Conjugal Visits
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife is on the sidelines due to her pregnancy. What is a guy supposed to do now? A lot if he has a very cool wife.

My wife was in her sixth month of pregnancy when she brought up the subject of sex at her doctor visit. "Do you think it is still safe to have sex doctor," she asked the pretty blonde doctor.

I felt a little embarrassed that my wife would bring it up, but she had complained of some pain when we were fucking a couple of days before and I also wanted to hear the answer, or maybe I didn't. My wife had said no sex until she had a chance to talk with the doctor. I understood that there was going to be a time when she would not be able to meet my sexual needs, but I just wasn't quite ready. My wife is a real dynamo in bed, her long red hair; big breasts, long thick dark pink nipples and tight wet pussy are enough to drive me wild. The though of going cold turkey on sex was a bit daunting to me to say the least. I had always been sexually charged, wanting sex as often as I could. The thought of going back to jerking off did not really appeal to me much, but what other choice did I have.

The pretty blond doctor, Dr. Nolan her nametag said, looked at my wife and said, "Yes there is really nothing to worry about. As long as it feels good, you can be sexually active right up until your due date."

I was busy staring at Dr. Nolan, her shapely legs, round firm ass covered up in a tight skirt, and her obviously swelling bosom had caught me attention, especially since my wife had cut me off in the bed room for over a week. She was wearing a short white lab coat and a blouse that dropped down showing a nice bit of her cleavage, especially when she bent over a bit as she was working with my wife. It did not take me long to start some fantasy thoughts about Dr. Nolan. If only I had known what was going to really happen.

"Well that's the problem," my wife continued. "My husband is, well let's just say he is large, and it kind of hurt that last time that we had intercourse."

I could feel my face burning as Dr. Nolan looked up and met my eyes as she said, "Large? Really, how large would you say he is?"

"I am not really sure," my wife said, "I can't cover him with both hands when he is in, well you know, a state, you know, when he is hard."

"Really," the doctor asked. "I don't think that I have ever seen that before. Are you sure you are not maybe exaggerating a little bit. Given normal anatomy there should not be a problem."

My wife answered her right back, "Well in this case than he is not normal. He is huge, and I am a little concerned."

The doctor looked at her knowingly, "Well I can understand that, perhaps I should take a look."

The both looked over to me at that point as if I was just going to whip my pants down and show the good doctor. I was a little put off by the whole conversation, as they were talking about me like I was not even in the room.

It turns out that was exactly what my wife had in mind as she said, "Honey go ahead and show her, you don't mind do you?"

"What?" I said in a dull, stupid manner. "You want me to what," I repeated to her.

"Oh my god," my wife said to me. "She is a doctor. Show her what you have so she will understand the problem. It's not like she had not seen one before."

Dr. Nolan piped in and said, "Yes, Mr. Lyon why don't you go ahead and show me. I am curious about how large you must be to cause this kind of discomfort to your wife."

Dr. Nolan was looking at me with a look that had a little more to it than professional interest, but my wife was looking annoyed so I figured what the hell. I undid my belt and dropped my pants and underwear and let me cock roam free. Now I have to admit I was not at my largest size given the nature of the whole bizarre situation. My cock had turtled up a bit under the gaze of the two women.

It was my wife who had spoke first, "He is normally a lot bigger than that, especially when he gets a boner on."

I reached down to pull my trousers back up when Dr. Nolan broke in, "Wait, Jenna why don't you show me what he looks like erect, so I can get a sense of what you are talking about."

My wife said, "Sure, it won't take long he is a horny sucker."

I was about to protest but then I realized that maybe I should just shut the fuck up and let things go. Nobody was really interested in my opinion, and I had two hot women staring at my cock. My wife came over and pushed me down in a chair that was up against the wall. Her hand moved down to grip my cock, and she started to slowly give me a hand job. Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear in a wet, breathy voice, "Come on baby show the doctor your nice hard cock. Make it big and long for me. I can suck you off then." I could see right down the front of the examination gown she was wearing. Her big tits were swaying, and her dark pink nipples were rock hard. I wanted to suck on her swollen nipples so bad it almost hurt.

Well the view and that kind of talk in my ear did the job in two seconds flat. I quickly had a rock hard boner and all ten inches of my massive cock were standing proud and steel hard for both women to see as my wife backed away from me. My cock is very thick with a fat mushroom shaped head that looks the size of a woman's fist. All of the women I have been with have enjoyed my cock, but it takes a while for them to get used to it. The doctor's eyes showed her surprise at my size, and my wife stood back proudly showing my cock as if it was her handiwork, or science project or something.

