Sam's Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Spanking, Sadistic, Torture, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Caution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is my first story. It's about a 19 year old virgin who gets raped and tortured in her own home by a family friend.

Sam had been waiting for this moment for months and now was his chance.

Kelly's parents had just left for their anniversary vacation in Hawaii and they wern't expected back for 3 weeks. This was going to be to easy. He had a key to the house since he was a long standing friend of Kelly's father Mike and when asked to help look after Kelly was more than willing to help out an old friend. Sam didn't even need to bring any of his own tools because everything he would need was already in the house.

He decided that he wouldn't start playing his little game untill Kelly had gotten comfortable being in the house with her parents gone. So the first few days he just casually went by the house to check on her and the animals and then he would say goodbye and leave. But by the third day he couldn't hold out any longer. His craving for the 19 year old blonde just became to much to bare. She was perfect. Ass length golden blonde hair, aquamarine eyes and the most tantalizing body he had ever seen. She had the perfect C cup breasts and a tight round ass. He knew she was a virgin because when her mother Jen had offered to have her put on birth control she had just said "no thanks, I prefer to wait till I get married." Now it was too late for her to worry about it.

Sam waited till she got home from her last class at the junior college and had a chance to shower before he made his appearance that day. As he walked up to the front door he realised that this is when most people would experience a twinge of guilt or worry but he noted that he had absolutely none. Since he knew she was home he knocked instead of using his key so she wouldn't think he was being to invasive and freak out before he could act. Kelly opened the door greeted Sam and then invited him in for a Sandwhich since she was already making one for her self. He came in, sat down at the table and admired her butt while she chopped lettuce and chattered about her school assignments. He just wanted to jump up and grab her but he knew that he needed to be level headed to pull this off.

When they were done eating Kelly said that she had to run to the store and would be back in 30 minutes but wanted to know if Sam would hang around in case her parents called while she was out. Sam agreed and Kelly left saying she would hurry back so he wouldn't be stuck there if he needed to leave.

As soon as Kelly left Sam started to get the stuff he needed together.

Kelly's bedroom was down in the basement since it afforded her privacy that way she could still stay at home and go to school with out feeling to childish for not moving out. Her bedroom was also right next to the utility room where Sam found the 100 feet of coiled rope he needed. He figured he mine as well grab the duct tape too so he took taht and the rope and slid it under Kelly's bed. Next he went upstairs and shut all the blinds except the ones in the living room so Kelly wouldn't get weirded out as soon as she got home. Just as he was going out side to finsih getting everything in order the phone rang. Knowing it was probably Mike or Jen he answered it. It was Mike and he just wanted to leave a message for Kelly that they wouldn't be by the phone for the next 10 days because they had decided to go on one of the islands outside excursions which happened to be camping and there wouldn't be a phone nearby. Sam promised to give Kelly the message and assured Mike that everything would be fine. As Sam hung up the phone he couldn't beleive his luck. Deciding to finish his prep work he went outside and unplugged the main phone line so there would be no incomming or outgoing calls to worry about. Everything was ready.

Sam looked at his watch as Kelly pulled back up to the driveway. She had been gone for 49 minutes when she promised she would be gone no longer than 30. Well it was time for Kelly to learn who was boss. As she stepped in the door she appologized for being late but said that she had run into an old high school friend and lost track of the time.

Sam said nothing as Kelly talked about her friend and put away the groceries. As she came back in the room she was carrying two cans of Cola. She handed one to Sam and then excused herself so she could run to the bathroom really fast. The minute she stepped out of the room Sam dropped a pill in her Soda and swirled it around to help it dissolve faster. Kelly came back into the room still talking about her friend and her trip to the store and Sam started to worry that she would never shut up and drink her soda but he didn't need to worry long because next thing he knew she was exclaiming how hot it was and slamming back the whole can of Soda.

It must have hit her like a Mac truck because 5 minutes later Sam was carrying her downstairs to what he now considered his temporary home.

Since Kelly had a canopy bed he didn't need to rig anything to the ceiling, he would just tie her to the bed posts. He cut his rope and tied a hand to each of the upper posts rather high. Then he did the same thing to her ankles but instead of cutting the rope off he ran it back from the post wrapped it around her knees and then down to the support beam under the bed so there was no way she could close her thighs. Last he took some rope and ran it under the middle of her back and up to the canopy rails above so the middle of her body was elevated about a foot off the bed.

Sam then went and sat in a chair in the corner of the room to survey all he had done. As he was looking at her still clad form hanging there he realised that he forgot the duct tape so he walked over and taped her mouth shut. Now he could sit and wait for her to wake up.

Kelly started opening her eyes about 2 hours later and as soon as she figured out that she was tied up she screamed. It wasn't very loud just a muffled noise but enough to alert Sam that his new toy was awake and ready to play. She watched as Sam calmly got up and walked over to the side of the bed. He looked down at her and smiled then he preceded to tell her that for at least the next 10 days he was going to use her and hurt her in ways she could never imagine. As tears filled Kelly's eyes he explained that it wasn't anything personal but that there was no point in plotting to get away because there was no way she could.

Sam loved watching the tears stream down her face as her body shook.

