Good Girl Forced Bad
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Julie was a good girl, at least Mark thought so until he spied upon her one night. Now the question is what will she do for Mark to keep her secret.

Julie Robbins was the last person that Mark ever expected he would be jacking off too while watching her masturbate. Her family was conservative Christian, and he did not even think she knew what a cock was for. He was surprised when he peeped in the window one night and found her and her supposedly platonic boyfriend kissing like hot horny lovers. Jason's hands were roaming all over Julie's ample breasts through her bra and sweater, and he could see her hand rubbing his swelling erection through his jeans.

As Mark watch she unbuttoned his pants and freed her boyfriend's hard cock. It sprung up hard and at full erection. Its fat head was dripping pre-cum, and she used her small hand to stroke up and down the hard shaft, rubbing the fat head. He moaned loudly as her hand worked up and down his prick. She asked him, "Do you like when I rub your hard cock? Do you want me to stroke you until you ejaculate? Do you want to shoot your load?"

His answer was to moan louder, and continue to feel her tits through her sweater.

Mark was glad that he had brought his video camera and he quickly flicked it on and filmed the culmination her hand job. Julie pumped her boyfriends cock faster, and his hips began to buck, humping her hand. Then he grabbed her hand and told her to grip him tight. He humped her hand and shot his load of cum all over the front of her sweater covered tits. Her boyfriend shot a massive load so they must not do this too often, and both he and Julie stared at the white cum dripping down her pink sweater.

He mumbled something about getting going and left quickly. Mark was surprised when he did nothing to return the favor and get Julie off. When he left she stripped off her cum covered sweater revealing her big tits covered by a conservative white bra. Mark could see her bra was wet from the cum that her boyfriend had ejaculated on her sweater, and Mark's cock grew rock hard when she unsnapped her bra to bare her big tits. Her nipples were pink in color, and long and stiff, probably from the handling that she her boyfriend had done. Mark stopped filming and started jacking off when Julie reached up and began to pull and twist her pink nipples. Apparently she needed to release some sexual tension as well.

She pulled up her skirt and lay back on the bed stimulating her cunt through the white cotton panties that she was wearing. Mark could see her panties grown wet from the lubrication leaking from her cunt as she continued to move her hand up and down her vulva. She sat up for a minute and took off her skirt and panties and lay back on the bed naked to continue her masturbation.

Using her fingers she spread her pussy lips, and Mark could see her pink twat. She used one hand to rub her cunt lips and poke her fuck hold, while the other hand briskly rubbed her clitoris. She climaxed quickly and quietly, her hips bucking and her cunt spasming as her hands brought her horny little cunt to orgasm. Mark blew his second load of cum just as she finished.

Later as he loaded the pictures from the camera onto his computer he though of a wonderful, horrible idea; he could use the pictures blackmail Julie with these pictures to be his sex slave. His cock became hard at the thought of all the things he could force her to do.

The next day Julie received an e-mail from an anonymous hotmail address with pictures attached that made her heart jump with fear. Pictures of her jacking off her boyfriend, her cum splattered pink sweater, and then her masturbating on her bed splashed across her screen.

The e-mail said only, "Be in your bedroom at 4:00 tomorrow. I will be calling so have a phone ready."

Mark called her right on time the next day. She had just come home from her conservative Christian college and was wearing a knee length uniform skirt and white blouse, with knee socks and black flat shoes. Mark was peaking in the window and saw her jerk as the phone next to her bed rang. She answered the phone with a nervous, "Hello".

Hello Julie Mark said in his deepest most sinister voice. It seems you like to play with cocks, and finger yourself. Now we have a little problem. I was watching you last night, and took a few pictures. Now I can send them to your parents, or we can reach an arrangement."

Oh my god no, don't you dare send them to my parents. They would kill me. They don't have any idea that Mike and I do that. They think I am still an innocent."

Mark laughed to himself as she was still very innocent, but he was about to change that. "So you will do what I ask?"

She answered quickly, "Yes, yes I will do whatever you ask. Just don't tell anyone, just do what you want and then leave me alone."

Mark said, "Well here is what I want today. I want you to take off your panties and bra, but leave the rest of your school uniform on, including the shoes and white socks, and then lie back on the bed. Put a blindfold on yourself, and close your eyes. I am going to come into the room, but it is very important that you don't learn who I am. If you do your parents will find out real quick what their daughter likes to do in her bedroom, got it?"

