Gail and Billy
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some booze, some pot and a whole lot of hanky panky.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow  


It hadn't been a good day, and in fact it hadn't been a good week. Several problems at the plant had kept me work twelve and fourteen hour days and I was whipped when I got home. I was too tired too make love to my wife and that wasn't sitting too well with her either since she was used to getting screwed five and six times a week. And if that wasn't creating enough of a problem tonight was her company Christmas party and I wasn't going to be able to get off work and go with her. For her that was the last straw. She knows I hate going to those things anyway and she was sure that I was just using the plant emergencies as an excuse. She went ballistic when I called and told her that I would have to stay late again. "Well fuck you William!" and she slammed down the phone. William was her 'pet' name for me when she was really, really pissed. Oh well, she could be as upset as she wanted, but jobs that paid as well as mine didn't grow on trees and if keeping it meant a few late nights, so be it.

I'd be the first to admit that things had gotten just a little out of hand at the Christmas party. The party was held at the home of the company president and when I got there it was already in full swing. Regardless of the fact that my asshole husband had found an excuse not to come with me I was determined to have a good time. There was booze, lots of music and enough men who wanted to dance with me to keep me occupied and soon I had forgotten all about Billy not coming with me. With all the booze and dancing I began to feel pretty loose and I was in a great mood when one of my dance partners asked me to smoke a joint with him. John was a really nice guy and he had always treated me like a lady, unlike some of the others I worked with, and so I said yes.

The pot was some real killer weed and pot with alcohol makes me really horny and John was a very nice looking man and I was tempted, really tempted to have my first extra-marital fling. But I loved Billy, even if he could be an asshole at times, and I decided to behave myself so I figured I'd best get myself away from John before I did something stupid. I excused myself and went to use bathroom. When I came out I saw a couple of guys down the hallway looking into one of the bedrooms. Curious, I went down to see what they were looking at. When I got there I looked over their shoulders and I saw our receptionist Harriet on the bed with two guys. She was a very beautiful and sexy looking girl and had a great body and she was naked. The guys were running their hands over her, her nipples were incredibly swollen and she was moaning as one guy sucked on her breast and the other one fingered her pussy. She had a cock in each hand and was slowly pumping them with her fists.

I hadn't seen a cock other than Billy's since the day I met him over ten years ago and now the sight of those two cocks in Harriet's fist's was making my pussy wet. I watched as the two guys positioned themselves over Harriet, one at her mouth and the other between her legs. She cried out in pleasure as the one between her legs thrust into her, but then her cries were choked of as the second guy pushed his cock in her mouth. I'd been pretty wild when I'd been in college and I had done my share of threesomes before meeting and falling in love with Billy, but I had always been at the bottom of the pile and had never seen anything like this. The two guys brought Harriet to one orgasm after another as she bucked and heaved beneath them.

One of the guys standing in front of me passed me back a joint and I took a hit and passed it back to him. I noticed movement off to the side and I looked that way and saw three more guys passing a joint and taking their clothes off. It was obvious that they planned on being next and I wondered if Harriet knew what was coming. I heard her cry out as she had another orgasm as the guy in her mouth came and I saw the cum bubble out of her mouth like white froth. The other guy panted, "Here it comes baby" and he filled Harriet with his cum. When the two guys moved out of the way two more stepped in to take their place. The guy in front of me passed the joint back to me again and I took another hit.

One the bed Harriet was begging the two new guys to hurry up and fuck her. Someone moved up behind me and I felt a hard cock being pushed against my ass. At almost the same time the man who had been passing his joint to me reached behind him and felt for my pussy. The man behind me pulled up my skirt and forced a knee between my legs and the man in front of me felt my pussy through my panties and he turned to face me. He put his mouth on mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth at the same time his hand went down the front of my panties. I moaned when his finger found my pussy and briefly I mingled my tongue with his. I was hot, I was incredibly horny, but I was also married and I tried to pull away, but the man behind me and the man in front of me had me pinned. Fingers began moving in and out of my pussy and I moaned again and without thinking I moved my legs apart to give the fingers better access. The man behind me moved his hands under my blouse and cupped my tits. The man in front took his tongue out of my mouth, bent down and in one quick pull had my panties off. With my mouth uncovered I moaned, "Please don't, please don't do this. I can't do this, I'm married."