She really started shaking when he pulled a knife out of his back pocket and lowered it to her chest. He started laughing knowing that she thought he was going to cut her so he decided to mess with her head a bit more by letting her know that a knife cut would be nothing compared to the tortures he was going to put her through as he cut her clothes off. When he was done removing the last of her clothes he stepped back and admired her nude body spread open before him. She had beautiful round breasts topped with little tits the color of strawberrys and her openly displayed vagina matched those tits in color. Her pussy lips were also wonderful being shaved and perfect in shape. She had a nice flat tummy, slim arms and nice shapely legs. He just knew her backside was going to be wonderfull too.

When Kelly started struggling wildly Sam snapped out of his daze and remembered that he was going to begin punishing Kelly. He walked out of the room and 2 minutes later came back carrying a 3 foot ruler that he had drilled holes into. He then told her that becaue she had lied about when she would be back from the store he was going to spank her. But it wouldn't be just any kind of spanking. He was going to spank her breasts and he was going to spank them 19 times. Once for every minute that she had been late. Now Kelly had never been spanked in her life and the idea of somebody hitting her breasts was terrifing her but she couldn't even beg not to be hit with tape over mouth.

Sam was absolutely loving this. She was terrified and he hadn't even hit her yet. As he raised the ruler she started violently shaking her head but he brought it down as hard as he could across the top of her left tit. For a moment she froze and then she screamed in agony as she realized it was the first of many to come. Sam calmly walked to the other side of the big poster bed then smiled as he smacked her as hard as he could on the right tit and then before she could recover from the pain he hit her 2 more times in the same spot. Knowing that she would experience more pain if he varied his blows he got on the bed and stood between her legs and delivered 3more hard smacks to her right tit and 4 to her left. By now Kelly was shaking so hard it looked like she was having a seizure.

Sam hopped down and walked to the left side of the bed and when Kelly started shaking her head at him again he just shrugged and said 8 more to go. He was starting to get bored with smacking just her nipples so he grabbed her left breast by the tit and pulled it up so the whole underside was exposed and as he started to bring the ruler smacking into her breast he twisted her painfully abused nippleas hard as he could with out tearing it off. He did this 3 more times with the left breast before he walked to the other side of the bed. He reminded Kelly that there was only 4 more to go. He then picked up her right breast but instead of hitting her first he twisted the nipple. First one way then the other. After a few minutes of this he grabbed his ruler and finished spanking her breast, laughing in delight as she passed out from the last smack which would have knocked her tit into her face if he hadn't of been holding it.

Sam knew that she would only stay passed out for a few minutes from the pain so he let her be while he left the room to go get his next instument of torture. When he came back a few minutes later Kelly was already alert and she had resumed her muffled crying. He went and set his new device on her bedside table and sat down next to her. He just sat there and stared at her a few minutes and then he casually lifted his hand and started flicking her nipples. He could tell she was in the worst agony and he was loving every minute of it. He would flick first the bottom of her nipple then the sides then strait from the top and alternate between the two nipples. He even flicked them both at the same time making her body convulse within her tight bonds. When he grew tired of this he simply reached over and grabbed his new device. It was the length of a pencil and had a 2 long wires sticking out one end and a heavy duty battery on the other. He told Kelly that he was going to use this on her already sore breasts and it was going to feel like sombody was burning them off but it wouldn't actually leave any marks. in other words it was going to shock the shit out of her. Sam then set the square battery on Kelly's flat stomach and grabbed the 2 wires coming out of the other end. He took one and wrapped it around her right nipple tight enough to make it protrude more but not tight enough as to cut off circulation. Then he did the same thing to her left nipple. He then told Kelly that if she jumped around too much that the battery would fall off her stomach and if that happened he would spank her cunt and hook the device up to her clit.

Kelly almost passed out again just from the fear but he smacked her and told her that passing out was a punishable offense too.

Knowing that waiting for the pain to come was a torture in its self Sam let her wait and cry. He just sat in the corner of the room and watched her shake her head and cry. After a while her crying turned into whimpering and her body started to relax slightly. Same knew that she thought he had to be next to her to use the device but oh was she wrong. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote about the size of a credit card. Kelly didn't know what it was but she started crying harder again when Sam just waved it at her. He had never used the device before but that didn't stop him now. He pushed the button for the shock to be sent to the left nipple and thought she was going to break the rope tieing ehr to the bed. She screamed and it was loud even though she had tape on her mouth. He sent a shock to her right nipple and she screamed again. He turned the juice up on the remote and then shocked her nipples again one at a time. She looked like she was on a tight rope with her body quivering yet afraid the battery would fall off her stomache. She was beautiful. Sam was determined to make that battery fall though so he turned the juice up again but even though she was crying and shaking and her nipples had started turning purple the battery stayed in place. Determined to make it fall Sam turned the power all the way up and pushed the button that would shock both of her nipples at the same time and held it down for 30 seconds.

Kelly threw her head back and screamed as the electricity coursed though her nipples. Her body shook wildly in its tight restraints she started to lose control of her bladder and then Sam knew the battery was going to fall as she bucked uncontrollably trying to get away from the device that was causing her nipples to burn so horribly. Just as Sam let off the button the battery fell off of Kelly's stomach pulling her nipples to one side making her scream one last time before she passed out again.

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