The Jonard Genetic Material Collection Center
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was hard up for some cash and an ad on a bulletin board at school caught my attention, men needed to donate genetic material for research purposes. Well I thought to myself that I could certainly spare a little genetic material, a cheek swab, or snip of skin or something, so I called the number...

I was hard up for some cash and an ad on a bulletin board at school caught my attention, men needed to donate genetic material for research purposes. Please call 754-4847 for more information. Well I thought to myself that I could certainly spare a little genetic material, a cheek swab, or snip of skin or something, so I called the number.

The woman on the phone answered, "Jonard genetic material collection center."

"Uhh, hi this is Steve Wilson, I was calling about a sign I saw on the bulletin board."

"Ah yes, are you willing to participate in our study."

"Uh, yeah I guess so, how much does it pay?"

"It pays $75 per hour; you will be busy for about five or six hours."

Awesome I thought to myself, and then I asked, "When you say busy, what exactly am I going to be doing."

"Exactly what the sign said, donating your genetic material. We can take you Friday the 18th at 6:00PM. Will that work for you?"

I thought quickly and answered, "Yeah that should be fine."

"Great I will e-mail you the address. Don't be late, oh and you must refrain from masturbation and sexual intercourse for the six days before your donation date. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I got it," I said wondering what I had just committed to. "Do I get paid that night?" I asked her.

"You will be paid at the end of the evening, but remember you must refrain from sexual activity if you want to participate."

I gave her my e-mail address and I hung up. I figured they must want a sperm sample too, which was no big deal. I could hold out for a week especially when I was looking to make $375 for one night's work. I wondered what else I would be doing, but in general I forgot about the whole thing. I managed not to blow my nuts for the six day period. My girl friend thought it was a little strange, but we made due and at last the appointed day arrived. I went to the address I had been given to find a non-descript brick office building that looked exactly like the medical office that is was advertised to be. Entering the door I went up to the front desk.

There was a blonde sitting there that was stunning to say the least. She was at least six feet tall, perfect body, goddess face, and cold blue eyes. She looked me up and down as I did the same to her, "Can I help you she finally said to me in a cold, icy voice.

I was already feeling nervous and apprehensive and she was not helping that any, "Yes, I am Steve Wilson; I had an appointment to..."

She brightened just a hair, "Ah yes Mr. Wilson I spoke with you on the phone. Please take a seat and someone will be right with you."

I went over to the waiting room and sat down. I could hardly take my eyes off of the woman at the front desk as she was so perfectly beautiful. Her body was killer, the three inch heels she was wearing showed off her long, well shaped legs perfectly, and her ass fit the tight skirt in a way that made my mind fill with lust. Her big tits jutted out as if defying gravity and I could just make out the shape of her nipples poking out through the thin fabric of her blouse. Six days on the sidelines had made more of horn dog then normal and my cock swelled to full erection as I watched the sexy woman.

Just I was totally lost in my sexual daydreams about the receptionist I startled as I heard a door open and another woman came out. She was dark haired, but other then that she and the receptionist could have been twins. She was so hot it hurt to look at her. She was wearing a white lab coat. Above her right breast was an embroidered name, Dr. Jones. She gave me a brief smile and said, "I am Dr. Jones Mr. Wilson, I will be working with you today. Are you ready to go?"

I tried to warm her up a bit as I gave her a big smile and said, "Please call me Steve, and yes I am ready for what you have to offer."

She gave me another of her frozen smiles and said, "We prefer to keep things formal her at the Jonard clinic, keeps things professional you know, Mr. Wilson."

Shot down I said, "Very well Dr. Jones lead on." I followed her shapely ass to as conference room; it had white walls and was completely bare other then a large mirror that covered almost all of one wall. It looked like a police interrogation room. My uneasy feeling started to come back. Dr. Jones had Dark hair, piecing blue eyes, and a body that would drive any man wild. Her three inch heels made her every bit of 5' 10" tall. Her big tits looked like twin torpedoes jutting from the top of her lab coat, and I wondered how big her nipples were.

Getting down to business Dr. Jones sat down at the table and I took a seat across from her. She spoke first, "We have some forms that we must get out of the way first." Then she handed me about ten pages of very small type that said Patient release form at the top. She continued, "Please initial at the bottom of each page and then sign the last page and we can begin."

I stared at the beautiful woman sitting across from me and gave her a little smile. I said, "I could spend all day just reading this. What is it for?"

"Her icy stare wavered not a bit as she said, "It is a release so you cannot sue us if you decide later you did not want to donate. Take all of the time you want to review it, I am not going anywhere.