The man in front of me now had his cock out and he stepped forward and he bent slightly at the waist and took my two legs and lifted them. At the same time the man behind me dropped his hands from my tits and gripped me around the waist and the man in front stepped forward again and his cock probed for the opening to my pussy. I cried out "Noooo" as I felt the head start to push in and he leaned forward and put his mouth on mine to cut off the sound.

The two men did a little shuffle that ended up with the man behind me having his back to the wall. My back was to him and he held me up as the man in front of me started to fuck me. With each stroke I felt him going deeper and deeper into me. I was moaning around his tongue and I felt the heat build as his cock worked in and out of me. I felt my body want to respond, but I was in such a helpless position that all I could do was take his cock in and hope that he didn't drop me. He started to ram me hard and I knew he was going to cum in a and I tried to struggle and break free before he did because I had no protection and then it was too late as I felt the warm wetness flow into me.

He pulled away and the man behind said, "My turn now sexy" and he carried me to the floor and was in me before I could even begin to close my legs or fight him off. He was pushing hard into me and all of a sudden I needed a good hard fuck and I wrapped my legs around him and pushed up at him. His mouth covered mine and his tongue probed and I pushed mine into his mouth and he fucked me hard on the carpeted hallway floor. I had my hands on his ass and I was pulling him into me when I felt him cum in me and I cried out, " no, no, please no, I'm almost there, don't leave me, please don't leave me."

He got off me and hands reached down and pulled me up and then I was picked up and carried down the hall to another bedroom. I was dropped on the bed and then a mouth covered mine and my legs were pulled apart and a cock entered me. Hands opened my blouse and I felt my bra being taken off. A mouth covered my right breast and began to lick and suck it. A hand cupped my left breast and fingers began to roll the nipple between them. My legs came up and locked behind the legs of whoever was fucking me.

I tried to think of Billy, but the liquor, the pot, the scene with Harriet and the red-hot heat in my loins had my blood boiling. The mouth kissing me pulled away and a fat cock wanting to get in my mouth took its place. It wasn't as long as Billy's, but it was almost twice as fat. The man fucking me was pounding hard and I opened my mouth and cried out "Yes, yes, oh god yes" and the cock waiting for just such an opportunity pushed into my mouth. As the hard fat cock fucked my mouth I looked up and saw that it was John. He smiled down at me, "Suck it Gail, suck it baby" and I reached up and grabbed his hard butt and pulled him deeper into my mouth.

My pussy was being pounded and I could feel my orgasm coming and just as it hit me I felt John's cock throb in my mouth as he gave a loud grunt and came. My mouth was overflowing with his hot, salty tasting goo and I did my best to swallow as much of him as I could. The cock in my pussy released into me and then it was gone and another cock entered me. When John pulled out of my mouth I saw other men coming into the room and undressing. Naked guys were standing around me and stroking their cocks. Hands were rubbing my tits and I reached out and pulled one of them into my mouth and when he exploded down my throat another cock took his place. I came and came and came again and in the back of my mind I was thanking Billy for not coming tonight and making this possible.

And then I thought of Billy and hoped to God that he would never find out. I loved him, God did I ever love him, but if he ever found out about this I would lose him. Even as I had that thought my mouth was filling with cum, the man in my pussy announced that he was coming and then I did too.

It took a bit of hustle on my part, but I was out of the plant by six-thirty, home and in the shower by seven-fifteen and by nine o'clock I was parking in front of Gail's bosses house. I didn't see Gail when I walked in, but it was a pretty big house. I found out where the bar was, got a drink and then went wandering to find my wife. Hopefully, seeing me would put Gail in a good mood. She had been complaining all week about lack of sex and tonight I was going to try and play catch up. Drinking helped make her horny and if she was having a good time here at the party the temperature when we got home wouldn't be as chilly as it had been for the last couple of days.

