House On Bald Head Cliff
Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Horror, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Randy and Lilly buy a house on the New England coast, it seemed to good to be true, it was. The house was already inhabited by something else.

Lilly Baskoms stretched her shapely body beneath the covers. The muscles in her long legs were taut and her back arched so the sheet covering her outlined those big round mounds adorning her chest. She felt deliciously lazy this morning. Her husband Randy had just finished a big project and they celebrated with wine and a quiet candlelight dinner before retiring to the bedroom to celebrate in a more earthy way.

As the feel of the smooth cotton sheet slid over her body the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafted through the door. She smiled as she realized Randy had gotten up early and was bringing a wakeup cup from the kitchen to her. He was such a sweet man. Another smile, and such a virile lover as she remembered the long time he spent bringing her body to several wonderful orgasms last night. He came in the door with two cups of coffee in his hands. She liked to look at him, he stood 6'1" with broad shoulders, he wasn't overly muscular but his chest was well defined. No beer gut on him but you could as they say pinch an inch on the sides. The robe he was wearing covered that nice woman pleasing cock he carried swinging between his legs. She saw that lopsided smile that had grabbed her heart the first time she saw it.

Randy stepped into the room and was glad to see his pretty wife awake; he was ready to resume the love play that they indulged in last night. Although the sheet covered her up to her neck he could visualize that sexy body he knew so well. Long shapely legs with thick firm thighs and calves, not fat just deliciously rounded, wide hips and nipped in waist. That silky stomach that had just a hint of roundness to it and oh those big breasts that he loved to suck and play with. All this on a 5'10" frame that was hourglass curved. Her pretty face was smiling at him with her soft brown hair lying in disarray on the pillow. Yep she was definitely fuckable this morning.

"So my love how are you this morning." He asked as he handed her the cup of coffee he had fixed for her.

She stretched again, the sheet tight over those breasts making the big nipples that were never really ever flat tent the white material. "Ummmmm I feel kind of worn out, somebody kept me up most of the night." She grinned as she sipped her coffee.

"Ahhh yes I hope to continue that endeavor this morning." He laughed as the sat on the edge of the bed beside her.

They drank their coffee and talked about what the coming day would bring. They had only lived in this house for a couple of weeks and were still getting used to it. Randy was an independent software developer but that is like saying Einstein was a scientist. He was at the top of his profession and had contracts to work for several major players including Microsoft and Gameboy. His income was around 4 million a year. He was 31 years old and independently wealthy. Randy had grown up in a large family of five kids he being the youngest, each had become a professional of some type, being lawyers, doctors and corporate leaders.

Lilly was 27 and an accomplished software developer herself although not in the same league with her husband, that's where they had met, at a software exhibition. She also came from a large family of three brothers and four sisters. That was one of the reasons they chose this house to settle down and start a family in. Both liked being alone for a change since they never had much privacy growing up and neither needed to be around other people much to be happy. Since Randy worked out of his condo in New York after they were married they needed more space. It took them a year to find this house on the Maine Coast.

The first time Lilly saw it she fell in love with it. It sat about a hundred yards from the edge of a huge cliff overlooking the ocean. The cliff was called Bald Head and ran for miles along the coast. It was right out of a story book, huge two story house with seven bedrooms upstairs and big rooms downstairs. The two acre yard was cut out of a forest of trees and a paved drive winded a half mile from Bald Head Cliff Road. All in all about sixty acres. It was isolated from everything which is what they were looking for. Just south of Portland they were close enough to enjoy a night life if they wanted to and were far enough away to avoid anyone if that was what they wanted.

Both were kind of concerned that the price was so low. They looked at a lot of real estate up and down the east coast of Maine, Massachusetts and Rode Island and the price of this place was really cheap. There were several places for sale along this same stretch of road but priced much higher for less land and floor space.

Randy had someone come in from New York to appraise the place and find out if anything was wrong with it. The report came back that it was in excellent shape for the age of the house; it was built in the early 1800's and really didn't need any major repairs. They bought it and had two of the rooms downstairs remodeled into a work area for Randy and a bedroom upstairs fitted with exercise equipment so they could stay in shape. Most of the house although furnished was unused much.

