Stay At Home Dad
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Rough,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I lost my job. My wife made more than I did. She worked and I watched the kids. Yes, I was a stay at home dad. Was she cheating? You'll have to read and find out.

Life has been pretty good up to now. I have a beautiful and sexy wife of five years, two great kids ages four and three, both boys. I met my wife through mutual friends about six years ago. They say opposites attract, and in our case they sure did.

In high school she was the All American Girl, while I, on the other hand, was the bad boy type, somewhat of a just get by sort of guy. She went to college and I got a job in the factory. She was the dress -up sort of gal, while I was happy in jeans and a tee shirt. I think you kind of get the drift here. We were opposites. We did have some stuff in common which we'll get to later.

We met at a New Year's party. She was with a date, some rich guy who probably got his women through his money. She didn't seem like the kind of woman that could be bought. Most of the people at this party were probably above average level financially. All except me of course. I was just a good old factory worker, but a happy one. I put in my eight hours, had good benefits and very little stress. You're probably wondering how I got invited to this party in the first place.

I was driving home after work one day when I saw a car broken down on the interstate. It's a place you don't want a breakdown during rush hour. A nice expensive car. As I pulled up next to it, I recognized one of our office managers in the driver's seat. His wife looked distraught next to him. I pulled over out of the slow traffic in front of their car.

"Mr. Bailey, I'm John Davis from the rework department. Is there anyway I can help?'

"I recognize you, John, thank you for stopping. The dumb thing just stopped on me. I was lucky to be able to coast to the side. I'm sorry, I should have introduced you. This is my wife, Emma."

"How do you do, Mrs. Bailey. It's nice to meet you. I wish it could be under better circumstances. Mr. Bailey, if you want to pop the hood, I'll take a quick look. I'm pretty good at car repairs."

"I called AAA but they said it would be around two hours before they could get here. I'd be glad for anything you might be able to do."

He popped the hood and I looked around a bit. "Mr. Bailey, did you get your battery replaced lately?" I asked.

"John, you can call me Dan. As a matter of fact, we did have the battery replaced about two days ago."

"Your mechanic left a wrench on the battery and it must have jiggled around and hit the battery connectors and gave a surge that stopped your car. Let me remove it and see if it starts. I need to get a pair of gloves - this wrench is fried."

I went to my truck and got my gloves and pulled the now fried black wrench off the battery. I got my tools that I carry in the car and cleaned off the connectors as best I could. "Okay, Dan, give it a try."

The car started right up. I closed the hood and wrapped the burnt wrench in a rag and handed it to Dan.

"You might want to take this to the shop and have them check out your electrical unit to make sure there isn't any other damage. They should replace your connectors also. I got them as clean as I could. You should be okay for now."

"What do I owe you?" asked Dan.

"You don't owe me anything, Dan. Maybe someday I'll need help. It was nice meeting you, Emma. Maybe we'll meet again some time."

"Nice meeting you too, John," she said.

They drove off and I got back in my truck and went home. There is something satisfying about helping people in distress.

A couple of days later while I was working, Mr Bailey - I mean Dan - came up to me to thanked me again. He said he took his vehicle to the dealership and they had to replace a goodly amount of the wiring. He was told that he was lucky his vehicle didn't catch fire.

"I'm glad I could help Dan."

"Emma wanted me to invite you to our New Years party if you're not doing anything. Kind of a thank you for helping us. You're welcome to bring a date if you like. If not, there will be a number of eligible ladies there." He handed me the invitation.

"Thanks, Dan, as of right now I will probably come alone. Thank Emma for inviting me. I take it that it's a suit and tie affair."

"Dress anyway you want, John. It's a party. The idea is to enjoy yourself."

I wore a pair of slacks, a blue button up shirt and a sports coat. It's about as close to getting dressed up as I get. I was greeted by Dan and Emma, who in turned introduced me to a few other people, including Cara and her date Rob. Cara is a beautiful woman and was all dressed up. She smiled at me when she said, "Hello, John, nice to meet you." Ray, on the other hand was just as I thought. An arrogant man that came from money. Cara and Ray worked in the same offices. Emma was a silent partner in the firm, but also worked there, unbeknown to most who just thought she was a middle manager. More about Emma later.

