The Rogue
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What started off as a simple driving task ended up as a completely new lifestyle.

I sat waiting with both backdoors and the front passenger doors open, engine ticking over. These were the instructions I received for the 2,000 pound fee to drive from this location to a small rural airfield 30 kilometres away.

I knew this had to be a shady deal, one doesn't receive a payout like this for a regular taxi job. In the underground network I am known for this work. I ask no questions, and I don't want to hear who or what the people are.

It was dark at this time of the evening and out of the dim light of the streetlights, three figures came running, carrying bank dispatch bags. All this I saw in my rear-facing mirrors. Two of the men jumped into the back seats and the other came alongside me in the passenger's seat.

"Get going, as fast as you bloody well can," the front seat passenger shouted at me.

Accelerating away slammed the rear doors shut, as the car shot up the main road, heading out of the town. Coming behind was another car with blue lights flashing and siren's blaring.

It looks as if these people had cut it a bit fine and I was going to go down as an accomplice if the police manage to stop us. What I didn't expect was for the police to fire on us on a main thoroughfare, but that was what they were doing right now.

The man sitting alongside me suddenly fell forward, and a quick glance showed two bullet holes in his back which was visible on the overall suit he was wearing. Then I felt four thumps in my back as bullets hit the armour shield I had fitted into the back of my seat. Glancing quickly behind me I saw that both the men in the rear seats were slumped forward and they weren't just taking a rest.

I had had the armour-plate cut from quarter-inch steel and on these special jobs I always slipped it in under the back of the seat cover, just in case. Even if I have never been in this situation before, I was glad that I had taken this precaution.

Now was the time to use my skills and knowledge of the streets of the town and escape the pursuing cars. Cars, for now there was at least three following me and heaven knows how many are waiting in front.

There was a laneway to my right which led to a foot bridge over the river. I knew was wide enough to take a car, and the stanchion fitted at either ends were almost eaten through with rust at their bases. If I could get over to the other side it was a quick way to get into the bye-roads of the rural surrounds. I had to get to the laneway before the following cars caught up.

I hit the accelerator and shot down the main road. In the distance I saw the police had set up a roadblock and on the road I could clearly see two rows of stingers. They were determined to stop this car that was a certainty. I was glad the laneway entrance was between me and them.

I had gained a good 150 yard lead on the following car, but I expect the police following had slowed down because of the roadblock in front. At the laneway I swung right and shot down between the buildings either side of the lane. I was glad there were no refuge bins or anything else in the lane otherwise that could have impeded my escape. After all this was a pedestrian access from a bus drop off point the other side of the river and not a service lane.

Ahead I saw the stanchion and I hoped the council hadn't replaced the old ones with new. If they had I would soon come to a sudden stop and the speed I was travelling it would be disastrous, well for me anyway. I hit the stanchion square on and I just rolled straight over it. The sides of the car were taking a hiding as I rubbed alternately on either side as I tried to keep the car going between the railings.

The bridge was swaying with the weight of the car. Sure it was designed for pedestrians, but designed to easily take the weight of a car. The only drawback it was only about six inches wider than the car. Once over the crest at the middle I increased speed and hit the other stanchion and this one too just bent. I knew there were to be dents in the front of the car but it didn't impede any on the performance.

Once over the bridge and unless the police came over the same bridge I now had a good 25 kilometre start on them. The reason I say this is the next main traffic bridge is just over 12 kilometres away.

I slowed down so as not to attract attention and headed away from the town. I took a side road on the left and headed into a wooded area. After about 20 kilometres I saw a rest area just off the road which was like a big 'U' with trees hiding it from the road. Also in the rest area was another car, which if I parked near to it wouldn't draw any suspicious inquiries, as it didn't look as suspicious when two cars were parked as one does.