Here tone left the impression that she was anything but amused by my question and my head began to swim as I looked at the small type and I decided it must all be rubber stamp usual stuff so I initialed where I was supposed to and then went to the last page and signed my name, then I slid the forms back across the table to her.

She smiled just a bit and said, "Very good now we can begin. We are going to collect sperm samples from you today for our research. Your samples will be collected over a period of hours using different methods to see how your sperm count and ejaculate volume change as reach orgasm repeatedly over a couple of hours.

I was confused by what she was saying, "What exactly do you mean, 'reach orgasm repeatedly over six hours', how many times do you think I can get off?"

She looked at me with her cold eyes and said, "The record is eight. Perhaps you will be able to break that today. Now let's get started." She flipped a little plastic cup over to me and said, "Please fill this cup up with your ejaculate. There are some magazines over there on the shelf if you need some inspiration."

"I don't understand I finally mumbled out after staring at her for a few seconds. "You want me to do it right here, in front of you?"

Please don't be concerned she said back to me. "I observe male contributions all the time; it is part of my work. I have to make sure the sample we collect is pure and not contamination by outside sources."

I didn't quite know what to make of what she was saying but I finally gave up and walked over to the shelf to find a nice collection of porn magazines. They had some nice nasty magazines on women sticking all kinds of things in their cunts, and also some nice magazines with great fucking scenes of women getting hammered by some nice big cocks and then getting cum shot in their faces or on their tits. I finally decided on a plain vanilla Playboy as I did not want Dr. Jones to think I was some kind of pervert or something. Actually as I walked back over towards where she was I thought to myself it would not be too bad to use her as some jacking off inspiration. Her lab coat showed just enough cleavage to make her interesting, and her face and legs were flawless. The coat hid most of her body, but there was not doubt her body was spectacular.

I picked up a magazine and headed back over to the table. I had selected a Playboy Lingerie special issue. I always found girls in bras and panties very appealing and figured it would do the trick for me. I realized I was a more than a little nervous and I realized that my body was not responding as I wanted it too. "Umm, I am not sure about this," I said to her. This is all so odd."

Please proceed, please believe me I have seen everything so I am not at all judging you here. I just need to ensure that our sample is not contaminated. It is what you are being paid for."

I unzipped and pulled out my soft cock. I flipped open the playboy and started focusing on a big titted model that had big areoles, and thick stiff nipples. Her pink nubs were fully erect and she was pulling on one of them. My cock started to stiffen a little in spite of my nervousness, and I squirted a little of the lube she had provided on to my cock and started pumping my cock a little faster. I glanced over at Dr. Jones and found her staring intently at my cock, stopping to make some note as she watched me. She stood up and leaned a little closer to me across the table. I could see a little further down the depths of her cleavage and I wondered what her tits looked like. She saw where I was looking and quickly sat back down taking away my view giving me a cold nasty look in the process. Her stare evaporated what little hard on I had managed to pump up and I sat back down in the chair, "I don't think this is going to happen I said. This is just too weird."

She stared at me for a moment and said, "Well I don't normally do this, but we really need your sample. If I allowed you to see my breasts would that provide sufficient stimulus to achieve an ejaculatory response."

It took me just a moment to figure out what she was offering and when I did my cock leapt to a sudden stiffness. I stood up and my boner popped out hard and stiff as I answered her, "Yeah that will work I said to her."

She stood up and slowly unbuttoned her lab coat. I realized that she was wearing only a bra, stockings and garters and some high heel pumps under her lab coat. Soon she stood before me in just her underwear. I was pumping my cock as I took in her perfect body. It was even sexier than I had been imagining. Her legs were long and shapely, taping from trim claves to well muscled thighs. Her black garters held up her nylons and a pair of low cut black panties covered her what I could only assume was a shaved pussy as I could see the outline of her cunt. Her huge tits stuck out in her black bra. She reached behind her and popped the clasp letting her breast swing free. Her nipples were light pink against her pale skin. Her nipples were very long and already very stiff. She reached up and pushed her big tits together and pushed them towards me so I could take in the full size of her huge boobs. I increased the speed of my jacking as she showed me her assets. Her eyes were fixed on my cock with a hungry look that I was not sure how to feel about.

It took me only a few moments to get off with the stimulating visual show she was providing. I was rapidly pumping my rock hard member, stoking the fat head just right, and I could feel my orgasm starting. I grabbed the little cup just in time to spray my first long stream of jizz into it. Dr. Jones was pulling one of her long thick nipples as I continued to pump my load into the cup moaning softly in pleasure as I ejaculated for her.

I sat down in the chair spent as the last drop of sperm hit the cup. I looked over at the topless Dr. Jones and feeling kind of cocky said, "Damn that was good. What's next?"

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