Alone With Allison
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Caution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Alison's brother Ted comes to stay with her and her husband she finds a surprising sexual tension growing between them. Will they be able to resist during her husband's business trips?

For Diana

The story I feel I have to share started when my brother left his fiancée. Ted came home from work early one day and caught Maggie in bed with one of her ex-boyfriends. Of course she had a raft of excuses, how it was only the one time and she really loved Ted and it would never happen again. But of course my baby brother was smarter than that. He packed up that day and never looked back. I'd moved west when I married my husband, Mike, but our sister Mary still lived close by and Ted was able to stay with her.

But it was just a few months later when Ted called me. He caught me at work and I was glad for the interruption. It was the middle of the summer and things were dead. Nobody does business in the summer and since I work for an office machine supply company I had nothing to do but play with millionth game of Solitaire on the computer. And besides, Ted and I had always been very close, despite the five years between us. For a long time Ted was my closest friend, but with me living so far away we had grown apart.

"Ted! I am so glad to hear from you! How are things going out there?" It was late on a Friday afternoon and typically I was the only one left in the office.

"Hey big sis. You know how things are. Sometimes, good sometimes bad." Ted sounded down and I could tell something was wrong.

"What is it? Did Maggie try to contact you again?"

"Why do you think something's wrong?"

"Honey, I can read you like a book. Now tell Alison all about it. I promise to make it all better."

"Actually there is something you could do for me, but I don't know. I hope it's not too much to ask."

Now it sounded serious. "So tell me. Do you need money?"

"No, no. It's nothing like that. Well, I guess it is something like that. You see, I need a place to stay."

"What about Mary? Did something happen?" I love my sister dearly, but I know she can be a bitch sometimes.

"Don't get all down on Mary. Nothing happened. It's just things are getting more serious with her boyfriend and he asked her to live with him. And I don't think the three of us living in the same apartment would work out. Simon and I really don't get along. He just doesn't like me."

"Come on, how could anyone not like you. You're my favourite person!"

"I think having me around cramps his style, you know. Think maybe he has a problem getting busy with Mary when her brother is right in the next room," Ted laughed.

"Ha! Mike never had that problem. When we stayed at Mom and Dad's last Christmas he screwed me with everyone in the house."

"Alison, I'm shocked to hear you talk like that!" I knew Ted was always teasing. When we were younger we were very open. Ted always came to me for advice when he discovered girls and in return I gave him the benefit of my experience, such as it was.

"So how can I help you? Down payment on an apartment?"

"Not exactly. Glad to hear what you said about Mike, though. Cause what I need is to stay with you guys for a while. It's either that, or move back in with Mom and Dad and that's something I don't want to do at twenty-four."

"But what about your job?" I asked. Ted was an assistant manager at a Pizza Hut, not a great job I know, but he was next in line to get his own store.

"There are stores everywhere. I'm sure I can get transferred to one there. It might set me back a few months, you have to do what you have to. So what do you say?"

"You know I would love to have you stay with us for a while, honey. I do have to ask Mike, though. I can't say yes for him."

"I understand that. Could you talk it over with him and let me know?"

"Sure, but don't worry. I don't think Mike will have a problem. I'll call you over the weekend, promise."

"Thanks Alison."

"No problem."

"Love ya, sis."

"Right back at you."

The more I thought about it the more excited I got about the idea. It would be great having Ted stay with us. Mike and I had a four bedroom house and it was just the two of us, so it wasn't like space was a problem. Ted had never been a major partier, so I knew noise wouldn't be a problem. Mike does like his privacy, but I knew I could sell it. He wouldn't even know Ted was there.

I planned on seducing my husband to make it go easier. Our love life had been lackluster for the last couple months anyway, since Mike started his new job. It was lot more money than his previous one, but a lot more stress came with that and lately a lot of travel. His company was trying to open a new divisional office in Houston and Mike was flying down there for a week at a time at least once a month. It seemed like we hardly ever had time alone together anymore and when we did he was always preoccupied. He promised things would be better when everything was settled in Houston, but I was tempted to tell him that the money wasn't worth it if the job was going to make him miserable.

