Drawn to You
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Cheating, Cuckold, BDSM, MaleDom, Light Bond, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Annabelle Daescher, a young interior designer, finds herself torn between her fiance and another man, Jeffrey Allen Winslow. There is something about him that she is unable to free herself from.

"Damn this traffic," Annabelle Daescher said to herself. The drive from the city to her fiancé's home wasn't a long one, but at rush hour on a Friday evening it was. She was on a tight schedule and she knew that David would be upset if she was late.

David Hunter, Annabelle's fiancé, wasn't an abusive man but he didn't tolerate tardiness and tonight was no exception. She knew that this party had been on their agenda for the last month. David impressed on her how important it was to his career so she had purchased a new black dress. It met with his approval and he had even arranged for someone to do her nails and hair at his home. She was only five minutes away and knew that the women he had hired would arrive soon. Given the traffic she knew that she would really be cutting it close.

Full of anxiety, she felt her body tense up. "I need a vacation," she said to herself with a sigh. To her delight the cars in front of her began to lurch forward and then move at a steady pace. It seems it was the break she had been hoping for and she could see her exit 30 yards away. Barring any other unforeseen obstacles she should arrive promptly, avoiding causing undo stress for him. She sighed with her relief and sped off the exit ramp. When the light remained green she giggled with delight because she was able to turn before it changed.

David's house was just outside of the city in an old area of town. The homes were old but beautiful and his was no exception. Annabelle, or Belle as she insisted friends call her, knew architecture and design as well as she knew how to breathe. She was an Interior Designer with Markus Architects & Engineers for six years and loved to read and study the history of architecture in her spare time.

At her firm the architects usually headed the projects with one Interior Designer assisting them. But there were certain projects that didn't require an Architect where no load bearing walls were being touched or space planning and décor were involved. Those were assigned to an Interior Designer Project Manager. After four years with the firm she was promoted to that status and began working with her own clients. She met David when he had hired her firm shortly after buying his house. At the time she had been working for Markus Architects for five years when her firm gave her his project. She had headed several jobs in the year since being promoted and was well equipped for a job of his nature due to her extensive study of architecture and historical accuracy.

At the first appointment she met David at his new house and while the house was slightly dilapidated, she was attracted to him right away. Since he was a client she had to ignore the attraction and be professional. The house was a Queen Anne style and it had all the beautiful features that one would find in a historic house of its type. It had a porch that wrapped around both sides of the house. The left side of the porch was more angular in its roof line and on top was a beautiful corner tower with oriel windows. To the right of the tower was the main section of the house, where the entrance was marked on the porch by a pitched roof. Above that were two additional stories with the third story nestled within the pitched section of the roof. The house was the picture of perfect asymmetrical design with gorgeous ginger breading just below the pitch of the roof. When they were finished with the refurbishing the exterior was a rich blue that was called "Southern living" and was selected from the palate of Victorian Era colors. The exterior was completed with the quintessential Queen Anne, white wood trim that was crisp contrast to the siding.

The house was mammoth, especially for a single man but he had accurately restored the house to its former glory. It sat in a historical part of town, surrounded by other large homes of the same era, just north of the city proper. It was an area were the well-to-do city-dwellers moved to. The homes had manicured lawns and flower beds adorned with vibrant arrays of flowers that bloomed during each season. The selections had been made by a Landscape Architect because the owners of the home spared no expense and wanted everyone who drove by to be aware of that fact.

Once the house was finished she was disappointed with the thought that she would not be able to see David on a regular basis. To her surprise, and delight, he phoned her at work a week after the projects completion and asked her out. The year had been a whirlwind since that time with him proposing only a month previous. He had popped the question on the anniversary of the day that they had met. She realized that while David was not terribly romantic he was very thoughtful, quite sweet and, to her delight, great in bed.

David had started his own company after college under the name Hunter & Company. At 34 David was six years her senior. He was CEO and President of his own company and, despite coming from a middle class family, had amassed his own fortune. He had never been close with his parents and younger brother, always feeling the outsider within their ranks. But what really did them in was after his company finally began to make good money. His family began to treat him differently. They were not afraid to let it be known that they wanted a cash-cow and he was their target. It was easy for Belle to understand why he was estranged from them. At the same time it was disappointing for her that he didn't have a family that she could marry into. But she loved David and in the end, that was all that mattered. Being an only child herself she wondered what it would be like to have a sibling to visit and talk to on the phone. Someone to turn to and to exchange Christmas gifts with. How would it be to have someone to seek advice from, bounce ideas off or even to share funny stories and life goals with? Her closeness with her parents had always been something she cherished and the absence of a sibling became even more painful after they had been killed in a car accident her senior year in college.

She had been executor of their will and their only beneficiary and while they didn't have a lot she had been the heir to it all. It had been further disappointing to watch her Aunts and Uncles bitch that they had not been remembered in their will and so she rarely made it back for family reunions. Due to her being the sole beneficiary they had decided to turn their backs on her. To her delight now, she had David and he had her and they were no longer alone in the world.