Leaving my car and walking around it I saw that it was riddled with holes at the back. What had they been using to cause so many holes, I wondered? I removed the plates, which incidentally were only pushed on using plastic plugs. Then I checked on the health of my passengers, all three were dead. I collected the bags; some even had holes in them to, removed my seatback armour-plate and put them to one side. Two of the men were carrying small Biretta pistols and spare magazines, so I took them also, plus their wallets and these I put in my pockets

I also pulled the passenger in the front seat into the driver's seat. I don't think it would fool the police for long, but then maybe it could. Maybe he could have survived long enough to drive to this spot.

Walking casually over to the next car I peered in, but it was empty. I could see an open rifle case on the rear seat, so I assume the owner was in the woods hunting. The car was an old model about ten years old. It was that old that I was able to push down the window. The owner had left a gap at the top, no doubt to let some air in. Old cars were easy to jump-start and in seconds I had the engine running. The fuel gauge showed half full so I had fuel to go a good distance.

I loaded all the stuff I had taken out of my car and placed it in the other. Then I casually drove back on to the road and continued on my way. After about another 20 kilometres I soon realised that I hadn't made a good choice. The car was overheating and belching out white smoke like a steam engine.

Ahead was a bridge over a river with steep banking either side. I got out of the car, removed all of my gear and using a large stone against the accelerator I sent it plunging down the embankment into the fast-flowing river. I saw it tumbling in the fast current then it just vanished.

Here I was standing at the side of the road, five bank transit bags at my feet, a heavy plate of steel and nowhere to go. I couldn't carry all this stuff so I decided that I would have to hide it somewhere. What could be better than near the bridge, for this was a good marker and would be easy to find the items when I return.

Carrying the five bags, which were heavy into the brush I found an ideal spot to bury it. I returned and brought the steel plate and the numberplates. The ground was soft and I quickly dug out a pit by using the steel plate. The bags were placed in with the numberplates, then the steel plate was placed over these and then soil was placed over the lot. The ground was evened over and the leaves I had scraped back were pushed over the soil. Using a branch broken off from a bush I dusted over the area, if it wasn't for the marker trees it was impossible to see where I had buried the items.

I hadn't even bothered looking in the bags to see what they had been carrying. I had been paid my fee and had that safely tucked in my money belt. Now I had to get somewhere to lie low for a short while and to see if the police were after me. I could see no reason how I could be tied in with the three men. I had never seen them before, or even knew what they had done. The car had been borrowed and would have been put back, the owner none the wiser. Unfortunately he has a car full of holes and three dead bodies in it full of police bullets.

I started walking along the road, it was pleasant as the sun was breaking through and the birds were beginning to make their territorial calls. There was a slight dew forming and a bight in the air which was invigorating. On the right was a driveway into a house which I could see set well back and from what I could see surrounded by a neat lawn. Azaleas were flowering in beds that were against the walls of the house and it seemed to glow in the morning light.

Somehow I was drawn to the house and I entered the driveway to have a closer look. It was a large two story one, but not to large, I would say had about six or seven bedrooms. Then I saw what some people call a summer house off to the right and tucked under the trees at the edge of the lawn.

I doubt if it would be used at this time of the year and I needed somewhere to rest a bit. The summer house seemed the ideal spot and I was almost certain I would find a summer seat inside; it just looked as if it would.

I made my way around the edge trying to avoid being seen from the windows, but I doubt anyone would be up and around at this time of the morning. The summer-house was unlocked and as I guessed, there was the summer rocking seat on a frame, ready to be pulled out on to the small veranda seen through the concertina doors.

The seat was well cushioned and was long enough for me to stretch out. Lying there I could watch the front of the house and see if anyone was going to approach the summer-house. Unfortunately the rear was boarded only the front and a portion of the sides were glazed halfway down.

On placing my head on the pillow I dropped off into a deep sleep, it was the sound of voices that woke me. Without moving I saw two young boys, well youths in their midteens kicking a ball near the house and a mature woman nearby. Their voices came in waves and their words indistinct they were at that distance away.

