Accidental Martian
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is set in Al Steiner's Greenies Universe. David Reed is an Earthling sent to Mars by his company. The story starts ten years prior to the Martian Revolution. On the surface David seems to be a normal Earthling, but David has a secret life. This is the story of how David changes from an Earthling into a first generation Martian.

Texarkana, Earth

Thursday, March 15, 2136

David Reed stood at semi-attention in front of his boss Michael Dalrimple, Plant Manager of Alexander Industries Red River ammunition manufacturing facility. The factory just west of Texarkana, in the Texas subsection of the state of North-Southern on the North American landmass, manufactured a small portion of the ammunition for sale to civilians and 25 percent of all the ammunition used by the WestHem Marines.

As general operations manager of the plant, David was responsible for all the ammunition manufactured in the plant. This included, the ammunition manufactured for the WestHem Marines. He quickly reviewed all his and his employees' actions for the last few days. He could not come up with a reason for the summons to Mr. Dalrimple's office.

As usual, David was trying to show absolutely no emotion. He was firmly convinced that showing any emotion was an invitation for disaster. Only cold, reasoned logic provided any protection from the dangers of the world.

Finally, Dalrimple broke the tension by saying. "David you have done an outstanding job as operations manager over the last four years and you deserve a reward. The assistant plant manager position at the New Pittsburgh ammunition plant will open in two months and I put in your name for it."

David noticeably relaxed his shoulders at this statement. Then he started thinking, New Pittsburgh, now where in the world is New Pittsburgh? For the life of him, he could not remember a New Pittsburgh anywhere in North America. Come to think of it, he could not think of one in South America either.

Just then, Mr. Dalrimple's voice cut through his thoughts. "Top management accepted my recommendation and you leave for Mars Monday morning."

Now Mr. Dalrimple had David's full attention. "What? How?" David asked.

The older man just chuckled and said. "The Company will buy your house for 110 percent of fair market value and deposit the money into the same account you use for your pay. The deposit should be in the account before your shuttle lifts from the Dallas/Fort Worth air and spaceport on Monday.

"Now take the rest of today off to pack. The movers will arrive to start packing your furniture tomorrow. It will be on the same ship as you."

In a daze David responded, "OK"

"They tell me that it's a 28-day trip to Mars this time of year. If you wait three weeks for the next ship, it will be a 33-day trip. The company needs you there for a one week orientation from the person you replace. Then she can return home."

Sounding very sincere Mr. Dalrimple continued. "Just remember David, I retire in five more years. Do a good job on Mars and you can be the plant manager here after I retire. Don't think of it as an exile, think of it as an opportunity."

From that last remark, David could tell that he had not completely kept his emotions out of his face. He did think of the assignment as an exile from Earth. In Alexander Industries, almost all assignments to Mars were the corporate equivalent of being sent to Siberia.

The one exception was the Plant Manager at the Martian armored vehicle plant. That plant manufactured all of Alexander Industries extraterrestrial armored vehicles. The plant accounted for 15 percent of Alexander Industries gross income and 18 percent of its net income.

David put on his best Team Player face. "Mr. Dalrimple I do not know how to thank you." But I will find a way sooner or later. "This promotion is the best thing that has happened to me in years." David lied.

"Now if you'll excuse me. I need to clear out my office, pack my clothes and straighten the house before the movers arrive tomorrow."

"No need to thank me, you earned it." With that, Mr. Dalrimple dismissed David.

Returning to his office, David was so deep in thought he did not even see his secretary as he passed her on his way into his office. The whole time he was trying to decide if this was really an advancement or the end of his career. David was so engrossed in his own thoughts he did not even remember to tell his secretary goodbye.

Quickly, David started separating everything into three groups: pack to ship, leave for the new operations manager, or throw in the trash. A lifetime of mementos lined the shelves and walls of his office, including his engineering degree from the University of Texas, his Certified Mechanical Engineering certificate from the WestHem Society of Certified Mechanical Engineers, and a commendation presented to him four years ago for reorganizing the production line. That commendation resulted in David's promotion to his current position.

What he didn't have on the wall was his divorce decree ending his three-year marriage. At twenty-nine, almost thirty years old, David was divorced and not even dating anyone. The divorce decree became final just after his twenty-fifth birthday and he never quite recovered from the bitterness of finding out his wife despised the ground he walked on.

She married him straight out of college for his earnings potential. Sheila, his ex-wife, decided after less than three years that David would never make senior management. So she left, to hunt for a husband who needed a trophy wife.

