The Spider Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Spider Club started in the late 1960's as a combination drug den and strip club. It was known for years as the place to see and be seen. The club has also undergone several ownership changes, some voluntary some not. The current owner of the club is Jeremy Clinton. Jeremy is in his early thirties and comes from an old New York City crime family that has mostly gone legitimate. Mostly being the key word to understand when talking about The Spider Club.

The Spider Club started in the late 1960's as a combination drug den and strip club. It was known for years as the place to see and be seen. The club has also undergone several ownership changes, some voluntary some not. The current owner of the club is Jeremy Clinton. Jeremy is in his early thirties and comes from an old New York City crime family that has mostly gone legitimate. Mostly being the key word to understand when talking about The Spider Club.

He bought the club from the previous owner, a man known as Fat Bob got into a little trouble with some drug dealers out of Central America. Jeremy helped him get out of trouble and stay alive. The price for Jeremy's help was the Spider Club. Fat Bob got some cash out of the deal and moved to Florida where he was a land developer.

Jeremy is tall, six foot three, and muscular, he goes a couple of hundred pounds. He has dark hair, and handsome face, and likes having his way with any woman that he chooses. He is also honest, at least as honest as anyone who owns the Spider Club can be. The club nominally a gentlemen's club with a strip joint out front, a restaurant that serves pretty good food, and a private room area where anything goes.

The club is a three story building located in a run down area of town. The building is unremarkable from the outside. It was once a hotel, and in its day was one of the most fancy around. The first floor is now the strip club and the restaurant. The second floor's hotel rooms have been left in place and are mostly used by the girls who get a guy who wants a little more. Jeremy is not really into prostitution. He just gets a cut out of each room rental. What happens in the rooms is between the girl and the man she is with. Not that Jeremy allows any funny business. If any guy gets out of line the girl just has to hit the panic button in the room and Big Edward will come and take care of things.

Big Edward is the head of security for Jeremy. He looks like a NFL defensive end, and is an expert with every kind of weapon known to man. He also can kill you seven different ways with his bare hands, so the best rule is just to not draw Edward's attention to yourself. Edward is at least six foot six, and goes at good two hundred and eighty solid pounds. His skin is as dark as night, and the white teeth that he flashes when he smiles look like a lion getting ready to eat. Oh, and it is Edward, never Ed, not unless you want to find yourself chucked out the door by several large men.

The strip club is run by Sindy Forestman. Sindy changed her name from Cindy to Sindy a few years back when she was one of the hottest porn stars of all time. Sin is what she sold, and she thought it made sense. Now she is used to it and has no desire to be known by anything else. She is about 45, dark hair and blue eyes. Her body is perfect, with huge natural tits, flat belly, and small ass. She is as perfect in body as any woman can be and even at 45 could have any man she wants any time she wants. She is retired, officially, but unofficially the word is that for ten grand an hour she can make herself available. The word around is also that she is Jeremy's special friend. That has never been verified, and the two fight like husband and wife publicly so no one knows for sure.

Jonathon Alberts runs the restaurant for Jeremy. Jonathon is blond, handsome, and is supposedly possessed of something women find irresistible. Apparently his cock is long and thick and he knows how to use it. Jeremy could really care less as long as the restaurant makes money and Jonathon keeps his staff happy. How Jonathon does that is up to him.

Jeremy sat tonight in his perch near the strip stage, a Wednesday night, and surveyed his kingdom. He liked his station up and towards the back as he could keep a close eye on what was going on in his club. Traffic was not too bad for a Wednesday and the club was about half full. There was a great looking blond up on stage with a huge set of fake knockers that she really new how to display. The girl's big pink nipples were hard and erect and she pulled and tugged them to extract a few extra dollars from the guys sitting at the rail. She had come out wearing a tuxedo type costume which was mostly stripped off now as she had removed pieces as the men threw money onto the stage.

As Jeremy watch she ran her fingers up and down her blonde covered snatch giving the crowd just a glimpse of her pink twat. This drew a nice response from the crowd who showered some more dollar bills on her. The girl really knew how to work a crowd, and Jeremy knew she could make some good money for herself. If at the same time he sold some booze, and got a cut of what she made off of her body so be it.

Jeremy looked around the club again...

One of Big Edward's boys came towards Jeremy. The man was almost as big as Big Edward, and looked just a dangerous. Jeremy tried to remember his name, ah yes Doug.

Doug spoke as he got close enough, "Got a guest that wants to speak with you Mr. Clinton, says he is a friend of Joshua's."

Jeremy answered, "Thanks Doug, where is he."

"See the blonde guy on the rail with the hot Chinese girl, that's him," Doug says.

Jeremy answers "Got it Doug, thanks."

Jeremy heads over to the guy and sticks his hand out, "Hi I'm Jeremy Clinton, the owner of this club. You know Mr. Joshua?"

The man shook his hand and said, "Name is Ryan McDoul, this here is Crystal," he said indicating the beautiful Chinese girl on his arm. "I worked for Joshua in Jersey. Ran a couple of business plans for him, you know."