So that Saturday night I told Mike I wanted take out. It was a place we ordered from all the time and right after Mike left to pick it up I called back and asked them to stall my husband for fifteen minutes or so. I ran all around the house getting things ready. First thing I lost the t-shirt and shorts I'd been wearing all day and slipped into the sexiest white lace bra and panty set I owned. Mike loves my breasts, a firm, large B-cup, and they looked great in this bra. It was so sheer that my nipples, which Mike had always compared to ripe strawberries, showed right through. Over the lingerie set I pulled on a short, gossamer kimono I'd gotten at my bridal shower. I never wore much make-up, but that night I chose my sluttiest red lipstick. There wasn't much I could do with my blonde hair, which falls an inch or two past my shoulders, in that short amount of time so I just teased it out.

I lit a dozen candles in our living room and turned out all the lights, put on one of Mike's Steely Dan CDs and waited for him on the couch. Right on cue, Mike came home bearing several cardboard containers of Chinese food.

"Hey, honey, where are you? Why is it so dark in here?" Mike called from the kitchen.

"Just bring the food into the living room."

Mike came in and stopped in his tracks. It had been a long time since I surprised him like this. Seeing him speechless I smiled.

"Do you like your appetizer?" I was lounging on the couch, with my legs crossed. I think I have pretty nice legs for being five foot five.

"Looks pretty good from here," Mike said, setting the food down on the coffee table.

"Then you should come and have a taste," I told him. I lifted my legs so Mike could sit and then laid them across his lap.

Mike leaned in a kissed me. I've always loved my husband's lips. While we kissed he pushed my robe open and he cupped my breast, stroking my nipple with his thumb, making me gasp into our kiss. My nipples are so sensitive, I think having them teased is my favourite thing. My nipple hardened under his touch, tingling as blood rushed to it. He broke our kiss and I saw he had the plum sauce in his hand. Mike took off the lid and pushed the bra strap from my shoulder, baring my breast.

Tipping some plum sauce onto my breast, Mike flicked his tongue, spreading the warm sauce across was nipple and licking it up. It felt so good! His lips followed his tongue and he gently sucked on my nipple. I held Mike's head and felt my heat growing. He pinched and rolled my other nipple while he sucked at the one. Then he exposed my other breast and leaning up between my legs and suckled each nipple, teasing back and forth until I was going crazy.

I pulled Mike's polo shirt off over his head and pulled him on top of me to kiss him. I think Mike is still in pretty good shape for thirty-three. Sure he's not the hard body he was when we met seven years ago, but life gets in the way. With work he just doesn't have time to workout the same way he did before. And Mike's brown hair is thinning on top, but at least he doesn't try and hide it. Mike is my husband and to me he is still as handsome as the day we met.

Things really sped up then. I could feel Mike grinding his cock into me even through his jeans and we both clawed to get them off. Once Mike was naked he was on top of me, pulling at my panties. I was very wet from his playing with my nipples, but I could have used a little more foreplay before he tried to shove it into me. Even so, I was ready for him. I had one leg over the back of the couch and he shoved into me, filling my wet pussy. Mike's got a really nice cock. He wasn't too big, but I've never been a size queen. He was big enough to get the job done.

Mike held himself over me and shoved his cock in and out of me. He was hard, but I could tell not as hard as he could have been. Still, he thrust it into me, hard and fast and I gripped him inside me. It was the most attention he'd paid me in weeks and I loved it.

"Yes, Mike!" I moaned. "That feels so good!"

"Mmm, honey, I love you. You feel incredible," Mike grunted.

I raised my hips to meet his thrusts and put my arms around his neck. Despite the central air, sweat ran off of Mike's forward, dripping down and his breathing was getting heavy. I knew he was getting close. His cock felt like it was swelling inside me. I was getting close to cumming, I wanted him to hold out so I could cum with him.

"Baby, hold out please, just a little longer," I urged, getting closer and closer. Mmm, it had been so long, I was so ready. Touching myself just wasn't the same as this.

"Yeah... yeah... yeah..." Mike said, but even as he did I could feel him tensing up. "Alllliiisssoonnn..." He moaned, flexing his hips and shooting deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back, holding him in place as I humped back up at him. So close. If he could stay hard just a little longer. My pussy was gripping him like a fist as I worked his cock.

