My Brother's Wife
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I loved her but kept my distance, she was after all, my brother's wife. Things just happened.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Cheating   InLaws  

Let's talk about life. We spend all our early years being taken care of. Then, we hit our pre-teens and decide we should have more freedom than our younger siblings. We argue more with our parents about giving us a little space. We reach our teen years and now we think we know it all. Isn't it odd how we thought we knew it all but everyday something we didn't know happens?

"More freedom, Mom!" we say. "I want my own bedroom, even if it's in the basement. I need my privacy, and of course my own phone."

My parents let me make a bedroom in the basement and even put in an extension phone for me. I remember them saying, "You can have your own phone line when you get a job and pay for it yourself."

Now I wanted a car. My friends had their own car and I had to drive my parents' old clunker. I had a brother two years older than me and he got to drive the newer car or at times share my clunker. It was almost embarrassing. My parents always said the same thing. "When you grow up and get a job, you can buy your own car. Until then, either drive the old Ford or nothing at all."

I couldn't wait to get out on my own. Freedom, no curfews, I could have all my friends over. Party time, all night long, yes, that would be the life. Only a couple of years away, and I would be on my own, living the good life. No more being told what to do.

Eventually that time came. My big brother was off at college on a football scholarship. I played football too, but wasn't good enough for a scholarship. I didn't want to go to college anyway. I liked working with my hands and besides, I wanted out on my own. For that, I needed employment. In high school I took auto mechanics so I could become a grease monkey. I was the top in my class at fixing cars.

I even got a job in one of the local garages while I was still in school. No matter what it is, I found out that if you're good at it and enjoy doing it, you can make a good living at it. By the time I was twenty one, I opened my own garage and had an apartment above it. I was on my way to my own life, where I had the freedom to do what I chose. I am getting a little ahead of myself here. I need to tell you a little about my sex life and how it began.

I still lived at home. I couldn't afford to be on my own yet. I do have to say the old clunker had a nice back seat. There was a lot of sex that took place on that back seat. The front seat had its share of asses on it too. Good times, good memories, I had them both. At the same time, I was able to save up some bucks and get out on my own. My parents were proud of me and my accomplishments. I was able to do it all in just a few years.

As I worked at the garage, I came across a number of both women and girls. They came to get their cars repaired and we were a full service shop. We gave a lot of the girls the full service. Damn, there were some fine looking women who came in to get their cars repaired. There were four of us guys that worked at the garage. I was the new kid on the block, also the youngest, so a lot of gals wanted to meet the new kid, me.

I was pretty clumsy in the beginning. I thought you just put it in, come, then pull it out. One of the older women told me to go read some of the erotic stories on line and learn what a woman really wants. Then she told me to apply the knowledge that I had learned. She did tell me that I had to look for the right kind of stories. The 'How to' type, because there was a lot of crap out there too. If I tried any of that stuff with the women, I would never get a repeat performance with the ladies.

I learned a lot about pleasuring a woman. I became a somewhat wanted entity. I never hurt for dates. By the time I finally got my apartment above my garage, I had company a few times a week. I could have had more but after a while, I needed my rest. I was not a wham, bam, thank you, ma'am sort of guy. I didn't just fuck them. I made love to them, all of them. In my mind I loved every woman at the time I was having sex with them. I made myself think that way; I always put the woman's needs first. By pleasing them, I pleased myself. The way most women talked, there weren't many guys like me around.

I did fall in love with one girl. I have to tell you the story about how we met and all the problems that arose from it.

When I was twenty years old, I went to see my brother at college. I went up to his room and his door was open. We were just talking when he had to go to the can. I had my back to the door and a pair of arms reached around me and I felt a pair of tits pushing into my back. Then a hand slipped down and grabbed my crotch.

I have to tell you that my brother Dan and I are close to the same height and similar builds. We both have a kind of dark blond hair. From behind we can easily be mistaken.

"Hi, Honey, can I have this?" The female voice spoke, as she grabbed my crotch.

When I turned around I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes on. She was a petite blonde with what appeared to be a perfect shape. "Honey, you can have me any time you want. All you have to do is tell me when," I replied.

"Oh, my God, you're not Dan. I'm so sorry. God, what must you think of me. I'm so sorry."

Right then Dan came out of the bathroom. "What's the matter, Honey? Did you meet my little brother David?"

"I thought it was you, Dan. From behind you two look so much alike." "I'm sorry, David, I feel so stupid."

"Calm down..." I started to say, but I didn't even know her name.

"It's Lisa. My name is Lisa."

"Well, Lisa, you are the prettiest girl I've ever met. You're welcome to hug me any time. In fact, why don't you just marry me and let me take you away from this boring college life?" I said.

"Hold on there, David. That's my girlfriend. Quit trying to make a pass at her," he laughed.

"Lisa, if you ever get tired of my big brother, then just look me up," I replied.

I didn't realize it at the time, but after that day, I found myself constantly comparing all my lady friends to Lisa. I enjoyed all my dates, but none could ever match up to my brother's girlfriend, soon to be wife.

