Swinging Surprise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Cousins, Aunt, Nephew, Swinging, Orgy, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I found out that my parents had become swingers only after I saw mother fucking our neighbor, who used to be my childhood best friend

That's it. For the past hour I have held in my hand my hard earned diploma from M.I.T. showing that I am now a mechanical engineer.

My father is also a mechanical engineer working with oil field equipment and is currently in Venezuela, and my mother didn't like traveling without him, so there was no one from the family at my graduation ceremony.

I'm Jason Horn, 23, from Houston, Texas. My father, David, has been an engineer in charge of oil field equipment and machinery for many years, and today he is titled "Chief Engineer" for one of the largest oil companies in Texas. Being rewarded very well for his work made us quite a wealthy family, and thus came the decision to send me to the best technical school in the whole wide world - M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The fact that it's all the way across the US didn't matter, so I only saw my family once or twice a year during my studies.

My mother, Brenda, 45, is a stay at home wife who is involved with a lot of volunteer work, charities, etc., and has to spend many days alone whenever Dad is traveling around the world for his company.

My sister, Diane, 18, was spending her last vacation at home before going to the local college.

I had planned to stay a few days longer after I had graduated in order to sell my furniture and all the stuff I had in my off campus apartment and then drive home at leisure. There was nobody on my tail, and Dad had already arranged a job for me at an oil company. (Not at the company where he worked because 'it wouldn't look good', but at another company in which the technical department was headed by a friend of the family).

The plan was also that I would come home for at least a few months until I settled into my job and then decided what I wanted to do - live at home or go live on my own.

I wondered a little about living at home. I'm not a kid anymore and after 4 years away from home and being totally independent - what would it be like living with my parents and with my sister again.

My parents, as I remembered, were highly sexual people who used to have sex almost every night, and were never too quiet about it. It wasn't unusual for them to send each other signals at whatever time or place (the swimming pool, watching TV and even during meals) and then excuse themselves and disappear for a short while. The sounds from their bedroom explained every such disappearance.

Being very open parents, they explained to me, and later also to Diane, that the best marriages were those in which sex made up a large part of it, and a marriage without good sex was usually doomed to cheatings and divorce. They also explained that people having good sex usually express their joy by being loud, and the sounds that we heard just showed how much they enjoyed and loved each other.

I must say here that I lost my virginity at 18, during my first year at M.I.T, but from that day on I had my fair share of sex and there was hardly a week without some sex activity. Actually I acquired a reputation as being a good lover and had no trouble at all getting laid whenever I wanted.

I tried to imagine coming home and being with the family again, and having to listen to my parents' sexual activities. I also had no idea what I should expect regarding my sister whom I only saw on my vacations at home for the last 4 years. She was a beauty at 14, and on my vacations I saw her blooming and more beautiful every year - and now she is 18 and I really know nothing about her. Does she have a boyfriend? Is she sexually active? Is she bringing home any nice girlfriends I may want to 'know better'?

Another consideration was for our next door neighbors, the Warner's. A black family of which the parents, Josh and Judy, became very good friends with our parents, and their son, Fred, who was one month younger than me - was my best friend. I knew that Fred attended the local college, but I knew little else about him since I had been at school, about his girlfriends, job, hobbies, girls, etc., that is. So although we practically grew up in each other's homes there was a lot of catching up to do.

I got lucky. The guy who rented the apartment I was leaving decided to buy my furniture and other stuff, and I was ready to travel 3 days after graduation. I loaded all my personal belongings into my SUV and was ready to go. I planned my trip to last 4 days, but left all options open. I could go slow and check into a motel every evening at an early hour, but if I felt fresh enough I'd continue to drive into the night. No 'ETA' or calling home to tell them of my progress was planned.

Before leaving I checked the notice board at the university and found that a student called Marge needed a ride to Tucson, Arizona. I called her and we arranged to meet within two hours. This arrangement turned out to be a general improvement for my ride as Marge was a slim petite blonde, dressed in shorts and a yellow tank top which showed her lovely B cup breasts clearly. She was something to look at, a cheerful vibrant person, and as soon as I'd seen her I hoped for some 'productive' action on our night stops. Tucson was a 'little' out of the way, (the original trip was from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Houston, Texas) but after seeing my riding companion, it wasn't 'that far out of the way'.

Marge was a bright, talkative and fun to be with girl on the way home for the summer after her second year of Mechanical Engineering. I was glad for the company and it was so much fun that we actually did not feel the time go by. When it was time to look for a motel, she just said:

"All the day was fun and I enjoyed it. I don't mind spending the night with you if you want."

