Master PC - The Protector
Chapter 1: Campus Angel

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Tear Jerker, Extra Sensory Perception, Furry, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Lactation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Tit-Fucking, Size, Big Breasts, Slow, Violent, School, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Campus Angel - 2nd place Winner of The 2006 Golden Clitorides Awards -- A bit of a loner, Ral crosses half the U.S. to start college. He makes a new friend, Renée, who not only makes his wildest fantasy come true but even encourages his exploration of her friends. Some weird things begin to happen to Ral and before he knows it a local group calls on him for a meeting that leads to the end of a mysterious kidnapping spree that has plagued not only the campus but the surrounding city as well.

Feeling nervous and a touch scared, I got out of the taxi. The driver retrieved my two large suitcases from the trunk and set them on the curb as I looked around. The dull red-brick buildings looked bigger than in the brochure and the university's web site pictures. They had sent a welcome package along with my letter of acceptance in early summer, but the map that was included didn't do justice to the hulking buildings before me.

"Hey buddy, that'll be $35.50 for the fare," said the cabbie with some impatience. Returning to the present, I pulled out two twenties and a couple of singles. The cabbie snatched the bills from my hand. With a tire squeal, and a few thrown bits of road gravel spattering my feet, the cab sped off. I really didn't feel any pity for the driver or his impatience to get back to DFW for another fare.

Even though the flights from Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia to DFW in Dallas were only across a single time zone, it had been a trying trip as I had to change planes in Nashville, Tennessee. One redeeming part of the trip was that the flight attendants were very nice and made me feel welcome, thus reinforcing my decision to leave home for a university hundreds of miles away.

Standing there on the curbside with flashing headlights from the heavy traffic, I was beginning to have second thoughts. Looking at the minuscule map and trying to relate to where I was on campus was disconcerting. The nearest street sign read "S. Cooper St.", and I soon oriented myself and saw that I was on the north edge of campus. I needed to walk south and west to get to my assigned dorm. Both my bags had wheels so it wasn't too much of a hassle to drag them after as I made my way past Nedderman Hall and up and over the elevated crosswalk that got me across Cooper without being run over.

The covered concrete footbridge was painted the same faded beige as the trim on the buildings. Cracks ran along the length of it, but I didn't feel any bounce or other indicators that it might not be safe, unlike some of the rusted-out relics in my hometown. The one thing that was different was the amount of graffiti on the inside of the walkway. Some of it was very colorful, but the tagging only made me wonder if I should be on the alert for gang activity, not something that I had to contemplate in West Virginia.

Once across Cooper, I cut between the Fine Arts building and the School of Architecture building. The mid-August heat of North Texas had sweat running in my eyes and I had to stop often to wipe them so I wouldn't trip over the broken portions of concrete walkway. I had just finished one of those stops when I heard something from off to my left. The darkness of the barely-lit alley helped to hide most of the details, but I could see several people in an archway of the Architecture building. I realized that it could have been other students, but my recent thoughts about gangs fed my suspicions and persuaded me to give it a moment just in case.

The sounds continued, but weren't getting any closer. I stepped away from my bags and peered as best as I could into the deep shadows next to the building. Then I heard giggling. Okay, it's not a gang, I thought to myself and went back to my bags and began walking again.

I slowly moved toward the shadows and once I left the last streetlight I saw the source of the sounds. Three women were grouped closely together in the darkness. Two of them had their backs to me; even in the dark, I could tell they were both blonde. My eyes adjusted to the darkness more and I could discern more details. The taller blonde had long straight hair almost to her waist. She wore a pair of dark shorts that not only hugged her like second skin, but barely covered the curve of her shapely bottom. I couldn't tell if she even had a top on until a shake of her head moved her hair and revealed a single white strap across her back. The other blonde also wore a similar top. I was guessing it was a tube top since there were no shoulder straps. I could see her back clearly since her curly hair stopped at her shoulders. Her shorts were light denim and cutoff in a "Daisy Dukes" fashion. The third woman was facing my direction but seemed too preoccupied to notice me. Her hair was long and dark. Her face was soft and very pretty. In the low light, I couldn't see her eyes or any other defining features very well. She wore a light floral dress that was open but didn't reveal anything.