David's company had grown by leaps and bounds and it had become quite lucrative for him. He was an Independent Financial Advisor and Independent Mortgage Broker. With numerous employees and a booming business, Belle presumed that the success of his company would make David happy. She felt he had earned the right to sit back and appreciate what he had built but he wasn't finished, in his mind. With a plan to expand to bigger and more lucrative dealings, David wanted to move into commercial. He wanted to have a section of the company deal with placement of commercial mortgages that valued a million dollars and up. It would be the type of mortgage that would enable business people to finance office space, retail, multi-family apartment buildings, shopping centers and more. The party that night would be the opportunity for him to rub elbows with the movers and shakers in commercial land development who could throw business his way.

It had been the end of a long day that capped an even longer week. She longed for a five minute, hot shower before the hair stylist and manicurist arrived. She and David would not need to leave for about two hours and while she knew she could easily be ready in one, David had insisted on having a beautician assist her. The party was going to be packed full of important people and he wanted the jewel on his arm to be polished, at least that's what he told her.

While it was hard, she tried to not feel insulted by the gesture. Her long strawberry-blonde hair was never unkempt. Sure it had natural curl to it that fell in spiral springs over her shoulders. It could easily be pulled into a tasteful up do or even straightened if she was in the mood. She knew how to style her hair quite aptly and she worried about what it might look like with someone else doing it.

She pulled her silver Audi into the driveway and could see that David's black BMW was parked in the left stall of the detached garage. Both garage doors were open so she was able to pull into the vacant stall. There was little doubt, for her, that he was anxious and probably keeping a close watch on the time and her arrival.

Once she had turned off the car she got out, filled her hands with her briefcase, purse and books and rushed to the back door. It was unlocked for her so she easily entered the kitchen. After closing the door behind her she contemplated unloading her parcels onto the island counter, but thought better of it. David preferred the counters to be left clean and clear of clutter. She had to admit she liked it that way too. The kitchen was large and although it was modernized in many ways, they had managed to keep the vintage feel of the original house. The tall white cabinets and white tiled backsplash were contrasted by the dark granite countertops. It was the most modernized room in the whole house, other than the Master Bath. All of the design aspects had David's touch and insight. He did appreciate her knowledge and suggestions but all final decisions were his, as she would expect from all of her clients. What David had accomplished with the house fit nicely with Belles taste and now that she would be moving in his insistence on the accuracy of the renovation pleased her.

She walked through the house, still clamoring to her books and such, and emerged into the parlor that was in the opposite, front corner of the house from the kitchen. David had made it into an elegant home office with his desk and credenza opposite the angular window wall that was part of the tower. The room had built in bookcases and they recently added a desk and drafting table off in the corner for Belle.

After depositing her things on the desk and chair she ran up the stairs to try and sneak a quick shower. She didn't see David in the Master Bedroom, where she stripped down to her panties and bra, depositing her clothes in the hamper. In the Master Bath she found him shaving, wrapped only in a black towel.

"There you are," he said with a warm smile, greeting her. "Right on time."

"I know how important this party is for you, of course I'm on time."

"One of the many things I love about you, you're punctual. Okay, two. You're punctual and considerate."

With her hands on her hips she replied, "Maybe someday I'll make you list them all for me." After she winked at him she smacked his towel sheathed bottom.

"I don't doubt you'll make me do that."

"I'm going to get a quick shower. Do I have enough time?"

He laughed, "Funny you should ask that. I lied about some things."

"Like," her curiosity was peaked and one eyebrow was raised while waiting for a response."

"Like the time that the party starts and when the ladies will arrive."

Her eyes studied him as her expression was inquisitive. "What are you talking about?"

"The women I hired won't arrive until six-thirty and the party starts at eight-thirty, not seven-thirty."

"Why would you tell me the wrong time? Did you think I wouldn't be ready in time? Don't you trust me?" She found herself getting not only hurt at the thought but also irritated. Even he said that she was punctual and considerate, so why would he second-guess her like this? Didn't he think that she cared enough about him? Couldn't he see that something that was important to him would invariably be important to her?

"It has nothing to do with that," he replied with a playful twinkle in his green eyes. "My motives are purely selfish." He turned to face her dressed only in the towel. His sculpted body wasn't too muscular but firm and trim. There were traces of shaving cream that dotted his jaw-line.

In his hands he held up the lined pink arm restraints that they had purchased at an adult store a few months back. Neither of them was heavily into BD/SM but they had just begun to dabble. Apparently it was a kink that they both wanted to explore. For some reason, unknown to her, she enjoyed sex more when he was dominant. His strength and control, during those times, was intoxicating. Sex was always good with David, but when he tied her up or controlled her it was even better. He had commented once on the intensity of her orgasms, though, so the difference didn't go unnoticed.

She was standing in front of him, only in her lace under things. His eyes were looking at her with such intensity that she could barely catch her breath. The mood in the room went from jovial and teasing to full of sexual tension. When he began to approach her, her legs were rubbing together involuntarily because she anticipated his touch. He continued walking toward her until her petite, five-foot-two frame was pinned between the wall and his firm body. David was nine inches taller than her with dark hair that was short cropped but not styled yet with the products he usually put in it. It was fresh and soft looking. The tan on him was healthy and he had spots of curly hair on his chest and around his belly button. She loved to feel it tickle her nose when she kissed her way down his stomach.