I just nodded, entered the motel's office and took a double bed room registering as husband and wife. Then we found a small restaurant within walking distance away and had dinner. The walk back was a few minutes of quiet time from all the chatting on the drive. Marge showered first, and came out wearing a semi transparent gown that went to her mid thigh, and showed that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

By the time I got under the flowing water I had a full erection, but couldn't decide whether I should jack off or not. Marge solved my problem:



"Don't waste anything. Save it all for me."

My unasked question had been answered. "OK."

When I came out of the bathroom she was waiting in the bed, naked. She had beautiful, perky small breasts exactly the shape and size that I love. A flat tummy, a clean shaven pussy and a great pair of legs. In one sentence - she was a dream come true.

We made love three times that night. The first time she wanted it hard and fast, doggy style. We were both hot and had our orgasms in less than 10 minutes.

For the second time she wanted to be on top, and we made love very slowly, enjoying every move and every inch of our bodies.

After an hour's rest she surprised me by asking - after a hot 69 - for anal.

I was not very experienced with anal and carried no lubricant, but she did. She got it out of her overnight bag, and we proceeded, and we both enjoyed it tremendously.

By the time we finished it was nearly midnight, and we decided that some sleep was needed too.

This went on for three more days and nights until we arrived in Arizona. I had really gotten to like Marge a lot, but when I asked for her full name and phone number she refused.

"We just had 4 wonderful days and nights, but I don't want to raise your hopes too high. I'm engaged to be married, and it will probably happen this summer although I'll go back to finish my studies. I don't really love my future husband but I like him enough. This is a wedding of rich families that will end by a merger of two companies. The matter of happiness does not even come up in such marriages. Being in love and being happy are just additional bonuses that come second after the financial arrangements, if at all. I liked you a lot and had a good time with you, but this was just the ending of my free choices."

At the entrance to her huge home we kissed goodbye, and that was it. We'll never meet again.

It was 8:30am when I dropped Marge at her house, and I decided to try driving straight home without another night stop.

I actually made it without totally falling asleep at the wheel and arrived home at around 3am. I parked my SUV on the street, picked up my 2 bags and went to the front door of the house. The house was dark and quiet. I knew Dad was in Venezuela, so I guessed that Mom and Diane were asleep. I opened the door quietly and went straight up to my room. The only interesting thing in the room was my bed. I undressed quickly, and crawled into the bed without a shower. The next thing I knew was the sun shining on me through the window.

Waking up at 8am suited me fine. I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face, put on some clean shorts and went downstairs for my habitual first morning coffee.

I expected to find Mom somewhere on the ground floor, but there was still total quiet in the house.

After making my morning cup of coffee (strong without sugar) I did another thing that was my habit for many years. I stood next to the sink, looking out the window onto the patio while slowly drinking the coffee.

Usually I looked out the window blankly. Looking but not seeing anything. However, today something caught my eye immediately as I looked out.

There was my mother, laying with her back on the metal table, her robe fully open, her breasts upwards, her knees up and spread wide. My best friend Fred stood between her knees with his big, black cock buried in my mother's cunt, moving in and out slowly. With the window closed I couldn't hear anything, but my mother's facial expression showed only lust and pleasure. That was the moment that Fred slammed hard into her and froze. He was cumming in my mother's cunt!

My mother was cheating on Dad right in front of my eyes! I was in total shock! My arm jerked and some hot coffee spilled out, and that's when I heard next to me:

"Hi Jase, when did you arrive?" Diane was right next to me.

Her question did not register in my brain, and I kept looking out to the patio, still in shock.

Diane, who noticed the shocked look on my face, looked over my shoulder, and with complete indifference looked at the clock on the kitchen wall and remarked:

"Right on schedule, like every day."

I looked at her in shock, noting for the first time that she stood next to me completely naked.

"What the hell is going on here?" I said. "Mom's cheating on Dad out there and you are walking around naked as if I'm not even here!"

It seemed that now it was Diane's turn to be in shock.

"Oh God, you don't know anything about us, do you?"

"What is there to know? Isn't it enough what I see!"

With that I put down my almost full cup of coffee, ran to my room and slammed the door shut.

About 15 minutes later there was a knock on my door, and without waiting for an answer Mom walked in.

"Good to see you home, Jason. We weren't expecting you for another three or four days."