All afternoon they stayed there. I had intended to be on my way by now, but I was trapped. Hunger pains were now gripping me. I had nothing to eat or drink in the past 24 hours. The nearest food was in that house and I intended to pinch some from there. I waited until dark fell, first I saw the lights on in one room and shadowy figures move around.

Still I waited, the one thing I wasn't was a burglar, I had no idea how to break into houses. Then the light went off in that room and appeared in another downstairs room. I moved out of the summer-house and as I did the lights came on in an upstairs room, casting a beam of light on to the lawn. The figure of one of the youths appeared and drew the heavy curtains and the beam was cut off on the lawn. Now all there was, was the dull yellow glow. This changed to the light of a television, whoever was upstairs was watching TV with the main light out.

There was no use creeping around, I walked over to the house, but avoiding the lit windows on the ground floor to the doors of a garage which was attached to the house. There were double car wide roller doors and a small side door, which surprisingly was open. As I opened it I noticed the mortise was out, so whoever had locked the door hadn't checked to see if the door was properly closed. The key was in the lock, so I opened it, closed the door and locked it properly. Now I had virtually locked myself in the house.

When I had opened the door I noticed I had a clear passageway to another door which had a small window in it. From the window glowed a faint light, so it was towards this door I made my way. Gently easing on the handle I turned it and pushed, the door opened silently. The light was coming from a night-light plugged into a power socket. It was just enough to show me the vague contents of the room, which was the kitchen.

The refrigerator drew me like a magnet and when I opened the door the room was engulfed in light. In front of me was a large container of milk which I took and placed on my parched lips. The taste of the cool milk was a blessing to my protesting stomach. Also on a lower shelf was a plate with sliced roast meat. I just took a hand-full and sank my teeth into it.

"What do you think you are doing and why are you in my house?" This upper-class female voice said behind me.

I hadn't heard her approach I was so preoccupied with filling my empty stomach. I haven't the faintest idea why I did it, but I put my hand in my pocket and drew one of the pistols, turned and put it under her chin. I have never held a gun in my hand before and I was surprised the affect that it had on the woman. She went white as a sheet and staggered back until she could go no more with me following.

"Any more from you and it will be your last."

"Take what you want but please don't hurt me or my grandchildren," she stammered.

So the two lads were her grandchildren, she didn't look old enough to be a grandmother somehow. Seeing her now close up she was a well-built woman, with a pair of breasts on her that any film star would love. She stood up to my shoulders and I was well over 6 feet, from what she was wearing her waist was thin and flared out to as one would say child-bearing hips. Her hair was auburn and she had these pouting full sexy lips, the type that was begging to be kissed.

What was I to do? If I left she would call the police for sure and the chase would be on again. I have had enough of that, so somehow I had to stop this occurring. Hanging behind the door was two coils of rope and a ball of twine slipped over a peg.

"Sit down in the chair, with your hands behind your back," I said in as stern a voice that I could muster. In fact I was scared out of my wits. I had never considered acting like this before.

Like a lamb she sat down on the kitchen chair I pointed to. "Oh please I'll do anything you say, but please don't hurt me," she pleaded.

Firstly using the twine I bound both her thumbs together. Then using one of the lengths of rope, which I think was clothes line rope I bound her arms to the back as well as her legs to the legs of the chair. I could see that she was now immobile.

"Please this is the last evening I have with my grandchildren, they are going abroad to stay, and I won't be seeing them for a long-time."

"Lady, if I released you, you would be on to the police in a flash."

"I promise, I won't just don't hurt me."

"No, I want you to stay put, until I know that everything is all right."

"You mean you will release me."

"Certainly, you don't think I would hurt you. No you have no fear of that."

"Oh, thank you," she said with a sigh.

"You just stay there and if everything is all right I'll be back."

I didn't want to hurt the woman, but I had to make sure the police wouldn't be called. I had to find out if the boys had mobile phones, also the number of phones in the house.

"Do your grandchildren have mobile cell phones?" I asked her.

