The Surrogate
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Janet kept her bedside vigil throughout the seemingly endless night waiting to make the fateful decision about Sanders she had agreed to, "just in case." She revealed her deepest secrets to the nurse's aide about his indiscretions and her turmoil over the pending divorce. After an exhausting road trip, she decided to take charge of her life. Maybe the aide knew best after all.

Janet Haley walked briskly down the C concourse toward her departure gate listening to the repulsive noises surrounding her. The PA system blasted constantly, every gate had several television speakers and the "beep-beep-beep" of the special trolley grated behind her, threatening to run her down. No one in years had asked her to carry a bag and she hadn't asked anyone. Why do they still play that same tape? Oh, by the way, where is "My nearest law enforcement officer to whom I report crimes?" Knowing that would help! She found a corner in her gate area that seemed quieter than the rest. Her diamond watch told her that it was at least forty minutes until boarding. Having arrived at least 45 minutes sooner than she planned, she wondered, "What happened to all that traffic that was supposed to be on the I-85? Well, at least my flight is on time."

As her laptop booted up, Janet saw the folder on her desktop that had the picture in it. The dreadful picture she took of Kelli sitting naked on Sanders' pelvis making sounds of pleasure as she moved with his rhythm. The instant she had discovered them, her tears flooded, but she moved to get her camera and soon had them in focus as the flash captured the naked evidence. She went quickly downstairs to await them, having interrupted their moment of pleasure, and then she heard Kelli's shriek of orgasmic ecstasy. At the airport, she asked, "Why can't I just put this folder away in the bowels of the C-drive and forget it? I'm damn glad I didn't make a tape."

She remembered the adulterers walking down the stairs together as if they were going to their execution. Kelli spoke first, "I'm sorry it happened this way, Janet. You abandoned him and I wanted him. Always have."

Janet screamed, "He's my husband, you bitch! How could you?"

"You're always gone. I'm here..." Kelli sighed, "I'm leaving now and you two can sort it out." She opened the door and fled.

Janet turned to Sanders, "I loved you. You said you loved me. How could you take up with that tart? How..."

Sanders spoke firmly, "Our first two years were ideal. Then you were away more than you were here. I needed a woman. I took her offer."

Janet sobbed, "It's my job. I have to travel or I can't keep up."

"I understand. I didn't like it. I missed you every day. After a year, I gave in."

Janet cried more, then finally stood up and poured a glass of water. She wanted to throw it at him. She breathed deeply, "I will move out tomorrow. Please be away so that I can pack in peace."

"I love you, Janet. I regret it came to this. Of course, I will give you time to pack if you must leave."

"How could I stay after seeing that performance?" She pointed upstairs. She then picked up her purse and went quickly through the door.

The gate agent interrupted her unhappy thoughts by announcing the first boarding call. Janet saw her name on the notice board that her requested upgrade had been approved. She quickly shut down her computer and went through the boarding gate, carrying her computer and pulling her rolling luggage, just like most other weeks in the year. After stowing her suitcase and laptop, she sat back in seat 3D and heaved a long sigh.

The flight attendant asked, "Would you like something to drink before we go?"

"Please. A martini. With olives."

As she sipped her drink, Sanders was still in her mind. Just like other weeks, she would have no one to go home to when she returned from Denver. She reflected on her conversation with the lawyer who handled her divorce.

"Janet, I have to ask you if you would consider counseling. The judge will, too."

"Oh, no. No counseling. I caught them. Just get me out of it."

She thought to herself, "I wish to hell I could think about something else besides this miserable love life."

Her cell phone rang and she quickly answered it. A voice on the other end asked, "Are you Janet Sanders?"

Janet replied, "I am."

The voice continued, "I am an administrator at Atlanta Regional Hospital. Mr. Sanders has just been admitted in severe trauma. According to our Medical Directive that he filed with us last year, you are his medical surrogate."

Janet remembered the hassle of getting those directives on file and her insistence that they do so. "Yes, I am his surrogate and he is mine."

"Mrs. Sanders, the next few hours are critical and I'm afraid that you may have decisions to make. Can you come now?"

Janet realized that she had no ethical choice. Another loose end she had forgotten. She said quietly, "I will be there in an hour or so. I'm at the airport."

As she drove back up I-85 to the hospital, she remembered badgering Sanders to get his medical directive done. Her father had gone into a coma without specific instructions on file and had been kept alive for months when there was no hope of recovery. She knew that she could avoid that trauma for the both of them.