"Yeah, that was pretty obvious from what I saw a few minutes ago. How could you, Mom? You and Dad always showed us how much you love each other, and now I come home and find you cheating on Dad? The man you are supposed to love, the man who has been working his ass off so that we can live in this great house, giving you any luxury that money can buy, and the moment he is away you cheat on him? He is always on trips - how long have you been doing this?" I kept babbling in increasing anger, my voice getting higher and louder.

Strangely, mother was quiet and collected, not showing any excitement. First she pointed her finger to the top of my desk. Right in the middle of my desk was a white envelope.

"Jason, before you say anything that you may regret later, please open this envelope that your father left for you before going on his trip. After you read it I will answer your questions and explain anything you don't understand. I was not and am not cheating on your father, and I love him like in the old days, but since you went to college we adopted a new life style you don't know about. All the details are in your father's letter, so you'd better read it before you say anything more."

With that, she turned and left the room. She was not upset, angry or nervous; she just left me to read the letter.

I didn't have much choice, and wondering about her being so cool, I opened the envelope.

There was a long letter in Dad's handwriting and a small plastic card, like a credit card.

I unfolded the letter.


Dear Jason,

If you are reading this letter it means that you are home after graduation, and you are now a fully qualified engineer. I am very sorry I couldn't be at the graduation ceremony as I've taken on a project that will keep me away for 6 months. The success of this project will pay me a great amount of money - in the 7 digit range this time - and after that I can retire and never have to work again.

The reason for this letter, though, is something else, something that only now - in my judgment - you are old enough to understand fully and without freaking out.

You know very well, and we've discussed it several times, that your mother and I are very sexual people, meaning that we love having lots of sex.

Right after you left for college 4 years ago, your mother and I joined a swingers club. I'm sure that you know what that is and what it means without any additional explanations. This has added a lot of stimulation, variety and additional pleasure into our sex life.

Your sister Diane found out about this about a year ago, so when she turned 18, 5 months ago, we allowed her to join too. (Not that she was a virgin - she had a boyfriend for over a year with whom she broke up not long ago).

Knowing how much we enjoy sex and going away for 6 months had given us a problem to solve, and we solved it. Your mother and I have decided to go into the status known as 'open marriage', which means that both of us are free to have sex with other partners. The conditions were that I, on my trip, should use condoms for reasons of health whenever I have sex (and I intend to have lots of it, just like at home) and your mother will confine her sexual activities to people we know from the swingers club or others that are known to be safe and healthy.

We also promised each other that we'll have phone conversations at least three times a week at night, and we'll tell each other about our newest sexual experiences. We've done this before when there were only the club experiences to talk about, and those stories worked wonderfully as additional stimulators. So doing it when we are far from each other should be still better.

This letter is mainly because we used to discuss quite freely with you the subject of our sexuality, but also because you may see some things at home that at the beginning you may find shocking without this explanation.

Now, two things that may shock you even more than all previously said. First, a while after Diane joined the swingers club, I started having sex with her - with your mother's knowledge and encouragement. She needed a boost after breaking up with her boyfriend and we had our first time on the club's premises. Later we continued at home too and really learned to enjoy each other.

Second, with the swinging people your mother started enjoying younger men, and after I started having sex with Diane, she admitted that she had been fantasizing about sleeping with you. I'm telling you this so you won't get too shocked if she ever brings this subject up with you.

Don't have the slightest mistake - your mother and I love each other just like in the old times, and all the rest is only sex and it helps us keep our blood hot and boiling all the time, as it should be with people who love each other.

I hope you can accept all the above as our ways of showing love. If you decide not to accept it, it will result in our family breaking up, which is something none of us wants. We, as a family, love each other a lot, with you included. Please join us in our special way of loving each other.

As all of us are members of the swingers club, please find enclosed a prepaid membership card to the "HappyTime Club", valid for 2 years.

Also, quite a few members of the swingers club are people you've known most of your life, such as our neighbors, the Warner's. You may find it difficult seeing your mother and your sister having sex with people you know, but remember - the difficulties will disappear with time, and the sooner you join these activities the sooner your shock and difficulties will go away. Plus - this is the life style we have chosen to live.

If you want and if they want - you can have sex with your mother, your sister, or with Judy Warner without going to the club. They all want it. Going to the club you'll find they have over 150 couples and their over 18 year old kids, and you'll meet at least 20 or 30 people you have known. Don't be shocked and don't be abusive. Swinging is a returning trend and many people join these clubs.

Most important - please remember that your mother, I and your sister all love you. Even if you are shocked the first time you see things - just remember that we all love each other, and everything you see is agreed upon.

