Chuck's Fantasy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was forced to take part in a gangbang and it got him to thinking he would like to see his wife with another man. The story is in six chapters; the seventh will have to be in your own mind.

I love my husband, I really do, and I'd bet money that he loves me, but that won't stop the divorce I see coming. When it comes time to apportion blame it will be a fifty-fifty split even though I could have stopped it at any time. But just as love is love, dumb is dumb and I was dumb enough to believe that Chuck knew what he wanted and that he could handle it when he got it.

Chuck and I had been high school sweethearts and then had maintained that relationship through college. After graduation we started out on our careers, mine in advertising and his in business. Six months after graduation we were married. Neither one of us wanted children so I went on the pill and for the next ten years Chuck and I concentrated on our careers and on keeping each other happy. Things were fine until one night Chuck came home from playing poker at his bosses' house.

I had been horny as horny as a goat all day and I was waiting up for Chuck when he got home and with every intention of getting myself laid. When he got home he was surprised to see me still awake and he became nervous when he found out why. Nervous and trying very hard to hide it. After ten years of marriage, four years of college and three years of high school with the man I could tell when he was trying to keep something from me. Add to that the fact that he did something that he had never done before — taking a shower when coming home late — and I knew that he had been up to something. At the time I pushed it to the back of my mind because what was most important at that particular moment was getting my itch scratched. When Chuck came out of the bathroom I grabbed him and proceeded to wear him out.

The next morning the 'horny' was gone and in the cold, clear light of a new day I had questions, questions that Chuck did not want to furnish answers for. I am a persistent wench and I reminded Chuck of that fact and I let him know that I was going to stay after him like a dog worrying at a bone until I was satisfied. He finally bowed to the inevitable and told me about his poker night at the home of his boss.

Chuck had just been promoted to manager and it was his first time to be invited to the monthly poker game at Randy's house. For the first three hours it had been seven men playing five and seven card stud and five card draw. Alice, Randy's wife, acted as hostess and served drinks and snacks. At the end of three hours of play Randy had announced that it was time for the last hand. He hollered out to Alice and when she came into the room he told her it was time for the last hand.

"Oh goody," she had said, "I'm more than ready" and then she had lifted her skirt, stepped out of her thong and had tossed it into the middle of the table. "Good luck guys" she said and then she left the room.

Now Chuck was a pretty damned good poker player — he had helped pay his way through college with winnings from fraternity house poker games — but he was also pretty good at office politics. Being the new guy he knew that it would be best if he not be a big winner the first few times he played so he had been getting and throwing in winning hands most of the night. Randy was dealing and he called the game — five-card draw, jacks or better to open and no limit on raises — and then he dealt the cards. Chuck checked his cards and saw that he had three jacks. He figured that he could get away with taking the last pot without upsetting anyone, but it soon became apparent that something that he didn't understand was going on. The betting started to get stupid and he could tell that the others were trying to force each other out of the hand and he decided to bail out. He tossed in his three jacks and sat back to watch.

The players drew cards and then there was a lot more betting and finally the cards were laid down and Phil took the hand with two pair. He reached for the pot, but took only the thong and left the money and got up and headed for the living room. Everybody got up and followed him. In the living room there was a chair sitting in the middle of the room and Phil went straight to it and sat down. A minute or so later music started playing and Alice danced into the room and did a slow and sensuous strip. Once down to nothing but 'Come Fuck Me' pumps she went over to Phil and pulled his trousers and boxers off and then gave him a full contact lap dance. When the music stopped she knelt in front of Phil and started sucking his cock.

Chuck looked around for Randy and saw him standing off to the side videotaping the action. Phil told Alice that he was going to cum and she took her mouth off of him and held it a couple of inches away and jacked him off with her hand. When he came the cum shot up like a fountain into Alice's mouth and then she lowered her head and finished the blow job by sucking him dry. Then Alice stood up and licked her lips as she looked around the room at the other men and then she said, "Okay guys, let's take it to the bedroom."

She headed for the bedroom and all the men followed along behind her and Chuck followed along to see what would happen next. What happened next was a gangbang. Alice got on the bed, spread her legs and said, "Who wants to be first?" and then she took on everybody there while Randy taped the affair.

"Everybody there? Are you telling me that you took part?"

Chuck looked away from me and I said, "Don't you look away from me Chuck. Did you screw that woman? Is that why the shower last night, to wash the smell of her off you?"

Still looking away he mumbled a yes and then he turned to face me and rushed into an explanation. "It didn't mean anything honey, honest to God it didn't. She was lying on the bed looking at me and telling me I was next and when I hesitated she said, "What's the matter sweetie, you too good for Alice?" I saw Randy looking at me and I didn't know what he would do if I turned his wife down and so I did it with her."