Randy sat his cup down on the bed stand and waited for Lilly to finish hers; his cock had already begun getting hard as he looked at his wife. The sheet had slipped down to her waist when she sat up and those rolling mounds of pleasure were revealed to his caressing eyes. He loved everything about her but especially her breasts. Big round 38D's, when she was standing or as now sitting the sheer weight of them made them settle a little lower but there was no droop to them at all. Big pebbly areole bigger then a half dollar, the one on the right not a perfect circle but more elongated. He could suck on the thick nipples for hours and never get enough and when they were excited they stuck out almost a half and inch.

He didn't know if it was the fresh air or the salt spray or what but they both seemed hornier since they moved here.

Lilly seeing the evidence of Randy's arousal poking its head out of the robe set her cup down beside his. "Why don't you bring me some cream to go along with my coffee?" she grinned as she slid back down into bed and patted her chest.

Randy didn't have to be told twice and he dropped his robe, his eight inches of cock bobbing as he straddled his wife's chest settling his ass on her bountiful treasures. Lilly reached up to stroke his hardness before guiding it to her mouth and licking the helmet shaped head. They smiled at each other as he watched those luscious lips enclose the head of his cock and take about two more inches in. She was great at giving head and those electric tingles swept over his body as her talented tongue started to work. He worked his ass back and forth over her tits making those big nipples pop fully out.

Lilly sucked him for a few minutes then shoved back on his stomach, he knew what that meant and slid back so she could place his cock in the deep valley of her tits. She placed her hands on the outside of each one and trapped his cock it the tight crevasse she had created. He thrust back and forth the wet saliva from her sucking making the journey very easy. When his nuts lay pressed against the bottom of her tits only the head emerged from the other side. He knew what she liked, as well as himself. He placed a pillow under her head so she could lick and suck on the head when it came through. This felt as good to Randy as most of the women whose pussies he had fucked before meeting Lilly.

Lilly's pussy was steaming now, the feel of Randy's cock stimulating her tits and the taste and sight of it as it emerged from the valley of her tits turned her on tremendously. Randy could see the lust glazing those pretty hazel eyes and he reached back to run his hand through the brown tightly curled hair adorning her pretty mound. He let one finger slide through the plump vulva and dip into her honey pot wetting it with her excitement. Then he slid it back up to roll over her emerging clit. Like everything else about her it was big, when not excited it looked like a roll of skin about a half inch long sitting at the top of her slit, When she was excited it thickened and lengthened and looked like a small cock with a pink pointed head emerging from it's sheath. Now as Randy's finger stimulated it Lilly gave a little groan and hunched her ass up off the bed to make even more contact with that pleasure giving digit.

As good as her tits felt surrounding his cock Randy was ready to be ensconced in her hot interior, easing back down her body he moved between her spreading legs taking her mouth in a searing kiss as his cock sought her steamy entrance.

Lilly sucked his tongue into her mouth and when she felt her labia being spread by his cockhead she seemed to suck his cock in until he was buried balls deep both of them giving a pleased moan at the intense feel of tight wet flesh surrounding stiff velvety cockmeat.

Her long legs closed around his hard flexed ass and held him close, moving with him as he started slowly dragging his cock back along her sensitive channel and then to shove back spreading her flesh open before the spongy tip of his cock. As the pleasure built and heated passion rose they were unaware that said pleasure was being observed and shared by other entities.

Randy's flashing cock strokes were bouncing Lilly's fleshy ass cheeks into the mattress, his manmeat bringing her into that red hazed feeling of sexual bliss. He was giving a hissing grunt of pleasure each time his tight ball sack slammed into her ass. The liquid slurping sounds of his cock in her swampy core exciting her even more and when she felt him try to shove his cock all the way through her she blew into her climax even before that first white rope of sperm shot into her inner recesses. She bucked her hips up in a series of orgasmic thrusts while he held himself deep and emptied his balls of that wonderful load. As she rested there and held his heaving body tight on top of her she thought maybe that will be the load to impregnate her. That was one of the reasons they wanted out of the city, they were ready to start a family and wanted them to have a nice home to grow up in.

After showering and dressing they went to order more equipment for Randy's work and enjoy an evening dining out. While they both liked their solitude they did enjoy the social life some. They had good friends that would be coming up from New York from time to time to stay a few days and they would visit the big city from time to time and take in some shows or shop at the up scale stores.