Love, and congratulations again to my son the engineer,


End of letter.

I kept sitting there, thinking about the letter and about this morning's first sight. Although I began to understand my father's letter, the sight of mother with Fred was still something very hard to accept.

It was obvious that mother, Diane and I were going to have a long conversation, but how was I going to face Fred? I was in turmoil, not knowing how to behave or how to accept what I've seen.

As Diane had said in the kitchen, "Right on schedule, like every day."

Will I be able to live with that? At the university I considered myself open minded about sex and had lots of it. But seeing my mother fucking with my best friend? Going to the swingers club and seeing my mother and my sister fucking around? God, that's going to be hard.

My stomach started sending me all kinds of messages, so I had a shower, got dressed, took a very deep breath and went downstairs to have some breakfast.

Mother was waiting with the eggs just ready to fry.

"Shall we start the day all over again? I'm glad to see you finally at home. I'm sorry I couldn't be at your ceremony, but I feel proud of you. You are following in your father's footsteps, and I hope that not only in one field." She hugged me and kissed my forehead. She was actually behaving like a normal mother.

Diane came into the kitchen, still naked. "I missed you too, big brother. I'm glad to have you home at last."

I looked at her, and she reminded me a lot of Marge, my travel companion. Diane was a petite, slender girl, 2-3" shorter than me. Her body was fabulous. The B-cup breasts I liked, firm and with small pink nipples pointing upwards. A flat tummy decorated at the bottom with a thin line of hair just above her sweet looking pussy and a great pair of legs. She played Tennis and it showed on her body.

Feeling my cock starting to react, I blushed and said:

"I'm glad to be home too, but will you do me a favor? Please get dressed. I'm not yet used to this new sexual freedom at home and I really don't know how long it will take until I get used to it, if at all."

"Mom, look how cute he is! He is blushing! Come on, Jase; don't tell me you've never seen a naked girl before!"

"Oh I have, and lots of them, but they never included my mother or my sister. So, please bear with me for a while."

"OK, but don't you have anything to say? Do you like what you see?"

"Sure, you are very beautiful and sexy. You actually resemble the kind of girl I dream about. But I don't feel comfortable being turned on by my sister, so at least for a while, please be a little less free around me with your sexuality."

"Put something on and stop embarrassing your brother," mother said. "After he eats we have to sit down for some serious talking."

After a huge breakfast we settled into the family room. Diane had put on some kind of a light robe which really didn't do much to hide her very conspicuous charms. I felt really awkward, although not angry any more, and I couldn't bring myself to look either mom or my sister in the eye.

While Diane was giggling at my discomfort, mother sensed it, sat down next to me, one hand on my shoulder and with the other hand she touched my chin and pulled my face around to look at her.

"Are you still angry after reading your father's letter?"

"No, not angry. Just very uncomfortable."

"I can understand that. Your welcoming sight this morning was a surprise and a shock to you, not knowing about our new life style. Not so new actually, it's 4 years old already."

"Do you need any explanations about your father's letter?"

"The letter is very clear, although there is one part of it that I don't like. It says that if I decide not to join this life style I'll be breaking up the family. This sounds like blackmail to me, and it's also not true. I can live on my own, something I had planned anyway, and just call every time I want to come over. You may tell me that the time is not convenient or you may stop your activities for the short while of my visit, but this certainly isn't going to break up the family."

"Can you tell me in general terms what is your sexual experience and attitude?" Mom was asking me as if in a job interview.

"No problem. I've had lots of sex while in the university and with lots of partners and both with single partners and in many frat orgies. Even on the way home I gave a ride to a fellow student, a girl very much like Diane and on summer vacation and heading to Arizona. For 3 nights we had some wonderful sex."

"What you said before sounds like you have already made up your mind not to join us. Do you always make your decisions so quickly?"

"No, that's not right. I said I don't like that part of the letter. I haven't yet voiced an opinion to any other part of the letter. Look, at the moment I really don't know what to think. Seeing you with Fred was a real shock for me. I don't think it would have been different had I read the letter before. But, here I am talking openly about it, although I don't think that I can face Fred at the moment."

"I suggest that you talk to Fred in the next few days. He joined the swingers club and joined in on the family fun about two years ago, and you should hear and learn from his experience. He found out about his parents' activities when he came home once and found your father having sex with Judy. He nearly killed your father, but luckily I was in the adjacent room with his father. His Dad grabbed him at the last moment with a large kitchen knife in his hand. Fred took about two months to adjust, and now he enjoys the sexual freedom with me, with Diane, with his mother and of course at the club. Listening to him may help you, and you should know that we really and truly want you in with us."

