Family Meeting
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Niece, InLaws, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Family love and bounding takes on a new meaning when the Davis and the Pattersons get together.

It had been three months since I had been home when I got a call from my brother, Jake. He said that he was coming to New York and wanted to know if he could drop by to see me.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear from my younger brother. He had just graduated high school and was going to wait a year before leaving for college. I knew he was working, but didn't know where, are anything about his new job. I hadn't heard from any of my brothers since leaving home. On my last trip home, the only family that I saw was my dad, my grandfather and my new sister-in-law, Maggie.

The weekend that Jake was coming to town just so happened to be the same weekend that my future in-laws were going be here as well. (Murphy — of course they would decide to come at the same time.) No one in my family knew about Josh and me. When I was home, the right time to tell them never seem to come up. Now, how was I going to work this out?

The night before Jake and the Patterson clan were to arrive was more then a bit stressful. Josh could tell that I was on edge about the weekend. The fact that I didn't tell my family that I had a man in my life began to bother me, after all, no outsider could ever know about what went on with us.

The fact that the Pattersons knew that I was my family's sex toy did not bother me in the least. The problem was that I did not know how my dad, brothers, or grandpa would react to others knowing our family business. I was also very unsure of the reaction of my family finding out that I had become another family's sex toy.

Having Josh's family visit was one thing, but knowing that Jake could find out that I had been fucking another family and the possibility of him telling Dad, was something that I did not need. After all, Daddy still thought of me as his "special" girl.

After dinner, I tried to relax by taking a long hot shower. As I stood under the water letting it beat over my body, the thought of what could happen this weekend weighed heavily on my mind. I had just finished shaving my pussy, getting it nice and smooth for the workout ahead, when there was a knock on the shower door.

I squealed, snatched the door open, my heart in my throat — and there stood Josh. He stepped inside, already nude, pinned me back against the white marble tile, kissed me soundly, then dropped to his knees. Spreading the lips of my freshly shaved pussy, he shoved his long fingers deep inside me as the water continued to pour down

After a good orgasm and a few more kisses, we finished our shower. Josh picked me up, kissed me again, then carried me into the living room to the fireplace. He put me down in front of the blazing fire that he had already made while I was starting my shower. The thought of giving myself to Josh the night before his family came to town had been on my mind all day. I knew that once the Pattersons got here, Josh and I would not have much time for each other. Making love on a cold night in front of a romantic fire was more than alright with me.

As I lay nude on the down quilt, Josh stood over me looking at my long lean frame. He had frequently told me that my dark tanned skin was a turn on for him, but I suspect my big breasts, firm and high on my chest, had a little to do with his interest, also — and from the amount of sucking he did on my nipples, I think they got a little of his attention, too — well, maybe a lot.

Josh is no slouch in the dick department, so I did my share of lustful gazing while he was checking me out. After a little while, I crooked my finger in the come hither gesture, and he lay that beautiful body, finally, on top of mine. I had already had all the preliminaries that I could stand in the shower.

"Put that monster in me," I hissed, as I grabbed his cock and centered it on my opening. "Shove that thing up my pussy."

He did. All the way in one slow stroke, pressing firmly against my cervix. I locked my legs around his cute little ass (he hates it when I say that), and let out a very unladylike howl as my orgasm went through the roof. When I settled down enough to breathe, he began his thrusts, his hands exploring, tantalizing by body. Finally, he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking, then stripping the nub gently through his teeth. After a time, his mouth sought out mine again — seeming to claim it for his own. His rhythm picked up, his thrusts became stronger, and we gradually built to our climax almost exactly at the same time. When I felt the first spurt of his seed against my womb, my orgasm hit again, this time even stronger than the first one, and I screamed out my joy into his mouth.

After we came back down, I looked at him and said, "Ain't love wonderful?"

"And the sex ain't bad either, Baby," he answered, with an almost-straight face, before we both cracked up.

Never giggle with your boyfriend's dick up your pussy if you don't want him to get hard for a second go. I saw the startled look on his face, and it made me giggle more. His cock was up again in ten seconds flat. Oh, well, I'm certainly wasn't complaining.

Although I knew that I was addicted to sex (I might a well admit it), it was when I was with Josh or Dad that I always felt like I was making love. When we had finished and were just lying there enjoying his limbering dick soaking in my pussy, I timidly asked him if he would mind going back to his place for the night, since I was expecting Jake early the next morning.

Thankfully, he didn't seem to be pissed, just kissed me and said, "Sure, Babe. No problem."

After we kissed and snuggled for a while, he put his clothes back on, kissed my lips and each nipple, pulled the sheet over me, and left.

The next morning when I woke up, I was still on the floor where Josh and I had made love. As I was struggling to come alive, thinking about getting up and making coffee, the doorbell chimed.

I got up, wrapped the sheet around me, and looked out the side window. All I could see was the back of a tall man, but I couldn't see him well enough to tell if it were Jake or not.

Not sure, but thinking I shouldn't be opening the door open to a stranger, I called out, "Who's there?"

"It's me," a familiar voice responded.

