Sumak The Great
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Humor,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A timeless tale of an idiot trying to make it in a world that will eventually...

I am about to tell you a tale, a fable rather. It normally would start out with "Once upon a time..." but that is a cliché that has been over done too many times. So I will start this tale simply by telling you that I am about to start narrating a story that, will start at a point in time in the characters life, and end at another point in time the characters life. There will be no lesson to learn. No hidden secrets about theology, or the meaning of life. It will be simply a twisted and demented look at the goings on, in one large genetically deviant family that I am very close too. You will not be able to discern the identity of these miscreants, unless you are as close as I am; or unless I have told you whom each character represents. So let us begin.

The tale I am about to narrate will start at a point in time in the main character's life and; end at another point in time in that characters life. (Let me assure you that the ending will make no sense. And it will end quite abruptly.) Let us begin now.

The epic begins quite easily and very painfully with a man. He is a slow-witted man who likes to do allot of sitting and staring off into space. When he does this he resembles a man who is deep in thought. Trust me he is not deep in thought. Quite the contrary, he has nothing on his mind. And please, if by happen stances, you chance to see him sitting there, on his stump in the center of the village, please do not disturbed this visage of solitude that exists, in the center of the hub of activity, in the village square. The reasons for this request will become evident later in this epic tale, this tale of idiocy, and deviant behavior. This is not a tale for the intellect in any of us especially if you lack intellect. As the poor main character in this tale will demonstrate, it does not take a great deal of intelligence quotient to appreciate the simplicity that can exist in an idiot's world. In fact if you are truly this dense; this tale is for you. If you're not, read along anyhow and see how the other half lives. The thing you must remember is that Sumack the great and infinitely void was happy with the way things are.

Along with being an idiot, Sumack, had an enormous group of friends. People in the village were so fond of Sumack; rather fond of the comedic value he and his band of overjoyed men, were inclined to provide for the villagers that they would not give up their village idiot for anything, for love nor silver and gold, for bread pudding nor hanging meat. This after all was their beloved Sumack, Sumack the idiot.

Yes it happened already there is a similarity to a very famous story that has a universal message about good vs. evil. Allow me to assure you that this is merely a coincidence the similarity ends here. I will tell you why it ends at that.

The last time I read the other tale I had no notice of a puddle of fruit on the bottom yogurt in the middle of Surewood forest. Yet here we have it in Sumack's tale. Yes there is defiantly a puddle of fruit on the bottom yogurt in the middle of Surewood forest. It is bizarre and unexplainable. But it does taste really, really good. And last I herd the other guy was brave and courageous, suave and debonair. Sumack the idiot is none of these things. There are other elements to this tale that are definitely tells that Sumack's real life story is not even closely, loosely, or remotely based on a fictional story about a robber who received fame cause he was nice. No sir this tale we are going through together is defiantly more real than anything I could have ever made up. Another point of fact is that anvils fell from the sky. Yes I said it; anvils fell from the sky. Like walnuts in the fall leaving the comfort of a walnut tree, anvils fell from the sky. You never know when or how or even why. But no one ever really asked either, they just accepted the fact that they had to watch where they were stepping, more too the point everyone pretty much most of the time walked with their eyes turned up to the sky. Most people but one, of course Sumack the idiot, frequently was hit on the head by anvils. What a surprise, right? Right? I know it's very unreal to have this happen, anvils from the sky? Really please of all the things that could fall why anvils? Well it's not an easy explanation and it certainly dose deserve some reasoning and time if this story is going to have any credibility, which, is not what I am really going for. I do not even care if you stop reading right now. I write for myself, not for the drooling mass idiots that are out there whom may or may not be reading this tale. I do it to alleviate the confusion of thoughts that race through my head on a daily basis. Not to appease the herd. I do not aim to please and do not really care if you want to see me dead or alive. I right to get this shit out of my head. I right to release some of the random thoughts that plague my psyche day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. I right to give my brain a chance to stop thinking. I will however, try to explain the unexplainable. This effort on my behalf is a mere attempt to explain something that is occurring, you may not be aware, but this explanation, may or may not, kill any suspense that, may or may not, exist. This is in no way an attempt at trying to appease the mass of imbeciles that may or may not be reading. (Yes I am talking to you.) it is merely a self sacrificing deed to get into the good books of my creator and then maybe when and if I die I will make it into "heaven"

It seems that time and space, are three-dimensional. And in being so, this story does not take place in our time and space. Thusly, unexplainable things that are happening in the story will not actually have to make sense to you. The anvils falling are merely the discarded anvils from our time and space. We throw them out and they fall from the sky in Sumack's world. I know what your thinking, yes people have in the past thrown out allot of anvils. And anvils being what they are, made of steel, and some of the models were very, very heavy. What with being made for pounding hot metal on, and for blacksmiths to do their black smith's work, and all will eventually have to fall somewhere. The fruit on the bottom yogurt puddle was an accumulation of all of the fruit on the bottom yogurt that we toss to the curb. In our reality; garbage, in Sumack's reality, a really tasty, delicious, nutritious, puddle of milk product, that for reasons all it's own, wound up forming this puddle in the centre of Surewood forest for no reason other than to provide a convenient snack for Sumack and his gang of overjoyed men, to eat during before and after a long hard game of "Find the goat we let go and kill it"; witch was, oddly enough often played in Surewood forest near the vicinity of the wholly sacred puddle of artificially flavored dairy snack.

Before the animal rights activists write a ton of letters, either to quell the voices in their heads, or to actually save a few lives of the goats, that are involved in the game "Find the goat we let go and kill it", I will explain the game. This time honored tradition has been practiced for centuries among the villagers of this little secluded place in time and space. It seems that this tribe of people has, and always will be farmers. So once in a while they try to spice it up by letting a goat go free and then all of the village men and boys chase the goat and... well figure it out from the name of the game. You can't guess what happens to the goat? I bet you can not. The men have never actually killed the goat. The name came about so as to keep the women folk away from the fruit on the bottom yogurt puddle. The men wanted to keep the yogurt all to them selves. Civilized self righteous all knowing all seeing women tend to be too good for a good hunt, so in their wisdom the game of "Release the goat into the wild, and find a puddle of fruit on the bottom yogurt for your self to snack on" was ingeniously called "Find the goat we let go and kill it", worked in keeping the women away. This plan played out well for the men. The women never clued in, and they always stayed away. (Well that is until Little Ron explain explicitly to Sumack what was actually going. Upon his enlightenment Sumack made the idiotic mistake of sharing his new found knowledge with his step sister, Martha. However this is a wholly different story we will visit later.)

The fact that the "men" played this game really made no difference to our "hero". As he Sumack the idiot has an inexplicable fear of goats, and fruit on the bottom yogurt. Yes the plot thickens. Sumac had a number of strikes against him in the evolutionary scheme of things. In fact there were very little chances that his DNA, his genotype, his family lineage, would make it past him. Yes I am afraid that the buck stops here and rightly so too, I might add. What kind of woman in her right mind would ever allow her self to carry the off spring from this vicissitude of absolute and udder emptiness, a void of any human intelligence? One might ask how he, Sumack the idiot even was able to remember how to breath. But this is not a biology lesson and this question can be answered by basic human anatomical science.

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