Anniversary Cruise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dave is going on a cruise for his ten year anniversary. The problem is, his wife died a week after booking the cruise. Still, life must go on, and Dave takes the cruise anyways...

Day One - Saturday - Departure

It was a warm winter day in Miami. The sun was shining. A light breeze whispered through the nearby palm trees creating a soothing rustle. The soothing rustle was being periodically drowned out, however, by the sounds of large forklifts carrying crates full of luggage, cab drivers laying on their horns and tour buses spilling their contents out onto the tarmac.

David Larson looked out the window of his cab at the large white ship that towered in front of the terminal. The ship was loaded with windows and balconies and lifeboats and all things nautical. Stenciled towards the top he made out the words "Carnival Triumph" in red. Dave got out of the cab and then the cabbie got out and started unloading his bags. Dave unconsciously went into his wallet and handed fifty dollars to the cab driver and another five dollars to the man loading his luggage into one of the giant crates that the forklifts were moving around.

"Go inside over there, sir," said the man taking his bags. He had a thick Latin accent. He pointed to a small door at the end of the terminal.

"Thank you," said Dave absently. He headed into the air-conditioned building only to start waiting in a myriad of lines to get on the ship. He wondered why he even came on the cruise. Every single person checking him in wondered why Lisa wasn't there to check in as well. It had all come down to the money he spent on the cruise. He couldn't let it all go to waste. He even tried talking some of his friends into taking the cruise but none could get away from their children or work schedules.

Dave walked up the gangplank and felt a wave of sorrow wash over him. This was going to be a very special vacation for Lisa and him. It was going to be their tenth wedding anniversary. Nine would be all they would ever have.

He looked up at the atrium as he entered the ship. Several people around him were standing and gawking at the beautifully lit atrium. It was a wonder they could fit something so ornate on a boat. Dave didn't care though. He merely headed to the elevators so he could go to his room. He waited an eternity before he could catch an elevator. Once he was on the elevator they stopped at every floor so Dave had to wait even longer. Dave's room was on the tenth level, the Panorama deck.

Dave quickly found his room, especially since it was the first room off the elevator. When he got in he dropped his bags on the floor and then collapsed on the bed. Thoughts of Lisa ran through his head. She was gone forever. She wasn't on this cruise that they had planned for years. She had a few too many drinks at an office party about nine months ago. It was the day after they had finally booked the cruise. As she was driving home she lost control of her car and ran into a telephone pole at fifty miles per hour. She was killed instantly. A wave of emotion swept over Dave. He sobbed uncontrollably over his lost wife until fatigue won out and he slipped into a sound sleep.

"I can't wait to lie out and get some good tanning in," said Amber Quinn as she walked up the gangway to the Carnival Triumph. Her best friend Britney Hammond was right behind her looking up at the side of the ship in awe. Amber had been on many cruises but the sizes of the ships never ceased to amaze her.

"I'm sure most of the ship can't wait until you lie out to get some sun," Britney quipped. Amber and Britney were both models. The difference was that Amber was very thin and waiflike as most models tended to be. Britney, on the other hand, wasn't thin. She wasn't overly fat, but she definitely wasn't thin. Britney did plus-size modeling. She had once been as thin as Amber when she was doing teen modeling but her metabolism eventually caught up with her.

Amber and Britney had modeled together as teenagers and became instant friends. Their careers had taken different paths into adulthood but they still kept in touch and tried to get together as much as humanly possible.

"It's so beautiful," said Amber as she gazed up at the atrium in the center of the ship. There were lights lining every floor going up to a glass dome at the spa level of the ship. Brilliantly lit glass elevators moved up and down carrying the new arrivals to their rooms.

"I can't wait to get out and explore the ship," said Britney with a smile. "There is so much to do here."

"I plan on working on my tan," reiterated Amber. "I need some color for my next few shoots."

The two girls went to the elevators and waited patiently for an elevator going up. They took the elevator up to the spa deck and found their way to their suite towards the back of the ship.

The girls entered their room and dropped their stuff on the bed. They would have to share a king sized bed but that wasn't a problem for either of them. Amber started disrobing immediately and once she was completely naked she started fishing for her swimming suit out of her carry on bag.

Amber immediately felt her best friend's eyes on her body. She looked over and saw Britney staring at her breasts.