I knew that voice anywhere. I fumbled the chain, then jerked the door open.

"Wow," was all I could say for a second or two as Daddy sauntered inside.

"Dad, what are you doing here, and where is Jake Junior? I thought he was coming?" I asked, glancing past him to see if my brother was behind him, before I shivered in the cold air and hastily closed the door.

Dad looked at me and grinned, "Is that any way to greet your old man?' he asked, looking around as if he were looking for someone.

"No Dad," I blustered. "I'm sorry. I was expecting to see my brother. What happen to Jake Junior?"

I saw Dad's eyes drift down to my breasts, and I swear his mouth watered as he looked at me standing wrapped in that sheet.

"Your brother had to work this weekend and since he already had the ticket, he just gave it to me. Now, don't you have a kiss for the old guy?" he said as he walked over to me.

He took me in his arms and kissed me. I teased his lips with my tongue, his mouth parted slightly, and we tongue-dueled for awhile. I could feel his cock swell against me as his hands started their exploration. It had been about eight hours since Josh had pumped his sperm into me. I had wiped up a little just before I drifted off, but I hadn't washed off or gone to the bathroom yet. I knew that if I didn't do something very quickly, Dad was going to smell a used pussy. Shit, I knew I should have told him about Josh. I wanted to tell him, not let him find out by getting a mouthful of not-so-fresh sperm.

Desperate, I backed my pussy away from his exploring hands, and said, "Dad, I've got to pee. I'll be right back," I flung over my shoulder as I tore out toward the bathroom. I did have to pee, and I quickly did that. I stepped into the shower, turned it on, pulled the hand sprayer down, and pushed it against my pussy. Grabbing some soap, I soaped my fingers and slid them in an out of me. After trying to hold my pussy open for the spray, I dried off, gave my teeth a fast brushing, threw the sheet around me again, and headed back downstairs.

"You didn't have to..." he began, but I cut him off before he could finish.

"I had to pee, and I had morning breath. Now where were we?" I finished, smiling.

He knew exactly where we were. He slowly slid the sheet off my shoulders. It caught for a second on my breasts, then went on to the floor. His eyes riveted on my golden nipples (He always loved their color), then paid homage to them with his mouth. Dad has a way of sucking my nipples that makes me wish I could give him woman milk. After giving equal time to each, he encouraged me to lie on the quilt. I noticed a slight frown cross his face as he contemplated the quilt, and probably also wondered why it was here.

Oh, shit. Maybe he will just think I was lying by the fire studying last night.

As he opened his belt, I unzipped his pants. Shirt, shoes, socks, shorts, and pants were quickly gone, and he was lying beside me.

Taking me in his arms, he said, "Oh, Baby Girl, I can't tell you how much this trip means to me. I've been looking forward to having you all to myself for the whole weekend.

All to yourself and the Perersons, I thought.

I wanted to suck that big cock of his, and I was pretty sure he wanted to do a little pussy licking. He was darn sure a master at it. Sure enough, he turned around and buried his head between my legs. He didn't have to tell me to spread them, either. That big dick was right in my face, just begging to be sucked. Now how could I refuse? I had hardly gotten the head past my lips before I got a taste of that nectar that they call pre-cum. Oh, how I had missed this.

As Daddy and I got in the sixtynine position, my head was spinning with thoughts of him finding out about Josh and his family. But it didn't matter right then, I knew I had to play it cool.

Daddy spread my pussy open with his tongue and the feeling was almost more than I could stand. His tongue changed to my clit and he buried two fingers in my pussy, at the same time pushing his cock forward, sliding it into my mouth.

While Daddy ate my pussy and fucked my face I forgot all about the problems that were ahead of me. I had two great orgasms before he bathed my tonsils with his semen. When we were finished we took a shower together.

While we were drying each other off, I told him about this little diner in town that I go to a lot. It was where Josh and I met. I knew that Josh wouldn't be working today and it seemed like it would be the perfect place to tell Dad about my boyfriend.

We cuddled, kissed and talked for quite a while, then decided it was about time to eat. (I hadn't even had breakfast, other than my protein drink from Dad.) As we were getting dressed, Dad asked if he could pick out what I wore. When I lived at home, Dad would take me out to dinner and always chose my clothing. He had pretty good taste, and he didn't fail me this time, either. He picked a light blue miniskirt and a low cut white beaded sweater. He had made one new request though, he asked me not to wear any panties. I thought this was rather odd but I said, okay.

When Daddy and I arrived at the diner, it was pretty late in the morning. Since it was Saturday, I doubted if any of my college friends would be there. The Coffee Shack was busy, but there were a couple of booths left. Daddy asked Jen, our waitress, for a booth, and she lead us over to a small one near the back of the diner. Dad and I sat down, with me on the inside and Daddy sitting right beside me. After we ordered our food, he asked me about school and what kind of life I had made for myself.

At first, we talked about my classes and how much I was enjoying going to school. I wanted to work my way into telling Daddy about Josh and his family. Daddy seemed to be listening intensely when I felt his hand go up my thigh. I almost dropped my glass of tea when he ran his hand under my skirt and stroked his finger through my hairless pussylips.