"Yes they both do. Why?"

I could see fear cross her face after she answered the question.

"How many landline handsets are in the house?"

"There is one in every bedroom, one in the hall and one in the lounge. Oh, why are you asking about the telephones?"

"Never mind! Where is the telephone junction box?"

"Just outside the door in the garage."

I went into the garage and on the far wall I spotted the telephone junction box. I went over and hooking my finger behind the wires leaving the Crone block and pulled all the wires out. Now, the house is dead as far as the landlines are concerned. One set I didn't remove though was the security pair which was clearly marked. If I had disconnected that one the security firm would be round in a flash.

Leaving her sitting in the kitchen I silently went up the stairs. The room where the grandchildren were in was clearly visible by the flickering light showing under the door. I eased the door handle with one hand and the pistol in the other stepped into the room.

Surprise, surprise the two lads were sitting on the end of the bed with their penises in their hands watching a blue movie. Both the heads shot round with eyes popped open wide looking straight at me.

"I can see that you two are really enjoying yourselves and by the hard-ons you both have you are enjoying the movie."

I don't think they saw the gun in my hand as the eldest one spoke. "How dare you burst into our room in such a manner? Who are you anyway?" Then he spotted the gun and his erection went down in a second.

I switched on the main light. Now they saw me a lot better. "I want both your mobile phones. Now!" I said. They nearly jumped out of their skins in their eagerness to hand over their individual phones. I took them both. Put them on the floor and drove my heel into them.

"Get your trousers on. Give me these tapes," I said. Having noticed they had about four of them. "Now downstairs into the kitchen the pair of you."

I prodded them in front of me and the three of us entered the kitchen. They both eyed their grandmother tied to the chair. I made them sit on the floor with their backs against the cupboards.

"What do you think your little angels were doing upstairs?" I asked the grandmother.

"I haven't the slightest idea. Playing games maybe," she said with that highbrow voice.

"Wrong, they were watching blue movies and wanking themselves."

"Never, my boys are not like that, they are decent clean-living boys."

I showed her the tapes, well the boxes anyway.

"That doesn't prove these are blue movies, just some erotic cover art," she insisted.

The two lads were sitting with bowed heads, looking at the floor.

"I think we will let your grandmother see them. What do you say?"

"Please don't, we admit we were watching them. Please don't humiliate her."

"What's your grandmother's first name anyway?"

"Carina, that's what her friends call her," the eldest said. He now was a lot more relaxed.

"Well the pair of you pick up your grandmother and the chair and take her to where the TV is."

The pair got up and between them struggled to carry her through into the ground-floor room which had the light burning. There was a lovely fire burning in the hearth and a huge projection TV screen on the end wall.

"Well lads we are going to have a good view now. I want you to put your grandmother down so she can see the screen. Put the tape you were watching in and rewind it. After you have done that I want you to sit on the floor in front of your grandmother. Now get moving. If you don't, I promise you I will put a bullet into you and your grandmother."

The youngest pushed the tape in and we waited until we heard the thud of the tape reaching the end.

"Now hand me the remote and switch on the TV."

The youngest lad couldn't do it quicker than he did. He switched on the TV and handed me the VHS remote then sat down as ordered.

I switched it on and everyone was silent. I was expecting young women but what were shown were mature middle-aged women and young boys having sex. It looked like the two lads fantasised over older women. I looked at the titles of the other tapes and they were all the same, sex between young men and older women.

Both the lads were now in their fantasy world. They were oblivious to the world around them. I also noticed that Carina wasn't objecting, but was viewing the screen with interest. Sure I liked watching these tapes as much as anyone, but I would rather have the real thing.

"These older women really turn you lads on, don't they? Have you ever been with a woman?"

This broke their concentration and they turned and looked at me and both shook their heads.

"Well you have one just behind you, go and run your hand up Carina's leg. Forget she is your grandmother. Go on she what she feels like," I goaded them.