In the hospital waiting room, she found a restroom with a large mirror and plenty of light. She brushed her long brown hair, touched up her eye shadow to enhance her vivid blue eyes, and put on fresh lipstick. Satisfied that she looked presentable, she went forth to encounter her fate.

The seventh floor duty nurse looked up from her computer and asked, "May I help you?"

"I am Mrs. Sanders. The hospital called and asked me to come."

"Yes, Mrs. Sanders, I will call someone to take you right in."

Janet was shocked to see all of the equipment and paraphernalia attached to him. His eyes were closed and he breathed out noisily through the inserted tube. Two IVs were dripping fluids into him and she saw the yellow bag of urine capturing the drips from his bladder. The situation quickly gave her a queasy feeling and she plopped in the room's only chair. God, not my father all over again!

The attractive nurse's aide who had led her into the room said, "People are shocked to see all that. Please stay seated while I get you a pillow and some water."

Janet clutched her head in her hands as she dreaded being held captive in this situation. What if we were already on the way to Denver? Would I have turned right around and caught the next plane back? She paused as her tears welled up; you know damn well he would have come back for you. She looked at the clock and realized that she was only two hours into her ordeal. The second hand moved one tiny increment with each tick. Tick, tick, tick. Each tick seemed slower than the last. Why do they make square clocks when the dials are round? She looked at her dress watch and saw that it, too, was square. Why not?

The aide came back and said, "If you'd like to go for a walk or snack, leave your cell phone number at the nurses' station. You'll be too stressed just sitting here."

Janet went out the doors to a long walkway that seemed to be intended for that purpose. She shivered briefly in the crisp air and heard the soft squeak of her running shoes on the smooth walkway as she inhaled deeply. When she reached the end, she held the handrail and looked out on the parking lots and a busy thoroughfare just down the hill. She looked up to the stars and said to no one. "I liked having him around. If only he hadn't succumbed to Kelli." She stamped her foot, "Dammit, Janet, think about Denver!"

She walked back by the nurses' station and the charge nurse said, "Everything still looks positive. We're doing all we can."

"Does anyone know what happened?"

"According to the 911 report, he was running in his neighborhood and was stung by a wasp. He called on his cell phone and told the dispatcher where he was and that he was highly allergic and then apparently went into anaphylactic shock. The EMTs gave him adrenalin at the site because they knew they had little time. The ambulance arrived here just in time for our specialists to take over. A very close call. He should have carried his adrenaline kit with him, but I guess he got careless."

Janet sat for a minute with her head in her hands. He had stopped taking the preventive shots six months earlier for some reason that she did not understand. Yes, they were unpleasant and expensive, but still, she resented that his lack of responsibility caused her to be here. She handed the nurse her card, "My phone is on here. I'm going to get a snack. Long time since lunch." The nurse taped the card to her computer monitor.

As Janet surveyed the cafeteria offerings, she wondered how the hospital could serve such unhealthy food to those recovering from illness. She found a nice melon cup and some yogurt, and then she toasted an English muffin and found some tea. The food disappeared instantly as she realized how long it had been since her last meal. She sipped her tea and continued to think about her plight. When can I get out of here?

A woman at the next table fed a child who must have been about 18 months old. Janet made a face and waved at the child and the child giggled and waved back. The mother said, "Some days she's friendly. That's how they trap you."

Janet said, "I can see why. She's quite pretty." She wanted to hold the little girl right then, but decided not to ask.

She out in her chair in Sanders' room-it was almost a recliner--and put her head on the pillow, letting out a long sigh. The room smelled of disinfectants and other unpleasant odors she could not classify. She remembered the child in the cafeteria and the baby she had seen on the elevator earlier in the day. An hour later she awoke suddenly when several alarms beeped loudly. Her heart raced as the room filled with people and the resident in charge of Sanders rushed in. He said briskly to the nurse, "Injection, now!"

The nurse responded instantly and within a minute Janet could hear what appeared to be the same breathing pattern she heard before the alarm. The resident said, "I hope we don't have to do that again!" He turned to her, "Mrs. Sanders, these recoveries are always iffy. He should have already passed the crisis."

Janet was breathing erratically, but finally could speak, "Thank you, doctor. I was scared when the alarm sounded."

He looked relieved, "So was I." He checked a record. "He has a good brain signal."

The next time Janet awakened was to the sounds of the nurse's aide checking vital signs. "Sorry to wake you, but we have to keep at this all the time."