As I sat there more than a bit surprised, he lightly kissed me, and whispered in my ear, "Have you been giving my stuff to anyone else?" he asked, squeezing down on my pussy.

"No," I weakly lied, as I felt Daddy's hand fondled my pussy possessively.

"Don't every forget Christy! This belongs to me, your brothers and your grandfather. I don't know what I would do if I every caught you fucking another man. Do you understand me girl?"

"Yes Daddy." I said as his finger slipped inside me.

For what seem like forever, I sat there while Dad fingered my bald pussy. It almost seemed like he was fucking me in public. I tried to maintain control but the sensation of Dad's long fingers as he shoved them deeper and deeper inside my cunt almost proved to be too much.

From the look on Dad's face, I knew that the thought of making his baby girl cum in public was on his mind, but I struggled to maintain my composure. Dad was about to go in for the kill when he saw Jen walking towards us with our food. Daddy pulled out of my pussy just as she approached the table.

As Jen began to serve us our food, she glanced at me. "Are you all right?" she asked, concerned.

"Never better." I said as I tried to pull myself together.

Jen shrugged. "Your face seems flushed. "Is this your dad?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied, getting better control of myself, and introducing them.

After lunch, we headed back to my place. All the way home I was in a quandary. How was I going to keep the Pattersons and Dad from meeting up? Why did they both have to come the same weekend? It was almost one o'clock, and Josh's family was due to land at two. Josh said before he left last night that he would take his folks over to the hotel and let them get settled in before getting together with me.

I couldn't get away to call Josh to tell him that my Dad had come, instead of my brother. Josh would be on the way to the airport by now. This was mid 70's and there weren't any cell phones.

I had to tell Dad something, but what? I had no clue. I had lied to Daddy and told him that I hadn't fucked anyone since I had left home. What was I to do?

After Daddy and I got home, we made love again. His antics in the restaurant had left us both horny. Even though I was hot, I had trouble getting off since I was so worried. Josh, his mother Kate, his father Frank, his sister Carla, brother Grant, and a cousin that I had never met were going to be here the whole weekend, and I had no idea how to keep my two worlds from colliding.

After making love, we drifted off, snuggled together. I didn't wake up until a quarter to six. I eased out of bed, leaving Daddy there asleep. Josh and his family were due at any time, and I still hadn't solved my problem. As I dressed, I realized I was sore. Between me having a hard time getting off and Daddy wanting to catch up, he had really given my poor pussy a workout.

Just as I was inspecting my pussylips, I heard Josh's car drive up. I quickly finished dressing, softly closed the door to the bedroom, and ran to the front before Josh could ring the doorbell, my heart pounding. Obviously, Daddy wouldn't stay asleep very long. Oh well, I guess I would just have to face the music when he woke up. Not a very good plan.

As the Pattersons walked through the door, each of them greeted me as a very special part of their family. Kate was her usual sweet self. Kate Patterson would be the last person on earth that I would ever think of as a swinger. Kate looks like everyone's grandma, that is until you really get to know her.

Kate's sexual appetite was just as diverse as her husband's. Frank and Kate never wanted a traditionally marriage. They had gotten together one night while Kate's first husband and Frank's brother was away. Kate had always been very attractive to Frank, but she ended up marring his older brother, Tim. Two years later Frank and Kate could no longer stand not being together. By the time they had married they had started having sex with other couples.

By the time their first child was born, they had been having sex with a couple who was having sex with their own children. The couple had allowed Frank to break in their fourteenyearold daughter while Kate and the girl's parents watched. From that day on, Frank and Kate vowed that they would raise their children free of any sexual hangups.

I was sure that Kate would not have given me away, but as for the rest, I could not be so sure what their reaction would be. Not even Josh was aware that it was my father instead of my brother who had come to see me.

Josh and his family had been at my place for less then ten minutes when Frank Patterson made his move. I was sitting on the sofa taking to Josh's sister Carla when Frank came over and sat beside me.

"Wow, Christy I can't tell you just how good you look," Frank said, as he started to play with my hair. Like with Daddy, I always seemed to lose it whenever Frank touched me. Nevertheless, I knew that I had to, somehow, stay in control. Frank continued as he moved in on me, his hands caressing my bare skin.

"You know that my family has been looking forward to spending some time with you, but more then anyone else I have been aching to get back in your panties," he said, as his hand moved up my thigh. Just as Frank's hand found my bare pussy, I heard my bedroom door open.

"Christy Ann Davis, what the hell is going on here?" Dad's booming voice asked.

I could tell form his tone that some major shit was about to go down. As I tried to sit up, I could see Daddy red face as he walked over to where Frank and I were sitting. Frank still had his hand up my skirt when Daddy approached the sofa.

"Girl, who is this son-of-a-bitch, and what is his hand doing touching my stuff?

"Dad please don't be mad, I can explain." I said as I pushed Frank's hand away.

Daddy's face was getting even brighter red as I hurried stood up. I knew that no matter what I said, the relationship between Daddy and me was about to change forever.

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