"Don't do it David, please," Carina said as the youngest stood and moved towards her.

"Go on David, feel what a real woman feels like. If she is all wet between the legs, she wants sex. Go on lad don't be afraid," I once again encouraged him.

He was now standing in front of his bound grandmother. He had a large bulge in the front of his trousers and he was eyeing her breasts.

"Go on David feel her breasts. I bet they feel great," I egged him on.

He leant forward and felt her breast and gave it a squeeze. He quickly withdrew his hand again. Again he leant forward and with two hands cupped a breast in each hand. "Oh Bertie, they feel fantastic," he said to his brother. Carina was struggling but in doing so was making David all the more eager, as he continued squeezing.

Then without warning he slid his hand up her dress and with the other pulled it all the way up her thighs exposing her panties and he slipped his hand between her legs. "She's soaking wet, and it's sticky," he said.

"Getting turned on are we Carina by your own grandson too. You must be desperate," I said to her with my face close to hers.

"Please don't let them do this to me. I will do anything you want," she said in a pleading voice.

"I want you to fuck your two lads. You won't be seeing them for a long-time. Give them something to remember you for."

"Never, I won't do it."

"Do you fancy your grandmother, now be truthful?"

"Oh yes, she is the best looking woman in the world," said David.

"And you Bertie, do you fancy your grandmother?"

"I would love her to suck me; I have always wanted a young woman to suck me."

"You heard what your two boys have said. If you agree I will release you."

"No I won't do it," she insisted.

I got up and stood in front of her, reached up either side of her thighs and drew down her panties. She couldn't close her legs for they were tied to the chair legs and the panties were now around her ankles covering the bindings.

"See what a lovely trimmed pubis Carina has, go on have a look and a good feel," I said to the pair. The viewing of the video now forgotten, as they were now eyeing the real thing. Not that they would see anything for Carina was well seated on the chair and all that could be seen was her trimmed dark patch.

This time Bertie stood up and he slipped his hand up and under her, working his finger on her clitoris in a circular motion. Carina was now grinding her hips on to his hand and her breathing had become shallow.

"You are liking that aren't you, you randy woman. Nice isn't it," I said with my mouth again close to her ear.

"I wish I had a camera, this would be something," I said.

"Grandmother has a digital camera," David blurted out, without thinking.

"Go and get it for me, please."

He went to a cupboard in the room and handed me an expensive digital camera. While Bertie was still groping Carina I snapped a few pictures.

"I now have a photo of you and Bertie, now will you do as they ask."

"No I won't, I will not be blackmailed."

The dress she was wearing was a shirt dress with buttons down the front to the waist. I pushed Bertie away and undid the buttons exposing her bra covered breasts.

"Wow, look at these," came the cry from David.

Her bra's had three hooks down the front and I undid these allowing her breasts to spill out into freedom.

"Well David what do you think now. Aren't they the best sight you've seen, I can vouch they are a real nice pair of breasts."

David now stepped forward and was fondling the naked breasts. The nipples were now standing out erect like little pencils. David lowered his head and took one between his lips and sucked it. Carina threw back her head and let out a sigh and sucked air through her teeth.

While he was doing this I cut the bonds to her legs and drew off her panties. Then I cut the bindings of her arms, thus freeing her from the chair. I left her thumbs still bound but she made no try to raise herself off the chair.

I pushed David away from what he was doing. "Drop your trousers; in fact take them off, the same with you Bertie." Grabbing her arms I made her kneel down on the floor, with her head on the carpet and her bottom up in the air.

"Now David, you wanted to fuck your grandmother, get behind her and shove it in. This is the only chance you will ever get, so go to it."

There was no need to repeat the message, he threw her dress over her back and held his above average and hard penis in his hand, guided it towards his grandmother's cunt and pushed it in. Carina gasped as she felt her grandson sink into her body. David was doing at it like a rabbit and I knew he wouldn't last long at that pace.