"Come into my room, but why?" she asked with some trepidation in her voice.

"You will find out when I get there, just make sure that you don't peek, and make sure you are ready to do whatever I say. Now good by, I will be there in five minutes, be ready."

Mark opened the front door of the house. He knew that Julie's parents would not be home for a couple of hours so he should have plenty of time to have some fun with her. He moved his small camera from his pocket to his hand and then he moved through the living room and found her lying on the bed with a scarf tied around her pretty eyes. Her panties and bra lay on the floor, and he could see her dark nipples pushing against the thin fabric of her white school blouse as he entered the room.

Keeping his voice in the low sinister range he ordered, "Spread your legs for me, I want to see your pussy."

"Oh my god are you going to rape me?" she asked.

"Maybe if you don't do exactly what I say." Mark answered with no mercy in his voice. His cock was pounding erect and stiff in his pants. He reached down and unzipped so his boner could pop out of its confinement. He focused the camera in on her sweet pussy lips and continued, "Now spread your cunt lips for me. Let me see your pink twat."

She moved her fingers down without complaint and spread her pussy lips, revealing her the pink interior of her cunt to his view. He could see her fuck hole and her little nub of a clit as she moved her fingers slowly up and down her cunt lips. He could see her nipples stiffen as she softly touched herself.

"Are you getting horny, Julie, do you want to cum for me?"

"What are you talking about; you are a horrible man to make me do this. Haven't you seen enough? Please just leave me alone now."

"Mark laughed a deep sinister laugh and said, "I will leave when I am ready. Tell me Julie have you ever sucked a cock?"

"Oh my god no!" she answered vehemently, I would never do such a thing."

"Well you are going to get to today," Mark laughed back at her. "You are going to suck my cock until I cum. Do you want to drink my cum, or would you rather me blow my load on your pretty tits?"

The sheer horror of his blunt sexual talk seemed to shock her into silence and he told her to get off of the bed and get down on her knees. He moved up close to her and pushed his cock against her soft, pink lips. Her mouth looked so sexy and he was ready to fuck her face. She flinched back as she felt the hard, swollen knob of his cock press against her lips. His pre-cum smeared across her face in a shiny smudge. He had kept the camera pointed down as her mouth engulfed his cock and he hoped that he was not shaking it around too much.

"Suck me off or suffer the consequences," he told her.

She finally opened her mouth and Mark shoved his cock as far as he could down her throat. Julie immediately started to gag, and mark just laughed and kept humping his cock against her mouth. He finally pulled out and let her catch her breath.

"You need to suck my cock, not choke on it. I want to cum."

She grabbed onto the shaft of his erection and guided it to her mouth, doing her best to suck on it like she was sucking on Popsicle. Mark could feel his cock responding to enthusiastic if unskilled oral attentions, and he used his hands to feel up her full tits. The thin fabric of the blouse gave him full access to her tits and he worked them over as she sucked his cock. Her nipples swelled impressively as he stimulated them between his fingers, rolling the hard nubs back and forth as she sucked his cock. He could feel her start to tremble as he groped her tits, and she let out a low, soft moan as he pulled both of her nipples at the same time.

"Does that turn you on, when I pull your nipples? Do you like that?"

She responds in a voice husky with suppressed lust, "You are a wicked man, did you know that."

"Maybe I should fuck your big tits. How about it Julie would you like me to fuck your tits, cum all over your pretty nipples like your boyfriend Mike likes to do?"

Julie answered him, "Mike never did that, and you can't... , well you know with my breasts."

Mark laughed and jammed his cock back into her mouth shutting up her pretty face. He was close to orgasm now and he decided to cum in her mouth. He knew that she would not expect it, and he wanted to give her a nice jizz surprise. He grabbed her hair and slammed his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. He ignored her frantic gagging sounds as he reached orgasm and began to shoot his load in her mouth. Julie had no choice but to swallow his load of cum as he ejaculated in her mouth. When Mark finished cumming he pulled out her mouth and wiped his stick cum covered cock on her face, coating her lips and cheeks with his cum.

"Oh my god that was so sick," she stammered out when she had recovered a little. "I can't believe you did that to me. You ejaculated in my mouth and made me swallow it. That is so sick."

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