Trickling Effect
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The rollercoasters of a marriage; love, tragedies, triumphs... Do they work on it or throw it all away after some things that just aren't fair or right as this world assualt them?

Carmine Robertson looked at the rain that fell steadily down her window. The lights were low, the candles flickered in the back ground, their glimmer reflected in the mirror by her bed. She sat on the window seat, the cushion underneath worn and tattered, but still comfortable. Carmine, however was not. Her fingers trailed the paths of the rain as it splattered to and fro, the beating rhythm filled her senses and she pressed her forehead against the cold glass.

He was very late.

Deep inside she knew he was going to be. While she grilled the steaks, made the cheesecake, tossed the salad, and chilled the wine, she'd kept telling herself it was all for nothing. Once again as the lavender scented candles dripped their scented wax down the sides she closed her eyes and wept the tears of a love lost...

Thomas Robertson sat in his car, rain pelting his windshield. He'd just looked at himself in the mirror and scrubbed away the signs of his affair. He also noticed the bruise and cut the slap that she'd delivered to him. They both came from the emerald ring he'd given her over a year ago as a present. Tonight he'd broken it off with her and the bruise was the proof of his adultery. He noticed the time and cursed.

He was very late.

Deep inside he knew she wouldn't forgive him this time. He knew he'd pushed that last button and she wouldn't be there at the door to greet him with open arms, though knowing ones. Yes, she knew. She just hadn't accepted it. Today though out of all the days of the year to be late, this one was the worse...

As Carmine blew out the candles, Thomas hurried home. As she walked around covering the food with plastic wrap and making room for it in the freezer, her husband was feeling the impact of an air bag slam into his face. As the beautiful brunette with the new dress on slipped out of her stilettos, the handsome business man fell unconscious against the steering wheel of his car. When the housewife and mother of two slid into bed and shut off the lights, the father was placed in an ambulance. As Carmine slept a night full of restless tumbling, Thomas slept the sleep of the dead, his life support echoing through the room...

Twenty years earlier...

The rain just stopped when the twenty-year old from Nebraska pulled his nineteen-year old bride into his arms and kissed her soundly on the lips. The small group in the church cheered and as Thomas and Carmine Robertson walked down the isle they were showered with rose petals. Pink, Red, White, Yellow... a rainbow of colors descended from above. When they walked out the sun burned through the clouds and the two embraced. They drove off to the local Bed and Breakfast where their bodies melded into one.

"Good morning, beautiful," Thomas said to his wife, the morning after their wedding. His smile as wide as hers and he knew it, though he couldn't see it. His mouth was to busy working at the soft curls of her sex.

Carmine had felt the first stirring of his breath upon her thigh minutes ago, but had feigned sleep so she could enjoy the anticipation of his caress. Last night had been awkward, but after she'd washed in the shower, with Thomas, the evening had gotten a lot better.

"Good morning," she whispered back. Her breath caught on its return back into her lungs from the rush of emotions that filled her as Thomas swept his tongue over her soft curls. "Oh Tommy," she moaned, lifting her hips. Her fingers clenched the bed sheets. The lids of her eyes covered the green orbs that were laced with specks of gold. "Tommy... are you sure?" she asked, though inside she thought she'd die if he said "no".

"I'm sure love. I read about this in a book and well... I want to try. I've heard about it from the guys at school too and from the way it sounds, its rather nice. Can I?" he asked as his finger swept between the two lips of his wife's sex. "You smell wonderful, Carm."

She shifted her hips nervously, bit her lip and nodded her head that it was okay for him to proceed. Carmine realized he wasn't looking at her when he did nothing else, so she muttered a quiet, "Yes."

She too had heard about being "tasted" but she couldn't imagine such a thing. Now as the warm breath of his mouth caressed her newly loved sex, she was feeling a new kind of awakening in her body. "I heard..." She stopped talking.

Thomas laughed as her gasp of either shock or pleasure tickled his ears and he pushed his tongue against the protruding clit he'd been toying with. He licked it slowly, unsure if he'd hurt her or not. When she moaned he grinned and increased the pressure. "You like?" he asked. He knew she did, but he liked to hear her talk, or try to. Last night after the initial act of their joining, she'd talked... a lot. One thing he knew he'd always be able to count on was her talking.

"Oh, yes Tommy. I like it a lot. Ohh... harder; it feels better when you lick harder," she whispered. Carmine had never dated much and now as her husband learned the shape of her sex with his tongue she was suddenly kicking herself for not taking things further with him. In the end though she knew she wouldn't have. They made out a lot, but both of them never pressed the issue and she was glad for that, besides they had forever to make up for it.

