I Loved Sex
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Interracial, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - So here i was on the sofa between 2 men who i knew had stonking hard ons. and it was all because of me. Chris leant over and kissed me. His hands pawing me... i turned my head and scott kissed me full on the lips i felt his hand toying with the hem of my skirt... Chris' hand was on

I was 19 years old, 5ft 8", size 8 in clothes, long blonde hair and in love with sex.

It was bizarre how it happened, i was living with a 38year old man who had just as much of a love for sex as i did.

Anyway one day we got a bit tipsy while out and he dared me to kiss a man in the street so i did. We were walking along and i saw him...

Long dirty blonde hair, tight jeans, muscles where i didn't know muscles existed... I walked up to him looked him square in the face and snogged him I don't know what made me ask him but I asked if he wanted to come home with me... An hour later the 3 of us were in my living room, drinking and talking. I decided i was too warm in my jeans and went to change. i went back wearing the smallest skirt and a tiny top... knowing the affect this would have on my partner and hopefully the man i had picked up.

Needless to say my partner Chris was on edge knowing what i was playing at and hoping it paid off. Well, Scott, couldn't take his eyes off of me Chris looked at Scott and said

"She looks hot like that doesn't she"

Sure does replied scott

I giggled cutely, and tried to look as coy as i could.I wasn't expecting to feel their hands on me so quickly

So here i was on the sofa between 2 men who i knew had stonking hard ons. and it was all because of me.

Chris leant over and kissed me. His hands pawing me... i turned my head and scott kissed me full on the lips i felt his hand toying with the hem of my skirt... Chris' hand was on one thigh and scott on the other. I placed a hand on each of their legs... suddenly feeling a wave of major excitement wash over me. I was aware of my skirt being pulled off of me and being left sitting there naked from the waist down.

I placed my hand on Chris' cock feeling his hardness through his jeans... he groaned as i squeezed him. I knew at that moment i wanted these 2 men to fuck me.

Chris pulled my top off me and undressed himself, i pulled at scotts trousers taking them off of him and putting my lips around his cock.

Chris moaned at the sight of his young girlfriend sucking the cock of a complete stranger... Chris came up closer behind me and i felt him stroking his cock up and down my pussy making my juices flow. I knelt up and Scott got on his knees in front of me. Chris and scott looked at each other and i felt Scotts cock nudging my pussy lips apart. Chris began to rub his cock against my arse knowing this would make me cum quickly making his access easier. Before i knew it i was impaled on 2 hard cocks one in my pussy and one in my arse. Chris was telling me what a dirty bitch i was and how he was going to shoot his spunk straight up my arse. Scott and Chris were manhandling my tits and fucking my holes like mad. I started screaming as i came hard and fast.

Chris pulled his cock out of my arse and Scott out of my pussy, Then laid me down on my stomach with chris under me his cock buried balls deep in my soaking wet pussy and scott got behind me slipping his cock up my arse.

"Fuck your arse is so tight and warm" Scott said

"Oh fuck me... fuck my arse hard make me cum" i screamed.

Chris was bucking his hips against me as Scott fucked me. I was in a complete state of ecstasy having them screw me.

Scott was the first to cum fucking my arse like i had never felt and telling me he wanted to fuck, y cunt and fill it with his spunk.

After scott pulled his cock out of me Chris put me on my hands and knees and fucked me from behind until he filled me with his spunk. I was left with spunk dripping out of me mixed with my own juices.

We sat around for a while drinking and talking when the doorbell went, Chris went to open it and came back a couple of minutes later with Tony and Warren a couple of men who lived upstairs. I was shocked at first as i was still laying there with spunk dripping from my pussy Tony looked at me and said

"looks like you have been having fun and it sure sounded like it too"

I laughed and said " you can say that again... maybe next time you can join in, i would love to feel your big black cock up me"

Before i knew it Tony was beside me with his fingers touching me...

Chris and Scott were sitting there rubbing their cocks as Warren came over to join his older brother.

Tony was 37 and Warren just turned 21. Warren lowered his head and began nibbling my nipples sending waves of excitement through me. Tony moved himself in front of me and began licking my pussy, He looked up and said

"Mmmm your pussy tastes great filled with all this spunk" and lowered his head back down

Warren was rubbing his cock as he licked, kissed and nibbled my tits.

Chris came over to me knelt on the sofa beside me and slid his once again hard cock into my mouth, I began sucking on it playing with his balls as I did. Warren suddenly lifted his head and joined me in licking Chris' cock, I was bucking like mad against Tony's face as he slid his tongue in and out of me. Scott came over and stood there rubbing his cock looking at the scene before him...

