Finding Mr. Wrong
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Noelle dreams of a man that makes her melt, a man that is wrong for her in every way but what would happen if her dream man found her?

The piercing wail of an alarm clock bounced off the walls. It wasn't a sound that a non- morning person relished. It was even more hated by those that use sleep to indulge thoughts that otherwise would never see the light of day.

"Damn." Noelle cursed throwing back the covers. Getting up she winced stubbing her toe on the night stand, on her way to the bellowing dream killer. She'd long since learned having the alarm in arm's reach, it was too tempting to flip it off and return to slumber.

Sticking her tongue out, she glared at the clock. "Happy you trouble maker?"

"Meow?" A fat orange tabby blinked up at her from his place on the bottom of her bed, a wounded look on his face.

"Not you fish breath." She shook her head at the only man in her life. Making her way to the bathroom. Her feet chilled at the feel of the tiles. She made a mental note to start wearing slippers. She wanted nothing more than to curl up under the covers and skip her class. Who the hell learns anything during and eight am class anyway? Worst yet, she sat next to the most evil being she could think of- a perky morning person. Shuddering she rubbed her hands over her eyes in a vein attempt to rub the sleep away.

Consoling herself with the fact this was the last year she'd have eight am classes Noelle grinned. So much hard work went into getting a master's degree but it had all been worth it. Once she had that degree she could set her own hours pouring over research, and reporting on human interactions. No functioning until at least nine she promised herself.

In less than a year she'd be in the work force, a regular working woman instead of the part timer she was now. Too bad she didn't look like one. She knew the world was cut throat and she didn't look like she could hurt a fly. It was a dog eat dog world and she was a vegetarian. Standing at a rather unimpressive five foot one, with long maple hair and amber eyes she could still pass for twenty at the most not the twenty five she was. Somehow she just couldn't get herself to get the business woman's cut from super clips yet.

As the shower warmed she went to assure herself that her text book was in her bag. Noelle peered at the book laughing to herself. For someone that was getting a masters in social psychology she sure didn't have her own brain under control. Shrugging she zipped up the bag. It was always easier to tell other people their problems... right? Heck she wasn't even going to be doing that much, too personal. Her job would he to study broad scale social issues, talking about humans as if they were nothing more then lab rats to be studied and reported on.

The red glowing numbers told her she's better hurry up and get in the shower or she was going to be late... again. Thank God she lived close to school and that Mrs. Chester was a forgiving teacher, Noelle could spot the kindred fellow morning-hater. Making a dash back to the bathroom she stuck her hand under the water. Happy with the temperature she stripped off her robe and nightshirt. Stepping under the spray she closed her eyes and absorbed the heat knowing she'd need it after hearing the weather report for the day. Then again it was the start of winter in Wisconsin warm wasn't going to make its comeback for several months.

In her topical pissy morning ranting Noelle thought about how it might be best after she had her degree to move someplace that it wasn't winter most of the year. Someplace with sun, beaches, handsome men with cute asses running around shirtless... yeah that sounded nice right about now.

As Noelle lathered her hair she remembered it was going to be a long day- longer then normal. She was going to dinner with her polar opposite, otherwise known as her best friend for over ten years. They'd known each other since highschool and no one could ever figure out why or how they became friend. Even she had to admit Maddie was something else. While Noelle was short Maddie was five nine, while Noelle was soft spoken and polite to a fault Maddie was loud and could make a sailor blush. Noelle possessed a full body, and long maple hair, and Maddie was a stunning bob-cut blonde with a figure models kill for.

When Maddie walked into freshmen bio as Noelle's lab partner the bond began. The moment Maddie whispered her announcement that their teacher looked hot and that she's like to dissect him Noelle knew they'd be friends. Maddie said all the things Noelle thought but didn't dare say. Like two opposing forces they balanced each other out.

In highschool they had become known as the sinner and the saint. There was never any mixing up who was who in that arrangement. Noelle could always be found in study hall during her free hours, and Maddie could always be found using her free time to lock lips with whatever guy she was seeing that week. When Madison, Maddie's given name was serving her detentions Noelle was busy serving as student council secretary.

What people didn't see was the times Maddie stood up for her when people took advantage of Noelle's good nature. The times Maddie had lent an ear to listen. They didn't know the true friend that Maddie could be, that and she had the loyalty and bite of a pit bull. The problem was people were too hard to judge- and Noelle was going to try a career of doing just that.

Placing a tentative foot on the ground she stepped out of the shower. As she dried herself she watched as the steam rose from her skin. This steam couldn't compare to the steam that rose to greet her when she went to bed. Images flooded her mind, unwelcome as they were, they were still there. The feeling of a firm hand landing flush against her bottom, words whispered more as orders than requests, names that would offend any decent woman falling on her like endearments. Bonds that hold her in place while her fantasy lover does with her as he will, turning his pleasure into hers.

Hooking a black satin bra in place she exhaled. None of those things were real, they only lived in her dreams. Slipping a pair of jeans up the flare of her hips she mentally beat herself again. What was the matter with her? What kind of a woman wants to be treated like that? Noelle shakes her head as she finds a top. This was the type of dysfunctional thoughts she would be someday writing about. After all wasn't there something wrong with a person that got turn on to the point of melting at the though of another inflicting pain? And what could be said about a man that could do those sort of things? A man like that could never make a trust worthy mate, too many power trips.

Noelle knew she would have fought for the vote in the twenties, burned her bra in the seventies, she had written an editorial for the college paper about unfair wage gaps between men and women. She was a strong supporter of women's lib in every way.

At yet when the lights went down it wasn't a sensitive modern man that she had been taught to want that hunted her, that made her burn with need. It was a demanding, possessive pure male force she dreamt of. She'd given up trying to figure out why. Noelle knew she had a normal loving childhood, there was no reason for her to want this... but she did. Noelle the saint wanted to be tied up, spanked, and given orders.

She was the good one- and good girls did NOT want to be spanked. Settling on a green sweater she pulled on her coat, grabbed her bag and locked the door behind her. Noelle shivered as the cold hit her face, she'd never allow a man that much power over her. She was just going to have to get over it. Impulse control that was all it was, she would find herself a good sensitive man and put all this nonsense behind her.

" Oh Hell!" She quickened her pace racing the last couple blocks. Living only a few blocks it was faster to walk, or in this case run like hell.

Upon reaching her classroom she took a few deep breaths and tried to sneak into her seat while the professor wrote some notes on the board. Only to be foiled but the evil creature next to her. The perky beast's voice hit her like nails. "You made it! Here I brought you a cup of coffee- I know how grumpy-wrumpy you are when you're late and miss your morning coffee."

Noelle groaned softly. Grumpy-wrumby? What was she four? Grinding her teeth she smiled and took the foam cup."Great, thanks Tina I owe you one."

"Only ten minutes late this time Ms. Wallace." The professor gave a firm look, but slipped a wink. "Getting better."

If this was any indication of the way the day was going to go Noelle knew she was in big trouble.

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