"Why is it so important that I join?"

"First, for the general reason that we love you and having found something that we enjoy so much we want to share it with you. Second, which is more selfish but in the spirit of things - while men are looking for fresh pussy all the time, we women are looking for fresh cock. Every new member of either sex is a celebration for all the members. And finally, and still in the same vain - I think your father mentioned in his letter that I've been fantasizing about having sex with you, and by the way - so has Judy."

"And so have I," Diane intervened. "I've been fantasizing about you since I was 13, and that's long before the swinging and the free sex story. I was masturbating at night, fantasizing about you fucking me. Haven't you ever noticed how I was trying to make you look at me?"

I think I turned beet red within seconds. Here it was on the table - both my mother and my sister clearly announced they wanted to have sex with me.

"Look, you say that Fred took 2 months to adjust and accept what his parents were doing. I don't know how long it will take for me, but let's not forget that I only discovered this special thing just a few hours ago. I am still not comfortable with it, and I think you can understand that."

"Of course we do." Mother said. But Diane looked disappointed.

"I was hoping that you'll give me a good fuck..."

"Patience, Diane. Patience. Give him time to get used to all this. It is very new for him and we know it's not easy at first. Also, remember that until he makes his decision - we should either abstain from having sex at home or at least do it behind closed doors. We don't want to make it more difficult for him."

"Thank you, mother. This is very considerate of you."

"Now, Jason, tonight at 9pm I'll have your father on the phone. Many times Diane is with me for part of the conversation and I'd like you to be with me especially tonight. When your father and I want to get really intimate I'll ask you to leave the room."

At 9pm mother dialed Dad's long overseas number and pressed the speaker button.

"Hi, David. How are things down there?"

"Good, Bren. Really good. I may even finish here a week or two earlier than planned. How are things at home?"

"Jason is home finally."

"I'm glad. Has he read my letter? How has he taken it?"

"Well, actually it happened the way we feared it would. He saw me with Fred before he even noticed your letter on his desk and to say the least, he did not take it too well. Later I had him read the letter and we had a long conversation. As expected, he won't be 'adjusted' in a day or two, but I think he is open minded enough and we'll all have a happy ending. He is right here, so I'll let him take over for a few minutes and you talk to him."

I sat down near the phone. "Hi Dad. Quite a surprise was waiting for me when I got home."

"I hope I made it clear enough in my letter that we want you in, Jason."

"Well, as mother said, it won't be in a day or two. I understand that it took Fred two months after nearly killing you, so please remember that I found out only this morning."

"Yes, I guess I know that this is hard to accept at the beginning, but the sooner you start to participate - the sooner your acceptance problems will disappear. Is there anything you need me to explain?"

"Two things actually. First, you wrote that if I don't join the activities the family will break up. I didn't like that part because it looks like blackmail to me, and because it is not true. You can't spring such a surprise on me and then demand that I immediately accept it. Further more, I like my freedom of choice. I can accept what you are doing without actually participating, and there is no reason why the family should break up because of it. Second, you had Diane join in at 18 and started an incestuous relationship with her. Fred found out and joined at 20, and you write to me that only now I'm old enough to understand the changes. I must tell you that I resent that although that will not be a factor in my decision. So I generally think you had two judgment errors in your thinking and in your letter, and I resent them both."

"I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe I should have phrased it differently. As for your age, well, knowing you I still think that telling you earlier about the changes would have freaked you out. None of us planned on having Diane and Fred join in. They both joined after they caught us in the act and we didn't have much choice. Now what do you think the chances are that you'll join us?"

"It's too early to say. It was only this morning that I had the worst shock of my life, seeing Mom with Fred. Although after reading your letter I stopped being angry, I'm not over that shock yet."

"OK, I understand that you need time. I hope you know that a few ladies are waiting for your positive decision."

"Yeah, I know."

"Good, now let me have a private conversation with your mother."

Well, it was agreed to let me absorb the changes at leisure and not to flaunt any sex in front of my eyes. I was grateful for that because I really needed the time to think. After seeing my sister naked I was turned on by her, and even had to masturbate at night, something I haven't done in a long time. But trying to actually think about sex with her only brought up turmoil of mixed feelings.

On Sunday, during lunch mother said that the Warner's wanted to come over in the afternoon to welcome me. After having her promise that it would be a 'no-sex' visit I agreed.