"I understand. I was surprised that I could sleep at all." She put her head back on the pillow, but found herself staring at the ceiling. She sat up quickly and said, "God, no! Did I forget that?" She remembered that weeks ago he had asked her to pick up his new adrenaline prescription while she was doing errands. She had not written it on her list and she simply forgot it. Oh, shit, now all of this is my fault.

The nurse's aide came back in and said, "Things are fairly quiet now. Would you like company?"

"That would be much better than listening to him snore alone." She pointed to the bed, "But I think his urine bag is full."

"I'm Eyedalia. Oh, I should have done that when I did his vitals. Be right back." When she returned, she risked asking, "How did you meet? I'm fascinated with women's stories on how their relationships began."

Janet laughed. "The whole story?"

"I love the nitty gritty details."

"We were rafting on the Nantahala River in North Carolina. I fell in at a big bump. He fished me out. Put his hands under my arms and lifted me back into the raft. I was horribly embarrassed. He then put me in the center seat, and said, 'Touch as much of my skin as you can to warm yourself.' He put his arm around me. "

"He pulled you out of the river and just kept you?"

"UmmHmmm. We sat together on the bus that took us back to where our cars were parked. We talked easily. As we walked across the parking lot, he asked where I was staying and I told him. He put his arm around me to walk me to my girlfriend's car and I put my arm around him, although I was warm by then. When he saw the others, he asked if he could drive me home."

"How did you feel about his advances?"

"Spellbound. When we arrived at my cabin after thirty minutes or so, he said, 'I would prefer that you stayed with me.'"

I told him I couldn't do that because I barely knew him.

"Nothing slow about him!"

"Inside our cabin, I was rattled, so I told him I had to change clothes and asked him to wait. He said, 'Pack your clothes and we can change at my cabin. I have a large shower.'"

"Did you send him away?"

"No, I packed my clothes, much to the dismay of my friends, and went to his cabin."

Eyedalia gasped, "My God, I could never do anything like that! You have balls, girl."

"First time for me, too. I was under his spell. You really can't see him, but he is tall, muscular, and nice looking. Not beautiful, but ruggedly attractive. I wanted my arms around him."

Eyedalia said, "Oh, I peeked a time or two. Can't see his face, but the rest of him looks good."

"He took me home, got me a drink, and we sat in the hot tub, showered together, and he washed my hair. By then, I was literally in heat. The weather cooled off quickly after dark and we sat by the fire with our wine. We laughed at our day. Then, he said, 'you've had a hard time. I think I'd better feed you.' When he said that, I started to shake with hunger."

"I'm surprised he didn't try to take you to bed right then."

"I was disappointed when he didn't, but he was right. We were starving. He took me to a nice dinner, then back to his cabin. He made love to me until I could take no more."

Eyedalia's eyes were wide open and she did a "Come on, more, more," gesture with her hands.

Janet chuckled, "Details?"

Eyedalia replied, "Lots of details."

"He used his fingers, hands, and tongue on my body in ways I didn't know were possible. He started me on a chain of orgasms that seemed endless. The first one with his tongue was volcanic. I know he continued for half an hour. By then, I was screaming to be filled. I desperately needed to fuck."

"He was teasing you?"

"No, he was doing his foreplay. Drove me crazy. Then, he plunged into me and we enjoyed the benefits of my ample preparation. I had several more colossal spasms and finally told him to finish. I'd had enough."

Eyedalia sighed, "I never had an experience like that."

"It was my best ever and I'm considerably older than you are. He then pulled me into his spoon and cuddled me all night. He whispered, 'You're wonderful, Janet. I'm delighted that you chose to come home with me.' All I could mumble before dropping off to sleep was 'me, too.'"

"Did he bug you again in the night?"

"The next thing I remembered was waking to the smell of breakfast. I went to the bathroom to make myself presentable and then to the kitchen. He stopped what he was doing, wished me good morning, and melted my toes with his kiss."

"What did you wear?"

"A long T-shirt."


"Only a T-shirt."

Eyedalia rolled her large brown eyes in disbelief, "What did you do after breakfast?"

"Went for a run in the forest. Came back and had another shower." Janet paused, "Then, we spent the day in bed getting acquainted. Went out to eat dinner. He wasn't as exciting the second night. Guess I wore him down during the day. But, I'll tell you, I longed to have that man's arms around me when we went to sleep."

"How long did you stay?"

