip, turning into her pillow to muffle her cry as she came. She lay panting on her bed while Frank went downstairs, then tiptoed down to the shower.

Freshly showered and feeling not quite as shaky, Angie changed into black stretch pants and a baggy t-shirt. She went downstairs and found Frank in the kitchen making himself dinner. When he heard her come in he turned around. "Big sister?" He asked.

"Yup, I guess so." Angie said. Frank rushed across the kitchen and gave his sister a big bear hug, crushing her against his half-naked body. He kissed her cheek and held her at arm's length to look her over.

"Not the same skinny, gangly twelve year old I remember." He said. "I didn't eve realize your were here, you were being so quiet."

"I, uh, I was taking a nap."

"Where are my manners? Can I get you something? Let me run upstairs and throw some clothes on. I just got home from work and grabbed a shower. Landscaping in the summer is pretty sweaty work."

"No, that's okay, let's catch up." Angie said, taking his hand and steering him to the table. She sat across from him and if she didn't know better, she would have sworn her brother was checking her out. But the longer they talked, the more she felt him staring at her, while Angie, on the other hand, was being very careful not to let her eyes linger on him. Maybe it was all her imagination, but with horror Angie realized that her nipples had gotten very hard from the young man's attention. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties, so how could he not notice?

When she asked, Frank said he had a girlfriend, someone he'd met at school, but it seemed to be petering out. Angie told him she had not dated anyone in a while. Frank said he had a hard time believing that, but that anyway a sexy thing like her would have no trouble finding a guy on campus.

They ate a simple dinner of pasta and Frank said he was sorry he had to rush out, but he was supposed to be meeting his girlfriend. Angie didn't want to be left alone, but was glad he was going so she could get a break from the sexual tension she felt. Frank went up and quickly changed into jeans and a polo, then rushed out the door. On his way out, he ran into Tony, who was coming in with a woman who was about Angie's age.

"Hi, sweetie, I'm really sorry, but I have some work I have to get done tonight. Oh, this is Nicole, she's my grad assistant. She going to be helping me."

"That's okay, Dad. I didn't get very far unpacking this afternoon. I'm just going to go upstairs and work on that."

It only took a couple hours for Angie to get most of the unpacking done and she lay down to take a break. But she was so disturbed and, she had to admit, horny, she just couldn't relax. Again she tried to tell herself that girls having some sort of sexual crush on their brother was not all that odd. Especially since the brother was practically a stranger and could really be seen just like any other attractive man. Angie just reassured herself that she could control the feelings and that when they fell into a normal brother-sister routine, they feelings would go away altogether.

Angie finally decided she couldn't just lie there. She went downstairs to get a drink in the kitchen. She poured a tall glass of water. She was just about to go back upstairs when she heard voices from her father's study at the back of the house. The clock on the microwave said it was a little past eleven. Dad must be really burning the midnight oil, she thought. Angie carried the glass down the hallway to see how much longer her father was going to be. Maybe they could do a little catching up before bed.

The closer she got, the weirder the sounds from the study became. Angie stepped into the doorway and froze, nearly dropping her glass. Her father sat on the couch with his pants around his ankles, while Nicole, the pretty blond grad student knelt in front of him. Her head bobbed in his lap and Angie knew what was going on. "Oh, baby, that's so good, keep that up." Apparently, Nicole did all sorts of assistance to her professor. Angie moved out of the doorway, back into the hall. She did not want her father to catch her there, but she did not want to go back to her room, either.

Angie watched the action from the hallway, getting hotter and wetter. She soaked through her stretch pants were she was rubbing herself. Nicole was slurping loudly around Tony's cock and the look on his face was pure ecstasy. God, Angie thought. She was so horny that for a moment she wished it were she in there. She set the glass down on the floor and began rubbing her nipples under her t-shirt.

"C'mon, baby, let me take care of you now." Her father said. Nicole got off the floor and pulled her short skirt up around her waist. She lay down, with her leg over the back of the couch and Angie's father pulled the girl's panties down, then moved between her legs.

Angie's eyes widened when she saw her father take himself in hand. It was obvious that Frank resembled his father in every aspect. His cock was mammoth and Nicole cried out, "Oh, fuck, Tony. That's so good, but go slow when you stuff my hole with that thing."

"Try to be a little more quiet, baby. My daughter's room is right above us." Tony panted, slamming the girl fast and furious.

"You don't mind when your son's around. Like proving to him that Daddy's still a stud?"

Tony slapped Nicole's ass. "That's different, baby."

"I like it when you spank me, Tony. You are a stud. Oh oh —"

Tony leaned in and started to really give it to Nicole now. My Dad's an animal, Angie thought. Half the guys she'd been with hadn't given it to her the way Dad rode Nicole. Angie rolled her drenched leggings down so she could get at her cunt. This was definitely wrong, watching her father fucking some young girl, but Angie did not care. She fingered herself, aching for a real piece of meat down there and watched her father in action. Nicole's moans were getting louder and louder.