Ray was busy kissing ass with the higher ups, so I walked up to Cara and asked her to dance. We hit it off right from the get go. We danced and she told me a little about her life. She said Ray and she worked at the same office. She didn't much care for him but agreed to be his date at this party. She knew all the people from her office that were there. She didn't know too many of Dan's friends.

I told her about myself which I felt would be a turn off because I wasn't from money and I didn't have any either. It didn't seem to bother her. I guess she was pretty independent. We must have danced four dances in a row before she remembered she was with Ray. She left to go find him. I danced with a few other ladies but it wasn't quite the same. When they found out I wasn't from money, most left after the first dance. I figured they were husband hunting. Love didn't mean shit to these women. Money was the key to their success in life.

At midnight everyone was yelling, "Happy New Year," and kissing one another. I was looking for Cara when I saw her standing there. I asked her for a New Year's kiss and she gave me a peck. I pulled her back to my lips and gave her a real sensuous kiss. After about three seconds she loosened up and returned the pressure. We must have kissed three or four times, before she pulled away.

I asked her about her date and she said she thought he went outside with one of the secretaries. I asked her if she was ready to leave and I would drive her home. First, she stared at me but then we said our goodbyes to Emma and Dan, and we left the party.

"Cara, I'm not ready to take you home. Would you mind going to another party that I was invited too?"

"John, I don't know why I left with you. Ray will be pissed on Monday, because I left him."

"Tell him you saw him making out with the secretary and decided to leave. I'm sure that's what he was probably doing anyway. Please come with me. If for no other reason, do it for me. I want to show you off. You're the best looking date I've ever had."

"But I'm not your date."

"You will be if you go to the party with me. Come on Cara, live a little."

She smiled at me and I drove to one of the neighborhood parties where I knew some of my friends would be. Everyone I knew said hi to us. They all commented on what a beautiful woman Cara was. They asked me a ton of questions about her but I didn't know anything about her. We had a blast at the party. She was accepted by most everyone, although a few women were jealous of her. We partied for a good couple of hours before leaving. I drove her home. She lived with her parents still but they were gone for the weekend.

"Do you want to come in, John?" she asked.

"Only if I can make love to you," I replied.

"We just met tonight, John. What would you think of me later?"

"I want to make love to you, to possess your body. I want to kiss every inch of your body. As far as what I think of you now will only be that much better later. I could fall in love with you if I haven't already."

I could see her trying to think, right from wrong, should she or shouldn't she. I wasn't going to wait for an answer. I took her by the hand and walked her to her door. She gave me the key and we entered the foyer.

She removed her coat and we headed up to her bedroom. Not a word was said. When we got there I kissed her ever so gently.

"John, I've never done this on the first date before. I need you to know that."

I slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was in only her sexy bra and panties. She also had on pantyhose which I hate. I needed to get them off first. So I slid my hands in the top of them and pulled them down over her butt. She sat on the bed while I finished removing them.

"Cara, why do women wear pantyhose?. Most guys hate them."

"Two reasons, for me John. One is to make my legs look smoother and the other is so guys won't be able to get in my pants," she smiled.

After removing her pantyhose, I lightly pushed her back onto the bed. I now repositioned myself in front of her. Reaching up I slipped my hands gently to the top of her panties slowly removing them. She spread her legs for me and I dove in, face first. Licking, sucking, tonguing, everything I could to keep her aroused. Damn, she was wet. Maybe it was the drinking all night, or even the dancing or flirting, but she was hot. It wasn't but about three minutes before she shot her first orgasm all over my face.

"My God, John, that was so good. No one has ever made me come like that and so quickly."

We continued on and made love for the next couple of hours. Of course that wasn't straight through. We had to rest in between sessions. When my member couldn't salute anymore, I finished her off one more time with my mouth.

We began seeing each other and eventually got married. Her parents weren't really happy about our nuptials, but Cara stood firm and told them we would elope if we didn't have a wedding. In her parents' society that just wasn't done.

They threw us a really big wedding. I even felt out of place at it. The only people I knew were my mom and dad, Dan and Emma and of course Ray was there since she invited her whole office. I invited a few buddies from work but they didn't attend the wedding. They gave us cards and gifts but said they would have just felt out of place.