"Our long weekend was over the next day and we had to return to Atlanta. I moved in with him two weeks later. We married after a few months and lived blissfully."

"It must be awful to see him like this. I think he will be OK, but I'm not supposed to say that."

"He used to tell me often when we were-uh, involved, that I was the prettiest fish he ever caught." She sighed.

"He should have told you that often. You're something to see."

"Yeah, he was always full of blarney and I loved it."

The aide asked softly, "Did you want children?"

"That first two years were peaceful and we were ready to start our family. Then, I was promoted and reassigned to a job requiring lots of travel. We had to put off the family plan."

"Was he disappointed?"

"Yes. He didn't bring it up often, but he was. Now that we're friends, I'm going to tell you the end of the story." Janet took a deep breath, "I came home early from a trip one day last month to surprise him with my new blue teddy and caught him in bed with one of my friends. Just walked up the steps to the bedroom and there they were going at it. I filed for divorce the following week."

Eyedalia gasped, and then her tears came. "Janet, No! This story cannot end like this."

Janet fought to hold back her tears; "I was on a plane to Denver waiting to depart when the hospital administrator called me on my cell phone to come right here. If we get him through the night, I don't know what happens to him." By then, her tears were flowing.

The PA system intruded suddenly. "Eyedalia, 719, bed 2." She quickly dried her eyes and went to her call.

Twenty minutes later, Eyedalia was back. She took Janet's hands and moved closer, "You are older and more experienced. I study people and I have good insight for my years. You must take him back. Your voice and story told me that you can't replace him."

Janet replied in a whisper. "Think about it. If I take him back, every time I leave town for a week, I would wonder who he was with."

"Did you ever stray?"

"Uhm, yes. I had an encounter in Phoenix several weeks ago."

"Before you caught him? Does he know?"

"I don't know how long he and Kelli had been getting it on, but he didn't know about mine. No."

"Seems like you're even. Think he ever suspects?"

"He knows my needs and I would be surprised if he didn't suspect. I have thought about nothing else since I caught them in bed together. Keeping him is more complicated. I would have to change jobs or assignments. Even I felt guilty about being gone so much."

"I learned much about life listening to your story."

"Like what?"

"It's all about making choices. Sometimes I have to make more choices than I want to."

"Tell me about it. I want to have my job and also be home with my baby. Can't have both."

As they finished their long conversation, Janet heard Sanders speak, sounding somewhat like a computer, "Where am I?"

Eyedalia went to him immediately, "You're in the hospital Mr. Sanders. You had a bad time, but you're OK." She quickly went for the nurse.

The nurse removed his oxygen mask and replaced it with a small plastic tube feeding into his nostrils. She cranked his bed up slightly and called for the resident.

Then Sanders saw Janet. "Janet? Am I dreaming? What happened?"

Janet said in a flat voice, "You were stung by a wasp and they barely found you in time. I was leaving town and the hospital called me as your medical surrogate. I guess it was that close."

"I couldn't find my emergency kit, so I went running anyway. Won't do that again."

"You couldn't find it because I didn't pick it up when you asked me to." She turned away.

"Just as I thought. I'm having trouble getting along without you. You would have bugged me."

He reached for her hand, but she moved away as she felt tears start down her face. She looked around in her purse to create a diversion and asked, "How do you feel?"

"I don't know. I'll check that out." He flexed his legs and arms, then moved his body. "Seems to work OK."

The resident came in and greeted him cheerily, "Well, I'm glad that you decided to wake up. Don't want any black marks on my record." He looked at the chart and then shined his light into Sanders eyes. "Looks good in there." He paused, "Pulse is strong." He looked at Janet, "We ordinarily treat people for these stings in the emergency room and send them home. He was bad."

"Sounds like he was lucky all around."

"I'm going to check his recent records, but I think you will be able to take him home in a few hours. Paperwork and releases, and all that administrative trivia. I'm sure you're anxious to have him back."

"Thank you, doctor. I know he wants to be home." She turned and grimaced.

The room was soon empty. Janet said flatly, "I will take you home, of course. Shall I call Kelli?" She looked away, "I need to catch a flight to Denver this afternoon. I'm a day late."

"No need to call her. I think I will be fine as soon as I am able to eat. I guess once the crisis is past, there isn't much recovery." He breathed deeply, "I know that I have been a great bother today. I will change the living will in the next few days." He laughed, "Surely there must be someone else out there who would like to pull my plug." Then he remembered, "I don't have anything to wear but my running clothes."

