Watching Ann Masturbate
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mark watches his sister masturbate and then she spies upon him one day. What happens from there fulfills both of their voyeur fantasies.

Ann was so horny she could hardly stand it. Her date had canceled that night, and she had been looking forward to a good, hard fucking. She had been lying on her bed fantasizing about Bill's big cock ramming into her when he called. Her nipples were hard and tight in her frustration, and she reached up to rub and pinch them through the tight turtleneck that she was wearing. Her big nipples poked out stiff and hard, and she could feel her cunt become slippery as she teased her nipples.

Mark could not believe what he was seeing as he stopped at his sister's door. She was lying on her bed with her eyes closed rubbing her big tits. As he watched she pulled up her shirt, and unclasped her front hook bra freeing her massive melons. Her big brown nipples stuck up fully erect and she pulled and twisted them as Mark watched. His cock was rock hard, and he unzipped his pants so he could stroke his hard member. As Mark watched she slid her hand down across her hard belly in down the front of her pants. He could see her stroke her hot, wet pussy. Her long finger slid down her wet slit, and she moaned as she thrust her finger into her cunt hole. She pumped her pussy with her finger as she continued to pull her hard, brown nipples.

Mark could not believe how big his sister's nipples were. She had huge tits, bigger and firmer than any he had seen in any fuck book before. He pumped his cock harder, his rigid erection growing slick with pre-cum as he pumped himself. He cupped his balls, and fucked his fist harder as he watched his sister use her thumb to rub her clit while she continued to fuck herself with her long index finger. Mark could tell that she was nearing climax, her nipples were hugely engorged, and she was gasping as she masturbated. He held off his own climax waiting for her to bring herself off.

Ann was right on the edge of climax, she stroked her fat clit with her thumb as she pumped her fuck hole with her finger. She could imagine Bill's big cock ramming home, and her vision of him on top of her, discharging his big load in her cunt, is what she thought of while she climaxed. She shoved her finger deep, and pressed her thumb hard against her clit, while she twisted her fat nipple. She could feel the juice run from her cunt as she moaned in orgasm.

Mark pumped his load out onto the floor as he watched his sister climax. His eyes were fixed on her big fat nipples as she pulled and twisted them. His hard cock spewed long streams of cum onto the carpet in the hall. He had to stifle his moans, hoping she would not hear him.

Several days later when Ann first walked into the house she did not think anyone was home until she heard talking coming from her brother's bedroom. She was about to say something when she heard her brother say, "Yeah, suck my big cock till I spurt cum on your face."

Ann crept down the hall and peaked into her brother's room. He was standing naked over his bed jacking off. His cock stood hard and rigid, and was slick with some lubricant. He was working his hand up and down his pole, squeezing the swollen head with every stroke. Ann could see his bed covered with pictures torn from pornographic magazines. He was looking at a picture of a blond with big tits sucking on a hard cock. Mark said, "Oh yeah bitch, suck my dick like that some more. Make me shoot my wad all over you."

As Ann watched he began to ejaculate, the long streams of cum shooting from the tip of his cock and splattering the picture of the blonde giving a blowjob. He grunted loudly as he came, his cock swelling to maximum erection. As his orgasm subsided Mark kept up his masturbation, rubbing his hanging balls, and lightly pumping his semi-erect cock. He moved the cum splattered picture of the blond, and uncovered a picture of a brunette with big tits, and lay down on the bed next to the picture.

Ann was feeling very horny at this point and she started to rub her erect nipples though the fabric of her T-shirt. She could feel her cunt become slippery, and her clit began to tingle. She unzipped her pants and pushed her thumb in against her clit. She rubbed her thumb in a circular motion pressing her fat clit.

Mark was pumping his cock briskly again, and moaning for the girl in the picture to suck his cock. The girl this time was a black girl with huge tits, with big, thick nipples. In the picture she was sucking the huge erect cock of a white guy. She had cum dripping down her chin.

Ann continued to mash her clit as she looked at Mark's fully erect cock. She watched him squeeze the fat head of it, and suddenly he lifted his legs back over his head, and began to suck his own dick. Ann could not believe it. She did not know that guys could blow themselves. Mark cock was just long enough to fit the fat head into his mouth. He continued to rub his balls as he sucked the head of his cock. Mark let the come run out of his mouth, just like the girl in the picture as he ejaculated in his mouth.

Ann climaxed as she watched her brother pop his nuts into his own mouth. He continued to suck he cock as his load of come spurted into his open mouth. Ann worked her thumb against her erect clit as she reached orgasm watching the strange sight. Her underwear was soaked with her lubrication, and her big nipples stuck out hard and erect though her shirt.

Mark heard something outside his door just as he finished pumping his load into his mouth. He figured out a year ago that he could suck himself off, and now enjoyed his self blow jobs whenever he could. He looked to the door, but did not see anyone. He thought he was home alone but he quickly put his porn pictures away and got himself dressed. He had come to live with his big sister a few months ago after he had graduated from collage while he looked for a job. His sister was sexy as hell, but he had never seen her naked until he watched her masturbate a few days before. He did not have a girl friend right now, and he jacked off ten or twelve times a week. Thinking about his sister's big tits made his cock start to swell again.

After getting dressed he headed downstairs and found Ann in the kitchen. "How long have you been home," he asked?

"Just a couple of minutes, I didn't think you were home it was so quiet."

Mark noticed that her face was flushed like she had been exerting herself, but figured she must not have seen him or she would be rubbing it in right now. He answered, "Yeah I was up in my room reading."

