Princess Sara
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, Sadistic,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Fairy Story with Adult Elements.

Once, many years ago, there lived a King and Queen who ruled benevolently and wisely over their tiny kingdom. This fine couple had been married for some years and, despite valiant efforts, were still childless. The happiness that they both enjoyed, from each other's civilised company, scintillating intellectual conversation, and the love in which they were held by the simple peasant folk who made up most of their subjects, was not sufficient to overcome their regret at failing to produce a child - an heir - someone who would continue to rule over their land, once they had both passed away.

One day, the King was in the depths of despair. He was also in his office.

"When will the good Lord grant me my desire and present me with an heir to my throne?" he despairingly asked nobody in particular.

A few yards away, on the far side of his large office, a mist seemed to form. King Wilhelm removed his fashionable spectacles and wiped them. He replaced them onto his regal proboscis and looked over the room again. The mist remained. Not only that, but it was increasing in density until it passed into a state beyond mere mistiness to assume quasi-solidity. Seconds passed. The mist grew ever darker and appeared, to the good King, to acquire fleshlike form. More seconds passed. Features began to appear and the shadowy apparition became ever more tactile. Finally, the miasma resolved itself into a human and female shape, and one of the most superlative beauty.

"Who are you? And how did you get past Security?" asked the astounded Monarch.

"Don't you mean the Palace Guard?" replied the Good Fairy (for it was none other than she).

"Course not! I mean Securicor! Those chocolate soldier so-called Guards! They're just for show - couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding! Bloody bunch of fairies! So sorry, ma'am - no disrespect!"

He reddened at the thought that he might have offended this supernatural being. The Good Fairy looked severely at the King.

"Because you have made a remark, however jocular in intent, betokening the most apalling insensitivity to minority rights and alternative lifestyles, I must give you a message somewhat different from that which I had originally intended."

She continued.

"Because of my intervention, you will have an heir, but it will be a daughter. For your Kingdom to continue and not become the plaything of other Great Powers, it will be necessary for this daughter to find a husband who will become the next King. Your child will have to pass through many travails in order to secure and deserve the love of her chosen man. There is much grief ahead for you, and even more for her, Your Majesty! That will teach you to make politically incorrect remarks - you Fascist!"

With these words, the vision faded. The Left/Liberal Good Fairy retired to the wings to adjust her make-up and consult her Filofax to see what, and with whom, was her next appointment.

The King pondered the Good Fairy's remarks for some time. Must be a pretty third rate fairy, he thought, not to see the kind of guy I really am! For, truth to tell, one reason for the King's failure to impregnate his wife was his own decided preference for members of his own sex! The bluff joke that he had made to the Good Fairy had merely been an example of the obfuscation he frequently employed to disguise his own sexual proclivities.

That night, with the Good Fairy's unseen help, the Royal couple managed get it together. The Queen's physical charms finally managed to stimulate her spouse, inspiring him to ejaculate such a sufficiency of royal seed into her welcoming womanhood, as to set in motion the wondrous mystery of procreation. Nine months later -to the day - the Princess Sara was born.

She was, vowed all the King's sycophantic courtiers, the most beautiful baby that had ever been born in the entire history of the Kingdom. In time, this female prodigy grew, matured and developed into a perfectly proportioned and breathtakingly, heartbreakingly, beautiful maiden. The world had never seen a fairer damsel. (Please remember that Hilary Clinton had not yet been born).

As Princess Sara grew up, her parents preferred her to enjoy the company of girls of her own rank and station, but, in a land where a rude and unlettered peasantry predominated, the strict application of this rule would have meant that she had a very lonely upbringing.

So it was that Martha was chosen as her childhood companion. Martha was a peasant child whom the King and Queen had designated to be their beloved daughter's servant/companion. They grew up together since the time that both were three years old. From the very beginning, Sara treated this peasant girl as her own especial companion and beloved friend and confidante. So long as they were both children, all was well, but when both girls started to develop into young women, Sara's manner became less friendly.

Her parents, ever conscious of the need to treat their subjects justly, heartily regretted their adolescent daughter's increasingly haughty and imperious treatment of the poor Martha, but such was their love for her that they failed to do anything about it, other than mildly and ineffectually, to rebuke her from time to time.

The King, in particular, was so devoted to his increasingly lovely offspring that her every little whim became his command and, in the words of an old saying, she was able to wrap him around her little finger. This unchecked pride and haughtiness made Princess Sara feared and almost hated by the servants. I say almost hated, because there was always about her the odd redeeming flash of kindness, and she was so amazingly wonderful to behold, that no one who saw her could ever fail to be utterly bewitched by her great beauty.

Many young men fell utterly and hopelessly in love with the fair Princess, but most of these men were of inferior rank and so ruled out as proper suitors. Those who were of sufficiently high estate were rejected by the Princess, who had shown herself to be an accomplished scholar from her earliest years, as being either too stupid, too ugly, or both. As her eighteenth birthday drew nigh, there was no sign that her parents' dream of finding a husband for her and a future ruler for the kingdom would be realised in the near future - if ever.

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