Janet broke into tears, "I felt awful waiting all night. You and I sat in the lawyer's office and laughed as we signed. God, how emotionally sterile that was when compared to the reality of sitting here and waiting minute after hour. Better pick someone who is patient and cares a lot."

"You will be impossible to replace."

Eyedalia came in with a tray of food and cranked his bed up so that he could reach the serving table. Just as she had it right, the nurse came in and said, "I'm gong to remove your catheter." Eyedalia moved the food tray back and the nurse said to him, "Take a deep breath," took his penis in one hand and removed the catheter just as she said it, and quickly left the room to dispose of it.

Sanders said, "Ouch! That was a thrill."

Janet barely turned her head in time, felt dizzy and went immediately to her chair and put her head in her hands, breathing deeply.

Eyedalia put the food tray back in place and went to Janet. "Hang in there. The worst is over. I don't want you for a patient, too." She poured ice water on a washcloth and gave it to Janet. "This will help."

When Janet recovered, she glanced at the food tray and realized that Sanders would be challenged to eat anything except the fruit. They didn't eat heavy southern cooking at home. She sighed, "I'll go downstairs and bring you some things you can eat. Back in ten minutes."

He looked helpless. "Thank you. You always know."

Sanders was able to eat the lighter fare that Janet selected as she went off into the waiting room to make calls. After the charge nurse had Janet sign several release documents, Eyedalia wheeled him to the patient pickup area and Janet opened the car door. He looked strange in his jogging clothes and a hospital gown.

Eyedalia stopped Janet behind the car and handed her a slip of paper. "This is my cell phone number. Call me and tell me what you decide. I hope you can find a way to be happy."

Janet hugged her, "I will call. Thank you for caring. You do have a way with people."

As she started to drive him home, he asked, "What was that all about? Did you find a friend?"

"We sat up all night and talked when she had breaks. She could sense my feelings of dejection. I guess we formed a bond."

"Dejection? That bad?"

"I was worried. A hostage. I couldn't leave and I couldn't concentrate on doing anything useful. We talked."

"Bared your souls?"

"To the bone. She wants me to call her in a month. I will."

She drove directly to the pharmacy where his adrenalin prescription should be waiting. At the drive-through window the pharmacist said, "This one should have been returned to stock last week. Been here too long. Glad you came for it."

Janet replied, "Yes, I understand." She decided not to confess her sin.

"Store it in the fridge, except when you are going out in the woods. Should be good for a year."

When Sanders had gone jogging, he put his house keys in his usual hiding place in the back. Janet used hers to open the door to let him in. By then he was moving well and seemingly had no after-effects of the crisis.

Janet saw that the house was exactly as she had left it four weeks ago. She felt a gentle calm as she walked around. She was home.

He took her hand, "Thank you again. I know I was a heavy burden."

She did not run immediately to her car. She smiled, "A hundred times last night I had to remind myself that I brought this on myself. I bugged you to file that document."

"Glad you did! Look, I know that you have a long day ahead and didn't get much sleep. Would you like to take a shower before your go?"

"Yes. If I can force myself go upstairs." She looked at the staircase, "I need a shower badly after that hospital." She went to the door. "I'll get my bag."

When she returned, she opened her bag on the couch, took out some fresh underwear and a shirt, and started for the stairs. He said, "Wish I could join you."

She looked up sharply and thought, I wish you could, too. Then looked at him and shook her head, "No." She knew that a shower with him would dissolve her emotional shield and they would end up in bed.

She walked by their bedroom, with the unmade bed, and the image of Kelli flashed through her mind. She then went quickly to the guest bathroom. Half an hour later, she came downstairs feeling refreshed and saw him paying bills at his desk. "Thank you for the shower. Makes me feel a lot more human."

He smiled, "I'll never forget our first."

"Stop that." She went over to her bag, inserted the dirty clothes, and zipped it closed. She looked at her watch, "Looks like I have time to catch the four o'clock flight." Then she said teasingly, "Please don't pull another one of those stunts. I really do have to go to Denver."

"Who knows? Got you back in my life for a few hours." He walked her to the door, "May I have a hug?"

"I can't, Sanders. I just can't."

He pulled her gently and she came to him in a full body hug. "Thank you again for being there for me." He lifted her face to kiss, but she pushed away.

In her emotional conflict, the only words she could muster came out wrong, "It was my only moral choice," and started out the walk to her car.