Lilly looked quickly over her shoulder as she stepped into the kitchen, she could have sworn someone was behind her. They had been living here for two months now and she occasionally felt like someone was watching her or someone else was in the room with her when there was nobody here but her and Randy. Little did she know that Randy was feeling the same way, both thought they were being silly and hadn't said anything to the other. Randy thought he saw a fleeting shadow cross the room a time or too but it was gone to quick to really say he had seen something.

They had been watched from the time they first entered the house as the new owners. This house was inhabited by demons and their imp servants. The demons were two Incubi; they could be either male or female. In the female form they were called Succubus. Descendants of the demon couple Lechie and Leshacikha they were of the lesser realm. As such they were confined to the house they occupied by their masters in the higher realm; they could only be freed by the destruction of the house by fire. They were however denied the ability to do so or try and get any humans to do so by the Demon Lords they served. They had inhabited the bodies of the two unsuspecting people from the first night they spent. Their power was little in the beginning and they couldn't influence the actions of the host but the longer they stayed the more powerful they became, even when their power had grown enough to allow them dominion over the minds of the their hosts they stayed deeply hidden in the minds of Randy and Lilly. The only thing that the couple noticed was an increased sexual need and activity.

In the last week the two demons decided the time was right to do what they loved to do best, Fuck with human mates. This house had many occupants over the years, none that lived in it for more then two years, it had set empty for over fifty years because in the early 1900's the surrounding people came to know that it was what they called haunted. Nobody would buy it, but over the years the rumors and legends had died out with the passing on of the surrounding inhabitants and it was bought by a wealthy business man who had it fully refurbished. From that time on it had many owners but no one knew why it was sold so often, the horny incubi controlled the minds of the people enough that they could make them forget everything that went on. They couldn't follow the people off the estate but their influence kept them from remembering what went on. Eventually the people found once they left the estate they were uneasy and more and more reluctant to return until they finally decided to move on.

These demons could take on any form they chose and usually it was one that was pleasing to the eye of the host, starting in dreams they finally moved on to actual physical contact demon to human.

Randy was working on a new game for one of his contracts about six o'clock; he had worked most of the day and was pretty tired. He leaned back in his chair and thought he would close his eyes for just a few minutes. His succubus was delighted, now was the time to start. This first dream would help establish complete dominance.

Randy thought he had just dozed for a minute and woken; he heard a noise and looked around at the door. There standing in the door silhouetted by a bright light was one of the most gorgeous women Randy had ever seen. Long silky blonde hair cascaded in shimmering waves down over her shoulders, the ripe body that Angelina Jolie would envy encased in a black slinky negligee that left little to the imagination. Full red lips opened slightly and the tip of a pink tongue sliding out and wetting the lower lip. His cock was rapidly rising, he should have been but wasn't surprised when he looked down and he was nude where only moments ago he was dressed.

She didn't say a word just walked towards him with a sexy sway to her hips, as she approached he found himself scooting to the edge of the chair. She stepped between his legs placing her hands behind his head and pulling him into her nylon covered breasts. He felt their warmth surround his cheeks and she had an intoxicating perfume that excited his senses. Turning his head he took a turgid nipple in his mouth still covered by the thin negligee and sucked hard. She gave a low moan and pulled him closer. She let him suck at her breast for a minute then guided his head to its stiff peaked sister.

Randy opened the negligee this time and now his lips enclosed warm smooth flesh, his tongue pushing and shoving the hard spike that he sucked between his lips. While he was sucking one she was rubbing the other over his cheek then she pulled from his mouth and slid slowly to her knees to take his hard cock in soft hands and caress it gently before engulfing it slowly until her lips were pressed against his stomach and the top of his balls. She applied a suction that sent tingles all over his body and gave meaning to the phrase, sucking a cock. It was the most exquisite blow job he had ever had and when his balls exploded his cock was in her throat and the swallowing action she was making as he was cumming made him moan in pleasure.

Once again he should have been but wasn't surprised to find his cock was still rock hard as she let it wetly slide from her mouth to lick the last drop of cum from the hole with a pink tongue. Turning to face away from him she bent over grabbing her ankles with her hands. The heart shaped ass was as pretty as a picture, the negligee pulled up by her position to just cover the top of her ass. Her thick lipped vulva was already moist with desire and it was surrounded by silky golden hair.