I had been at the party almost half an hour and still hadn't found Gail and I began to wonder if maybe she hadn't left early and we had passed each other in the night. She was probably home waiting for me to come home from work so she could jump my ass for ruining her night. I needed to take a whiz so I got directions to the bathroom and headed on up the stairs. I saw a bunch of guys crowded around a couple of doors and when I finished with my whiz I walked over to see what was going on.

The girl was blond and built like a brick shithouse and she was the center of attention. She was naked and sitting on one cock while she was sucking on another and from the sweat and cum all over her body it was evident that she had been hard at work for some time. She had the most incredible nipples that I had ever seen; they were as big and red as ripe cherries and if I wasn't a somewhat happily married man I would have loved to go into that room and suck on them. But then, by the looks of the crowd I'd have been a long time in getting to her. The man in her mouth must have cum because I could see her trying to swallow. A moment or two later I saw cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth and the man stepped away from her. Another immediately took his place and she went right for his cock. Another man got on the bed and pushed her forward and down. I knew what was coming and I sure hoped that she did. The man lined his cock up with her ass and started to push in. It must not have been the first time for her that night because she took her mouth off the man she was sucking and looked back over her shoulder, "That's it baby, that's it, fuck my ass" and then she turned her attention back to the cock she was sucking.

I shook my head in wonder and then I moved down the hall to where some more guys were standing around a door. Usually the sight of Gail's full red lips around a cock excited me, but then that cock had always been mine. When I looked in that room and saw Gail with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy I got angry. It was a curious anger however. You would think that I would be so mad that I would storm into the room and pull her away from the men fucking her, tell her what I thought of her and then push her back down on the bed and leave. But I just stood there and steamed. I pushed my way into the room and then waited for Gail to notice me, but Gail was too busy to notice one man in a room full of men. I stood there and watched as two more men came in her mouth and three more used her cunt. I began to think that the only way I was going to get noticed was if I walked up to her face and shoved my dick in her mouth. Then one of the men waiting his turn said, "Let's turn her over; get her on her hands and knees. I want to see if she squeals like a pig when she takes a cock in her ass."

Several sets of hands took hold of her and started to roll her over. The two men who had been using her pulled back and let the repositioning take place and as she was turned Gail saw me. Her face lost color and her eyes looked like the eyes of a deer caught in the headlights of a car. I stared back into her eyes and then I turned around and walked out the door. As I walked away I heard her cry out, "Don't leave me Billy, don't leave me here. Please Billy don't..." and her voice was choked off, probably by someone shoving a cock in her mouth. As I walked down the hallway past the other bedroom I heard the girl inside cry out, "Fuck me, oh god please fuck me" and I wondered if she was married too. I reached the stairs and started down and then I stopped. I looked back down the hallway, 'why the hell not' I said to myself and I turned and went back to the room where the little blond was begging for cock and I started to undress.

I was totally into the sex and I loved the feel of all the cocks pounding into me. God, if I had known it felt this great to be gang fucked I would have done it all through college - at least until I met Billy. I heard someone say turn her over and hands grabbed me and the cocks were removed from my mouth and pussy and as I was rolled over my head turned and I saw Billy standing in the doorway. He stared at me, face red with either anger or shame, and then he turned and walked out the door. I cried out to him and tried to break loose, but hands held me and a cock was shoved into my mouth as another pushed its way into my pussy. I was still struggling to get loose and John crooned in my ear, "Doesn't matter now sweetie. He's already seen you, the damage is done so what's a couple of more cocks now? Besides, you wouldn't want to disappoint all these boys who are waiting for a chance, would you?"