His behavior in bed was almost opposite his cool, more stoic personality. He was a calculating man, with little time for extra emotion. But in bed he was passion-filled and wild. She loved the fact that she was the only one who knew the other David.

"God, you are so beautiful," he said, looking down at her with his body pressed to hers. She could feel his arousal through the terry-clothe towel. It was firm against her flat tummy and all she could think about was it.

She managed to reply, "Thanks."

"How ever did I find you? Your face is like a porcelain doll, your blue eyes are amazing. Your lips, God your lips are so full I just want to suck on them and have them wrapped around my cock. I want you so bad. I'm so hard, can you feel me?" She nodded, biting on her lip. It was something she did without thinking, a quirk, when she was aroused. "I don't want you to do anything. If you want to struggle some, go ahead, but I want you my way."

It didn't take long for David to start to enjoy the power he had over her in the bedroom. She was a particularly amorous woman with a sexual appetite like a teenage boy. Not yet in her thirties she was already able and willing to go anytime, anywhere. In her life she always found a willing partner here and there but no one could keep up with her insatiable appetite. David was trying, and he came close. It would take some time for him to get used to her needing him every chance she got, but they had time and she was patient. He had taken to the sex games quickly and with little persuading.

Now with him pressed to her with very little between them she wanted him immediately. He was radiating heat from his flesh that was potent, much hotter than one would feel after stepping from the shower. His scent was the most delicious thing to her, better than any cologne he could buy at any price. She had always found a man's scent, especially when aroused, to be an aphrodisiac.

She wanted to tear her clothes off then yank at his towel but fighting the urge was building up the ache in her nether region for their coupling and she dared not undo it. His posture and stare exuded power and authority causing her whole body to shiver against him.

Once he stepped back he grabbed her wrist and strapped on the cuff. After the second cuff was on he leaned in for a hard passionate kiss, breaking it quickly. She was weak in the knees and leaned against the wall for support. He grabbed one of the cuffs and tugged her toward the bedroom. The master bedroom was elegantly decorated and the furniture was a mixture of some reproduction pieces and some antique pieces from the American Victorian era. He had a reproduction of a four-poster bed that worked nicely for their sexual games. The furniture upholstery and bedding were mixtures of creams and cinnamons.

Led in by the cuff she noticed something that she had missed when running through the room previously. The restraints were attached to the posts and the ankle cuffs were waiting for her attached to the restraints.

"Remove your bra and panties now," he instructed her and she obeyed. Once completely nude she watched his eyes caress her body. The attention made her nerves tingle and juices to dribble from her nether lips. "Get on the bed."

He attached her cuffs and restraints and she tested them with an attempt to break free. He loosened his towel that had shrouded his torso. Lifting her head she admired his engorged cock and licked her lips. Climbing onto the bed and making his way between her legs he leaned over and bit and kissed her nipple. The bed moved with her pulling on the restraints in reaction. He kissed his way over her body, around her navel up to each breast teasing the firm nipples with his tongue and the scrape of his teeth. Then up to her neck and down again. He moved down to her ankles and began tracing his tongue up her leg leaving trails of wet kisses and licks up to her inner thigh. The kisses stopped and he began the same process up her other leg. Once again he stopped at her inner thigh and pulled away. She thought for sure the erotic torture would continue when she felt a light sensation and warmth on her bare pussy. His hot breath was there and his tongue started to lightly flick across her clit. Finally his tongue touched with more and more force until her back was arched from the pleasure ripping through her.

When he plunged two fingers into her canal she squealed and lifted her hips. The fingers moved in and out and his tongue flicked faster until it felt like a vibration. She was quaking and squirming. Her body wanted to wiggle away but the restraints prohibited her so she was forced to lovingly endure his ministrations. "Oh God," she groaned before the orgasm racked her small frame, covering his hand with her juices. Quickly he moved his mouth down and said, "Mmm," as he lapped at her nectar.

Just as quick he was on top of her and pressing his large hard cock into her wanting sex. Oh how she wanted to wrap her legs around him and dig her nails into his back but she couldn't. He rode her with unrelenting purpose and a regular rhythm and she could feel her next orgasm spread through her. Just as she was about to erupt she felt his need rise as well. They climaxed together with his hips pressed to her tightly as his cock spasmed with squirt after squirt of his seed coating her insides. She felt she had nearly convulsed from the force of her eruption. His arms held him above her trying to catch his breath from the intensity of his orgasm while her walls were gently massaging his slowly shrinking cock. They didn't say a word. He unlocked her restraints and they put them in the bedside drawer for a future use.

Once in the bathroom together she grabbed her robe and towel and he looked at his watch that he had laid out on the dressing table in the room. "The ladies will be arriving in about fifteen minutes. You better get that shower."

"What about you? Do you need to wash off again?"

"No, I want to know that you are on me all night."

She giggled and asked, "Oh really?"

"Look at your glow. You look radiant tonight. With you on my side, how could I fail?"

She turned and made her way to the shower actually looking forward to the stuffy boring party that they were preparing to attend.

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