But it was all to no avail. I felt Mike's cock shriveling inside me and he slipped out with a wet pop. I let out a sigh and hoped Mike couldn't hear the frustration in it. Looked like I would be spending extra time in the shower again tonight.

Mike laid on top of me and kissed me. "Alison, that felt so incredible. I can't believe you set all this up."

I couldn't help but think, Yeah, while it lasted. I pushed on Mike's chest and he took the hint and climbed off. I pulled my bra back in place and pulled the kimono closed, but didn't bother with my panties. I reached for the food. I was famished. "It did feel good, honey."

While we ate I brought up the subject of Ted staying with us. I explained all about the situation with Mary.

"Poor guy can't get a break. Actually, I think it's a great idea. We me spending so much time on the road lately it will be good to have someone with you here. I don't like the idea of you being alone so much."

"Really? You don't mind?" I asked. I didn't really think he would have a problem, but I didn't think he would be so enthusiastic either.

"No, really it's a great idea. Besides, I know you've missed him living out here. It'll be great for you two to catch up."

"Thanks, Mike. I love you." I said, kissing him.

"I love you too."

I planned to call Ted first thing in the morning and give him the good news.

A few weeks later Ted hitched a U-Haul to his car with all his stuff and drove out to our house. Mike was home that weekend and we both helped Ted carry his stuff in. I had his room all set up with clean sheets and some nice, homey touches. I wanted everything to be perfect for my baby brother. Mike warned me not to spoil Ted, but I wasn't worried about that. I just knew that he'd had a rough time of it lately and wanted to do everything I could to make things easier for him. We took Ted to dinner that night and over the next week the three of us spent a lot of time together. I was very grateful for the chance to catch up with Ted. He wasn't a teenager anymore and I found that my little brother had definitely grown up.

We were sitting at the bar at a restaurant, waiting for a table to become available and I made a disapproving noise when Ted ordered his third beer in twenty minutes.

"Give the kid a break," Mike said, noting my reaction.

"He can drink as much as he wants as long as he can hold it." I said.

Ted laughed. "Don't worry about me. I could drink you under the table with you weren't having those fruity drinks."

"I wouldn't be so sure, your sister could raise hell in her younger days."

I playfully punched my husband in the arm. "Hey! You make it sound like I am over-the-hill. I could still take you, little brother."

"Bring it on. You name the time and the place."

"We can settle this after dinner," Mike said. "My beeper is vibrating."

And settle it we did. Back at our house, we got out two six packs, two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. Tequila had always been good to me in college, though I knew I would be in for a hell of a hangover in the morning. Mike just sat to the side at the kitchen table, refusing to be involved in the madness.

I matched Ted shot for shot through six shots, but I was having trouble keeping up with him on the beer. I never could guzzle too much beer. He could see me struggling with the fourth beer and smiled triumphantly.

"Are you ready to throw in the towel?" Ted asked.

I have never been one to back down from a challenge. I would be passed out in my chair before I would admit defeat. Mike was sitting to the side, just shaking his head. I tossed back the rest of my beer and reached for another, almost knocking it over. Yeah, the tequila was definitely having an effect. "Why? Are you having problems?" I mocked.

"Not me, sis," Ted said, reaching for his own new beer. Drunk was I was I could tell he wasn't as drunk as I was, but then he's a lot bigger than I am, five ten and probably a hundred and seventy-five pounds. Ted's a good-looking kid who keeps himself in shape. Hell, I would have been interested if he weren't my brother.

"You are both insane. I guess that stubborn streak runs in the family. It's after midnight, I'm going to bed." Mike kissed me on the forehead, avoided my tequila breath and said, "Goodnight sweetie, try not to wake me up when you come to bed."

I have to admit, Mike was being kind of a wet blanket, so I was glad he was going to bed. The least he could have done was drink with us. But we didn't go much longer after Mike went up. After another three shots we called a truce.

"Thank God!" Ted said. I don't think I could handle anymore."