They came over at 5pm, all dressed, and the conversation got flowing about my studies and my planned future. I learned that Fred had graduated from the local college as a computer programmer and has already started to work with a start-up company that was trying to invent a new internet security program.

It was Mr. Warner (Josh) who got started on the expected subject:

"Jason, you know that we wanted to give you a different kind of a welcome party. I hope we can do that soon because our women are killing us - they want to taste your fresh meat. Just listen to me for a minute. I know it's hard on you and we've heard about the way you learned about the neighborhood's new life style. At least you did not chase Fred with a knife. I still remember vividly the day Fred found out and nearly killed your father. Take your time, but try to make it short. OK?"

"Fine, Mr. Warner. Just let me adjust to all the new things I found. It's not every day that a guy comes home only to find his mother having sex with his best friend."

"Jason, when we are together please call me Josh, and save the Mr. Warner for public meetings. And the same for my wife, Judy when we are together and Mrs. Warner in public."

"Come on, Jason." Judy got into the conversation. "Didn't it turn you on even a bit?"

"Hell, no! I got into such a rage that I had no other feelings at all. Add the fact that Diane just walked up to me in her birth suit and stated that this was a normal thing happening every day. Only after she saw my shock and anger she remembered that I had known nothing about the changes in the family."

"Well, Jason darling, you'd better decide to join us quickly or I'm going to rape you. I and your mother have fantasized about you long enough. Even now I sit here dripping wet, but I won't let you see it because the sight of a naked woman may hurt your soul." She snickered.

"Hey, what's the rush? I heard that it took Fred 2 months, and I'm only home 4 days. I still have a lot of spare time..." I joked.

We teased one another and kept joking for another hour until Josh and Judy left. Fred wanted to stay and talk, but I was very reluctant. He understood and promised to call me next week.

On Monday I started on my new job, the first time in my life that I was going to work for a living. As a kid I used to mow lawns in the neighborhood as part of my education. I was taught that 'money does not grow on trees' and that 'the harder you work - the more money you have'. (I'm not sure that manual laborers agree with that saying).

Anyway, I was given a beginner's job, reading daily reports from the oil fields and marking anything outstanding for my immediate boss' attention. That was, of course, after meeting Paul who was a friend of my parents (and I suspected a swinger too) and was shown around the technical department.

Beginner's job or not, by Friday I was dead tired and waiting for the weekend rest. But some people had other plans for me.

Friday night, I was just entering my room after a shower, wearing only some loose shorts, when a blindfold was thrown over my eyes and quickly tied.

"Your cock or your life?" I heard in a 'loud whisper.'

I could not recognize the voice, but then I had an additional surprise. TWO naked female bodies snuggled up to me, one at my front and one at my back. At my front I felt a pair of large and soft breasts pushing into my chest. At my back - a pair of smaller and firmer breasts with hard nipples.

There wasn't a long list to choose from. The woman at my front was either my mother or Judy, and at my back it just had to be Diane. To my utter surprise, my cock jumped fully to attention. The woman at my front moved back a bit to allow my cock to take its natural upwards position, pulled down my shorts and pressed back into me.

"Lovely cock," she whispered. "Just like your father's, maybe even a bit bigger. Do you want to take the blindfold off?"

"No. Not yet."

"Don't worry, this is Judy. Not your mother."

"Just leave it on for a while longer. I'll take it off whenever I feel OK with it."

"Can you take two of us?" came the whispered question from my back.

"Usually yes, but I'm not sure about now."

"I'll wait patiently. Take Judy, and later I'll not only let you smell my dripping pussy but a whole bunch of other things. We'll see your reaction then."

Nature took over, and at least for Judy - my inhibitions disappeared. I only left the blindfold on in order to avoid any possible embarrassment. My hands started checking Judy out. It was my first time with an older woman, and although I saw my mother a few days ago and she looked good enough to eat - I still didn't know what to expect.

I studied Judy's body like a blind man - with my hands only. Her body was toned, not an ounce of fat. Her breasts were large and slightly sagging - age must show someplace. Her ass was firm, no cellulite and no sagging. Her thighs were firm and well shaped. She had a trimmed triangle of hair on her mound and perfectly shaved pussy lips.

While I was checking out Judy's body, Diane kept rubbing herself on my back. I described Diane's body earlier - she was my dream come true, but she also was my sister, so I was still uneasy about having sex with her. Judy was our neighbor, and she was also Fred's mother. Maybe I felt that I had some kind of revenge after seeing Fred fucking my mother.

