The Gift Book II
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story picks up shortly after Tom after the end of book I, and has finished helicopter training in his alternate Identity. Follow along as big changes happen!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction   Time Travel  


I had finally finished my helicopter pilot certification course. I was now a qualified private pilot, and was actively looking at helicopters to purchase. I was once again in my alternate identify of 'Benjamin Porter'. I had trained in that name, and was now licensed in that name.

I wanted a Bell, but new ones cost a hell of a lot more than used ones. Since I didn't really have a justifiable income of my own, in the 'new' range, I would have to make do. I was perusing the internet, searching for used helicopters, when there was a knock on my door. I saved the page, and shut down the computer. After all, I was out in the middle of nowhere. So this might take some time, whoever it was.

I was almost at the door when the knock repeated, this time a bit more insistent.

"Hang on! I'm almost there," I yelled towards the door.

Whoever it was, was irritating me already. I opened the door, and looked at an elderly gentleman who seemed vaguely familiar. He was my height or close to it, had silvery white hair, and a familiar look. I did a double take when I saw a scar at the corner of his right eye, a scar that matched mine!

"Hello, Tom," said a voice that was familiar, yet different.

I was shocked, at first. Someone was calling me by my right name, when everyone here knew me only as Benjamin Porter. Also, this guy looked familiar to me. I knew I had never met him before, yet he seemed familiar.

"May I come in? It is getting chilly out here this evening," the guy said.

I stepped aside and let him in. I looked at his car, some sort of town car, very fancy. While it seemed familiar, I could not place the make or model. I closed the door behind him, and turned around.

He was looking the main room over, the overhead beams, the walls, taking everything in. He strode to the fireplace and held his hands out to the warmth radiating from the fire that was burning within it.

I was about to ask him who he was, when he spoke again.

"Still haven't figured out who I am? I am you, a little over fifty years from now," he turned away from the fire, and I stared at him.

If this was true, no wonder he seemed familiar! But how could I be sure? That was the question.

"You're me?" I asked in an incredulous voice.

"Oh, yes. Want to test me? Want me to run you to a few of the places we have visited in the past? Not to difficult really," he said in a musing tone of voice.

If he was really me, then he would be able to deliver. If he was just someone who KNEW who I was, then he was fishing for information. Still, he looked damned familiar to me!

"I know," he said, "How about this?"

He concentrated, then seemed to peer into nothing. He held out his hands, and the field med kit I had put together and placed into storage in the "between", appeared out of thin air in front of me, firmly in his hands!

That sort of decided me. This had to be me, myself, I was facing! An older me. Wow! I stared at him. He set the first aid kit down, and walked over to one of the chairs, and sat down. He was sweating a bit. I frowned. It was not that hot in here, even by the fire.

"Where to start," he began after a moment of silence.

"How about the beginning?" I replied a bit nervously.

"Ah, thats the key. The beginning. Which beginning? We made a lot of mistakes along the way, Tom. You and I. Mistakes that have cost us dearly," he said, sighing.

"I have chosen this time in the past as one of the key times in my/our life. Tom, I have taken the action to free you from your notoriety. Also, from your soon to be 'slave status' to the state.

"Oh, I realize you have a court case you won; but shortly, you were going to do something that would reveal another aspect of your talent. That was 'the straw that broke the camels back', so to speak.

"With that revelation, the government moved in on you, drugged you, and placed a poison in your system that was tailored made. They held the antidote. It took you, us, years to find the permanent solution to that little problem.

"Instead of curing us, they just kept us alive, and working for them. Before you ask, no, we were unable to move back in time enough to counter this. As soon as you demonstrated this ability, all future timelines led to this result," he said with finality.

Uh oh. Not good. If what he was saying was true, then I was in for a hell of a problem. And it would happen soon, apparently.

"I thought long and hard on this," he said. "This is a key turning point in our life. Right now, we are not to closely watched or guarded. You were more clever than you knew when you set up this secondary ID.

"However, when the government made us into a state slave, this became useless, as they had a tracking module surgically placed into us. They kindly removed our appendix, and placed a device in our body to insure compliance with their mandates. The result was, that it took several years for me to get all that crap solved," he paused here, looking at me intently.

"Ok, but why now?" I asked.

"I have run a comprehensive program analysis, and the program identified this and a few other points in time as crucial. After some serious thought, I have settled on using this particular point in time to repair/avoid the damage.

"For two reason. First, this is a critical juncture in your/our time. Second, I am dying. I am losing my ability to time dive. This was as far back as I could go with any hope of arriving with my mind intact, and my abilities not burned out.