Jeremy did know, he knew that Joshua was the head of organized crime in the state of New Jersey, and that the business plans Ryan talked about were scams designed to separate desperate people from their money. People never seemed to understand that if a deal sounded to good to be true, it probably was. "What can I do for you," Jeremy asked him?

Ryan answered him, "Well I like to watch girls, you know, go at it. Crystal here is willing but I was hoping you could provide another girl, maybe a nice looking blonde, with big tits."

"What is the name of Joshua's dog," Jeremy asked him?

"The big wolfhound? Why do you ask," Ryan answered.

"Just answer me," Jeremy replied.

"His name was Marmaduke," Ryan answered.

"That's right," Jeremy said knowing that only Joshua's inner circle got to meet his dog, "You and Crystal can go to room 308 at 9:00pm. You will find what you are looking for there. Oh by the way the room rental is $400. You can pay at the registration desk when you go up."

"$400 bucks, that seems kind of steep," Ryan complained.

"That's $100 bucks less then usual because you are a friend of Joshua's. Take or leave Mr. McDoul," Jeremy said as he walked away.

He watched Ryan McDoul carefully until it was almost nine o'clock. Ryan and Crystal acted like normal guests at the club; they drank and watched the girls up on stage. Ryan bought a couple of lap dances for himself, and one for Crystal. About 5 minutes to nine they headed over to the registration desk. Money was paid and they were given a room key for 308.

Jeremy headed over to security at that point. He walked up to the door leading into the security network room. He punched in his personal code and the door opened to admit him. There were several large men there in addition to the two camera operators. What most people didn't know was that the Spider Club had cameras every where. There was not a square inch of the building that Big Edward could not see if he did not want to. They did not watch everywhere at once, but they could.

"Hey Edward, Jeremy said as he walked in the room. "How's it going tonight?"

"Pretty quiet, only unauthorized thing going on is a couple of guys butt fucking in men's room number 3, but they aren't hurting anyone," Big Edward answered back.

"Let me see what is going on in room 318, there is a guy from Joshua's group in their. Says he wants to watch a couple of girls go at it, but I want to make sure.

"Sure thing boss, Steve switch #1 over to 318," Edward said.

The camera flicked to the room. Ryan and Crystal were already there, and a girl named Lisa as well. Lisa was blonde with big natural tits. Jeremy had fucked her a couple of times, she was good in bed, but light in the head, stereotypical blonde. She was also bi-sexual so she could handle Ryan's request. Lisa had her top off; her big pink nipples were nice and stiff. Crystal stripped down and joined her on the bed and began to suck Lisa's nipples, tugging them with her lips, teasing the pink tips into hard, swollen nubs. Crystal's nipples were hard and erect also on her firm breasts. Her nipples were big for the size of her breasts and she rubbed them as she sucked on Lisa's nipples.

Ryan had stripped down and was jacking off while he watched the two women go at it. Crystal had finished undressing Lisa and was moving her head down between Lisa's legs to give her head. Lisa's shaved snatch was wet with anticipation, and the camera guy moved a close-up so everyone in the security room could see Crystal work over Lisa's cunt with her tongue. Within a short time Lisa was climaxing under Crystal's expert tongue, her hips bucking in orgasm while she pulled her thick, swollen nipples.

Edward's radio beeped at that point and he let himself out of the room. Everyone was so fixated on the hot sex scene they were watching no one seemed to notice him leave. Crystal had switched places with Lisa and Lisa was going down on her. Lisa showed no reluctance to use her mouth on the hot Chinese girl's cunt, quickly finding her clit and working her tongue back and forth over it. Crystal was rubbing her big nipples and grinding her cunt against Lisa's face. Then Ryan moved up behind Lisa and began to fuck her from behind as she licked Crystal's cunt. Ryan was really pounding his cock into Lisa, and she was having trouble keeping her tongue on Crystal's clit. The room was filled with the moans and groans of sex, and as he watched Ryan pulled out and ejaculated his load on Lisa's ass, the long white streams of cum coating her hard butt.

Jeremy was engrossed in watching the hot fucking going on before him and he was as surprised as anyone else when the door swung open, and Ryan yelled, Noooooo! A gun went off and everyone in the security room jumped. Suddenly the room was filled with two men rolling and fighting. One was a stranger that Jeremy had never seen; the other was of course Big Edward. Edward was always at the right place at the right time and he quickly subdued the man rendering him unconscious. Two more of Edward's guys were there in a hurry, and they carried the now unconscious man to the security office. Luckily Edward had spoiled the would be assassin's aim so nothing other than the wall was hurt.

Jeremy called Edward on his radio, "Get them dressed and take them to my office. Tell Lisa she gets the full tab for this and apologize for the fright she got."

"Will do boss," Edward replied.

Jeremy headed out the door of the security office, should he go and talk with Ryan and Crystal first, or find out who the hired gun was working for?

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