Well, now David had more interesting things to worry about. Should he pack all his furniture or should he replace some of it on Mars? What clothing and accessories would he need for the trip? What is the maximum allowable luggage for the trip?

His personal computer beeped announcing the arrival of his tickets and itinerary for the trip. Leave Texarkana airport at 7:45am Monday and arrive at DFW airport at 8:42am. That gave him three hours to go from the airport side to the spaceport side before his flight left for orbit at 12:02pm. David decided to eat lunch during the flight since it lasted an hour and forty-five minutes, before docking at Orbiting City of Departure. The last leg of the trip was a 6:00pm departure from the Orbiting City of Departure on the space liner, "City of Detroit."

"WSS City of Detroit", Earth Orbit

Monday, March 19, 2136

Sitting in the business class cabin aboard "WSS City of Detroit", David quietly reviewed the events of the last five days. Returning home after receiving the news of his promotion and move, David contacted Interplanetary Lines. The company controlled 28 percent of all WestHem interplanetary passenger travel and owned the "City of Detroit." The company specialized in transporting passengers and small containerized freight. They did not compete in the bulk cargo business.

Business class passengers could carry up to 100 kilos of personal items including shaving gear, toiletries, clothing, and reading material. Alexander Industries was paying to ship everything else in the cargo hold.

After arranging his travel plans, he contacted his parents at their home in Plano just outside Dallas. Plano was where David's parents had raised him. Like most of the residents of Plano, David's parents were professionals. His Father was a doctor and his Mother was a corporate attorney for North American Instruments.

Like his peers, David had attended a private school insuring his admission to the University of Texas. No one from a public school in the state of North-Southern attended college. If they were lucky they could buy their way into a technical school and get a factory job. Still, that was better than being trapped in public housing for the rest of your life.

David still remembered the call to his parents. It was like a good news, bad news joke. He started off by telling them he had a promotion and they both congratulated him. Then he told them the new job was on Mars. His Mother summed up both his parents' feelings by saying, "You're going to be trapped with those horrid greenies for five years. David what did you do to make Mr. Dalrimple that mad at you?"

That was a question David still did not have an answer for. In fact, David could not figure out if Mr. Dalrimple was mad at him or actually thought a promotion managing greenies would enhance David's career.

David's Mother was sure his career was over, but his Father thought David could still salvage his career by developing political relationships within the company. His Father did not know how you could do this from Mars. Although, he was sure there had to be a way to do it. As the old saying went: if "I owned both Hell and Mars, I'd rent out Mars and live in Hell."

The one upside was David did make a nice profit on the sale of his house. With it being a company required move, he did not even owe income taxes on the gain. If he had just decided to sell his old house and move, the tax would have been 45 percent of the gain.

The packers arrived Friday morning while David was still trying to decide what to keep and what to throw out. Their arrival made up his mind for him; anything not already in the trash was packed. It helped that Alexander Industries agreed to ship unlimited cubage and weight. They even packed his collection of non-electronic history books.

Few people knew that David had an extensive collection of hard copy books. The collection focused on the English Civil War, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and World War III. He considered these events the major turning points of western civilization. If the Federal Law Enforcement Bureau ever found out about some of the books in David's collection they might pull his security clearance. In fact, the WestHem Government would ban some of these books if they knew there were still copies available. Those books now had new dust jackets with approved titles on the outside. No need to make the FLEB's job too easy.

David had packed his clothing for the trip Sunday. He remembered to take six suits and fifteen white shirts for the spaceship's dinning room. Fortunately, the ship had complete laundry and dry cleaning facilities. Monday morning just after 6:00 AM he arrived at Texarkana airport for his flight to DFW. Now Monday afternoon he was sitting in his cabin on the "City of Detroit."

Although, it was only 300 kilometers from his house in Texarkana to his parents' home in Plano, David did not have time to go home for even a short visit prior to leaving. That was a function of the time line for space travel. All WestHem civilian spaceships traveled in convoy with WestHem military ships. This protected both food transports and passenger ships from EastHem marauders. The next convoy leaving for Mars after this one would not leave for three weeks.

The public address system on the ship played a three-tone sound, followed by the Chief Steward's announcement that the ship would depart in 15 minutes and all visitors needed to leave immediately. The Chief Steward then announced that they would serve dinner at 1900.

David checked the ships schematic to locate the business class dining room. The ship had two other dining rooms; one for the premier class passengers and one for the interplanetary class passengers. As far as David could see, interplanetary class with its tiny cabins and triple bunk beds was just a fancy way to say steerage. If David ever reached the level of division manager, he might have a chance to travel in the luxurious cabins of premier class. At least the food in business class was supposed to be as good as premier class but with fewer choices.