"You okay, Britney?" asked Amber.


"You were staring at me," said Amber with a friendly smile.

"I just forgot how beautiful you are," said Britney nervously.

"Thank you," said Amber. "You aren't so bad looking yourself."

"I'm fat, remember?"

"And still very pretty," said Amber.

It wasn't a lie, either. Amber found Britney very attractive, despite her weight gain since they were teens. She often felt bad for Britney because she never felt beautiful, even though she was. Society's standard was for women to be waif-like, much like Amber was, but Amber felt that there was many things about Britney that were beautiful, even her body. The problem was, because Britney felt the way she did about herself, she attracted the worst type of man, and readily accepted them into her life. On more than one occasion Amber had to bail Britney out of an abusive relationship and offer her shelter until she could get back on her feet.

Amber found her suit and put it on. The tiny red suit didn't cover that much. The guys walking through the Lido deck were in for a treat.

"You gonna come with me?" asked Amber.

"No, I think I want to check out the ship," said Britney.

"Shall we meet up at dinner then?"

"Sure," said Britney. "We are the 8:30 sitting in the London dining room. I will see you there."

Amber sighed and then smiled as the door shut after Britney left. She was looking forward to a whole week with her best friend in the world. It had been some time since they had last spent a decent amount of time together. She just hoped that things wouldn't go in the direction she thought they might go. She put those bad thoughts out of her mind and grabbed her towel, some sunscreen and a book. It was time for her to go find herself some action.

Dave was awoken when they started announcing the lifeboat drills. He grabbed his life preserver from under the bed and headed down to his lifeboat station. The life boat drill was miserable. He was forced to wear the uncomfortable life preserver while being stuffed in like a sardine with hundreds of other people in front of the lifeboat on the tiny deck. He suddenly felt a stab of pain in his foot and he looked for the offending foot that stepped on him.

"I'm sorry, sir," said a young, attractive, albeit heavier woman, standing next to him.

"I'm okay," said Dave, forcing a smile at the young woman.

David appraised the young woman. She was not small, but she wore her extra weight well, still making her quite attractive. She was wearing a light-green sundress that left little of her grapefruit sized breasts to the imagination. When he looked up at her face, however, it caused him to gasp. Her long, curly, red hair; her high cheekbones; her catlike, emerald-green eyes; her small, tight, but drawn lips with a hint of lipstick; all combined to remind him of a ghost of his past. She looked exactly like Lisa

"Something wrong?" asked the girl.

David shook his head, but didn't say anything.

"You sure?" asked the girl politely.


"My name is Britney," she said offering her hand.

"David. David Larson," said David. "You can call me Dave though. Everyone else does."

"Where are you from?" asked Britney as she made small talk.


"Really? I grew up in Wisconsin. What part?"


"I grew up in Ashipun," said Britney with excitement in her voice

"That's nice," said the David nonchalantly.

"That's a nice tan for someone who lives in Wisconsin," said Britney.

"I tan at my health club," said Dave.

"Does your wife get tan like that too?" asked Britney trying to ease back out of the conversation.

"My wife?" said Dave automatically.

"Yeah, you're married right?"

"Oh, the ring," said Dave. Then his expression deepened. "She's been dead nine months now."

"Oh God," exclaimed Britney. "I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," said Dave with a sunken expression. "You couldn't have known. You married?"

"No," said Britney. "I'm here with a friend of mine. We haven't seen each other in over six months so we thought a cruise would be a good chance to reconnect."

"What do you do for a living?" asked Dave, coming out of his shell.

"I'm a model," said Britney.

"I should have guessed," said Dave. "You're very pretty."

"You think so?" gushed Britney.

Dave nodded and then became lost in her familiar eyes.

"Lisa," he whispered.

"Excuse me?" asked Britney with a puzzled expression.

"Oh, my God," whispered Dave.

"The lifeboat drill is now complete. You may now return to your cabins," said one of the crew members running the lifeboat drill.

"Is something wrong?" asked Britney.

Dave didn't answer. Instead he head out as quickly as he could. He couldn't believe that he had called her Lisa. As he bolted through the crowd for his room, he wondered if he was going crazy. He wondered if he belonged in a loony bin. It was nine months since Lisa passed. He wondered when the pain was going to go away.