"As I was able to reach this time, so it is here, where I have concentrated my remaining resources to fixing your/our problem. I have already begun. I have dropped a clone off at our home in the Boston area, and a gas explosion has already taken it out.

"Don't worry! The clone felt nothing at all. It was a medical cadaver, and had no real life as you and I know life. It was there for spare parts, only," he paused, and wiped sweat from his head. He then continued.

"I have taken the liberty of placing several valuable items in the trunk of the town car outside, that I think you will find useful. The car is specially armored. It would take a medium grade anti-tank weapon, at least, to damage it's composite armor. It is loaded with lots of abilities that you will find helpful, even in this time.

"Finally, we need a clear space to set up my computer. I think you're going to like this one. I... liberated it... from the UN space program. It is a command module with all accompanying capabilities," he said with a feral grin.

He pulled the module from the "between". It was slightly larger than say a, Dell desktop; but it was not overtly different, as far as I could see. He also pulled several items to go with it. Then it was set up time. While we were putting it up, he told me that my old life, as I knew it, was over.

"Stay away from the Boston area, and all your old friends, offices, attorneys, contacts. Stay away from the Avery-Smythe's... in particular, Courtney. I know, you just started getting serious with her, but it is best to drop that association completely.

"I took the liberty of writing a will for you, since we are the same person. Don't worry about your assets. I think you will like how I distributed them," we finished hooking up the monitor and a couple other items I had not recognized by then.

I was outraged at his treatment of me, and curious, too. He had come in, and announced a total disruption of my life! I didn't care if he was an older me or not, he had no right to unilaterally effect my life like this! I told him so in no uncertain terms, too.

He peered at me from behind the computer, where he was finishing with connections.

"I did this unilaterally, because you set in motion a series of events that affected me and my life! Do you know the hell you put me/us through, with your moralistic idiocy? Yes, I have taken the choice from you, but I did it because ultimately it will keep you/us from a good long life of 'state slavery'!

"If I could, I would go back even farther, and stop you from revealing anything to your college friends who started you on this road. All because you can't keep your damned mouth shut!" he gasped out the last part.

I was stunned at the vehemence in his voice. It was almost as if he hated me, and he was an older version of me! I was about to reply when he came around in front of the computer desk, and dropped into the chair, heavily.

"Listen, it is time you hardened yourself, and accepted the realities of life. The reality is this. You no longer have a life as Tom Wilshire. You have to stay hidden, as Benjamin Porter, or you will have trouble.

"How do I know? I lived the life you forged for me/us. I didn't understand the need for a certain behavior, until much too late. I am here in your here/now telling you! I am leaving you with information, and certain knowledge of what will happen, if you keep going on this track. You will condemn us/me to certain 'state slavery', if you can't adjust your moral compass. You must realize the government is not the beneficial doting father-figure you now consider it to be.

"Harden your heart. Resolve yourself to living underground from now on. You have a very good life here, already. Keep your head down, don't do anything to draw attention to yourself," he paused, gasping for breath.

I reached for him, concerned. He shook off my hand.

"There is nothing you can do for me. I was exposed to something, and it is finally taking its toll. Listen to me! Turn the computer on. I left messages in it for you. The security of this system can't be breached or compromised by any current tech standard. Go ahead, hit the power switch," he said, and I reached down, and flicked my finger against the power button.

The computer whined quickly up into a scale that was soon beyond my range of hearing. A voice startled me.

"System boot: complete. System self-test: complete. Security sweep: complete. AI on line," melodious tones said from the speakers.

"AI? I asked aloud.

"Yes, Tom?" answered the slightly feminine tones of the computer. Huh?

"He was probably just startled, and spoke aloud about your being an AI," my older self explained to the computer.

"Acknowledged. Standing by," the computer stated and fell silent.

"It seems very accepting of two of us being here, considering it did a 'security' sweep," I said to my older self.

"I had already explained my abilities to it, previously. I explained to it that when I next activated it, there would be two of me: a younger, and an older, together," Tom said by way of explanation.

"Great. Exactly what did that security sweep do, anyway?" I asked curiously.

"Well, it checked for listening devices, laser beams against windows. It mapped the house as it is with a peculiar type of radar. Did air sampling, temperature, and by now it has hooked into the closest GPS satellites, and has a fix on its location," the older version of me said weakly.

I looked at him with concern. His eyes rolled up, and he slumped forward in the chair.

"Tom? Damn it, can you hear me?" I yelled, shaking him as I did so.

"The version of you designated 'Tom', has expired. This was expected. I have a file for you concerning the disposition of his body, with further instructions, when you are ready to hear it," the AI stated in an unsympathetic voice.

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