"please someone fuck me, fuck my cunt and do it now" I panted as Tony pulled his head away.

Chris was in a state of shock, and excitement as Warren now sucked him off. Tony lifted me up and flipped me over rubbing his 9 1⁄2 " cock against my arse, I suddenly became scared and tried to pull away saying "please don't that's going to hurt"

Tony didn't listen and I felt his hard cock ram up my arse hard and fast... I screamed out a mixture of pleasure and pain. Chris was now looking on as this big black cock pounded my tight arse and I was screaming and bucking against it.

Tony suddenly laid back on the sofa making me sit up on his cock still in my arse. Warren still sucking Chris' cock came round in front of me and as I rode his brothers cock he rammed his cock up my cunt, Scott was still standing there looking a bit left out, when suddenly I saw my boyfriend reach out and start wanking scotts cock. Scotts groaned as he did so, Warren began sucking harder on chris' cock as he fucked my pussy, Tony was grabbing my tits and telling me what a dirty whore I was, I was riding his cock with passion wanting to feel it as he filled me with his hot spunk. Chris began bucking against warrens mouth as I played with his balls...

"Ohhhhhhhhhh I am going to cummmmm" he moaned as Warren sucked him harder... taking every inch of his cock into his mouth, Chris pounded at warrens mouth frantically and shot his spunk down his throat... The sight of this was too much for me and I began to cum on Tony's cock bouncing up and down as I did. Tony groaned and said

"That's it bitch fuck yourself on my cock, and then your boyfriend can taste my spunk up your arse"

Chris was bending over me now whispering in my ear how much he had enjoyed having his cock sucked by warren and how he was now going to suck Scotts cock and drink down his spunk...

Warren pulled his cock out of me and stood up lifting me with him and off of his brothers cock. He held me against him facing away and pushed his cock into my arse, Tony now came up in front of me and began fucking my pussy, These 2 men had me like a rag dolls pounding me with furious amounts of force... I looked over to see Chris sucking Scotts cock and Scott now wanking Chris.

"Oh my god I am going to cum fuck me, fuck each other... ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed as I watched them suck and touch each other. Warren and tony were fucking me hard when Warren grunted and began fucking me harder filling my arse with his spunk, Tony soon followed, Scott was now spunking for a second time, this time over my tits and face, as Chris ran his finger around Scotts arse, Chris was still sporting a hard on and Tony got on his knees and began to suck him off. Within a few minutes chris was groaning as he began cuming, Tony pulled his mouth off of Chris' cock and wanked him as Warren turned so his arse was facing Chris's cock. Tony rubbed my boyfriends cock against Warrens arse and said "go on shoot your spunk over his arse make him feel the heat of your spunk on his skin"

This was too much for chris who had never had this experience but had often talked about fucking and wanking over a mans arse and he shot ream after ream of spunk on warren.

The four of us lay there exhausted. Me covered in spunk from 4 different men, my arse and pussy filled. I reached out idly and began playing with the cock resting against my thigh, when I heard noises, Chris was in a 69 with Tony, sucking his cock like it was so natural to him, Scott was the other side of me watching and rubbing his cock, he repositioned himself behind Chris and I watched chris; face as Scott rubbed his cock against his arse, before I knew what was happening, Chris was on his knees being butt fucked by Scott, I moved closer and chris pulled me backwards onto his cock and began to fuck me. Tony moved closer to me and I was sandwiched between them... Warren stood beside me and said

"get my cock hard, I want to fuck an arse as well"

Well I didn't need asking twice as began sucking his cock in earnest. He pulled out of me and moved Scott out of the way pulling his cock out of chris' arse, replacing it with his own. Chris bucked forwards as Warrens cock found its way into his arse. Scott went round to Tony and slid his cock up his arse... It was an amazing experience just there and then being sandwich between 4 men who were fucking and not only fucking me but fucking each other.

After a while all of them stood up laying me down and began wanking over me, as I brought myself to another orgasm with a big black vibrator, within minutes they all shot their spunk on me... my face, tits, stomach, and pussy were coated in their spunk. I closed my eyes with a sigh as I came again.

The next thing I remember is waking up with Chris kissing me and telling me they had all gone home now but had promised to return soon. I turned on my side realising Chris had put me to bed and felt his slide his cock up my pussy and slowly fucking me...

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