Randy rose from his chair and stepped up to her, he moved the thin nylon up over that fine ass and let his hands caress the smoothness of her skin. She shifted slightly opening her legs a little more and his attention was drawn to deep crease of her ass, the puckered bud nestled deep within and then the matted golden hairs around the opening slit.

Taking his cock in hand he stepped close to run his cockhead down through the wet crease of her cunt and over the bud of her clitoris, she shivered in lustful pleasure and wiggled that fine ass in invitation. Randy was quick to accept that welcome and seated the head of his cock at her opening and slowly sunk into the hottest tightest pussy he had ever felt. It was like a million tiny fingers squeezing and caressing every sensitive centimeter of his fully embedded staff. When he tried to pull out it seemed to try and resist and suck him back in. It was body shuddering good and he developed a slow steady rhythm that kept him right on the edge of ejaculation. She seemed to sway away from him on the outstroke sometimes letting his cock slip out of its hot sheath and his head spreading that tight opening again as it reentered drawing a husky "Ahhhhh" from his throat. She shoved against him on the in stroke her firm ass butting his upper thighs and lower stomach.

The lustful desire was a building fire in a red-hot furnace and he grabbed those fleshy hips in each hand and started pounding harder and harder in the wet confinement of her lush body. The squeezing contracting sleeve made him explode in ecstasy shoving hard and deep into her with the first spurt, then a quick little withdrawal and slamming deep again with a guttural growl to blast the next load, then once again to repeat the procedure before holding himself deep to finish empting his bloated balls.

She rose from her position his cock still deep in her slick tightness, looking back over her shoulder she gave him a wide smile then slowly stepped forward letting his softening cock slip from her dripping core. She turned and knelt before him to take his cum streaked cock in her mouth and with lips and tongue cleaned him of every bit of her juice and his cum. Once she licked the last white pearl of cum from the corner of her red lips she rose to her feet and started backing away. He thought he heard a whispered musical voice say "This is only the beginning".

Suddenly he was back sitting in his chair facing his computer, he glanced quickly around but there was no one there. Looking down he saw he was fully clothed and his eyebrows rose as he realized it was just a dream but the dark wet stain on his pants revealed that it was an extremely wet dream. This was the first time he ever remembered having a wet dream. With a rueful shake of his head he headed quickly for the bedroom to change clothes before Lilly saw him. He would have a hard time explaining he had just had the best sex ever in a dream.

Randy needn't have worried about Lilly seeing him because while he was having his dream his pretty wife was very busy herself.

Lilly was puttering around in the kitchen preparing things for their dinner, hadn't started fixing anything yet just getting the table set and getting the stuff from the fridge to prepare a salad to go along with a couple of lamb chops she was going to prepare. She sat down on one of the kitchen chairs for a second to rest; there was no hurry about dinner. For some reason she was a little sleepy and she figured she would just lay her head on her arms at the table and rest her eyes for a minute. A noise coming from behind her caused her to turn her head.

Her breath caught in her throat, standing just inside the door from the den was the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was about 6'2" with broad shoulders and a big chest, very muscular, not obscene gigantic knots of muscle favored by bodybuilders but rippling thick muscles that denoted manly strength. A rugged handsome face with a wide white smile and thick curly blonde hair adorning his head. He was dressed in a white polo shirt and kaki pants that looked like they were spray painted on his body. Every movement of muscle clearly defined and accentuated by the tight cloth. Her eyes widened even more at the clear outline of a big cock nestled down the left leg of his pants.

One big hand moved from his side to press against that big bulge then close finger and thumb around it to slide up and down its length. She could see it thickening and lengthening even more. She was suddenly aware that her pussy was getting wet and she moved a hand between her legs to slide a finger inside herself. She wasn't surprised to find she was naked, she just felt the erotic pleasure of her finger in her pussy while she watched the hunk across the room rub his big cock.

He walked over to her still rubbing his stiffening cock, when he was before her he stripped off his shirt revealing the hard six pack abs below the golden curls covering his muscular chest. He reached down and put his hands around her waist lifting her easily and sat her on the hard wooden top of the island cabinet in the center of her kitchen. He dropped his head to take the right elongated areole in his mouth and sucked it in deeper, his tongue rolling the already hard nipple around inside the warm wet cavern. One hand came up to roll and pull the other nipple.

His sucking licking mouth sent shivering tingles of lust coursing throughout her body and when he inserted a thick middle finger inside her moist cavern she gave a hissing groan of mounting excitement.