"Bertie get in front of your grandmother and push your cock in her mouth. She won't bite you I promise."

He bent down and pulled her up by her arms which were still tied to her back and with his free hand guided his penis if that little thing could be called a penis between her lips. All this I was recording on her camera, I got the lot on. Carina opened her lips as Bertie pushed his penis in and soon he too was pumping into her face.

I think it was only about a minute until both the brothers shot their loads into the appropriate holes they were invading and quickly withdrew. Carina just fell on her side on to the carpet, sobbing.

"You both will keep this to yourselves. I have it on disc that you raped your grandmother. Anyone can see she was bound while you molested her. You can go to prison for a very long-time. I won't blackmail you, but you haven't seen me. I hear you are leaving the country tomorrow?"

"Yes, our parents are picking us up at six, that's only four hours from now. I didn't realise it was so late," Bertie said.

"Right, off you go to your room, get ready for your parents arriving, and remember not a word about all this, you both got what you wanted. Leave it at that."

They left the tapes and I heard them bounding up the stairs. I went to Carina and cut the thumb bonds. I bent and picked her up in my arms and she put her arms around my neck. You would think the way I had humiliated her I would be the last person she would want close to her.

"Show me the way to the bathroom, you need a good shower."

"Up the stairs to the right, first door on the right," she said without removing her arms.

I carried her up the stairs and followed her instructions into the bathroom. There was no shower, but there was a big bath, a really wide one which could easily take two. I sat her down on the toilet seat and started the bath running, stood and locked the door.

"Come Carina, we will both take a bath," I said.

She looked deflated; the arrogance she showed when we first met had gone. She just sat there. "Stand up; I want to remove your clothing." She stood.

I drew the dress over her head and removed her bra which was the only clothing she had on. She was beautiful, really beautiful, as she stood there before me. I stripped and then took her hand and we both stepped into the bath together.

"What have you done to me, I feel so ashamed that I allowed it to happen."

"I have a record of all that happened and the boys will never tell anyone."

"I have the shame inside me. The thing is I wanted them to do it, I really wanted them to do it. Why then am I not satisfied," she said again putting her arms around my neck and kissing me now with those voluptuous lips.

"Carina you need a man, not a couple of boys. They were just the key that opened the door to your craving."

She released her hand from around my neck and grasped my penis in her soft hand. Now I am big built and she let out a gasp on feeling the size of my penis. I lifted her up and she lifted her leg so sitting on my lap. Then she inserted my raging hard-on into her passage and sank down. I felt myself surrounded by warm yielding flesh as I sank deeper and deeper inside her until I could go no further. I was sunk right up to the hilt.

She had her arms again around my neck. "I don't even know your name, and I have this wonderful cock of yours up to my throat. Please stay with me. I don't care what you have done or anything. I need a man like you."

"The name is Charlie. Even though you know nothing about me and all I had done to you. You want me to stay. Firstly this is the first time I have ever broke into anyone's home. I was just looking for something to eat, that was all. I have no family so one place is as good as another."

"Then you will stay?" She said wiggling on my shaft as though trying to get even more of me inside her.

"Yes, but what will your friends and family say?"

"What can they say, you are my lover, not theirs, but I can assure you a few will try if I know my friends."

"One woman at a time is enough for me, and you suit me fine."

Try fucking in the bath, water goes everywhere. Carina was a totally different woman she loved the feel of me within her and showed it, both by words and deeds. I too loved that wonderful body of hers, with those gorgeous breasts and soft wide hips. Especially the hips when they were devouring my manhood.

This woman's whole character had changed, now she was so submissive, rubbing her chest against mine and pressing those lovely lips on to mine. You would have thought we had been long-time lovers. Not that I was objecting, it's just I've never had a woman like this ever.

"I want you to go and have a lie down; I will give you a couple of hours."

"Please come with me," she pleaded,

"No, I have to fix the telephone lines first. Then I may come and lie beside you on the bed."