"Harder? You tell me if I hurt you, okay," Thomas demanded. He looked up and saw her shake her head with a firm nod and he smirked. "Can't even look at me," he thought to himself. "We'll have to work on that. I want to see her eyes."

Thomas moved his lips back to the soft down that had caressed his chin. He ran his tongue over it, parting the curls a little while he did. He tasted her and studied her flavor, then tasted her again. This time the sweeping action was stronger and more sure of the want inside it. "Carm, its wonderful. You're wonderful," he told her. His tongue pushed deeper and he found the small hole he'd invaded last night.

Carmine shivered. Goose bumps jumped up on her skin and threatened to send another round of chills through her, but they were quickly covered by a wave of heat that burned inside. The growing ember continued to build as Thomas made love to her with his mouth. She trembled and begged for him to not stop, the feeling so new and raw. Her fingers moved to her stomach, up to her breasts, and then down to his hair. She had no idea where to place her hands, the emotions to turbulent for her to control. "Thomas! Oh Tommy... don't stop, please. Just keep going."

He had no intention of stopping. Thomas was amazed by the amount of moisture her pussy was giving up to him. He delighted in the scent, the taste, the smooth silk texture. For a moment he stopped and gazed at her. "Carmine Robertson, look at me," he ordered, though his words were thick with emotion.

The bed-head brunette gazed down on her husband, his thick black curls nestled over his forehead. His brown eyes were full of lust and hunger. She trembled as she gazed upon him, but nothing felt more right then her love for him. She watched his tongue snake out and lick her sex. Carmine gasped. Her eyes stayed locked with his as she saw from the corner of them his hand reach up, one finger extended and disappear into her slick opening. "Oh my God," she hissed and fell back to the bed, unable to hold eye contact with him any longer.

Thomas grinned like a proud man and began to feast upon the woman of his dreams. He pulled her clit with his teeth. She bucked against him. He scrapped the inner sides of her pussy and she lifted her ass up high. His tongue swept back and forth over the satin lips that helped to hide the second finger he inserted into her. Slowly he slid the digits in and out as his tongue helped work her passage. Eventually the flavor of her honey changed and Thomas knew from the squeals and high-pitched howl from the earlier three AM loving that she was again coming for him.

"Tommmmmieeeee..." she screamed. Her body lifted itself up. Her back arched as her hips rose to meet every thrust of his tongue. She bucked to the left then the right. Over and over again her husband pushed his fingers in and out of her. Carmine continued to yell and scream. Her fingers dug at her breasts and she felt as if her mind was going to explode. The sensations that were assaulting her were so many she couldn't think, so she didn't. She just accepted it all and felt it rolling though her.

The hot silk spilled from her sex and Thomas drank it up. He pushed deep and pulled out the liquid heat that he knew he'd never get enough of. As she covered his hand and face he breathed in the heady fragrance and knew he'd wear it often. When she shuddered violently in his hands he grinned and took her to the great peak again. Once more she blanketed him and once more he drank his fill. Eventually he released her and slid up her body. His kisses rained across her breasts and up to her neck "I want to kiss you Carm. Can I?" he asked. His cock was poised at her pussy, wanting to slam into her, but he so wanted to kiss her.

Carmine took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma that she knew was her. She blushed and bit her lip, her tongue snuck out and tasted her husband's lips and then her mouth closed. She too, studied her taste and found it not pleasing, but not ghastly either. She smiled softly and knew that she too wanted to kiss and she was not going to let this one thing stop her. Her fingers reached out for his head and she lifted herself up, closing the tiny distance that separated them. Their lips pressed together and they held onto each other as they shared in the flavor of her passion.

Thomas reached between them and guided his cock into her opening. She stilled the kiss and spread her legs wider for him. "Oh Tommy," she moaned against his mouth as he pushed in. "Mmm, wonderful," she told him. Her head fell to the pillow, her neck now exposed for his lips.

Thomas knew she enjoyed the touch of his kisses upon her skin. He'd often gotten lost in the little trails of wet licks and tender bites he'd place upon her soft flesh. She was a beauty and he loved her more and more with each passing minute. Now as he made love to her again, he did it with gentleness and romance. Eventually as they moved together, just like the middle of the morning wake up call they became a frenzied tangle of arms and legs. They both climaxed and both shouted out the other's name. When they awoke again, it was one PM and neither wanted to move.

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