Amber Quinn still hadn't lost her touch. While she was on the Lido deck she managed to snag herself a man. The muscular twenty-year-old just happened to end up at the same lifeboat station as well, so they spent the entire lifeboat drill flirting with one another.

Amber had plans for him right after the lifeboat drill. As they headed off the lifeboat deck, she struggled to remember the man's name. Was it Tom or Todd? Her thoughts were interrupted by a man who rudely pushed her out of the way. Tom or Todd tried to grab the man but he was quickly lost in the crowd.

"Why don't we go up to your cabin and see if we can get some privacy," said Amber seductively.

Tom or Todd nodded enthusiastically. Unfortunately when they got to the room, they found his roommate plowing into a young college coed.

"Can we try your room instead?" asked Tom or Todd.

"Sure Tom," said Amber with a smile.

"Todd," said the boy.

"Yeah, Todd."

The two headed up to the Spa Deck and Amber opened the door to see if Britney was in the room. She found Britney lying in the middle of the bed crying. Her hormones took a back seat as she saw her friend in distress.

"What's wrong Britney?" asked Amber softly.

"Men!" screamed Britney.

Amber turned to Todd. "Um, Tom, I think I will catch you later? Maybe on the Lido deck again?"

"That's Todd," said the boy, who was a little miffed at not getting any action with such a fine babe. "I guess I'll see ya."

Amber closed the door behind Todd and walked over to the bed. She sat down next too Britney's head and stroked her long fiery-red hair gently.

"I've always admired your hair Britney. Guys love red heads and you're a natural. You're hair is so easy to care for. I spend two hours making my hair look nice. You take fifteen minutes tops. You're so lucky."

"Why don't men like me?" sobbed Britney.

Amber couldn't figure that out herself. Britney might have been a little heavy but she was extremely pretty. She was one of the top models in the plus sized market. Her fiery red hair and fiery Irish personality made her easy for photographers to work with.

"What happened sweetie?" asked Amber.

"I met this really handsome man during the lifeboat drill. We were having a nice little conversation. Everything was going great. Then he looked into my eyes, muttered something and then bolted away. He was knocking people over to get away from me."

Even Amber with her limited brain power could put two and two together. She realized it was the same man that almost knocked her on her ass earlier.

Amber leaned over and kissed Britney on the forehead.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," said Amber softly. She ran her hand softly over Britney's face for encouragement.

Britney stopped crying and sat up facing Amber.

"What would I do without a friend like you?" asked Britney.

"You've been there for me a million times, too, you know," said Amber. It was a lie. Britney was the needy one. Amber would do anything for Britney, though. She loved Britney more than anyone in the world.

Britney grabbed Amber around the waist and drew her in for a hug. Amber felt her blood pump harder. Her skin flushed from the contact. She couldn't let it happen again. She promised herself.

Amber pulled back but Britney took it as a different sign than escape. Britney placed her lips on Amber's and kissed her passionately. It didn't take long for Amber to relax into the kiss, to accept it, to be drawn into Britney's charm.

Amber completely melted into Britney as Britney slid her hands underneath the material to her bikini top and began fondling her breasts. No other person could make her feel as good as Britney did. Her resistance was gone. She had promised herself not to have sex with Britney again. She promised herself not to be drawn into her charms and succumb to the ecstasy she gave. It always left her wanting when it was time for them to part once again. It left her feeling empty inside, needing her best friend more than anything. The worst part of it was that Britney didn't love her the same way that she loved Britney. Amber could see giving up everything for Britney but Britney would never make that sacrifice. So once again she would take what she could get and feel the familiar emptiness once again in a week.

Amber worked off Britney's blouse, only breaking their kiss for a brief moment and grabbed at her breasts. Britney's breasts were 100% natural, unlike her own, yet they retained their firmness despite her size. She coveted Britney's breasts and when she had her own breastwork done she had hers modeled after Britney's.

After a few minutes of mutual groping and kissing the two girls separated and wordlessly undressed themselves completely. Britney, as always, was the aggressor and began the next round of furious groping and kissing. Amber preferred things slow and loving when they were together but often Britney would take charge. It was the only place Britney ever took charge, and she allowed it because she loved Britney more than anything else in the world.