After drying and me getting partially dressed, I once again picked her up in my arms, this time she was naked.

"I've been carried more tonight than I have ever been all my adult life, it's wonderful," she said hugging me.

"Show me your bedroom now!"

"Its only through that door, I wish it was further," she pointed out the second door in the bathroom.

Her bedroom was so feminine and smelt as good. I carried her over to the bed and placed her feet on the floor alongside. I pulled back the covers and she slipped under them. I leant forward and kissed her full on the mouth.

"After you've finished please come up."

"Yes, I promise," I replied. I had full intents on doing so anyway.

I returned to the bathroom and got fully dressed. Descended the stairs and went straight into the garage. Having worked on telephone systems it was easy to reinstall the lines; I hope the log which was in the terminal box was correct and up-to-date.

I then went into the lounge and collected the tapes and put them in the cupboard where I saw David get the digital camera. The digital camera, I nearly forgot that, that was something I was going to keep, it was my safeguard. That I took into the garage and hid it in one of the tool cupboards I saw in there, until I could find a safer hiding place.

In the garage was a Mercedes saloon, which must have cost a pretty penny. With the size of this house and the cars Carina must be well off. Riches and an eager woman, what more could I ever want.

Just as I was going upstairs the telephone rang in the hall. What the hell I thought, I'll answer it.

"Yes, can I help?" I said.

"To whom am I speaking?" A female voice similar to Carina asked.

"I'm Charlie a friend of Carina's, who am I talking to?"

"This is her daughter Mary, please tell mum we will be there in an hour, our flight is now earlier," she said.

While I was on the telephone I was looking at a group photograph on the telephone table. It was one which showed Carina, David and Bertie and a younger version of Carina and a baldheaded obese man, a good many years older than I assume Mary. Mother and daughter were like two peas in a pod, and it would be hard to tell the difference except for their ages.

I went back upstairs and went straight into Carina's bedroom and sat on the bed. She was sound asleep already. I leant forward and kissed her on the forehead. She slowly opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. "Oh, I thought I had dreamt the lot. I'm glad that one part of my dream was real." She pulled me down and again kissed me.

"Carina, Mary phoned and said she would be here in an hour, better get up, I'll get the boys."

She shot up into a sitting position, exposing those wonderful breasts. "What did you tell her?"

"When she asked I told her my name was Charlie and we were good friends."

"At this time of the morning we are more than good friends."

"She now knows, so why worry. I won't say anything if you won't," I said with a laugh.

"As you said now she knows, it's not that we are hiding anything is it. Now I feel better about it. I was wondering how I was going to explain you to her anyway."

I left her to get dressed and went along to the room the boys were in and gave them a shake. "Come on lads, your mother will be here in under an hour, get all your baggage downstairs as soon as possible. You are going on an earlier flight."

"You won't say anything to mum, what we did to grandma?" Asked David.

"Of course not, I saw a photo of your mum; I didn't know that your mum looks like your grandmother. Is it your mother that you fancy?"

"Yes, how did you know?" He asked.

"All boys fancy their mothers. It's just that most don't try to screw them."

"You mean some boys fuck their own mothers?"

"More than you would believe, I can tell you that."

"I would like to fuck my mother, she is beautiful," he went on.

Bertie just listened. Although he was older I think he was led by David who appeared the most dominant.

"Give it a try, you fucked your grandmother, why not your mother."

"I may even try," he said.

"Whatever you do I don't care. But if either of you say anything about your grandmother, remember I have the pictures to prove you raped her. So forget that event ever happened. I'll be here with your grandmother and I'll hear if you do say anything."

"You are staying here?" They both said.

"Yes, I suppose you can say I'm now your step-grandfather."

"Bloody great," again exclaimed David.

"Now get dressed I'll see you downstairs."

I went into the kitchen and put on the kettle and with some hunting was able to get the drip coffee machine going. When the others came down I was sitting at the breakfast table sipping a coffee. The boys never looked at their grandmother and she ignored them also. Carina though was smiling at me and sat beside me at the table although there was a vacant seat at the head of the table.