"I know, but I still love you." He once more admired her tight jeans twitching down the walk as she went to her car. Then she was gone.

That night, Sanders picked up his phone on the second ring as he clicked to save his work on the computer. He saw it was Janet. "Hi, Janet. Make it OK."

"A little bumpy, but I'm in my hotel. I'll sleep tonight." She paused, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm glad you called. I'm feeling fine. Almost as if nothing happened."

"I promised the nurse I would check on you. After all, I signed for you when you checked out."

"I always welcome hearing from you. Miss you a lot."

"I'll be back Friday night. Can we talk on Saturday?"

"All day if you like."

"I'll call you when I wake. Don't want to set the alarm."

"You could just nudge me."

"Cut it out. I'll call you."

Saturday about 9:30, his phone rang. Janet said sleepily, "Morning. Just regained consciousness. Can we go to Chuck's for brunch?"

"Sure. Any place."

"Meet you there in an hour."

Sanders' heart fluttered when he saw her coming through the restaurant. Hair down, tight jeans and turtleneck highlighting her ample curves. She greeted him happily when she sat. He said, "You look stunning this morning. Sleep well?"

"Very well. Actually, I took a pill just in case. Need my head about me today."

They made small talk and chatted about friends and gossiped for the next hour as the food came and then the coffee afterwards. She locked his eyes, "I'm not doing well without you."

"I'm doing worse without you."

"Having not rehearsed her speech, she just blurted, "I had an affair."

He looked at her thoughtfully, "In Phoenix?"

"Who told you?"

"No one. You acted differently when you came home. Figured you must have done something."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Given my situation, I didn't want to go down that street."

"My lawyer wants us to go to counseling."

"Of course, I'll go to counseling." He took her hand, "I thrived when we were together. I'm not now thriving. When your career blossomed, I wilted into a corner."

"That move fulfilled a dream. I had to take it on."

"I respect your right to have your career. I just can't cope with all the travel. Miss you too much."

"What about Kelli?"

"Kelli and I consoled each other when we were both lonely and bored. She is not my future."

"I am agonizing about my choices. I want to come back. I want my job. I realize that I can't have both."

"We talked about starting a family. Any thoughts about that?"

"When I was in the hospital, I flirted with this darling little girl at the next table. Made me think about the whole idea again. I do want a baby."

"You'd have to take a demotion to avoid travel, or find another job. Or stay home. I can support us until you find something suitable." He paused, "My offer is open until I lose hope and start looking for someone permanent."

"I will talk to my boss on Monday and explore possibilities. They need me badly right now. Something went wrong in Seattle that he says only I can fix. It will take a while. I said I would do it."

"I don't want to be a burden and hold you back. If you decide you want to come home, I hope you don't regret giving up what you have."

"That's what I will struggle with. I know I have to make up my mind. I'm not getting any younger."

"Perhaps, but nobody could tell by looking."

"That felt good. Thanks. Time obsoletes the female body, no matter how good they look on the outside."

"I can feel the age and the mileage inside, too. Your decision to leave me came as no surprise. Kelli served as the proximate cause, but we would have faced the inevitable anyway. I didn't have you around that much, either."

She took his hand, "May I have a month to make up my mind? I love you and if it weren't for my struggle with the baby question, I'd come home in a minute. Kelli or no Kelli."

"Of course. I've waited this long for you. I doubt that I can replace you, anyway." Sanders noticed her cheeks turning pink. The Champagne! Wine always made her feel sexy. As he paid the check, he said softly, "While you are deciding our future, would you like to go home and go to bed? No obligation."

Janet blushed, "Yes. I might as well have my affair with you. No obligation." She took his hands, "I'll meet you... at our motel."

When she came in the house, he took her in a long passionate kiss that left them both breathless. He put his arm around her and started moving toward the stairs.

She stopped him and looked for a few seconds directly in his eyes, "I can't go up there with you no matter how much I want to. If I do I won't be able to leave. If I don't stay by myself, I won't be able to think straight."

"I planned to tempt you as much as I could."

"You said I could have a month. That night in the hospital and our time together today made me realize that in spite of our problems, I love you. Kelli is irrelevant. I feel so torn between good choices, but I have to decide for me and I can't do that today or with you around."

"I will have a long month, darling, but I do want you to choose what's right for you. I'd rather not go through this agony again."

He watched her walk out to the car and drive away, trying to hold back his tears. "Seems like I watch her leave far too often. Well, it was my best shot."

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