Britney kissed down to Amber's chest, between her breasts, and ran her tongue to one of the breasts and began circling it with her tongue. Amber let out a deep sigh and held Britney's head gently as she licked her nipple. It got the desired effect. Amber had effectively slowed down Britney without making her feel like she had lost control. Britney slowly worked her way over to Amber's other breast. Amber moaned softly as Britney suckled the other nipple.

Britney worked her tongue from Amber's breasts down her flat stomach and to just above her pubic mound.

"God I've missed this," gasped Britney. "It's been too long."

Amber nodded.

"You okay with this Amber?"

Amber hesitated and then nodded. To her saying no to Britney was like a crack addict saying no to her next dose. She was addicted to Britney.

"Thank you for being such a wonderful friend," said Britney.

Britney didn't see it but Amber mouthed "I love you" just as Britney's tongue dove into Amber's womanhood.

Dave sat on his bed and stared at the television. Some fat guy in a double breasted suit was talking about how things worked on the ship. Dave didn't hear a word of it. He kept wrestling with whether he wanted to go out and see the ship or not. He was scared he would run into that Britney woman again. He was scared of seeing Lisa in her face.

It finally came down to what Lisa would have wanted. Lisa would have wanted him to enjoy the cruise and to have fun. He decided that he would start out by having a nice dinner. He was scheduled to eat at 8:30 in the London dining room. The night was casual so no changing of clothes was necessary.

Dave walked out of his room with a renewed sense of confidence. He walked to the elevators and found one ready to go down right away. He took the elevator down to three and found a throng of people waiting for the dining room to open for late seating. He grabbed a rum and coke at the bar just outside the dining room to pass the time as he waited.

Dave's heart skipped when he saw Britney along with a gorgeous looking blonde. They were having a rather animated discussion as they waited ahead of him for the dining room to open.

When the dining room opened, it took awhile for the wait staff to seat all the guests at their appropriate tables. Dave couldn't keep his eyes off of Britney. She was too into her conversation that she would ever notice his staring.

He saw Britney and her friend go off to the left when they entered the dining room. A few minutes later he reached the maitre de.

"Can I see your sail and sign card?" asked the maitre de.

Dave handed him the card and the maitre de walked him off to the left and towards Britney's table. His heart started racing when he stopped at their table.

"This is your table, sir," said the maitre de handing Dave his card back.

"Well, well, well," said Britney as Dave sat down nervously. "We meet again."

"Is this the guy?" asked Britney's companion.

Britney nodded.

"You almost knocked me over during the boat drill," said the blonde.

"I apologize, Miss, for what happened. I was overcome with emotion at the time. I am sorry to you as well, Britney. I was in no way mad at you for anything. Just something scared me is all."

"What was it?" said Britney, her expression softening.

"You will think this is silly," said Dave. His eyes were now boring into hers. He saw Lisa again and fought to keep his composure.

"Try me," said Britney.

"You remind me of someone," said Dave.

"Your late wife?"

Dave nodded.

Britney looked down, her eyes downcast. "Sorry."

"It's not your fault," said Dave. "I really shouldn't have gone on this cruise. Too many memories."

"Can I ask how she died?"

"Car accident. Her fault, she was drunk," said Dave soberly.

"Shit," said the blonde beneath her breath.

"We booked this cruise the day before she died. It was to be for our tenth anniversary."

"Kids?" asked Britney.

Dave shook his head. "She couldn't have children."

Britney put her hand on Dave's to comfort him. He immediately began to relax. It was the first female touch he had since the funeral.

"This is my friend Amber," said Britney pointing to the blonde.

"Hi, Amber. I'm Dave."

The waiter came along and handed each person their menu.

"Is there a fourth tonight?" asked the waiter.

Dave opened his mouth to speak but Amber beat him to the punch. "Our fourth said she wouldn't be dining in the dining room this week."

Britney shot Amber a puzzled look. Dave just looked grateful. It was one less person he had to explain things too.

"My name is Andrew and I will be your server for the week," said the waiter. Andrew didn't look much like an Andrew. He looked like he was from India or Pakistan. Further inspection of his nametag showed that he was indeed from India.

Andrew departed and the assistant waiter, a tall, handsome dark haired man named Milen from Slovenia began pouring water in the glasses.