"I know you Chuck and I know that there is a little more to it than that. He got a sheepish look on his face and I said, "Spit it out Chuck, you know I won't quit until I get it all."

He took a deep breath, "It was the most mind blowing thing I had ever seen in my life. One after another they fucked her and she just kept calling out next when one man would finish. She begged them to make her cum, to get hard for her, to fuck her harder and faster and when the other guys were done they were all looking at me and all I could think of was what she would feel like after those other five guys. I wanted to do it. I wanted to stick my cock in her to feel what the mess left by the other five would feel like. I wanted to, but still I hesitated because I can't hide anything from you and I knew that you wouldn't like it, not one bit. But then she did the "You too good for me" bit and I saw Randy watching me to see what I would do and so I did it. And then it got weird. She wanted two men at once and then three. Once she had all six of us."

"All six? How could she do that?"

"She was sitting on Phil with his cock in her pussy while George was pushing his cock in her ass. Mike and Roger were standing in front of her and she was alternating between them as she sucked their dicks. Bill and I stood next to her so she could jack us off with her hands while Phil held her steady in an upright position."

"How many times?"

"How many times what?"

"How many times did you fuck the bitch."

He looked away from me again and mumbled something.

I didn't hear that Chuck."

"Four, I did it four times with her. Twice in her pussy and once each in her mouth and ass, but honest to God honey, it didn't mean anything."

"Just being one of the guys huh?"

"Yeah, that's all it was, just trying to fit in."

"And all Randy did was furnish the slut and take pictures?"

"Yeah, that was all he did. I guess his turn on is watching Alice."

Things were a little cool around our house for a while after that, but we did manage to work through it. It helped that I loved Chuck and that there was no doubt in my mind that he loved me. I did make it crystal clear to him that there would be no more poker games at Randy's. He agreed, but the damage was already done although it wouldn't surface for another couple of months or so. To sum it up, Chuck got so turned on by the idea of Randy watching Alice that he started wondering what it would be like to watch me. He never mentioned it to me, just kept it to himself as a fantasy, but that fantasy changed him.

It wasn't noticeable right away; just little things that I didn't pick up on at first like the way he looked at me after we made love. He had always given me clothes as part of my gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and at Christmas, but suddenly they got more revealing, sexier and he started telling me what he would like to see me wear when we went out. While he had always bought me clothes he had never bought me shoes. It was the shoes that finally woke me up to what was going on. Chuck started giving me strappy sandals, pumps, slingbacks and all had four or five inch heels.

Suddenly it dawned on me that Chuck was seeing to it that I dressed to attract male attention. After I figured that out I ran a test to see if I was right. Chuck took me to a dance at the Elks one Saturday night and I put on the most revealing dress I own. A little black number that was backless and cut so low in the front that to wear a bra would have ruined the line of the dress so I wore it without a bra and as a result a lot of my breasts were on display. With the dress I wore thigh highs and a pair of CFMs with five inch heels. Chuck's hard on was so evident when he saw how I was dressed that I wasn't sure he would let me out of the house.

At the dance I watched Chuck and saw that Chuck was watching the men who were looking at me. It was obvious that Chuck wanted other men to look at me, but why? Was it an "Eat your heart out, she belongs to me" kind of thing? Or was he just proud of me. Call me naïve, but it was another three months before I figured it out and only then by accident.

Chuck was out of town on a business trip and I decide one night to replace the window blinds in the family room. Chuck doesn't like leaving his car at the airport when he is on trips so I usually drive him to the airport or he cabs downtown and takes the light rail out to the airport. As a result I have his car at home when he is on a trip and since the trunk of his car is a lot bigger than the trunk of my little two seat Miata convertible I drove his car to Target. I bought what I needed and when I went to load it into the trunk I had to move a heavy box out of the way to get things to fit.

Once home I unloaded the trunk and then got curious about the heavy box and so I opened it and what I found was about six months worth of men's magazines. Gallery, Penthouse, Penthouse Letters, Penthouse Forum and Variations just to name a few. You know how sometimes when you pick up a book it will fall open to the page you were on when you put it down? The first magazine I picked up did just that. I fell open to a section called "Someone's Watching" and I read some of it. It was all about men who liked watching their wives with other men. I check the rest of the magazines and saw that they all had sections on men watching other men fuck their wives. I further noticed that the pages that were dog eared were all in sections where the wife got it on with some one other than her husband.

That's when the penny dropped. I remembered Chuck's facination with the way Randy watched Alice, the way he was dressing me to grab other men's attention, and now this — books on wife watching. Chuck wanted to watch me!

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