Judy knelt in front of me and took my cock in her hand. After rubbing it twice back and forth I felt her tongue on my piss hole, and then her lips engulfing me.

I pulled her back up. "I want to taste you too. Lead me to the bed and let's 69."

She led me to my bed and laid me on my back.

"Maybe I should take the blindfold off now." I said.

"That would be nice, but you should know that your mother is in here watching us and masturbating."

"Leave the blindfold on."

"I thought you'd say that."

That was enough to get my head working again, and I felt my cock starting to shrink.

"Oh no, don't do that!" Judy snapped and had my cock in her mouth in a second. She did all the right things and sucked me like a pump, but my cock kept shrinking.

"Brenda, I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave us alone. I hope I haven't lost him completely."

"OK, I'm out." Came my mother's whisper.

Judy pressed her cunt onto my mouth and went back to sucking my cock. After a short effort my cock started getting hard again. Her pussy was flooded with her sweet nectar. I had thought that 'older' women would be different, but I started to learn that Judy was just as tasty as a young chick, and that her longer experience made her a better lover - a few notches above my usual crowd of university students.

I kept eating her out while she kept sucking. And boy, she certainly knew how to suck cock! While I was no giant I had a decent size cock, and Judy took it down her throat without effort, and it looked as she could take down a few more inches if I had them. She was actually licking my balls with my cock in her mouth, until I signaled her to stop.

After pulling her mouth off, she started showing how much she enjoyed my work too.

"Oh yeah, baby! Oooohhh that's good. Your tongue is as nice as your cock. Yeah, baby, lick my asshole, Oooohhh I love it! Yeah, make me cum, baby, I'm so close. Here goes!" And with that her body froze, back arched with a long drawn groan escaping her mouth, and then she went into convulsions and shivers all through her body.

I let her relax for a minute and then got up, removed my blindfold, rolled her onto her hands and knees, got behind her and slammed into her powerfully. I started ramming her hard and fast, while she babbled on, "Yeah baby, ohhhh you are so good. I was hoping you'd be good and you are better than my fantasies! Come on baby, fuck me hard! I love it!"

After about 10 minutes we both had powerful orgasms, and slumped down in each other's arms. I had to admit, at least to myself, that sex with an 'older woman' was at least as good as having it with young students, and in some aspects even better.

"God, Jason, you are one of the best lovers I've ever had, and I've had quite a few!"

"You are not bad yourself. You completely changed my perspective of what's known as 'older women'."

"You haven't seen the half of it yet. Your mother is much hotter than I am, and she is waiting to show you how hot she can be."

"Judy, please let us leave family out of this for the time being. I'm still very uneasy about it."

"That's OK, but you know that soon you'll have to decide one way or the other. The women of your family love you very much and are waiting to show you their love in the most unorthodox but most gratifying way."

"I know that, but it's only been two weeks since I came home. Give me more time please. You must admit that being with you is already a progress."

"Yes, that is true, and I'm very grateful for being your first at home. So let's stop talking and do it again. OK?"

I pushed her to her back and started making slow love to her body. I caressed kissed and licked her ears, her eyes, her lips and her neck. I caressed and softly squeezed her breasts, finally licking her nipples and sucking them into my mouth. At that stage she had a small orgasm.

Continuing downwards I licked and kissed her navel and bypassed her cunt to go further down on her thighs and legs. While nibbling and sucking her toes, she had a second small orgasm.

Then I moved upwards again very slowly, kissing and licking the inside of her legs and her thighs, until I reached her sweet pussy. By then she was begging me to fuck her, but I continued with my slow manipulations. While licking the sweet juice of her slit, I pushed two fingers into her cunt and fingered her for a while, and then I sucked her clit into my mouth and at the same time pushed a finger into her ass.

Judy arched her body so suddenly and so powerfully that I was pushed off her and thrown to the side. Quickly I moved over her again, mounted her and slowly pushed my hard cock into her. Then, I started the slowest fuck ever in my experience. I pulled out until only the tip was in her, and then slowly pushed in all the way back in. I did it so slow that every move lasted a good few seconds. I wanted this fuck to last as long as possible, because I enjoyed it, and Judy's body, so much.

After about 15 minutes of this, she locked her feet around my ass and started pulling me into her faster and harder. It took another 5 minutes until I exploded with the most powerful, intense and joyful orgasm of my entire life. Feeling my spurts in her, Judy also had a powerful and intense orgasm.

While cuddling in the afterglow, Judy started talking again.

