The Innocent Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lisa had been a virgin when she was married and she had never really thought much about whether her sex life was better or worse than anyone else. That is about to change.

Lisa had been a virgin when she was married and she had never really thought much about whether her sex life was better or worse than anyone else. At 28 years old she was a tall, thin, auburn haired beauty with bright brown eyes, shapely legs, a flat stomach and nice firm apple sized breasts capped with big pink nipples. She and her husband Ben were a normal suburban couple who had sex three or four times a month, mostly because that is all that Ben wanted. Ben was a lawyer with a fast track career who worked 70 hour weeks and made a lot of money. Enough money that Lisa did not have to work so she was home during the day in a big house. But he was tired most nights when he came home at 9:00pm or after.

The houses in their neighborhood were very close together, only ten feet separated the houses at the side. Lisa was in her bedroom which had a window on the side and as she was making the bed on day she happened to look out the window into a window on the neighbor's house. She froze as she took in a scene she could not imagine. The neighbors, Bob and Sarah Meyers were in their late forties and they had three children the youngest of which she was now peeping at. William was a freshman in college; he played football there and was a very handsome young man, right now he was naked and sporting the largest erection that Lisa had ever seen, not that she had seen too many in her innocent life. He was jacking off slowly as he watched what Lisa could only guess was a porn movie.

What really caught her eye was the size of William's cock; it was huge, almost twice as long as her husbands, and at least twice as thick around. The fat head swelled impressively, and it had a thickly veined shaft. He had his back to her as he watched the large screen TV with the movie of a pretty, big titted blond masturbating with fat object of some kind that must be a vibrator. The woman was pulling her nipples with one hand while she pressed the plastic vibrator against her clit and she was moaning and swearing incoherently as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. William was thrusting his hips forward and back, fucking both his hands with his massive cock. Lisa could not even imagine how she could fit such a monster inside her tight pussy as her husband's much smaller member seemed to fill her up just fine.

The woman on the TV screen was yelling that she was cumming, and she pressed the vibrator against her clit as she screamed in pleasure. William was right with her and as Lisa watched he grabbed the fat head of his cock and started to squeeze it just as it erupted in a huge geyser of cum. Lisa's husband always ejaculated inside of her so she had never actually seen a man ejaculate before and she was amazed as William's cock shot out stream after stream of white jizz. It coated the glass coffee table in front of him, and dripped down his clenched fist.

Lisa realized that her own clit felt all tingly and that her big nipples were fully erect and sticking out through her thin bra and t-shirt. She did not need much of a bra as her breasts were small and very firm, so her nipples popped out easily through the thin fabric of her bra. She brushed her nipple with her hand and she could feel the pleasure ripple through her body, centered on her clit. She realized that she felt wet between her legs, and that her heart was beating very fast.

She looked back over to where William was and saw that he had sat down on the couch, and continued to watch the TV. The big titted blond had been joined by a dark haired man with a massive erection. The blonde was sucking on his huge cock, her mouth barely fitting over the fat head of the porn star's cock. Lisa had never sucked a cock before and she realized that it turned her on to think about doing it. Her husband had never asked her to, and she was too shy to try it on her own. As she looked back to William he was slowly pumping his own cock as he watch the TV and Lisa noticed that his cock had lost some of its size and hardness, but as he slowly pumped it with his hand it quickly swelled back to full erection.

Almost without thinking Lisa slid her hand down the front of her sweatpants and inside her white panties. Her probing finger found her had clit and she almost moaned with pleasure as she started to masturbate. Lisa only masturbated once or twice a month, usually in the shower with the hot water spraying her erect nipples, and that was the only way she had ever reached orgasm. She hand never had a climax from her husband fucking her, and she could only get off when she stroked her clit with her hand. Her husband did not like it when she rubbed her clit while he fucked her, he felt like his cock should be able to do the job, so Lisa faked her orgasms with him to make him happy.

