When My Wife Caught Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I thought my wife would be gone for a while so I started a nice long jackoff session. Then she came home sooner than expected.

My wife had headed off to the mall to do some shopping and I decided to use the time to jack off to some porn. My wife is nice, pretty, and likes to fuck, but only on her terms and when she wants to which is not nearly often enough for my desires. I had started buying porn, and watching porn movies to keep things under control. I did not really want to cheat on my wife and this seemed like the best way.

I really like the moves where I watched a woman masturbate and the ones where big cocked guys ended by ejaculating on the girl's tits. My wife would never masturbate for me, and I always had a fantasy of ejaculating a big load on her tits, but again I never felt like the time was right to do it, or even ask her about it.

I loaded the CD I wanted to watch today. It was of a girl named Petra and she was masturbating using her fingers and a big dildo. She had a big set of tits, with thick dark nipples that she liked to pull and rub while she fingered her clit. She had the most amazing loud screaming orgasms, and I always like to cum while she did, imagining my cum dripping off of her nipples. There were a couple of scenes where a big cocked guy fucked her hard for a while and then jacked his load on her big tits. I really liked to masturbate to that one as well.

Today I was watching Petra's solo act, and I was pumping my hard cock slowly, waiting for Petra to climax so I could jack my load; I had just reached the part where she was pulling and twisting her erect nipples with her free hand, while her other hand was pumping a big vibrating dildo into her pussy. My eyes were locked on the TV, and the room was filled with the moans of lust of the lovely Petra. Suddenly I realized someone was at the doorway to my bedroom, some small movement caused me to turn my head and I realized that my wife was standing in the doorway.

I just about came out of my skin I jumped in surprise so quickly. My cock was shiny with the lube I had applied and as big and thick as it ever gets. I could see her eyes flick between my stiff boner, and the porn on the TV, her face was an unreadable mask of horror, surprise, I could not really tell. Petra was climaxing on the TV her loud moans of lust filling my bedroom, her big tits jiggling as her hips pumped in ecstasy against the vibrating dildo. I reached up and turned off the TV and the room suddenly went silent. It was just the two of us, staring at one anther, and each waiting for the other to speak.

"It's not what you think," I started. "I just needed..."

"Needed what?" my wife said with a pained look in her eyes. "Needed to pretend you are fucking another woman because I don't get your rocks off enough for you. Or do you just want someone with bigger tits; I know you think my tits are too small. You always want me to get a boob job."

"I never said I wanted you to get a boob job," I fired back at her totally on the defensive. "You asked me one day if I would care if you got a boob job and I said it would be fine with me and ever since then you are fixated that I want you to do it. I don't, I want you to do what makes you happy. I don't want to fuck other woman, I want you, I just need more and this is a harmless way to do it."

"Harmless, I don't know how you can say that? I come home and find my husband jacking off to a porn queen on the TV and you call that harmless. I don't understand why you didn't tell me if you wanted more from me, if it was that big a deal to you I would have fucked you more."

I was starting to get a little pissed, "I don't even know how you can say that with a straight face. I ask you for sex about ten times before you are finally in the mood. We maybe do it 3 times a month."

"Oh now you have to count it... You don't care what my feelings in the matter are?"

I try to keep my cool and reason with her, "It is not a matter of feelings, and no I don't want to force you, but I do want some more interest out of you. I can live with just a little more out of you."

She answers me right back, "A little more out of me eh, or what, you will keep jacking off to the whores on the pornos, or maybe go find some nice little piece of ass to do it with. Maybe that big titted young thing down at your office..."

I was now pissed, "Fuck you, you stupid bitch. You are just too god damn proud and stuck up to move my way just a little bit, to see that maybe if you just spread your legs a little more often we would not be having this fight. Well fuck you. Then I stormed out of the bedroom and down the stairs towards the front door.

Instead of her yelling after me to stay I'll I heard was, "Well, I would say fuck you back, but of course we both know that wouldn't be true would it. So I will just say, fuck off, go ahead and leave if you want. I don't really care if you come back or not."

I got in my car and headed out. I had no idea where I was headed too; I just let the car take me for a while so I could calm down. I thought about heading off for a drink or two, but I could not really work up the enthusiasm. I thought about a movie, or maybe heading to the mall to walk around, but nothing really appealed to me. By the time a couple of hours had gone by I was calmed down and ready to head home to try and reason with my wife.

The house was dark when I got home and I thought she might have taken off on me, but her car was still there. I headed in the front door and up the stairs. I could hear the TV playing, and the flickering of light from the TV filled our bedroom. Just before I reached the door I heard, "Yeah, fuck me like that. Fuck me with your big cock. Fill my cunt up with your cock. Make me cum."

I recognized it immediately; it was one of my favorite scenes from my Petra tape. A huge cocked guy, he had a solid ten inches, was fucking Petra from behind, leaning over her cupping her big tits as he pounded her cunt with his big cock. I peaked around the corner and saw my wife sprawled on our bed.

My wife was in her nightgown, one of the long flannel ones designed to keep my sexual thoughts at bay, but she had the bottom pulled up so she could touch her cunt as she watched the tape. As I watched I could see my wife rubbing her cunt in a rhythmic motion, masturbating right in front of me. I could see the wetness that coated her finger, and her pussy was soaking wet, her dark pubic hair matted with her wetness. She was pinching one of her nipples through the nightgown, and I could hear her panting breathing matching the equally fast breathing of Petra on the tape. Petra was about to cum and it looked like my wife was going to join her.

I had never seen my wife masturbate before, every time I suggested that she do it for me she always backed away from the idea. My cock was rock hard in my pants; I could not believe how the sight of my wife masturbating turned me on. I even was forgetting the fact that she had just reamed me for the very same thing a couple of hours before.

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