Right on time we heard a car pull up at the front. Carina went and opened the door to admit her daughter. I heard Mary ask "Who is Charlie, mother?"

"He is a -- friend. Come on in you will meet him," Carina said.

I heard the footsteps coming along the passage and a younger Carina entered followed by her mother and a man who was old enough to be her father.

Mary came straight over and held her hand out. "I'm Mary, we spoke on the telephone."

I took her hand but leant forward and kissed her on the cheek. She was taken back a bit by this gesture, but then responded by returning the kiss. "I'm glad to meet you Charlie; it's time mother found a friend to look after her."

Mary was flustered I could see. Carina had poured out two further cups of coffee and she and her husband sat down at the table.

"Oh, this is my husband Frank; he is being posted to the Bank's head office. We are on our way to the airport now. I'm sorry we have to rush. Come on boys get your things and get in the car. We will have breakfast at the airport."

I think David will find it easier with his mother than he thinks. These were the thoughts which went through my mind as I watched Mary.

Once they had gone, Carina came and took my hand. "Come on to bed now it's far too early to be up and you haven't slept a wink all night." The way she was acting you would think we were a long married couple, I loved it.

We never made passionate love that morning but just cuddled up in each others arms, with the knowledge that we had all the time in the world to fuck as much as we wanted.

I woke with Carina engulfing my penis in her mouth, slowly moving her head up and down my shaft. What a way to wake up, there had been no forcing her she was doing this on her own free will and appeared to be loving it. I got hold of her hips and swung them so she was straddling my face and I buried my face into her womanhood. Kissing these other puffy lips of hers, these ones were giving off the scent of an aroused woman and there was no other scent in the world to match it.

Carina turned her body and lay on her back pulling me on top of her for the first time and guided me into her eager body. This was heaven, as we slowly worked ourselves into a climax. Afterwards I lay on my elbows gazing down on her face.

"You have a wonderful way of waking a man up, that's for sure."

"Charlie I feel so comfortable with you somehow, you are all I have ever wanted. I know you haven't promised me anything. I don't want you to, just be close, that's all I ask."

"Well we can't get any closer than we are now, with your legs wrapped around my body and I buried inside you."

"Oh you know what I mean; I want you like this too. You do fill a woman up with that penis of yours. How did you get it so big?"

"I grew it just for you, knowing you wanted one like this."

"Liar, but I do love it and you, silly old woman."

"No you're not, just being truthful. Let's get up and have some breakfast."

She looked at the clock on the bedside. "Jane the cook-housekeeper will be arriving soon, I'll tell her to cook two breakfasts."

With that we got disentangled and got out of bed. Carina run her bath while I used one of her razors and shaved. She had a quick bath and I used the same water to wash also. Dressed we both went downstairs.

Jane the cook was a plump middle-aged woman who lived about two miles away and came in from 8am to 4 pm five days a week. She lived alone, having never been married. She had nursed her aged mother until she died and then began working for Carina to pay her way. She gave me a sidelong look but accepted that I would now be living here and went about her task of making our breakfast.

Just then an elderly man entered the kitchen.

"Oh Charlie this is Ben, he is my gardener, odd-jobber and sometimes chauffeur."

No attempt was made to shake hands, all he did was nodded, collected a Thermos flask and left the way he had arrived.

"Do you have any other people working for you Carina?"

"No only these two lovely people."

"Well they now know I am here with you, I bet the word gets round quick."

"Oh I bet it does, especially in this community." Carina said smilingly.

During breakfast I asked "Can I borrow your car to collect my things that is if you want me to come and stay with you?"

"Yes I do want you to come and stay with me. Yes, take the car; I have a bridge meeting today here so I won't be needing it. Please come back soon I want you to meet my friends."

I could see I was being brought into the fold and I didn't mind a bit.

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