I started to leave, to give them some privacy, but after the brunette's dress fell to the ground I was rooted to the spot. Her unabashed display drew my gaze along her body. She was trim with a fantastic figure the likes of which I had only seen in swimsuit magazines. Her skin seemed tanned and her navel was adorned with a small ring. I only noticed it because of its occasional reflection of what little light was around. She moaned aloud as the two blondes moved in to fondle and kiss her exposed skin. The tall blonde knelt to pull the brunette's panties from her glistening crotch and the curly blonde released the bra to suck on a hard nipple. The brunette held them to her as they made her writhe.

The sight of the three enjoying each other had me hard in a second and I had to make adjustments for comfort. This seemed like something some guy in a movie might walk in on, not me. Talking about a guy's dream come true!

It didn't register at first, but the two blondes continued to remove everything from the brunette: shoes, socks, glasses and her watch. They piled all of it off to the side. When the final piece was set down, the two blondes stepped back into the alley, pulling the brunette with them. She seemed a touch resistant, but at their insistence she followed.

I didn't know whether to follow or not. I watched as they moved further into the alley and then disappeared around the corner of the Fine Arts building. None of them ever gave any indication that they knew I was present. Still shocked from the encounter, I finally shifted my feet and stepped over to the pile of the brunette's belongings.

I wondered briefly if I had witnessed some kind of sorority initiation, but if so, why did the brunette leave her glasses? She would still need them to see. I wore glasses myself and couldn't see very well without them. Hers could have been ordinary reading glasses or an extra pair. Knowing how much glasses cost, I couldn't conceive the idea of leaving them anywhere outside like that. It didn't make any sense.

The evening heat was worse than the afternoon heat back home, so instead of standing around rationalizing what I had seen, I grabbed my bags and trudged toward my dorm, Trinity House.

I stumbled into the cold air-conditioned main lounge of Trinity House on the campus of University of Texas at Arlington. It felt great to get out of the late evening heat. If this is what the nights are like then I'm going to hate days, I thought as I wiped the sweat from my eyes. Even though the scene I just happened across made me feel better about my choice in schools, I was still worn out from the heat and the trip.

I noticed the supervisor's window and wearily made my way over. Pulling out my West Virginia state ID, I introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Ral Setton. You're supposed to have a room for me."

The guy behind the counter looked up with a bored expression as he took my proffered ID. Leafing through a stack of papers he found my name on one and pushed it across the counter toward me. "Look it over and if the information is correct, sign the bottom," he said in a dispassionate voice. I looked the form over and all the information was correct. As I signed it he pulled out a key for me. "Third floor, second door on the left," was all he said as he took back the form and handed me the key.

I mumbled "Thanks" as I grabbed my bags and watched the only elevator close with two other guys in it. I wanted to keep moving until I made it to my bed, so I dragged my bags up the stairs from landing to landing. I finally made it to the third floor just as the elevator opened with the same two guys. I knew that I would get plenty of exercise not waiting for that crawler as I found my door and got it unlocked. Pulling my bags inside, I somehow closed the door and made it to the unmade bed before collapsing onto the mattress. I was exhausted, but the sight of the naked brunette still lingered in my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep.

After a fitful night, I dragged myself out of bed and went into the bathroom for a nice hot shower. I took my time because I didn't have to share with my older sisters. Of course eventually I would have to share, but for the time being the bathroom was all mine.

Trinity House was an all-male dormitory for students attending UTA. I had hoped for a co-ed dorm, but being a freshman, I didn't have the opportunity to choose one. The room I would be living in for my first semester was just a plain college dorm room, but perfect for a student too intent on studying to mind the lack of décor. After I finished my shower, I dressed in some shorts and a tee shirt and then put away the rest of my clothes. I adorned my side of the room with what meager possessions I owned (primarily a couple of movie posters: The Matrix and Dark City). My pride and joy was a miniature stereo system that I bought on my sixteenth birthday. I had spent countless hours poring over catalogs and specification sheets to find the perfect stereo system. The Akai system was a marvel of electronic and acoustic engineering. It sounded like a full-sized system, yet it easily packed into half of a suitcase.