Her arms traveled over the hard shoulders and her fingers tangled in the thick blonde curls as he went from breast to breast sucking nipple or flesh. His mouth traveled over every inch of her luscious globes nipping and kissing, licking and sucking. The big finger now joined by another was slowly sawing in and out of her tingling pussy both coated with the proof of her growing desire.

She was just about to cum from the sheer pleasure his mouth and hands were bringing her when he started kissing and with teeth gently nipping down her soft stomach and spreading her long legs with his hands on her knees, then he knelt. Using his hands under her upper thighs he pulled her to the edge of the countertop and dipped his head to lick up her dripping slit from bottom to top taking her hard fully exposed clit in between tight held lips. Her legs jerked and she fell back catching herself on her hands at the spine tingling ripples of lust his mouth generated. "Ohhhhhh... Yesssssss." she hissed.

His mouth worked wonders on her stimulated pussy; his tongue was longer then any she had ever had, it reached deep inside to swab along the top, the bottom and the sides of her seeping channel. He sucked her clit until it stood out hard and almost hurting, then while he used one hand to fingerfuck her and roll that big clit around his tongue worked its way down from the bottom of her slit over that sensitive little area between holes and then circled that puckered little ring before worming its way inside.

Nobody had ever done that to her before and the feel of his big fingers working on her pussy and that wet muscle squirming around in her ass sent a red haze of lust covering her eyes and her brain. Her body was one big sexual nerve and he was pushing all the right buttons.

Her body jackknifed up as she grabbed two handfuls of golden locks and pulled his head as tight as she could against her, her legs tightened around his head and she experienced one of the most intense orgasms she had ever felt. His agile tongue continued to tease the inside of her ass as her muscles slowly relaxed.

When her legs fell away from his head he moved back and picking her up again laid her on her back on the table. Placing her ankles on his shoulders he bent slightly to shove his pants down and when he stood up she saw that swaying hard bar standing out proudly in a nest of golden curls. It was beautiful she thought.

Long and thick with a perfect shaped head adorning the end. He spread her legs holding them just below the knees, he shoved them back some and stepped up to let the head of his cock brush against the inside of one thigh. The touch sent a shiver along that leg. Now he maneuvered so his cock head was just nudging the tight slit centered between her legs. A slight shove and it slid along the groove and up into the brown curls above. He moved back and forth there a couple of times letting the bottom of the shaft slide along her engorged clit making her eyes glaze with lustful pleasure.

She couldn't take anymore teasing she reached down and seated the head at the wet opening to her pulsing center. With a steady forward movement that big cock spread her wider then she had ever been, it was right at the edge of hurting, but didn't, as a matter of fact it felt deliciously hot, tremors of pure lust coursed through her body as he filled her like she had never been before.

Her head feel back to the table and mouth opened in a silent scream of pure pleasure as he begin to pump that hard rod in and out making her legs shoot straight up and wide in blissful lust. It felt like he was going in up to her stomach on every thrust and her whole being was centered on the thrusting pulsing invader that plundered her body so sinfully well.

He fucked her with hard long thrusts and soft short thrusts, with short hard thrusts and long slow thrusts. Her body exploded in orgasmic bliss and still he continued to plumb the deep recesses of her stuffed pussy. There were no coherent thoughts in her head, only the feel of that hard cock sending her up in a red haze of lust to explode once again and coat that still thrusting cock with more woman cream. Now he sped up and made her whole body shake with the force of his fucking. Her wide spread legs were jerking and swaying in time to his flashing hips. With a hard thrust he grabbed her waist and pulled her against him. She felt a powerful stream of cum fire against the back of her cunt and with a keening little cry of ecstasy she once again climaxed around his spitting cock.

Her senses slowly came back and her legs lowered until they were hanging off the table. His smiling face looked down at her, his massive chest barely breathing heavy even after his exertion. He backed up slowly drawing his still thick cock out of her sensitive sleeve causing her hips to jerk with the tingling pleasure that caused. She felt the cool air rush in as the big head emerged from its warm nest and the cum run down her ass crack out of her still opened vagina. He backed up then turned to walk away, she thought she heard a low voice say "It has begun."