Her parents gave us fifty thousand dollars for a down payment on a house for our wedding present. We bought a rather modest place but it was still out of my price range. I worked overtime to help make the payments. Cara never complained about our money situation. I don't know if her parents ever gave her a little extra now and then or not. Cara knew I wanted to be the head of the household and wanted as little help from her parents as possible.

Shortly after we got married she became pregnant. We didn't have to get married. It was just that we made love day and night for weeks after we got married. Our son Jimmy was born. Cara took a leave from work so she could be with the baby. After about two months she started back part time. We could use the money. A little over a year later, our second son Jerry was born. We kept our names in the J's, There was Jimmy, Jerry and me, John. I was hoping it would be a few years before we had anymore. Cara decided to go on birth control.

She took another leave for what was supposed to be two months and then go back to work part-time again. Instead we got some bad news. My plant was closing down and they were going to consolidate our plant with another one two states away. Let me tell you, I was shocked. This was all I knew. I'd been working there since high school. Now I was about to lose my job. I came home to talk with Cara about the options they gave us. We could relocate to Illinois, we lived in Ohio, or take a severance package which was based on how long we were employed there. It was all going to happen in sixty days.

Cara said she didn't want to leave the state. Both of our families were here and she felt the kids should see their grandparents. There wasn't a lot of hiring going on in our town. Cara came up with the idea that I become a stay at home dad. Her job, if she worked full time, paid eighty grand a year. I never knew that. We actually never discussed it. She wasn't taking money from her parents; she was earning it herself. I asked her why she never told me and she said that a lot men felt inferior when their wives made more than they did. She said in no way was I inferior to anyone. She loved me with all her heart and we could get by this bump in the road.

We really didn't have much choice at this point. I became the stay at home dad. It's been nearly a year now. It actually is kind of nice except for the diapers. I take my sons to the park most every day. I chat with all the other moms and nannies. Let me tell you, these women talk some nasty shit. They didn't seem to care that I was a guy amongst them. Listening to some of them talk was worse then the locker room talk I heard in the gym.

I get propositioned almost daily. I don't know if they all meant it or not. I'm sure a few of them did. Some like exhibitionism too; they don't wear bras when I'm around and are always showing me their muff. Either, no panties under their skirt or I can see up the leg opening of their shorts. If I didn't love my Cara so much, I would be one well fucked man by a lot of women. I am a well fucked man, but only by the woman I love. Cara very rarely denies me loving.

I should say something here. Not every woman in the park was offering herself. There was only about a half dozen out of maybe thirty that were in this groove. I don't want anyone to believe that all women were like that. I do talk to some of the other mothers also. I learn a lot about kids and cleaning, also what women don't get from their husbands. It helped me out a lot with Cara in the sex department. Lately I had been getting recipes from some of them. They brought me a sample and then if I liked it I tried to make it. I'd become a pretty good cook over the year.

Cara came home and wanted to talk to me. She said they hired some new management people and transferred a few people back from other offices.

"You look a little disturbed, Honey. What is it? What's bothering you?" I asked.

"Some good news is they hired Dan, Emma's husband, in an office position. I'm not quite sure what his duties are yet or who exactly he works for," she said.

"Honey, that's good news. Dan is a nice man and I'm glad he was able to get a decent position." I mentioned at the beginning of the story that Emma was a silent partner but worked in the offices on the top floor. At this time, we didn't know this. We found that out much later.

"John, I know you dislike Ray."

I interrupted Cara, "You said Ray was transferred to West Virginia when you went full time."

"He was, but he's getting transferred back. He'll be here next month. I just felt I should tell you, that's all."

"It's not all, is it, Cara?" I could read it in her face.

"No, he's coming back as my boss. I asked to get transferred to a different department but got turned down. Apparently, I'm too valuable to transfer. I talked to my boss, William, and he's being transferred to Arizona, because of his breathing problem. So I'm the only one that knows our department outside of Ray."

"Why didn't they just promote you?"

"I asked the same question. It appears Ray knew about William leaving and asked for the job. He is already at that level of pay and has seniority over me, so he got the position."

"Do you want me to go beat the shit out of him before he tries anything with you?"

"John, does that make sense to you? He might not try anything. He's just so pushy, I don't know what to think. I will keep working on a transfer. I didn't want to worry you about Ray, but I didn't want you to hear it from someone else either."

"You did the right thing in telling me, Honey. Thank you for being such a good wife."

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