'Reading some pussy pictures, ' Ann laughed to herself. Then she said, "Bill is coming over tonight, do you think could crash at one of your friends?"

"No problem sis," he answered. Then he had a wicked thought, I wonder what Ann looks like when she is getting fucked. He knew that she only really like Bill because of his big cock and insatiable sex drive. He was a fucking machine, and Ann liked to ride his machine.

Mark was so excited he almost went back upstairs and jacked off again, but he decided to wait and see if he could sneak back into the house after Bill got here. Mark had always had a streak of peeping Tom in him. He had been caught in High School watching the girls in the shower by cutting a small hole in the wall from a janitor's closet. He had jacked off many times watching the naked girls in the shower until one day the janitor had opened the door and discovered him, cock in hand, watching the girls. That had resulted in a two week suspension. He almost did not graduate because of it, but looking back he figured it was still worth it.

He had always been attracted to his sister, but she was so nasty to him he had never had much of a chance to do anything about it. She never gave him the slightest sign that she was interested in anything sexual with him. He remembered he used to sneak into her room and jack off on her bras and into her dirty panties. He always thought about cumming on her tits and fucking her when he did so.

He headed out a couple of hours later, "See you later sis," he said as he left.

She looked up from the magazine that she was reading and answered, "Yeah I'll see you tomorrow."

He headed over to Ted's to get rid of his overnight bag and hang out for a while. About 8:00 he headed back to his sisters and saw that Bill was there as his car was in the driveway. He hoped he was not too late as Bill did not usually waste much time. Mark headed around back and climbed in the bathroom window he had left unlocked. This allowed him to head down the back hall and up the stairs so he could see watch his sister and Bill. He noticed that there were Chinese food cartons on the kitchen counter so he hoped they had just finished eating.

He moved quietly up the back stairs and then lowering himself to the floor crept to the other side where he could see down on the family room where Ann and Bill were snuggled on the couch watching TV and making out. Bill had his hands up under Ann's shirt and was feeling up her big tits. She was kissing him on the neck and moaning as he pinched her big nipples.

It looked like Mark had arrived on the scene just in time. His cocks swelled to erection as he watch Ann pull off her shirt and bra she Bill could get at her bare breasts. Her big nipples swelled as Bill sucked on them, and Ann rubbed Bill's cock through his jeans as Bill sucked and fondled her tits. Mark unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock so he could begin to slowly pump it.

Ann caught some movement out of the corner of her eye and almost screamed as she saw a person on the stairs. It took a second for to realize that it was her brother Mark. Bill did not notice her body tense as he was already completely absorbed by her big tits.

Ann stared at him directly and Mark knew that he had been caught. He thought about taking off but he did not, transfixed by the sight of his sisters big tits, and the thrill of watching her being fucked. If she did not yell at him to leave he was going to stay.

Bill had worked her pants off and was ready to mount her. Bill was not a subtle lover just a powerful one. Ann arched her hips to meet his thrusting cock as he thrust into her, and Mark's cock swelled as he watched Bill's cock plow into his sister's wet cunt. Ann looked up again at Mark and smiled at him, then she raised her hand up and made an unmistakable motion, she wanted to watch Mark jerk off.

Mark did not have to be told twice, he had stopped fisting his hard boner when she saw him, afraid to do anything to upset her, anything that might cause her to send him away. He gripped his hard cock and pumped it up and down, cupping his balls as he watch Bill ram his cock into Ann.

Mark was so close to climax, but he wanted to time it to get off when Bill did so he could imagine he was pumping his sister's tight cunt full of his cum. As he watched Bill reached under Ann and grabbed her tight ass with both hands, allowing his to pump his cock into her even faster and harder. Bill was jamming his cock as hard and fast as he could, the sounds of grunting and moaning filled the family room. Ann was right with him, thrusting her hips, telling him to fuck her harder and faster as she watched her brother masturbate for her. Ann motioned for Bill to pull out of her, and he did as she asked. She told him to lie back and she mounted him, dropping her wet pussy on his long, thick cock. Mark was impressed with Bill's thick cock, and hoped his own smaller cock would measure up if he ever got the chance to fuck his sister.

Ann was really working her cunt on Bill's cock. She was grinding her hips as against him as he continued to thrust into her. She rubbed her clit with one hand, and pulled and twisted her long brown nipples. She knew that Mark stared at her tits, and she knew this would drive him crazy.

Ann liked to feel her nipples swell as she got closer to orgasm, and she loved the way her clit tingled as she touched her nipples. She could not believe how turned on she was getting from watching her little brother jack off while Bill fucked her. She was not attracted to her brother was she? But watching him up at the top of the stairs as he slowly jacked off watching her fuck Bill turned her on more than almost any other thing had before. Ann could feel a massive orgasm building in her cunt, and as her climax washed over her she screamed out in pleasure.

Mark had waited long enough, the first long stream of his cum rocketed from the tip of his cock, splattering on the floor in front of him as he watched his sister climax while she rode Bill's cock. Bill for his part just kept fucking her. His stamina was amazing to Mark, and he could not believe that Bill was still fucking his sister after almost 15 minutes.

Bill flipped Ann over after she had finished her climax and mounted her from behind. Ann's face was mashing into the couch and Bill pounded his cock into her cunt, his balls slapping up against her twat. He reached forward to grasp her engorged, erect nipples as he fucked her and finally he drove his cock into her and ejaculated his load. He let out a loud groan as he did so, and Ann did her part, grinding her tight wet cunt against him as he spewed inside her.

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