Frank was really pissed off as he let himself into the house. He was home much earlier than he'd expected. He and his girlfriend got in another fight when he tried to get laid. Jeez, they'd been going out for months now, he didn't think wanting some from his girlfriend made him some kind of pervert or sex fiend. Frank heard his father back in the study as soon as he walked through the door. That Nicole was some piece of ass. How come his old man was having a better sex life than he was?

He went around to turn off the downstairs lights when he saw something moving in the back hallway. Moving closer, he saw it was Angie! And she was sitting right outside their father's study. And sweet Jesus, he pants were down! It didn't matter if Angie was his sister, watching a hot woman fingering herself in the hallway made Frank spring to full attention. His sister had a hand up her t-shirt too. She was wearing the same outfit earlier and Frank could tell then that she wasn't wearing a bra. Seeing her nipples then had almost made him pop wood. Now seeing Angie watching their father in action, Frank wondered just how wild his big sister was.

"God, baby, you're so hot, you're making me cum." Tony announced. Nicole cried under him that she was cum as well.

Angie saw her father's hard ass give a final thrust as he filled his young assistant with sperm and Angie felt her orgasm strike too. She tried so hard not to make a sound. Usually, she was very loud. She rolled her leggings back over her ass and she froze, seeing Frank at the end of the hallway! Not wanting to meet his eyes, she scurried to her feet and made for the back stairs. Frank, too, withdrew from the hallway.

As Tony pulled out of Nicole, he thought he saw a flash of movement in the hallway. Mortified, he quickly pulled his pants up and dashed into the hall. No one was there, but he found a glass of water knocked over on the floor. What's going on here? He wondered.

Angie barely slept a wink all night. She heard both her father and brother go to their rooms and breathed a sigh of relief, but Frank could still tell their father in the morning. Her father would probably throw her out for being a little pervert and she wouldn't blame him. Although, she hadn't really done anything wrong. Thoughts weren't wrong and the only person she had touched was herself. Maybe she should come clean with her dad. Or throw her on Frank's mercy and beg him not to tell. She didn't want to face either of them that morning so she stayed in bed until she heard them both leave.

Trying to make a case for herself, Angie spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. It sparkled when she was finished. That done, she started dinner and then went up to take a shower. She didn't know when her father would be home, but if Frank worked the same hours as the day before, he should be home soon.

Angie put on a short cotton sundress and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, trying to look as sweet as possible. She was putting on some lipstick when she heard Frank come in. Just like yesterday, she heard him go straight for the shower. She tried with all her might, but just could not resist peeking down the hallway.

Once again, Frank left the bathroom door open. Angie felt weak-kneed watching the siloette of her strong brother washing himself. By the time he climbed out Angie was practically ready for another shower herself. She did not look into his bedroom this time, but waited five minutes and opened her bedroom door. Frank was standing in his room, wearing tight running shorts again. He turned when he heard her in his doorway.

"Uh, I just started dinner. It's going to be ready soon." Angie stammered.

"Good, I'm starved. It's going to be great having you around the house to take care of us a little bit."

God, she just couldn't bring it up, but she had to. "Umm, Frank, there's something I need to talk to you about."

Frank half smiled. His sister looked so cute and demur in her little dress. And those legs... "This is about what you were doing last night, isn't it?"

Angie blushed. "Yes." She looked at the floor. "Don't be upset with me."

Frank came over, put his hands on her bare shoulders. "Calm down, everything's okay. I can understand, really."

"Understand your older sister became a pervert in the last ten years?" She felt like she was going to cry. Angie sobbed and leaned into Frank, who held her tightly.

"Shhh, it's okay, it's not like you make it sound. Listen to me. First, calm down, okay? You can do that for me, can't you?" Angie fought to get her sobbing under control. She did feel much safer in her brother's arms. It did feel like everything was going to be okay. "Now listen, Angie. What you did wasn't so bad, or wrong, or whatever you want to call it. You are a grown woman and you happened to see two people going at it and you got turned on. And then you got carried away. Didn't you say yesterday that you hadn't been with anyone in a while?"

"Well, yes."

"Just because one of those people happened to be your father doesn't mean anything."

"But what would he think?"

"He won't know, but I don't think he'd mind. As you can see, Dad likes 'em young."

Angie gave him a playful punch on the arm. "I'm sorry I fell apart."

"Hey, I can sympathize. I haven't gotten any in months either." Frank said.

"I thought you were seeing someone."

"I am, but she doesn't want to do it yet. Says we're not ready. Well, I know I'm ready." Angie giggled. She just realized her brother was still holding her, not that she minded. "So, big sister, you like to watch, don't you?"