Lisa could tell that she was going to reach orgasm quickly. Her clit was a hard little nub and her pussy was soaked, her fingers were coated with her wetness and her fingers slid easily over her clit. She moved her other hand up and under her bra so she could pull her erect nipple. Her nipples had always been sensitive and it only made her excitement grow as she pulled and twisted the thick tip of her right nipple.

Lisa's eyes were drawn back to William and she saw that he was rapidly fisting his massive cock again, using both hands to rub the fat head, and stroke up and down the shaft. Then she looked to the screen and saw that the man had moved behind the woman and was fucking her from behind. This was again a new concept to Lisa as she had never even thought about this position. The woman was on all fours with her face down in the bed while the big cock of the porn start slammed into her from behind, his pelvis hitting her tight ass as his cock filled her pussy. The porno woman was screaming in pleasure, real or fake it did not matter to Lisa as she was mesmerized by the hard fucking the woman was getting. Lisa shimmied out of her sweatpants letting them drop to the floor and leaned up against the edge of the window, spreading her legs so she could shove her fingers into her tight, wet fuck hole. She moved back and forth between her clit and using her fingers to fuck herself as she watched the porn actors change positions to one where the woman was sitting upright on his lap, his big cock impaling her as she bounced up and down on his thick shaft. Again Lisa was amazed by their energetic fucking and she kept stroking herself bringing a massive orgasm ever closer.

She shifted her view back to William and watched as he cupped is heavy ball sack with one hand while he jacked off with the other hand. His hand was flying up and down his thick cock as he rubbed and squeezed his heavy balls. Lisa brought herself to orgasm right then as she watched him masturbate. Her fingers stroked her clit past the point of no return and she had to focus not to scream out in pleasure as the most intense orgasm of her life shook through her thin body. She could feel the wetness running from her cunt and down her legs as she rubbed her clit prolonging the waves of pleasure that rocketed from her clit to her brain. Just as her body came back to earth with a final shudder of intense pleasure she watched as William pumped his second load of cum all over the table, the long streams of cum barely diminished by his recent ejaculation. The porn star on the screen was getting off too, jacking his load on the porn girl's face, coating her lips, nose, and spraying his goo load all over her big tits also.

Lisa moved away from the window as she finished watching William pumping his cock. She was so confused and at the same time filled with lust, and sexual need that she did not know what to do. Her whole world had been turned upside down by what she had just witnessed and she moved downstairs on shaky legs, her body still trembling with desire. She could not believe what she had seen, such massive cocks, all of the different positions they fucked in, the woman sucking on the man's cock, the neighbor jacking off, she just did not know what to make of it. She moved into the bathroom and pulled her t-shirt over her head so she stood naked before the mirror. She could see that her cunt lips were still puffy, and her clit was sticking out still swollen and erect. Her nipples were stiff and erect also, hard pink nubs on her small, firm breast. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower, the warm water relaxing her tense body and racing mind.

She moved her hand between her legs to wash out the sticky cunt lubrication and as her hand brushed her clit she gasped as shockwaves of excitement roared once again through her body. She was still turned on by what she had just watched and she began to masturbate again, rubbing her swollen nub as the warm water cascaded down her body. It did not take her long to bring herself back to the verge of orgasm once again, and she inserted a finger into her pussy as she briskly rubbed her clit and she let herself go as she masturbated herself to orgasm once again. Letting out a guttural moan of pleasure she leaned against the wall of the shower to keep from falling down as the waves of pleasure shuddered through her body as she had another intense orgasm.

She stood in the shower enjoying the drawn out sensation of her intense orgasm for several minutes and then washed up and got out. She could not believe how sensitive her whole cunt was, particularly her clit from the rubbing she had given herself, but her desires were satiated for the moment. She dressed in some navy blue shorts and a tight red t-shirt that showed off her small breasts. As she put on her makeup and fixed her hair she realized that she was getting ready to go some where, but she was not really sure where.

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