David decided to take a fast shower before dressing for dinner. Entering the bathroom he noticed the sign stating that in order to conserve water passengers were limited to four three minute showers every seven days. Not as bad as hiking the Chihuahua desert for a week. Still it would be nice to take a shower every day. Although he felt a little dirty from traveling, he decided to take his first shower the next morning to help him wake up.

David then put on a dark blue suit, white long sleeve shirt, and red rep-tie in preparation for dinner. The brochure in the cabin stated that business class passengers could wear solid color sport shirts and slacks to breakfast. Suit and tie were expected of all male passengers for lunch and dinner. Women could wear skirt and blouse for breakfast and appropriate dresses for lunch and dinner. Almost like being back home in Plano.

"WSS City of Detroit", between Earth and Mars

April 2, 2136

David surveyed the dining room looking for his tablemates. The business class dining room used tables for six with assigned seating for each passenger. First Officer Michael Jones presided over the business class dining room. Captain Thomas Rodgers presided over the premier class dining room. The first night of the voyage Captain Rogers entered the business class dining room, staying just long enough to introduce First Officer Jones and Chief Engineer Tillman. David presumed that Captain Rogers did something similar in the interplanetary class dining room.

David spotted two of his tablemates, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson. They entered the room, idly chatting with Sandra Brown, a third member of his table. Trailing behind were Richard Blaine and Melissa Edwards. Melissa was a tall willowy dark skinned woman of obvious African decent. She was intelligent, well read, and funny. David would have tried for a short shipboard romance with her, but he knew that they were both destined for New Pittsburgh. WestHem society would not approve of them continuing their relationship so there was no point in starting one. Richard was a short coal black man who was obviously trying to start something, but Melissa did not seem to be interested in him.

Mr. Robertson worked for Agricorp as an accounting manager. He and Mrs. Roberson were bound for Eden, where Mr. Robertson would take over as Chief Financial Officer of Agricorp's Martian operations. This was the Robertson's second time working on Mars and they were quick to point out that in three years Mr. Robertson could retire. They intended to return to their house on Providenciales Island in the Caribbean, leaving Mars behind forever.

Sandra was the real enigma. She was 175 centimeters tall, weighing about 72 kilograms, with brown eyes that David could lose himself in. Her Martian accent gave her away the first time she spoke. A lower level manager for LogiCorp Computers in Proctor, Sandra was returning to Mars after six months of intensive training at CalTech.

The woman was smart, sexy, and ruining all of David's preconceptions about greenies, ah, he meant Martians. The second day of the trip David and Sandra were talking in the business class lounge when he made some comment about greenies to Sandra. She informed David in no uncertain terms that native Martians considered the term "greenies" very offensive. The last time he heard someone that upset over a name was the day he accidentally called Consuela, his parents' maid, a "greaser." David now made an effort to never use the term greenies anywhere that Sandra could hear him.

David also filed the information for future use as it might help improve relations with those native born Martians working at the New Pittsburgh plant. Even though they were greenies, ah Martians, they would still work better if the new assistant plant manager didn't go out of his way to irritate them.

Alex, their waiter, arrived and took their orders. David decided to start with the tomato aspic, followed by the cream soup, Chicken Kiev, Romanoff style potatoes, and broccoli with hollandaise sauce. He then selected the 2135 vintage California region Cabernet Sauvignon. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson ordered Chicken Kiev with the garden salad instead of the aspic. Sandra and Richard both ordered the baked farm raised trout, potatoes, and broccoli with hollandaise sauce. Melissa ordered the salad and sautéed beef tips in brown sauce.

The food was excellent and the dinner was even better because David could surreptitiously watch their waiter Alex. The man had broad shoulders and a tight butt. David reminded himself for the millionth time; if FLEB ever found out he was attracted to both men and women he would lose his security clearance. He would also wind up in the slums before his feet even touched the ground. If nothing else, the threat of unemployment could cool any sexual urges David felt for other men. That and the fact he was also strongly attracted to women, especially a certain Sandra Brown.

The dinner conversation that night followed the well-worn paths the table's occupants discovered were safe subjects. There was the mandatory discussion about the food, followed closely by stories of working out in the ship's gym to work off the extra calories. Also there was a brief discussion about how many days left to Triad station. The Robertsons and Sandra compared notes on the best places to go on Triad before heading to the planet's surface.