They - Dan and Lisa - were married about a year later. Dan got a degree in Business Management, and got a job in one of the bigger factories in our area. He started out as a shift supervisor and after a couple of years worked up in the offices. They now had one child. A beautiful little girl they called Dee Dee. She was now going on three.

At all family functions I found myself always staring at Lisa. I always had a different date for whatever special occasion it was. I was dating a woman by the name of Nina the most. We had a lot of the same interests and the sex with her was great. We often went out with Dan and Lisa, also Linda and Mark. Linda was Lisa's best friend. They said they were best friends from grade school and didn't keep secrets from each other. Of course by them being best friends, that made Mark and Dan good friends also.

Linda and Mark had two kids, two little girls, ages four and three - well actually they were a year and a half apart. Linda was a lot different in appearance than Lisa, but was beautiful in her own right. She was a brunette with hair down to her shoulders. Hazel eyes and beautiful dimples. She was heavier than Lisa, but not really chunky. She had some nice big boobs and a bigger fanny. I often thought about what she would be like in bed also. It was just my second nature. I was a single young man with raging hormones and loved sex.

I would often joke with both Lisa and Linda about getting in their pants. Actually we joked about everything. I had to joke to cover how I really felt about my brother's wife. Every time I hugged her I thought about what a lucky guy my brother was. I never kissed her on the lips. I didn't want to take that chance of the feelings I would give away.

For both couples I was the handyman. Whenever something needed fixed or put together, they always came to me. I always tried to be the nice guy, the good Samaritan. My best sexual adventures always came after leaving these ladies' houses. I guess I had to take my sexual urges out on someone. Either Nina or one of my other girlfriends would get some really good sex.

Dan, as I mentioned, worked in the office, and Mark was a truck driver. So, when something needed fixing, they called David; that's me.

I was having a good life, but it also hurt, not having the woman I cared for. If it was anyone else instead of my brother, I would fight for Lisa. I really cared for her that much. Maybe not being able to have her was part of the wanting. We all want what we can't have. Well, at least most of us. I'm far from a saint and would have gone after Linda for a one time love making session, but the price was too high to pay. I would lose my friendship with both Lisa and Mark. My brother would probably be pissed at me too. Mark really wasn't one of my favorite people. He was loud and sometimes overly obnoxious. I could take him for just so long and then I had to leave. So, you can see that my problem wasn't having enough sex. It was making love to the woman I really cared for.

I like to go to Dan and Lisa's pool parties — yes, they had a pool and I often saw both Lisa and Linda in their two piece bathing suits. It was awfully hard not staring at them. I usually had to bring a woman with me so I could knock off a hunk when necessary. Oh, I'm sorry, for those that don't understand my language, 'knocking off a hunk' means getting laid, or having sex. Anyway, at one of the pool parties, I was getting something from the kitchen and overheard Lisa talking to my date, Nina, just outside the kitchen window.

"Are you and David serious about each other?" asked Lisa.

"We are really good friends, but I don't think there is a future for us," replied Nina.

"Why not? He seems to prefer you over most of his dates. I know he cares for you. He's even told me so."

"The operative words here are, 'Care for' because he loves another. I know he likes me a lot and we are good together. It's why I always go with him when he invites me."

"I missed something here. Who does he love? My God, girl, you aren't exactly fodder bait. You are a beautiful woman with a personality to match. Any man would be happy to be with you," said Lisa.

"Lisa, thank you. Don't you ever tell David what I'm about to tell you. He has always been in love with you. He tries to hide it but I can see right through it when he's around you. Lucky for Dan that he's David's brother, or there might have been a fight over you. As for me, I really care about David. Knowing he doesn't love me is fine. I'm with him for the sex too. He's the kindest and most sexual man I know. When we have sex, I know during all the sex acts that he loves me, but after we are done, we are both back into the real world."

"Nina, you do mean he loves me like a sister, right?

"Quit being so naive, Lisa. He loves you like a woman and compares his feelings for you with all other women. That is probably why he'll never marry, unless you have a twin sister."

"God, Nina, I knew he liked me but I never knew how much. I do love him too, but he's my husband's brother. Thank you for telling me. I promise I will never mention it to him. Maybe I better not flirt with him as much either. We get carried away once in a while. I hope you find Mr. Right too, Nina. You really are an exceptional catch. David must be blind not to see it in you."

"He sees it in me, and I see it in him. We're just really good friends. I do date others also, but I'm not going to get into that right now," replied Nina.

I came walking out the door and saw Lisa and Nina standing there. I smiled. I wanted to lighten things after what I heard.

"How are two of my favorite women doing. Damn, what bodies you two have. Nina, want to do it in the pool?"

They both hit me and reminded me that there were kids present; we all laughed. I went over and jumped in. I had talked to Nina many times and we were good with our present relationship. What she didn't tell Lisa was she had a boyfriend. It was getting serious but we just had this thing between us. It was going to go on till one of us got married. We both agreed that it would stop then.

Nina and I went to her apartment after the party and made love. She was right when she said love. I always made love to my women. Nina, was just as loving in returning her affections during our love making. If I didn't feel the way I did about a certain woman I couldn't have, I would have probably hooked up with Nina. She will always remain my long time friend.

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