Her eyes opened, her head was lying on her arms at the table. She jerked her head up to look around, no one was there. Glancing down she saw she was clothed but she could feel the soggy wetness that was her cunt and drenched panties. Her pussy felt deliciously stretched like the time she lost her virginity. She glanced up at the ceiling wondering if Randy heard anything. Luckily she had some clean clothes in the laundry room she hadn't put up yet. She quickly went in and washed up some putting on a clean pair of panties.

The dream was so real; she had never had one like it before. She cocked her head, it couldn't have been because she wasn't getting any loving, they had more sex now then they had ever had in their married life.

When they sat down for dinner that night both were so worried that the other would see that something strange had happened that they actually didn't notice the sheepish grin on Randy's face or the blush of Lilly's pretty face. With the memory of the hot fuck they had indulged in that afternoon they were eager to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh that night, and for the first time as Randy's perspiring body pumped above his wife's wriggling body each was thinking of someone else. Both golden haired and gorgeous.

Neither had anymore dreams the rest of the week but the following week each had a similar dream. The demons had switched partners and Randy's Succubus was now Lilly's Incubi. Randy's golden girl lay spread on the bed while he ate her wet pussy and she sucked his cock in a hot 69. She rode him to completion with big tits bouncing and her talented cunt squeezing his cock in delicious waves.

Lilly was visited while she napped on the antique divan in the den. Her handsome partner used his limber tongue to once again send her to the moon then with guiding hands had her kneel before him and suck his pretty cock until he inundated her tonsils with his cream. He then leaned her over the back of the divan and bounced her round buttocks with his hard thighs until she was out of her mind with passion and cumming all over his hard pounding cock. With a growl he pulled her against him and filled her cunt with his sperm.

A couple of days later they were eating breakfast, both of them felt a little guilty about the dreams they were having. Lilly wanted to tell him about them but was afraid he wouldn't understand. She figured she would start out slowly and see how he responded.

"I have been having a strange dream lately." She figured that depending on how he reacted she could always make something up. Randy was glad she had said something, maybe he could tell her what he had been dreaming. "Oh... that's funny dear I have also."

"Really what was it about?" She asked quickly, maybe if he told her his dream first then it would be easier for her.

"Uh... well it was one of those kinds of dreams." He said with his lopsided grin.

"No kidding" she was surprised that it would be on the same subject as hers. "Me too, what was it about."

He grinned. "You would think as much as we have been acting like horny rabbits we wouldn't have those type dreams."

She laughed. "Maybe it's because we have that we are thinking about it even subconsciously."

He joined her in laughter. "Could be, Okay I'll go first. I was working at the computer and took a short nap; suddenly a gorgeous woman entered in a negligee and just,,, well fucked the shit out of me. Then the other day when I slept late she came in the bedroom and did it again."

Lilly grinned, now that he had sort of the same kind of dreams she wasn't worried about hers anymore. "Yeah that's kind of like what I had only the first time was in the kitchen and I just closed my eyes for a minute and this handsome guy came in and did me right on the table, then yesterday while I was napping in the den he returned and repeated his performance." She cocked her head, "Seems strange we both would have the same type of dream, what did your dream lover look like?"

Randy thought for a moment, how do you tell your pretty wife that your dream lover was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. "Well she was pretty, had a great figure and long blonde hair that fell almost to her waist."

"That is strange my dream man also had blonde hair, wonder what that means." She exclaimed. Now that it was out in the open Lilly wasn't worried about it, after all it was just a dream. She got up and went over to sit in Randy's lap. "Honey as good as you make me feel in bed I sure don't need a dream lover." She kissed him letting her little pink tongue tease his lips. The kiss got hotter and soon they retired to the bedroom to ease the suddenly prevalent sexual tension they each felt.

They went into Portland that Friday night, had dinner took in a movie and stayed over in a hotel, neither thought of their dreams while they were away. The following Wednesday night they fell into bed exhausted, Randy was nearing a deadline on a project and Lilly was helping with the coding of some of the modules, they had worked from sunup until around 8:00 P.M... The project was finally finished and only needed testing now to be ready.

It seemed to Randy that his head had only touched the pillow when he heard a noise at the foot of the bed. He looked to see two figures standing there. One the woman of his dreams and the other a muscular handsome blonde haired guy.

They reached and pulled the covers down exposing his body, once again he was nude, only this time he glanced over to see that Lilly was nude also and watching the couple at the foot of the bed.