The cock in my pussy was hitting my clit and sending electric shocks all through me and I came. My struggles stopped and the guy buried in my pussy unleashed what felt like a quart of his juice in me. The cock in my mouth throbbed and then it too spewed into me and I frantically gulped and swallowed. The two men left me and I looked wildly about to see if Billy had come back. A man lay down and hands picked me up and sat me down on him and his cock speared up into me. He pulled my head down and his lips met mine and his tongue snaked into my mouth and I sucked on it like a little cock. I felt someone move behind me and a cock began to poke at my asshole. I tried to rise up and protest but the man I was sitting on held my with both hands behind my head and I screamed into his mouth as the cock pushed past my sphincter muscles and invaded me. I screamed and I cried as the two men fucked into me and slowly the pain began to subside and I moaned. The man who was kissing me released me and I lifted my head to see several cocks waiting their turn and I reached out and brought one of them to my mouth.

After the first one I don't know how many took my ass, but the discomfort and pain lessened and gradually went away. It was replaced by a feeling as good as any I had gotten from having my pussy fucked and I was sorry then that I had never let Billy have me there. Then there were just three of us, John, my bosses nineteen year old son Craig and me. The two of them kept me going for another half-hour and then we collapsed on the bed exhausted. John helped me up and helped me get dressed. I was in no condition to drive and so John and Craig said they would drive me home. As we walked down the hallway we passed the room where I could hear Harriet still going strong. Craig drove and John started kissing me as soon as we got in the car and we hadn't gone a mile when John had Craig pull over so he could get me in the back seat. While Craig drove John fucked me and as he looked down at me he said, "You know I'm going to fuck you all I can from now on. I'm even going to put a couch in my office so I can do you at lunch and before you go home. Would you like that?"

And God help me, but I said yes. When he came they pulled over again so Craig could get in the back seat with me. Craig was still fucking me when we pulled into my driveway and we stayed there in the car, in the driveway until he finished. The two of them said that they would go into the house with me just in case Billy planned on being violent. I looked through the whole house, but Billy wasn't there. John and Craig looked at each other and then smiled, "Good" said John, "Because I'm not ready to quit yet." It was two hours later before the three of us feel asleep in my bed.

I had already cum in her mouth and her pussy and I didn't even know her name. I asked one of the other guys there if he knew it and he said no, "All I know is that she was in here taking on everybody so I joined in."

I stood off to the side and watched as three men bounced her back and forth between them and wondered how a woman so young and who looked so innocent could be such a slut. Nine guys had used her since I came into the room and God alone knows how many she'd had before I got there. She had been my first every sloppy seconds and I was surprised how exciting that it felt to slid my cock into her hot, cum filled snatch. I couldn't help but wonder, as I stood there and waited for another turn, if Gail had taken on nine more in the same length of time. I also wondered if anyone had used Gail's ass yet. Her ass had been the one thing she had never let me have. This little lady loved it in her butt and that is what I was waiting for. I knew it wasn't going to feel anywhere close to what it would have felt like if I would have been the first, but I had never tried anal sex before and tonight I wanted to add it to my list of firsts: first gangbang, first sloppy seconds and first women since my marriage to Gail - a marriage that was now in the toilet.

And no I was not being hypocritical. During my ten-year marriage I'd had lots of opportunities to cheat on Gail and regardless of how tempted I might have been I had stayed true to my wedding vows. The fact that she had ignored hers (and I wondered if tonight was the first time) released me from mine, at least as far as I was concerned.

On the bed the man in the girl's ass pulled out of her and I immediately moved in to take his place. She was loose, but I could still feel the sphincter muscles trying to suck at my cock and it took me six or eight minutes of hard pounding before I busted my nut into her. I walked across the hall to wash off and I could hear the screams and moans coming from the room Gail was in and I wondered how long she had been doing this behind my back. I was certain that you didn't go from loving faithful wife to absolute slut overnight. I fucked the little blond twice more and came once more in her mouth before everyone called it quits. The second time I was lying on my back as she rode my cock while another cock was punching her ass. A third cock was sawing in and out of her mouth. I was looking up at the ball sack of the owner when I saw the girls throat constrict and I figured that he must have cum. When he pulled out a small rope of cum stretched from her lips to his dick and then it broke loose and fell on my chest. When no one else took his place at her mouth she looked down at me and smiled and the lowered her head and licked the cum off me. The man in her ass grunted and through the thin membrane that separated us I felt his cock throb as he released into her ass. When he pulled out no one took his place and I looked around the room and saw that the girl and I were alone. She had noticed too and said, "It's just you and me now love. Come on baby, make me cum one more time. One more baby, just once more."

