Long Boat Ride
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, DomSub, Harem,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a parallel story to 'It Started This Way'. This young man finds a way to survive. It will be short, and hopefully interesting.

My Papa had died a couple of years ago. I had lived with my Papa and Mama since my folks were killed in a terrorist attack while on vacation, when I was a kid.

I was graduating from college next week and Mama had gotten my Papa's sailboat fixed up and made arrangements for me to take a sailing trip for a month this summer, before I started my job as an engineer at Papa's company.

My mother was Papa's only child and he taught her about those things he'd liked to do. He was an engineer and a man's man. He was a hunter and fisherman as well as a target shooter and sailor. Mommy could outshoot most any man that she knew, including my dad.

After I came to live with my grandparents, Mama took me to love and Papa took me to teach how to be a man. He taught me to shoot fish and sail, as well as how to be a loving person, and how to take responsibility for myself.

Papa's boat was a thirty-two foot tri-maran with a mainsail and a jib. It had a small inboard diesel engine to supply propulsion and to power a generator. Mama had it fixed up and modernized. It had a mast top turbine for electricity production to keep the batteries up and a pull behind generator to power appliances that needed 110 volts while under sail. It had a gas stove and a desalination unit for drinking water. It had a capacity large enough to use for drinking and cooking as well as a rinse after bathing, but not for a bath.

Mama came to my graduation up at Gainesville, and we rode home together. During the trip, she talked about my upcoming vacation and talked about how her family had done a bit of rum running during prohibition, and how her uncle had known Terra Cia bay like the back of his hand. Terra Cia bay is a shallow bay that has access to places where the cargo could be off loaded discreetly, while keeping the Coast Guard from being able to follow you around the many islands.

During the next week and a half Mama and I planned and loaded the boat for my trip. I planned to take a path down to the Dry Tortugas and then across to Bimini and down through the Bahamas. I was going to fish and sight see.

Mama had read about some pirate problems in the Bahamas and made me take Papa's rifle and pistol. I think he read too much Elmer Keith, because he had a stainless steel revolver in .45 ACP and a stainless steel model 70 in .338 Winchester with a synthetic stock. His motto was 'a big bore kills better'. I also took my shotgun, a 12 gauge Bennelli; I was more comfortable with it because I hunted with it. I stored the ammunition in a waterproof 20mm ammo can, so I had room and took plenty for each.

I was aware that the Bahamian authorities were opposed to possession of guns in their country, so I utilized the "smugglers hold" in the starboard hull to keep them in. I could get to them fairly quickly, if needed, and they were undetectable without x-ray equipment.

I took plenty of food and water. This boat had a bunch of storage space that didn't get in the way of the living area, it would sleep four comfortably, and could be sailed by one person without too much inconvenience, an electric winch on the mainsail made that more easily handled.

I had a short wave receiver as well as a ship to shore radio, not to mention my cell phone for communications.

On June 17th, I hugged Mama good bye and motored out into the Manatee River for a well-deserved vacation. There was a nice breeze from the southeast so after I was moving toward the Gulf I raised the sails and shut off the engine.

I liked sailing for several reasons, but foremost was that it was quiet, not silent, but quiet. I drank a coke and sailed on out past mullet key and into the Gulf. I like to sail near enough to the shore to get a glimpse every so often if I want one, but I always tried to stay far enough out to stay away from the bugs that were in great supply in Florida.

I saw many boats during the day and had a very pleasant time I listened to the news on the radio to keep up with the world situation. The big news today was the flu outbreak, the newscaster said that it was the worst since the swine flu in 1918.

I headed close enough to shore that I had a signal on my phone and called Mama. She was very excited and chatty. I told her I was enjoying the trip very much and I wanted her to take care not to expose herself to the flu that was going around. She assured me that she would and to have a good time.

I figured that I had a couple of days left before I got to the Dry Tortugas. I planned on visiting the Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson. I thought I would sail close enough to Key West to make a telephone call to Mama on the way to Bimini. The weather was pleasant, the Gulf was fairly calm and I caught a nice kingfish for a couple of meals. King mackerel or kingfish to the locals are a somewhat oily, but tasty, fish that I liked and had two good meals from.

The GPS system put me in sight of Fort Jefferson in the early afternoon of the 20th of June. I turned on the ship to shore radio to see if there was anything big happening. On the half-hour an automated message came across the radio announcing that the national park and Fort Jefferson had been closed due to the flu epidemic. I turned the radio off and thought, "Great, what do I do now?"

I decided to sail around for a while and get close enough to call and check on Mama. I headed for Key West.

Early the next morning, I got a signal on my cell phone and called Mama. She was fine, but the television was full of information about people dying from the flu. She talked me into going on over to Bimini and continuing my trip. I wanted to come home and take care of her, but she said, "I am fine and the only thing you could do is catch the flu with me." So I headed to the Bahamas.

I sailed across to Bimini and anchored far enough off shore to be away from any traffic, but there was a severe lack of boat traffic. I swam and fished and relaxed. I didn't see another soul for the entire week that I was there.

I packed up my stuff for the trip back and headed toward Key West. The radio said that the worldwide flu epidemic had taken the lives of approximately forty percent of the world's people plus many millions of birds and horses. "Shit, what is going to happen now?" I thought.

Sailing gives you time to plan and think, so I did. I got my arms and ammunition out and stowed in quick reach. I kept a much closer watch on neighboring boats, when I happened to see one, which was rare.

As I neared Key West, I called Mama. She told me that people were dying like flies, and asked that I stay away from shore so that I wouldn't get exposed to the flu. I told her that I was running low on supplies. She told me to head for home and call before I came up the river. That was the plan.

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