I had to agree, but I wasn't going to admit it. "Let's go into the living room and get comfortable," I said. I stood up and realized right away that was a mistake. I swayed on my feet and luckily Ted was right there. His arm went around me, keeping me on my feet. His hand landed right on my breast and I crushed it into his hand as I swayed. "Hey!" I said when I noticed.

"Sorry," he said and moved his hand, blushing.

"It's okay. I don't really think you're trying to feel your sister up." Actually, I was glad he didn't notice my nipple get really hard before he took his hand away. Like I said, they are so sensitive and tequila always makes me horny, so my body reacted to the hand on my breast, whether it was my brother's or not.

We both flopped down on the couch, with me leaning into Ted's shoulder. He felt so strong and I was so comfortable with him that I snuggled into him.

"So how have you really been doing?" I asked.

"Some days I really miss her, other days I realize that I was lucky I found out what Maggie was really like sooner rather than later. I feel lonely sometimes."

"I'm sorry. You need to stop hanging around with us married people and go out and meet yourself a girl. Come on, I'm sure there are other things you miss."

"Alison! You aren't asking what I think you're asking!"

"I guess you are forgetting who you came to when you wanted to make sure you'd be ready for your first time." I laughed.

"You can't hold that against me. I was a lot younger then. I didn't know what I was doing."

"So you're Mr. Experienced now?"

"I've learned a couple things over the years. Okay, if you must know, yeah I miss it. I think this is the longest I've gone without getting any since I lost my virginity. I don't know though, I'm horny, but it's hard to get psyched to be with someone else. Being with Maggie was just incredible. She could... wow."

"So you're afraid another woman isn't going to measure up?"

"Not that really. I'm just worried about being comfortable. You've been with Mike for a long time now. What if you suddenly had to sleep with someone else?"

"Why would I have to sleep with someone else? I don't think my husband is going anywhere."

"I'm not saying he is. But tell me, how long has it been since you've been with another man?"

That forced me to think back, something I was hardly in a condition to do. Married for four years and I was with Mike for two years before that. I wasn't dating anyone when Mike and I met. It had to have been almost seven years! I wasn't sure whether I should be depressed or happy about that. "About seven years, I guess."

"So after all that time don't you think you would feel a little weird having sex with someone else? If it came up, I mean."

"Yeah, I guess so. Not that it would ever come up. Mike and I are happy." It was weird, but at the last moment I decided not to throw a "very" in there.

"Is there something up, sis?" Ted asked.

"No, nothing's really going on. It's just been hard with Mike working so much and him being away so much. It seems like there's not a lot of time for us anymore."

"And I am sure me being here isn't going to help. I'm really sorry. If I'd known..."

"Don't be ridiculous. I want you here. I am glad to have you here and I know Mike is too. Actually, I think he feels better knowing you're here when he has to go away on business." I gave Ted a big hug.

Returning my hug, Ted said, "As long as I'm not getting in the way." Then he added, with a chuckle, "Just because I'm not getting any doesn't mean, no one should."

"That's another story. But hopefully things will get back on track when Mike's workload lightens up."

"Poor Sis! I thought being married meant having a steady, reliable sex partner."

"Reliable isn't something I could consider good when discussing sex. It's supposed to be wild and spontaneous. The best sex is unexpected. Reliable is what you want your car to be, not your sex life."

"Okay, I see your point. So you're saying you miss wild, spontaneous sex?"

It was weird, but sitting there talking about sex was getting me really turned on, even if I was discussing it with my brother. Talking about how sex should be wild and spontaneous had me thinking back on some of my more wild encounters. A few of those encounters had been in my bedroom at home, in the afternoon before my parents got home from work. "As you get older, I guess it sort of changes. And it can't be all new like it was back in the day forever."

"Well, don't let your spark burn out completely, because I know your spark used to burn pretty bright," Ted said, giving me a knowing look.

"And how exactly would you know?" I replied, shocked. How would my brother know how wild I was or wasn't in bed. I'd never told him anything that specific.

He must have been thinking of the same thing I was because Ted answered, "You forget, when you used to bring your first boyfriend home after school to 'study' in your bedroom that I was only across the hall. I hate to break it to you, but you weren't very quiet."