"You know, that was the best fuck I had since Josh and I were teenagers. Don't tell that to Fred, but he has a lot to learn in order to become a lover like you. You can have me any time you want, and unless it collides with either Josh or with Fred - you'll have priority. Now, as long as you don't want to do your mother and your sister, and I hope that isn't for long, I think you should visit our club and get acquainted there. You'll meet lots of people, many of whom you know, and you can learn a lot from them."

That night I slept like a log, waking up at 10 Saturday morning. Going downstairs after a shower I met both Mom and Diane having breakfast.

"Good morning sleepy head. We had a detailed report from Judy last night, and it seems that you are a dream about to come true. Judy was full of praise and VERY satisfied last night."

"Mom, does being swingers means that a person also gives up all his privacy?"

"Sorry Jason. Judy and I are best friends and we compare notes about every man we enjoy. Also, Diane and I were very curious as you can well understand."

"Its OK Mom, I think I'm beginning to get used to the new atmosphere at home. After all, the only strange thing is having this attitude in the family. At the university I had a very active sex life without giving it a second thought. I only find it hard getting used to the fact that my mother, my sister, my father and our best friends behave like this at home. And as far as sharing information goes - Judy has completely changed my perspective on 'older women'. Last night was one of the best fucks I ever had!"

"Good! That's some progress anyway."

There was a knock on the kitchen back door, and Fred came in.

"Girls, don't jump. Today I'd like to spend some time with Jason if he is willing."

"OK Chump. It's time that we talk anyway. If you see me uncomfortable just give me some time and start again."

"How about going to the club? You haven't been there and Saturday is a good day to be introduced around. You'll probably meet many people you know, and we'll have a great time."

"OK, but for the time being I'd like to be sure that neither my Mom nor Diane will be there while I am."

"If you haven't noticed they disappeared the moment I said I'm here for you today. I believe that today my father is the lucky guy."

He saw me wince and become white.

"Sorry pal, but you have to get used to the new facts of life as quickly as possible. I'll tell you a lot about my experience today, and I hope you'll join us soon. It wasn't easy for me hearing how you reacted after seeing me with your mother and that you refused to talk to me."

"Well, someone said that at least I wasn't chasing you with a knife, but I heard that you've been through the same kind of shock, so you can at least understand it."

"Yeah, I still remember the day I came home and found your father fucking my mother on the living room sofa. I don't know yet whom I wanted to kill with the knife - your father or my mother. Lucky thing that my Dad was fucking your mother in the adjacent room and they heard my screams. Boy was I mad that day."

"Well, I nearly spilled some hot coffee on myself when I saw you with my mother on the patio. Say, do you really fuck my mother every day?"

"No. Your mother likes a morning fuck every day, but with different partners. Sometimes it's me, sometimes my Dad and sometimes with other members of the swinging club. But it's true that it happens every morning at 7:45am."

"Look, I'm so new to this. Doesn't this make my mother some kind of a slut?"

"That is a matter of attitude. As I understand it everything is done with your father's consent and encouragement, while he is doing the same wherever he is. Also, this is done within a circle of friends. I think your mother would be insulted if she heard your question. I know that my mother does the same, and after I got used to it I never thought of giving her bad names."

We were now in Fred's car and driving to the club.

"I heard from my Mom this morning that you are quite a lover. Mother is a very hot fuck. I should know as there is hardly a day now that I don't fuck her. It's been nearly two years now, and she can still teach me new things - positions, actions and tiny changes that have big results. Did you enjoy her as much as she enjoyed you?"

"Damn it, Fred! Do you really want to discuss how I fucked your mother? Isn't it, like, invasion of privacy?"

"Yeah, well, it's kinda strange for me too, but I'm really trying to get you to be free about the family activities. After all your family and mine have been like one family for many years. The fact that we live in two houses is just to show off for the outsiders. I'm trying to break down that uneasiness that you feel."

"It took you two months and you are trying to get me over it in two weeks?"

"I was a sentimental jerk and I want you to get over it much quicker. Even during those two months I missed a lot of fun. Why should you miss it too? Now, you haven't answered me about fucking my mother last night."

"OK, your mother was one of the hottest fucks I've ever had. She was my first 'older woman' and she changed everything I ever thought about older women. Experience really counts a lot."

"Well, don't be offended, but I must tell you that your mother is even hotter. I know she is waiting for you to 'defreeze' towards her, and if she'll really lets go when the time comes you are in for some very pleasant surprises. Your sister is very good too, but she still has a lot to learn."

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