The Neighborhood
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife and I move into a new neighborhood and find out things are different.

My wife and I had just moved into our new house. Having just moved to Portland from the East Coast we knew no one, and were anxious to meet our neighbors. The neighborhood we chose was in a suburb just west of the city. It was a small, tight group of houses with only one way in and out. There was a main entry which went in a loop and then eight cul-de-sacs that had a total of 60 houses. The cul-de-sacs backed up to each other so this meant the every house had houses behind and to both sides.

Land is expensive in Portland so house lots are very small; every house was only eight or ten feet from the other on the side, and maybe 100 feet on the back. This meant that it was very easy to see and hear the neighbors. The house we bought had a well landscaped yard plus a small swimming pool and hot tub in the back. My wife and I were busy unpacking the mound of boxes the movers had left us when we heard a knock at our door.

We answered the door and were met by a striking couple. The man was tall, at least six foot three inches with blonde hair, and in great shape. He was built like an NFL running back, muscular and handsome. The woman was also tall, at least five foot, ten inches, blonde hair, long legs and a huge pair of tits. These two were Barbie and Ken come to life.

I am about six feet tall, dark hair, slim, I like to run a lot so I have that type of body. My wife is about five feet four inches tall, reddish brown hair with nice legs and small breasts. I don't worry much about her chest, I still discretely ogle other women plenty, but she obsesses about her small breasts. I realized this new woman was going to have one strike against her right out of the chute.

"Hi, I'm Tom and this is my wife Jeri," said the man as soon as I opened the door. "We live right next door to you. We thought we would come over and introduce ourselves since you have just moved in."

I answered, "I'm Steve and this is my wife Lisa. We just moved here from Indiana."

"Indiana? That is a long ways," said Tom. "Why did you come so far?"

I proceeded to tell the story of how I had left the company I was working for and started my own company, but because of non-compete issues had to move to the west coast. I told him the story on auto-pilot as I had told the story many times before. I was concentrating on starring at his wife's big tits. Well trying not to stare anyway.

Jeri and Lisa had moved a little to the side and were chatting about household stuff, curtains, furniture and crap like that. Jeri was wearing a white tank top and red shorts. The summer heat was in full swing, and while Portland is mild most of the time it was over 85 degrees today. The tank top barely covered her huge mounds, the full round tops and a lot of cleavage were visible. I was stealing glances to see if I could see her nipples through the thin fabric and I swear I could just make out the faint outline of her aureole, and see the point of her nipple.

I realized that Tom was asking me a question and I came back down to earth. "Umm, yes we would love to have dinner with you guys next Saturday night," I answered him after getting a non-verbal OK from Lisa.

"Great," he said. "We will have you over for a BBQ at our place; invite some of the other neighbors in so you can meet them too. Come on Jeri we better let them get back to unpacking. You can gab about stuff on Saturday night."

We said our goodbyes and they were gone. "Well they seemed like nice people I ventured."

"She was OK, but I don't see why women have to show off their boobs like that."

"Really, I didn't notice that much," I lied.

"Oh come on. Your eyes practically popped out of your head. I thought you were going to get a magnifying glass out so you could really give her a good looking over."

I had been caught red handed. "Damn, I didn't mean to be so obvious. That won't make a very good first impression will it?"

I wouldn't worry my wife answered. "She wouldn't show it if she did not want you to look."

I came up behind her and cupped her small apple sized breast through the T-shirt she was wearing. "You know I like you just the way you are. I like the way you moan when I pinch your nipples, and I don't care how big you are."

She squirmed away from my grasp, "Oh no you don't big boy. You don't get any until we get done here."

I was exhausted eight hours later when my slave driving wife finally said we could call it quits for the day. We had unpacked almost everything, and I finally collapsed on the newly moved couch in the family room and said, "That's it I am not going to do one more thing. I don't care if you divorce me."

"All right don't," she said. "It will just leave more to do tomorrow."

"I don't care let's head to bed," I said.