Because the Robertsons previously lived in Eden and Sandra lived in Proctor, they did not have a common set of recommended places on Mars. There was one exception; Riggington's Restaurant in Eden. In fact, except for the time Sandra attended the University of Mars in New Pittsburgh, she had not been to the capital.

They all agreed that the places you went as a college student were not the sort of places a manager was likely to feel comfortable. Richard, Melissa, and David were new to Mars and did not know any places to go for food or entertainment. Prior to departure, David had downloaded a brief history of Mars along with the Ziggurat guide to Martian dining and sightseeing. He did have some ideas, but was not going to mention them to the others.

Sipping on her iced tea as she finishing her crème brulée, Sandra thought to herself. I wonder if David wants to continue the conversations we've had every night, or will he finally quit just because I'm not down with having sex with a man I will never see again.

Sandra was finding David to be a very interesting Earthling. Instead of being arrogant, conceited, and sure he knew everything; David was constantly asking open ended questions she couldn't deflect with a simple yes or no answer. Most intriguing of all was that he really wanted to know the real answers. He seemed to be able to spot when she dissembled or tried to answer a different question.

They had started going to the lounge together to talk on the first night. Everything about his body language that first night told her his main objective was to get Sandra into his bed. The second night she thought their nightly discussions were about to come to an abrupt halt. David made some sort of crack about "well I suspect that all greenies just do it to avoid working too hard." Sandra had blasted him about using the word "greenies".

Normally she could control herself around Earthlings but six months surrounded by Earthlings calling her a greenie finally took its toll. His reaction really surprised her; first, he turned bright red, not with anger but embarrassment. Then he apologized for hurting her and finally holding up his hands in mock surrender he said. "Ok so what term do people from Mars prefer?"

At that point, she answered. "We prefer to be called by the name our parents gave us, but as a group we prefer Martian."

"Ok, from here on out I will try to always remember to refer to you as a Martian, not a greenie. It never pays to deliberately piss someone off if you can avoid it; especially someone as beautiful and intelligent as you."

Just as Sandra finished the last of her crème brulée, David reached out his hand to her. "Miss Brown would you care to join me in the lounge, for an after dinner drink and a smoke?"

Taking his hand she replied, "I'm down with that Mr. Reed."

Sandra and David walked from the dinning room to the business class lounge. No one was sitting in their usual place so they settled into two overstuffed chairs. After Sandra ordered a bonghit of Agricorp greenbud and David ordered a glass of Interplanetary Food Products best 2135 California Riesling, David restarted their continuing discussion about Mars.

When they first started meeting after dinner, David's only intention was to seduce Sandra. The word on the street back in Plano was that greenie, err Martian, women were real sluts. Like almost everything else that David thought he knew about Martians, that proved to be wrong. In fact, most of what he thought he knew about Mars was proving to be either completely wrong, or only partially true.

The third night out Sandra informed David that because she was going to Proctor and he was going to New Pittsburgh she had no intention of sleeping with him. She did say that if his job were in Proctor instead of New Pittsburgh, she would consider it as he had a nice personality, and she found him to be kind of cute. Of all the ways women described him in the past; David did not think cute was ever on the list.

After that David continued the discussions because he enjoyed Sandra's company, and she was telling him things about Martians he did not find in the company reports or on the Internet. Besides, maybe he would get lucky and Sandra would have sex with him after all. Using the information Sandra provided, within a year he could have the plant running smoother than ever, which should result in a quick promotion somewhere in Alexander Industries. Preferably, back home on Earth.

If he was to believe Sandra, most native-born Martians put on a "dumb greenie" act for Earthlings because that was what the Earthlings wanted to see. Being a bi-sexual, David could fully understand putting on an act so everyone else saw what they expected to see, and not the real person. In fact, in David's case, given the current feelings about anyone attracted to someone of the same-sex, not putting on an act could lose him not only his current job but also any future hope of a job.

It was not only acceptable, but also completely legal in WestHem to fire someone for the offense of being born a homosexual or a bi-sexual. If you were caught having sex with someone of the same sex you could receive a two-year prison sentence in a WestHem Federal Penitentiary. That definitely was not where David wanted to spend his next vacation.

The WestHem viewed same gender sex as a crime worse than murder, but not as bad as copyright infringement or illegally downloading music files. Those two crimes carried a minimum sentence of ten years without parole, even if the government had to let a murderer out to provide cell space. After all, those were crimes against corporations and deserved a harsh penalty.

As David walked Sandra to her cabin that evening, he did manage to kiss her good night. The kiss was a very chaste closed mouth kiss, but it was a start. With fourteen days left in the voyage maybe he would get lucky after all.

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