The Arrangement
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, Rough, Anal Sex, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How much is Denise willing to sacrifice to get the money she needs for her daughter's medical tratments?

There was no other way to describe Denise Robbins than exquisitely beautiful. The unlikely progeny of a Polynesian and Native American coupling, her rich creamy bronze complexion complemented the deep set almond shaped brown eyes and the prominently high cheek bones. Her mouth was small, her lips full. Since her modeling days she wore her long straight glistening black hair past her waist. Her figure was long and lean, moderate sized but beautifully shaped breasts giving way to an extremely narrow waist and well rounded hips. And then there were those legs, legs that seemed to comprise two thirds of her height. Unlike the straight shapeless legs of most models however, Denise's legs were curvaceous and shapely, her thighs and calves well defined ending in trim ankles and small feet. Even her toes garnered attention. She often laughed when her husband reminded her that not only had she been the overall favorite of the most important model fan websites, but her breasts and toes had been voted the sexiest of models worldwide.

She reminded her husband, Kevin, that those votes had been taken while she was still a model. After marriage, birth and breast feeding she doubted whether her breasts could still win such a competition. "My toes... maybe!" she would giggle, but her handsome black husband, an ex-running back for the Miami Dolphins knew better. After the birth of Mineena, Denise had worked out slavishly to restore her figure which, if anything, was not only as shapely, but probably better conditioned than before.

She watched as Mineena ran and played on the teeter totter with another child. The park was not far from their townhouse. The three year old was growing up so fast, she thought. Another year or two and then preschool and the frenzied educational whirlwind would begin. Before she and Kevin knew it there would be play practice, band, cheerleading, and athletics in addition to homework, field trips, parent/teacher conferences and PTA.

Denise leaned back on the bench and relaxed a bit. Their home, though modest, was in a good neighborhood and she had made friends with several other parents who visited the park. They all looked out for each others kids here at the playground. Still, a mother could never be too careful.

Her mind wandered as Mineena romped over to the swings and joined another little girl. She would probably have to go back to work. Kevin's job offers had been plentiful when he first left professional football. A career ending injury had come only four years after signing with the Dolphins, but as his name faded from the sports pages and ESPN commentaries, the offers had become only temporary promotionals and the pay far less than they would have hoped. He had interviewed with several companies but with the economy in a jobless recovery and no degree, his having left college early to sign a pro contract, nothing had materialized. He had tried his hand selling cars and even worked nights as a security guard, but the hours were long and the pay barely minimum wage. Denise had suggested a number of times that she go back to work, but thus far Kevin would not hear of it. However, the car dealership had just let him go, their bills were beginning to mount faster than his paychecks could accommodate and their savings were almost depleted, so last week she had once again offered to go back to modeling. Reluctantly he had agreed, as long as it was only temporary until he could find a job which would support them.

She had called her former agent, Max Tincher, who had agreed to see what he could arrange in the way of modeling gigs. He had agreed to meet her at the park and she was waiting for him now. A late model sedan pull into the parking lot and a familiar chubby form emerged, looked around, then proceeded toward her.

"Max, it's wonderful to see you again," she said giving and receiving a warm hug.

"You're just as beautiful as I remember!" he replied, smiling as they both sat on the bench.

"Flatterer," she teased.

"Maybe so, but it's true. I wish you had stayed in modeling. You could have made millions."

"For me or for you?" she chided.

"For both of us!"

"Well, I am looking for some work. Temporary I hope. Just until Kevin can get established."

A slight frown crossed his face. "Denise, I wish I had better news. When you called I thought I'd have no trouble lining up some lucrative shoots for you. But... well you know how it's a youth market these days and since you retired four years ago, it's become even more so. Besides, you know that four years is an eternity in this business. No one has seen or heard of you in that time. There are other names and faces adorning those billboards and magazine covers now."

"Max, are you telling me there's nothing..."

"Now hold on, I didn't say there wasn't anything."

She glanced over to Mineena still swinging with her playmate, then leaned forward. "So... ?"

"So, it would be almost like starting all over and as beautiful as you still are, they just want youth. Anyone out of their twenties they won't even consider."

"All right, Max, you've made it clear I can forget the top paying gigs. Surely there must be..."

"There is, I'm just not sure whether you'd be interested."

"Max, we're mortgaged out and our savings is all but gone. I need work."

"Okay. You told me last week you were looking for something in a hurry. Something that would pay well."


"And I called a friend of mine at Ladies Man magazine and..."

"Wait a minute. Ladies Man? That's a..."

"Uh, let's call it a gentlemen's magazine."

"Max, it's Playboy's biggest competitor."

"Well, yes. Gene Bentley is managing editor over there and when i told him about you, he was really interested in you being next month's centerfold."

"Centerfold? Max, surely you're kidding! I never posed nude even when I was breaking into the business. What makes you think... ?"

"Now hold on. I know it's radically different..."

"Different? I'll say it's different! What ever gave you the idea I would pose nude, let alone in the provocative poses they use?"

"Fifteen thousand dollars, Denise. That's what gave me the idea. You said you needed cash badly. Oh, I can probably get you some low paying catalog modeling jobs, but with your finances the way they are, this is the only thing I can find for you that will pay this kind of money."

"But, I'm married! I have a daughter! What would they think?"

"Hey, lots of married women have posed for Playboy and Ladies Man over the years."

"Max, I can't believe you would think I would even consider..."

"Look, think it over. I'm aware it's not the kind of gig you were accustomed to. But it's what I could find, Denise. Gene says they're devoting one whole issue to nothing but women over thirty. There'll be plenty of other women in there your age, most of them a lot older. They're featuring celebrities of the past, movie and TV stars, singers, dancers and even some past centerfolds. But when I hinted you might be available he jumped at the chance of making you his featured centerfold."

"Max, I just couldn't."

"How badly do you need that money?"

She mused, conceding to herself that the money was urgently needed.

"I'll have to talk this over with Kevin, but I know what his answer will be."

"You can convince him."

"I'm not so sure of that. Not for something like this. Besides, how do I convince myself?"

"I tell you what," suggested Max, "you run it past Kevin and in the meantime I'll keep looking. If I can find anything else for you, we'll drop the Ladies Man gig. Agreed?"

"Okay... agreed," she replied reluctantly.

He stood, then leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll keep looking. Maybe something else will turn up. But just in case it doesn't..."

"Yes, I know. I'll talk it over with Kevin."

They shared tired smiles and she watched the man who had been her agent for her entire modeling career get into the car and drive away.

As she stood and called for Mineena, she wondered how in the world she could possibly break this news to her husband.

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