Angie blushed again. "What do you mean?"

"You seemed to be really into watching Dad last night."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"And I know you were watching me in the shower today."

Angie's mouth dropped open. She didn't know what to say.

"It's cool, Angie. I was wondering if you would if I left the door open."

"I'm sorry, Frank. I don't know what to say. I guess I'm a — "

"Pervert? I don't think so. To be honest, you're not the only one who likes to watch. I got pretty turned on watching you last night."

"Really?" Angie asked. Her brother had started rubbing her back through the thin cotton of her dress. Heat spread through her body from his hands.

"Yeah, I guess we really are brother and sister after all. So what did you think? Of me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did watching me turn you on? Did it make you want to touch yourself?" Frank asked.

Angie stammered, but nothing came out. She was deep red now. Frank's hands were on her ass now, lightly fondling. She could feel his cock, solid as a rock, barely restrained by his shorts, pressing into her. It wasn't all in her head, her brother was coming on to her. Finally, in a small voice, she answered, "Yes."

"Good, I'd hoped so. You are so hot, big sister. You're body is perfect. Will you do something for me?"

Anything, was what Angie wanted to say. "If I can," is what came out.

"Show me what you were doing last night. Now that I'm up close. Show me what you wanted to do while you were watching me." Frank stepped back from her and sat on the edge of the bed.

Angie felt so strange, being asked to perform for her brother. It seemed wrong. But was it? It was only touching herself, something she would have been doing if she were alone right now anyway. Angie's hand trembled as she lifted the edge of her dress, raised it enough so Frank could see her pink panties. Already, there was a damp spot. Her lips parted with a sigh when she lightly stroked her pussy. Frank was watching her intently. The head of his prick was straining out of the leg of his shorts. Angie was so hot, getting so wet, having her brother watch her like this. Her cunt throbbed under her fingers. She wanted her panties out of the way, but was too embarrassed to pull them down.

"You were touching your tit last night too, weren't you?" Frank prodded.

"Yes." Angie opened a couple buttons on the front of her dress and pinched her aching nipple through her lace bra. She felt like she was going to cum right there, any second now, with her kid brother watching.

"Tell me, what were Dad and Nicole doing when you found them?"

"They, uhhnn, they —" Angie was having trouble speaking. "She was sucking Daddy. She was sucking his cock."

"Did you see it? Do you want it?"

Was he asking if she wanted to devour her own father's prick? But she had to answer honestly. The juices flowing from her pussy were like truth serum. "Yes, I wanted to so badly."

"Show me. Show me what you wanted."

Angie's ears burned. What Frank wanted was definitely over the line. Desire was one thing, but action was another. However, as if in a trance, Angie walked forward and knelt between her brother's legs. Frank stroked her hair and looked down on his sister lovingly as she pulled down his shorts. His cock sprang forward, practically hitting her in the face. Angie knew this was the point of no return, but she took it in her hands, both hands could not cover it. She sucked the head into her mouth. His precum tasted so sweet. She sucked on the head, wondering how much she could actually take. How had Nicole deep throated her father last night?

"Oh, my, Angie. You are an incredible cocksucker." Frank moaned. What had he called her? Well, she supposed she was. She licked the sides, lubing his tool for her hands so she could slowly jerk him before taking him back into her mouth. She eventually managed to fit about half of him in her mouth and started a drawn out, slow bobbing motion. With every motion on his prick, Angie's cunt juiced more and more. Frank cradled her head. "Oh, sis. You can do this all night."

And Angie wished she could do it all night, as long as she got something in return. It thrilled her to know that she was giving him something even his own girlfriend wouldn't. It seemed to make their bond more special.

Frank watched his prick disappearing into his sister's beautiful face and knew he would cum for her any minute now. Anyone else might think this act between brother and sister was taboo, but none of that mattered to Frank. He just knew he loved his sister and that if they could give each other something no one else could, then it had to be right. He was about to warn her he was going to shoot when they heard a noise downstairs. "Kids, I'm home. Are you upstairs?" Their father shouted from below.

Angie jumped up, saliva running down her chin. Frank pulled on his shorts and she barely had her dress buttoned when their father walked in.

"There you guys are. I was wondering what happened to you." Tony said.

"Just catching up, Dad. We were covering all the things we want to do together now that we have each other again." Frank grinned.

"That's fine. I was wondering if you two wanted to go out and get something. I'll be tied up with Nicole again tonight, I'm afraid."

Angie almost choked. Frank spoke for her. "Angie already started dinner, Dad."

"Well, you'll be a joy to have around here if you do that every night." Tony said. He kissed his daughter on the cheek and started out of the room. "Then come on down kids."

Frank touched Angie's ass. "Yeah, Dad. Having my sister back is great."

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