Dr. Nolan spoke next, "Well Jenna I can see what you are talking about. He is very well endowed. Would you mind if I took some measurements for the chart?"

I wondered why no one was talking to me, but before I could say anything my wife surprised me by saying, "Sure go right ahead. I want you to have complete information."

Dr. Nolan put on some latex gloves and squirted a little lube into the palm of her hand. She looked at me and said, "This might be a little cold at first, but I want to make sure we have you at full tumescence. Then she leaned over and reached out and took a hold of my half hard cock and started to give me a nice tug job. When she touched me my cock exploded in pleasure that rippled through my whole body. It was all I could do not to moan loudly in pleasure. I could see right down her lab coat and blouse as she leaned over and her nice sized tits encased in a sexy black bra were right there. I wondered what her nipples and areole looked like. I wanted to reach out and touch them, but she was not telling me that I could.

Dr. Nolan could not fully close her hand around my massive member, but she did her best to give me an efficient hand job, sometimes using both of her hands to cover my thick cock shaft. My cock was soon ready to blow, and I was not sure if she was ready for a big wad of cum in her hand. I could feel the incipient tingle of orgasm building in my cock head, and my ball sack was tight and ready to go. Then she stopped and said, "Well that should do it, let me find my tape measure."

I looked over at my wife with an intense look of frustration on my face, but she was no help. Her look back at me made it clear that I was to cooperate with the doctor. Dr. Nolan was across the room bending over a drawer as she searched for her tape measure, so I had a nice look at her round, firm ass and perfect shapely legs. Her black pumps only added to her sexy look. I was so ready to get my rocks off that I was ready to grab onto my cock and jerk my load right then and there. I held off though and soon Dr. Nolan found what she was looking for and turned back around.

"Here we go she said. Then she had me stand up and she grabbed my jerking hard cock and laid the tape measure along its rigid length. "Well he is nine and one quarter inches long, and a solid five inches around at the base." She reached down and felt my ball sack, sending even more waves of pleasure rolling through my body. I could not help it I let out a low moan of pleasure and frustration that both women ignored.

Dr. Nolan spoke next, "Jenna you know I can tell by his testicles being drawn up against his body, and the emission of some pre-ejaculate that his is very close to an ejaculatory event. Would you mind if I allowed him to reach orgasm so I could observe his ejaculatory response?" She was gripping my jerking cock as she said this and I was going crazy with frustration. 'Fuck yes get me off. Finish the job now!' I thought to myself as the sexy doctor talked with my wife.

My wife answered quickly, "By all means Doctor go right ahead and collect your sample."

Thank you Jenna, I think this should be interesting. He is very large, you were quite correct that his extraordinary size precludes you having intercourse with him during your pregnancy. The massive size of his shaft and the large glans, that is the cock head, must really provide excellent stimulation during intercourse. Do you come easily when he thrusts into you?" Dr. Nolan guided me back into the chair as she was talking to my wife and went down to her knees in front of my cock. Her eyes were level with my fat cock head and she gripped my thick shaft with both hands and started to pump my hard cock.

"Yeah, I cum really easy when he does me, his cock seems to always hit just the right spot inside me to make me cum."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah I moaned not able to contain myself anymore. Fuck you're making me cum. I'm going to blow my load."

She reached down and grabbed a little cup and put it at the tip of my cock to collect my jizz load. My wife tried to warn her, "He really shoots a lot; you might want a bigger cup."

"Ahhh, fuck I'm cumming," I groaned loudly as I reached orgasm and I could feel the first long shots of jizz rocketing from my cock. I splattered her face, neck and front of her lab coat with my cum load. Waves of pleasure rocked through my body as I watched she sat back startled, falling on her ass, her hand releasing my spurting cock. I gripped my jerking shaft and stood up pumping the rest of my load on her lab coat as I stood over her jerking off.

"I tried to warn you Dr. Nolan," my wife said. "His is a messy boy."

I stepped back from Dr. Nolan and sat down in the chair again, my big boner going back to half mast as I recovered from my massive orgasm.

Dr. Nolan regained her balance and moved in front of me again and then reached down and gripped my cock again. She pumped my fat cock head a few more times and squeezed the last few gobs of cum out into her sample cup. "There we go; I got the sample I needed after all."

Then she stepped back and looked down at her cum covered lab jacket. She unbuttoned it and took it off, then she noticed that her silk blouse was wet with my cum also. She unbuttoned it and slipped it off reveling her sexy bra and swelling cleavage to my view. She used the blouse to wipe my jizz off of her face and neck. It was sexy as hell I can tell you that. My cock was bouncing back at full mast by the time she got done with her little show.

She looked at my wife again and asked...

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