After getting my clothes and possessions squared away, I went out to explore the campus. My first priority was something to eat and I found that the dining hall was in the University Center on the east side of the campus. I went there and got my first taste of campus food. I was surprised to find a small Pizza Hut and McDonald's built into the cafeteria. It was more expensive than the campus meals and though the university-prepared food was better than being hungry, it wasn't much better.

After eating, I wanted to get a feel for running from one building to the next as I kept up with my classes. It was still early and, as there weren't many people about, I tried to find the location of the previous late night's spectacle. I didn't find the pile of clothes anywhere and concluded that it must have been just what I thought: a sorority initiation.

I spent the entire morning just checking out the campus. I did find a better place to eat at lunch time: a small diner called Simon's on campus near the same crossroads where I was dropped off by the cab, except on the west side of Cooper.

When I got back to the dorm in the mid-afternoon, a new notice caught my eye on the bulletin board next to the main door. A party was going to be held on the up-coming Thursday night to welcome new students. Everyone was invited. The party was going to be at the Community Center in Arlington. There was a small map with a hand-drawn line showing how to get there. The problem was I didn't have a car.

Next to the party flyer was a notice about new student orientations. They were scheduled throughout the week and it looked like there would be one on Thursday night before the party. I was fairly certain that some of the students attending that orientation would be going to the party afterwards. The orientations were being held at Texas Hall and included introductory speeches and free food. Free food: now that was a good reason to go.

Having never attended a party before, I decided to try to find a way there. I didn't really have a social life during high school, and I was curious about what it would be like.

Not feeling up to staring at my posters in my room, I enjoyed the big screen television sitting in the main lounge of the dorm hall. The lounge was big enough to seat about twenty people with two large couches and several chairs. The seating was comfortable and the hours drifted away.

After snapping awake in the lounge, I got up and climbed the stairs to my room. Running around the campus in the heat must have been more exhausting that I thought, because I didn't recall falling asleep. The images of the trio in the alley returned and I let the warm water of the shower wash away the heat of the day. Imagining what the scenario would have been like if I had had the guts to approach them, my hand helped my appreciation of their bodies.

The next day, I located Texas Hall on the campus map. It was just across West Nedderman Drive from Trinity House: a short walk. I went to look around before the meetings and party began. It turned out that assemblies for new students were already being held. Students were gathered and talking about almost anything imaginable. With the size of the student body and the limited number of dormitories, I knew not all of them were bunked on campus. Most were probably living in either a house or apartment nearby. Some of them may have even still lived with their parents. That thought made a shiver run down my spine. I shoved it away and began to mingle as a distraction.

At first I just moved through the crowd and said "Hi" as if on automatic pilot. Everyone seemed in good spirits, a good mood, or just happy to be there. The overall feel of the crowd was energetic and I couldn't help but feel the same. Something in the air just felt good and I didn't want to miss it. I had never been really good with lots of people around, but something about the buzz of conversation, the flow of the mass of bodies, and the fact that none of them knew me helped me to relax. It felt good to be among people for the first time in years.

I didn't notice it at first, but when I started making eye contact with different students, I was getting responses. Most of them smiled in a friendly sort of way and a couple of the guys even reached out to shake hands. I didn't linger with any group for very long. For some reason, I felt the compulsion to keep moving. It wasn't an overwhelming sense, just an understanding that there was so much more to see and I wanted to see it all.

In high school other kids hadn't paid much attention to me. During that gathering, though, I was just like the rest of them. I could talk, laugh, and enjoy myself and no one would disrespect me for it. I even felt myself relax more. I hadn't been aware that I was on edge nor that my body was mildly tense. It felt good to let it go.

Becoming so relaxed I started looking around for either of the two blondes or the brunette from the night of my arrival. They looked a bit older than most of the students gathered, and I quickly realized they were probably upperclassmen and wouldn't attend any of the orientations. I certainly noticed many of the girls but I didn't hang around or even try joining in conversations with them. None of them really held my attention. It may have been because there were so many more collected there than in my graduating class. It may have been overwhelming, but again it was more like there was so much to see and I wanted to see it all.