When she had her climax I was still hard and a long way from being able to get off; I wasn't even sure I could get off again. I had come more times in the little slut this one night than I had ever cum in any one twenty-four period before. She leaned down and kissed me and her tongue snaked into my mouth and I tasted god only knows how many other men. It excited me and I rammed up into her. She broke the kiss, "Take your time lover, take your time. I'm not going anywhere until you are done" and she leaned down and kissed me again.

I finally managed to cum, but I'm not sure how much came out of the head of my dick. She had pretty much already drained me dry. She rolled off me and we layed side by side for a minute or so and then she said, "I'm Harriet and can I ask you for a favor?"

I gave her my name and asked her what she wanted. "I'm afraid my boyfriend wasn't too happy when he looked in here and saw what was going on. He took off and I'm going to need a ride home."

I certainly didn't have anything to rush home too so I told her I would take her home. As we came out of the bedroom I glanced down the hall toward the room where Gail had been and saw that the lights were off and it was quiet. On the ride to Harriet's apartment she felt the need to talk.

"I don't know what happened to me tonight at that party. I've never done anything like that before in my life. One minute I was smoking joints with some of the guys and the next thing I knew I was in that room going crazy. Honest to God, I'd never done anything that crazy before. It must have been the vodka tonics and the reefer together that did it too me."

She was quiet for a couple of minutes, looking out the passenger window as we drove, and then she said, "I'm ashamed to admit it, but I liked it." More silence and then, "I'll probably do it again." She turned to look at me, "Does that make me bad? I mean does wanting to feel that great again make me a bad person?"

I glanced over at her, "Are you married?"

She shook her head and said, "No, and after tonight I'm pretty sure that I'm not even engaged anymore."

I glanced back at her, "If that's the case then you are free to do what you want to do. You don't owe anybody any excuses."

She got a sad look on her face, "I saw your ring. Do you owe anybody an excuse?"

I shook my head no, "Not after tonight. My wife decided to throw me away."

We pulled up in front of her apartment and she asked me to walk her in. "I don't know if Justin will be waiting for me or not, but I'd like for someone to be with me if he is and he decides he wants to be violent."

She checked out the apartment and no one was there. "You said that your wife threw you away tonight. Does that mean you don't have to hurry home?"

I said that I guessed that I didn't have any need to rush. "Would you stay with me? I got used tonight. I'm not saying that I didn't like it because I did, but I was just a piece of meat to them and to be honest about it that is all they were to me. Right now I need to be held. Will you stay, make love to me, and then hold me? At least for a while?"

I looked into that sweet, innocent looking face and I remembered those killer tits with the large red nipples an I felt my groin twitch, "Sure" I said, "I'll stay with you."

It was light outside when I woke up. I rolled to my right and cuddled up to my husband. I moved my leg to get comfortable and it touched some one on the other side of me. My eyes shot open and I sat up in bed and saw John and Craig. I started to panic and then the events of the evening came flooding back. I got out of the bed and went looking for Billy, but he wasn't there. I remembered the look on his face when I saw him standing in the doorway and I wondered if I would ever see him again or if he would even speak to me. I walked back into the bedroom and saw that both John and Craig were awake. Their cocks were sticking straight up in the air and I could tell that they were waiting for me to come back. I stood there looking from one to the other and remembered something that John had said last night, "What's a couple of more cocks sweetie? The damage is already done."

I looked from John to Craig, sighed, and got into bed with them.

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