We headed up the stairs to the master bedroom. The room was a total shambles, boxes and stuff all over, but the bed was made, and looked good. My wife looked good too; it had been a couple of days since I had a chance exercise my marital rights so as tired as I was I was ready for some action. I waited in bed while she changed. Getting Lisa into bed was always a lengthy chore she seemed to take forever to get her makeup off, clothes off, night gown on etc.

It was a warm night, but not too hot so I stripped off all my clothes and hopped into bed after opening the window. The cool night air felt good, and the soft light of the moon and the neighbor's security light lit up our room in kind of a seductive way. Lisa had finally finished getting ready for bed and she slipped into the room. She was wearing a sheer camisole top, and her panties to bed. Her ass was perfect as usual, slim and firm. Her pert nipples looked nice on her small firm breasts as she bent over to get into the bed. I could feel my cock hardening as she slipped into the sheet. She rolled over close to me her back towards me. Translation, not pissed, but not interested in sex either. Ok I figured it was time to put on a little charm, and see is I could pry my way into my wife's cunt.

I slid over next to her and slid my hand up and over her ass, feeling the soft taut skin. I slid my hand up and over her back and slid my hands around to her front and cupped her firm tight breasts. I could feel her nipples harden against my palms, and I rubbed her stiff nubs, and I could feel her breathing quicken; I could sense that I was winning the battle. Then she killed my hopes, "I am just too tired, how about tomorrow morning?"

I sighed inwardly and thought to myself, 'I don't care if you are tired, I don't care if you are even awake I just want a quick fuck and then a good nights sleep.' Too her I said, "Sure, don't worry about it, tomorrow sounds nice." I stayed close to her, rubbing my semi-hard cock up against her firm ass, have idle sex fantasies about my wife, about the stacked neighbor I had met today. I wondered what the woman's nipples must look like, probably big, and thick. I imagined what it would feel like to suck her nipples into my mouth. Maybe even indulge in my own little fetish fantasy of jerking off on her tits. I always liked to think about my cum dripping from her hard, pink nipples. Damn I had a full fledged boner now, I reached down and stroked my cock, feeling it swell in my hand.

I could hear my wife's rhythmic breathing, she was already sound asleep, and I was now wide awake with a big boner that needed some attention. I sat listening to the sounds of the night, and then I heard something else.

I heard a woman clearly say, in a very passionate tone, "God, that's it. Fuck me harder Tom! Fuck me harder!"

Now that got my attention. I rolled out of bed and moved over to the open window. The sounds were coming from our neighbor's window which was only fifteen or so feet from ours as the houses were so close together. By leaning in very close to the window I could just get a view of their bedroom. There were candles lit that threw off a fair amount of light. They had a big king sized bed, with huge posts at each corner. A very solid bed I thought to myself. I had a bed that shakes all apart when I am trying to fuck my wife on it.

Tom and Jeri were doing their best to make their bed shake. Jeri was laying on her back, her big tits flopping to the side, nice to see they were real I thought, and Tom was on top of her slamming his cock into her with strong powerful thrusts.

My own cock was so hard I thought it would burst and I quickly gripped it jerking off in rhythm to Tom's rhythmic thrusting into his wife's pussy. Damn, I thought these two were so sexy it was like watching a porn movie. Jeri had moved her hands up to pull and twist her big pink nipples, rubbing them to hard erect points on her big tits. Tom's cock was long and thick, and Jeri took it to the hilt, begging him for more. Her big tits jiggled nicely as he slammed into her and I was amazed at his staying power. I was ready to blow my load in under a minute and he just kept going.

As I watched she moved her hand down to rub her hard clit while he fucked her. "Oh god that's it I'm cumming, fuck me harder Tom, I need you deeper, shove it in me harder," Jeri kept yelling over and over.

My own cock was near to exploding, the fat head slick with my pre-cum as I watched my sexy neighbors fuck. I could feel me balls tighten; my orgasm was only seconds away. Then something happened that I did not expect.

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