God, I could remember those days. I did used to keep it down, I remember, but when I was there in the grove I couldn't think clearly enough to worry about that. I remember my headboard hitting the wall so hard sometimes it would knock books off my shelves. But still, I'd never given any thought to the fact that my younger brother was across the hall, listening in.

"Why didn't you say anything?" I sounded more shocked than I really was.

"Yeah, like I was going to bring that up to my sister? 'Hey Alison, can you try not to fuck so loud?'" We both laughed at that. He had a point. "Besides," he said, looking chagrined to admit the next part, "I was sorta learning things back then. I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but for a while I judged my sex against that. If the girl was all quiet I didn't think I was doing a good job."

I didn't know what to say to that. I couldn't help but conjure the mental image of my brother as an adolescent, sitting in his quiet room intently listening as my seventeen-year-old boyfriend fucked the hell out of me. I could just imagine him listening while I cried out as I came. That mental image turned me on, which was disturbing. I closed my eyes and the whole thing played out in my mind's eye. All I could think of to say was, "Not all girls are screamers, Ted."

"Yeah, I figured that out after a while. No thanks to you!" Ted laughed, but I was definitely getting weirded out. I know our conversation had taken its bizarre turn because we'd both been drinking, but I still did not like what I was feeling. It was time for bed.

"I had better be going up now. I know I am going to be regretting this in the morning."

"Come on, then. Let me help you to bed. Don't want you stumbling down the steps."

I tried to manage on my own, but I was still too drunk, so Ted had to help me up. I was all too aware of him against me as we transverse the stairs. He held me effortlessly and his strength seemed to make the ember flowing between my legs burn brighter. His arm was around me and his hand just beneath my breast. When we reached the top of the stairs I told him goodnight and he gave he a tight hug and a quick kiss before sending me off to my room and my slumbering husband. It was the kind of a hug I would have craved from any other man.

Mike was out like a light, softly snoring in the dark. It was funny that he warned me not to wake him when I came to bed. A stampede would not have woken him, although in my state I really wanted to. Ordinarily I sleep nude, but I had taken to sleeping in a tank top and panties since Ted was staying with us. I changed into my bedclothes and laid beside my husband.

I wanted to sleep, but sleep would not come. The tequila was working its magic too well. That and the thoughts I couldn't stop from coming, no matter how hard I tried. Was Ted listening every time I was having sex back then? The thought of someone listening in on my fucking was hot and that wasn't diminished at all by the fact that it was my brother. I couldn't help myself and as I laid in bed a hand slipped between my legs. I rolled my panties down to my knees and when I touched my pussy it was already damp. I could picture Gordo, my high school boyfriend perfectly. He was cute, but not a jock or anything like that. He'd been a grunge bad boy, with long hair and engineer boots and lots of flannel. His attempts to go down on me were laughable and whenever I went down on him he came in about thirty seconds, but the sex had been pretty good, all things considered. If I blew him and let him cum before we had sex he could go for a really long time after he got hard again. Gordo had always been a little rough with my breasts, not appreciating how sensitive they are, but we were both learning then.

I imagined Gordo on top of me in my white princess bed, the afternoon light streaming into my bedroom through lace curtains. My room was always a mess and our clothes would be on the floor with the rest of the clutter. Gordo had a nice sized cock. It seemed huge to my virginal pussy. I stroked my clit in my marital bed thinking about my first cock and how good it felt. And then I thought about my brother in the next room, in the grip of puberty, straining to hear every sound. In my memory, Gordo and I were very loud. Lying next to Mike I bit my lip as I whimpered and touched myself. My clit was so slick it was hard to keep my fingers on. I lay on my side, facing away from Mike, with my legs parted just enough to reach myself. And while I touched myself I suddenly wondered if Ted had touched himself while he listened to my boyfriend and I. I bet he'd been turned on. Who wouldn't be? I bet he had. I bet he pulled his little pud while he listened to Gordo and I fuck. That thought pushed me right over the edge and I came as quietly as I could while my pussy soaked my fingers and I tried not to cause enough commotion to wake my husband. As I came down from my orgasm it suddenly struck me... Ted couldn't hear now, could he?

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