The couple crawled up the bed, the woman coming up over his legs her hanging breasts rubbing sensuously against his skin. She lifted his soft cock and sucked it in that talented mouth, he could feel it harden almost immediately. He glanced over to see that the man had his head at the junction of his wife's spread thighs. He couldn't feel jealous since he was having his cock sucked so expertly by the beautiful woman hovering over his thighs.

Lilly's body was tingling at the talented tongue play of her lover; she had one hand in his hair guiding him over her needy pussy. She could see the blonde head bobbing over her husband's cock and glimpses of it sliding in and out through the veil of blonde hair that was making a curtain over Randy's middle. She felt large hands close over her breasts and start massaging and her attention was brought back to delightful sensations emanating from between her legs.

Randy's cock was a bundle of sexual nerves as it was licked and sucked to super hardness, his balls were being expertly manipulated by a soft hand and a delicate finger was buried deep in his ass caressing his prostrate. He couldn't help it he hunched upwards and shot his white load deep in the sucking throat of the woman at his groin. Even as he was cumming he heard his wife's cry of completion and looked over to see her legs squeezing the blonde head and back arched off the bed.

Lilly's body slowly relaxed as her climax passed over her and she looked over to see the beautiful woman crawl farther up her husbands body to straddle his hips and place his still seeping cock at her golden haired entrance. She slowly slid down until it was completely engulfed then looked over at Lilly and smiled as she rose until just the head was captured inside.

When Randy saw where the woman was looking he too looked over and saw that the man was now between his wife's widespread knees and placing a large cock right at her vulva. He watched that large muscle disappear inside Lilly's body and saw the way her eyes closed in ecstasy at the feel of it invading her. He lay there as the woman riding him with her exquisite tightness brought him close to orgasm then she rose to let his hard cock slimy with her juice and his precum flop out to throb in the open air. With a grin she positioned herself on hands and knees her ass facing him. He quickly got to his knees and repositioned his cock at her heated core.

Lilly was being brought up to that delightful plateau of orgasmic splendor by the hard thrusting hunk of muscle drilling into her welcoming cuntal sleeve. Suddenly she felt that big hammer leave her pulsating channel and opened her eyes to see him reaching down for her hips. He pulled her up and around on her knees so she was facing the blonde woman only a couple of feet apart. She groaned as the big log of flesh slid back into her waiting hole. As he started bouncing her forward she could see her husband doing the same thing to the woman in front of her.

Randy saw his wife repositioned and the big man thrusting forward to fuck into his wife. He watched her breasts swaying back and forth each time he hit against her rounded ass. That sight and the milking sleeve that he was fucking made his lust soar to new highs. He watched his wife's eyes glazed in pure lust her mouth opening and closing in moaning desire while the big body behind her bounced her back and forth on his raging cock. He saw his wife's head drop and her body shove back when she burst into climax and the gritted smile of her partner as he emptied his balls in Randy's wife. That was too much for Randy and he too pulled the willing flesh surrounding him hard back to squirm around as he unloaded his balls in the warm slickness milking and throbbing around him.

The big man pulled out of Lilly and backed up a few steps looking at Randy and smiling. Randy felt the woman move forward to let his cock slip from her juicy hole and crawl to the edge of the bed. Suddenly he was lying beside his wife again but he was nude and the covers were thrown back, he looked over at Lilly and she was lying on her back nude and breathing hard. His groin was matted with the cum he had shot and he could see the matted curls at his wife's thighs. They were looking at each other.

"Did you just have another one of those dreams?" He asked her.

She nodded. "Me too although you were in this one also." He stated.

She was beginning to get concerned, something wasn't quite right here; this seemed to be more than just erotic dreams. "You were in mine too."

They talked about what each had dreamed and became more and more alarmed to find that each dream was exactly the same. They got up and went to have some coffee and try and figure out what was going on.

The demons and imps were chuckling among themselves; they liked it when the humans were alarmed. They especially liked this couple; they were the youngest and best looking of all the people that had stayed in the house. Lilly sure had some good pussy on her and ole Randy had a pretty good dick on him too. They would give them a couple of days to stew about what they had experienced then the fun would really begin. The three imps were impatient, the two males wanted to get their peckers in Lilly and the female wanted to feel Randy's human dick pumping her sloppy hole. They were chastised harshly by their masters and told to wait until they were told what to do.