I turned a corner and stopped dead in my tracks. A blonde wearing a light yellow blouse and gray skirt stood at the side of the room talking to several other students. She had a slim waist and long legs. Her hair looked like golden waves spilling over her shoulders and down her back. Her face was soft on the eyes and yet unforgettable. Those lips were painted ruby red and looked so very inviting when she spoke. I couldn't hear her words, but at the moment it didn't matter. Her eyes were bright sky blue and held knowledge of things that made me think she was older than almost everyone else in the room. There were many attractive women in the crowds but she stood out above the rest not only in looks, but height as well. Not lacking in that department myself, standing just over six feet, I was surprised to see a woman of her stature among all the freshmen.

I stood there, allowing everyone else to move around me like a stone in a river while I took in the vision of her. She held an animated conversation with other students and I noticed how many guys were talking to her. My astonishment faded right along with my confidence of getting to know such a creature. But that didn't stop me from hoping for an opportunity. What stopped me from walking up and introducing myself at that moment? I didn't know. Maybe I was scared of instant rejection. Many people feel intimidated by truly beautiful people, and I was one of them. Why couldn't I join the conversation and at least find out if we could talk? Probably for the same reason: I didn't want to look like an idiot while drooling on my sneakers. So I kept my distance.

The flow of the crowd was lost to me until she started moving with it. The gathering ended up going outdoors and I joined it. The hot Texas sun had begun its descent into the west, but the heat and muggy air continued to hang around. I couldn't understand why the congregation had moved outdoors until I saw the chests of iced drinks lined along the wall of the building. I grabbed something along with everyone else and began looking around for the blonde. It didn't take me long to find her.

I couldn't say that I ever found any one physical attribute more appealing than any other when thinking about girls. My ex-girlfriend from high school, Sally, had many fine qualities and I appreciated what I could. That blonde, however, was a visual feast and I felt like a truly starving man. The feeling that I had had previously of wanting to see it all had vanished the instant my eyes found her, but I didn't care. None of the other women gathered held that ethereal quality that kept my eyes locked onto that blonde.

The wind had picked up since I had arrived and it put not only that golden blonde hair in motion, but portions of her clothing too. Her skirt was too tight to fly up and around her thighs, but it pressed against them with the strength of the moving air. Her shirt was billowy and pressed to her torso as the loose material flapped in the stark bursts of wind. Her body was being displayed a portion at a time. Though no new skin was visible, I was left with a really good idea of what she would probably look like in something more revealing and it only raised my attraction to her more. The wind was teasing me with her body and I soaked up every bit of it.

I caught myself gawking. It took mental effort to close my mouth and stop looking like a fool. Once the effort was made, I looked around. No one was laughing at me for my loss of control, though I still knew what it was. I was truly enraptured by her beauty; there was no doubt. My previous concern for not getting to know her deepened and I looked at the guys gathered around her. All of them continued the conversations that I couldn't hear, but none of them seemed to lose that control and stare unabashedly.

I gulped down more of my bottle of water to help my drying throat and continued watching her talk to other people. The water helped ground me and I made sure to not leave my eyes on just her for too long. I didn't watch her so much as watch the area she occupied. Depression began to set in and I could feel the burn of it in my gut. Having barely had the backbone to ask Sally out the first time, I didn't expect the possibility of even speaking with the beauty I watched. As attractive as she was, I believed her to be potentially too good for me. She wouldn't be forgotten too quickly though, and became my first ever fantasy girl. Not taking the opportunity to say anything to her or anyone else, I left as my depression filled more of me.

For the remainder of the evening, I didn't do much but watch television in the main lounge of Trinity House. The depression I felt from not at least trying to speak with the blonde only mounted on the leftovers from that summer. Sally and I had broken up only a few weeks prior and the pain still lingered.

Some part of me didn't want to meet the blonde and confirm my worst nightmare. She might have had a serious boyfriend, or a husband. That would have been acceptable, because then she would have been untouchable in a way that was okay. But what if she didn't? What if she was looking for somebody to get together with? Well there had been a hoard of guys hanging out at that gathering. She would have had her pick. With looks like that, she could have had anyone she wanted.

I knew my chances were damn near zilch and I really had no need to get into something that would distract me from school. However just to keep some of my hope, I made a promise to myself. If - and I meant a really big IF - I found an opportunity to talk to her, regardless of the reason, I would. I would check for a ring or any other sign of a relationship. I didn't want to tread on forbidden ground, but if she was single and looking, then maybe ... just maybe...

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