"Thank you Miss? Um?" stammered Dave.

"Amber. Just call me Amber. I hate formality"

"Thank you Amber. I really am getting sick of having to explain the lack of a partner on this cruise and we just set sail."

"Maybe Britney could help you out with that situation," said Amber.

Britney glared at Amber. Dave looked over at Britney and thought about spending an entire cruise with her. The resemblance to Lisa was just too uncanny. He thought she was gorgeous but was unsure if he could look into her eyes and not see Lisa every time.

There was an uncomfortable silence at the table and then Amber spoke up again.

"With due respect to your wife, but don't you think she would want you to enjoy your cruise?"

"Amber!" exclaimed Britney.

"Well, if I had a husband and I died I would want my husband to be able to move on with his life."

"You are totally out of line to say that," hissed Britney.

"It's okay, Britney," said Dave. "Amber's right. Lisa would have wanted me to enjoy myself."

Britney's jaw dropped in surprise. Amber gave Dave a warm smile.

"I will probably need some companionship to make my cruise more enjoyable," said Dave. "Would you like to volunteer, Britney?"

"Are you asking me out on a date?" said Britney. Her face was now glowing.

Dave nodded. "How about we go to one of the bars after dinner?"

"I'd like that," said Britney quietly.

Dave smiled at her and Britney's face brightened again.

The rest of dinner contained small talk about where each person was from. Dave went on and on about how cold it was in Wisconsin. Amber went on and on about how expensive it was to live in New York. Britney just outright complained about living in Los Angeles. They all agreed that they were better off in the Caribbean.

After dessert, Amber excused herself saying that she was going to go find the college boy from the Lido deck. Britney and Dave sat at the table for the next few minutes just staring into one another's eyes and not saying a word.

"Shall we get that drink?" asked Dave, breaking the silence.

Britney nodded dreamily.

Dave stood up and waited patiently for Britney to stand up. Once she stood, he offered his arm to her and Britney wrapped her arm into his. The couple left the dining room and walked up the stairs to the Promenade deck. There were several bars and clubs and a casino on the deck. Dave chose a small, quiet bar towards the back of the ship where they could talk without a lot of extra noise.

Dave ordered himself a rum-and-coke and Britney ordered herself a diet soda. Dave offered to pay for both drinks but Britney insisted on paying instead with her room key.

"So, what kind of modeling do you do?" asked Dave, trying to break the ice.

"Mostly stuff for major department stores. I've done a lot of work for Sears and Kohl's. You can see me in a lot of their regular sales circulars."

"Sounds like a good career," said Dave.

"I am getting sick of being on this side of the camera, though," said Britney. "I want to get into the photography end of things or start working as an agent. Being a plus sized model, I am always put down by the other models. They look down on me because I don't throw up like they do on a regular basis or eat a few pieces of lettuce a day. I still watch what I eat and exercise every day. My metabolism will never allow me to be as thin as they are, though."

"Is Amber a fellow model?"

"Yes. We met when we were both teen models. I was a lot thinner in those days. Amber is the only one who doesn't judge me. She always accepts me for who I am and always thinks I am prettier than her."

"It's too bad she lives so far away for you to stay in contact all the time," said Dave.

"I can only take her in small doses," said Britney with a smile. "She attracts men like flies and I always feel like a third wheel."

"You don't give yourself enough credit. You really are very pretty," said Dave.

"Your late wife was pretty like me?" asked Britney.

Dave nodded. "I see it most in your eyes."

"What do you see in me, Dave? Are you only interested in me because you see some of you late wife in me?"

Dave didn't say anything. All he could do was look down at his drink and stir it nervously.

"Listen, I really like you, Dave. You are a really handsome man and so far a very nice person but I don't want to be a replacement for someone else. I think I should probably head upstairs."

Britney got up and gave Dave a kiss on the forehead. Before Dave could summon the strength to say "wait!" Britney was already walking towards the elevators.

Dave sat at the bar and let what happened sink in. Maybe he wasn't ready to date again. Maybe she was right that he was basing his attraction to her on Lisa's image. She was a nice enough person, though, and easy to get along with. He just didn't want to spend the cruise alone. In a way, that realization was a major victory for him.

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