Randy and Lilly finally got to sleep around two in the morning and neither had any dreams at all. Over the next couple of days although each was a little apprehensive nothing untoward happened and their fears gradually calmed down. When they were once again comfortably situated in their daily routine the demons made their appearance in what that they considered true demonic form, at least the ones they were most comfortable with and the one that gave humans the biggest fright. Now while they could be either gender one preferred to really be male and the other was more at home in a female form so from now on that's mostly the way they would appear.

Randy had just come in from a walk around the garden to clear his head, he went into the kitchen for a glass of water. He was drinking and looking out the window when a low husky voice sounded behind him. "Ah my lover in his dreams."

Randy whirled and the glass dropped from his hands as he beheld the sight before him. That it was female was no doubt but such a sight he had never seen. She was as tall as he with dark red skin, although the face would have been attractive in a human form maybe the two horns growing from her forehead and curling slightly back along with the sharp canine teeth that were plainly seen coming down over her lower lip pretty much overshadowed any attractiveness she might have had. Her head was adorned with a close cropped cap of thick black down that lay tight against her scalp. Below bushy black eyebrows were two piercing yellow eyes slit like a snakes. Her torso was thick with no curved in waist her breasts while not large were slightly droopy capped with reddish black nipples. His eyes really widened when he took in the body from the waist down, it was shaped like a goat with bristly reddish hair starting at her waist and covering her down to her cloven hooves. Even the lips of her distended pussy were covered with it. He could see a long tail hanging down and swishing back and forth gently behind her, it seemed to be barbed at the end.

Randy was frozen in place, he wanted to holler, scream, shout, run, do something but he found he couldn't move, his gaze was captured by those yellow eyes.

"What's the matter with my big boy, you look shocked, it's the same good pussy you have enjoyed several times now," with an evil chuckling she continued. "Just packaged a little differently. I changed for your enjoyment Randy now you can please me for my enjoyment." She walked clumsily toward him. He wanted to run but his legs wouldn't move. What made them tremble even more was the grotesque little form that was waddling along with her. No more then three feet tall it was a sickly gray color with a fat head topped by pointed ears, big black eyes, a pugged ugly nose, and a wide mouth filled with sharp looking teeth. The body was round with a sagging belly and short arms and legs. Two limp lumps of flesh hung on its chest with dark gray nipples pointing towards the ground.

The demon reached Randy and took him in her arms, his mind was screaming for his body to run but it wouldn't move. She pulled him close and started nuzzling his neck nipping slightly with those sharp canines. As of their own accord his arms came up to embrace her and run down her back. She kissed him and he was afraid of what those sharp teeth would do but he didn't feel them at all, despite what he was feeling his mouth opened and a pink mottled forked tongue shot into his mouth, it felt like it was going down his throat., now long nailed hands were cupping his balls and he realized he was naked. His mind was reeling; this couldn't be happening but in spite of what he was thinking his body was responding like it did when she looked like the gorgeous blonde. His dick was getting hard and now there were two hands fondling his genitals one a small hand.

The demon withdrew her tongue and moved her head back hissing as she slapped at the imp who was scurrying away. "I'll tell you when you little slut."

She went back to kissing and working on Randy's body, hefting his hard cock she said "See you do like me like this... Ohhh we are going to have so much fun together." Randy's mind couldn't understand how his body could be reacting this way, he certainly didn't find anything about her attractive but he didn't seem to be in control of his body right now.

"Now how about you sucking on my breasts for a while, I know how much you like them." she pulled his head down to her breasts and he took a puckered nipple in his mouth to start sucking.

"Oh yeah human that's it, do it harder, now the other one, bite them, yeah harder, that feels good." She was softly hissing. After a few minutes of that she shoved him down on his knees between her large curved thighs. "Now eat momma's pussy." She directed.

There before his face were the flowering wet lips of the demon's vagina and though his mind was screaming no his head dipped forward and he licked his tongue up into the seeping channel, just for a second it tasted like rotten meat but then it transformed into the sweetest honey he had ever tasted. He lapped at her core like a starving man. She didn't seem to have a clitoris but her enjoyment of his oral talents were evident as she ground her pussy around on his face. That long tail came around to caress over his shoulders as he ate her. She had a hissing orgasm flooding his mouth and chin with a yellowish cream.

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