Holiday Memories
Part 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part 1 - A late booking deal to a hotel in Ibiza changes a young couple's relationship with each other and other people, for ever!

Summer was coming and Laurie and I were really looking forward to our two weeks in Ibiza. This was our first holiday away together as finances has not really been too good in the 2 years we had been going out. At 24 I found it difficult to save and have a social life and Laurie didn't earn a lot in her job either. Save we had, however and we had taken one of these Late Booking Deals where the agent allocates the accommodation when you arrive at your destination. We didn't care, all we wanted was a quiet corner to be ourselves.

Two things to clear before we take this story further.

1. For those of you who don't know, Ibiza is an Island in the Spanish Ballaeric Islands much favoured by the teens and twenties of the U.K. and Germany to let their hair down and stay permanently drunk for two weeks. It is a beautiful island for those who manage to stay sober enough to venture out of the bars and beaches.

2. Something about me I have to confess. Laurie, I think, is hurtling towards marriage. I really can't see myself going there now, or perhaps ever. I really like her and I really enjoy our sex and romance but I think I might be bisexual. I really like looking at guys and though I did have a little fun in my early and mid teens, it is not something I am sure about. Knowing this will help you understand where I found myself on holiday.

The flight was great, we were merry and we arrived safely to be met by the tour rep who told us we were staying at somewhere called "Valdemosa." She said it was a two star hotel but near all the night life and very lively. Did I hear "very lively."

We pulled up outside in the coach and I could hear the noise from half a mile away. It was one of the 18-30 holiday hotels where all the single guys and girls go for sun, sea and sex and the place was alive with semi-nude teens and twenties running around madly and splashing in the pool.

We really wanted somewhere quieter but realised we had to make the best of what we had. Our room was the last one and on the top of four floors and the entrance was off an open walkway as were all the other rooms but ours was slightly on its own with a sheltered entrance. At least it was clean and we quickly perked up, showered and prepared to go out for the evening. The noise from the pool area continued and I could see that sleeping was going to be a problem. We found a nice restaurant and after a few glasses of "San Miguel" beer and a bottle of wine, we were very mellow and headed in search of a bar or club.

The bars were absolutely wild. Girls were exposing their tits to anyone who would look and guys were taking out their cocks and flashing them at the girls. Some guys were openly swallowing Viagra to give them a harder cock then showing their cocks to anyone who would look. I found it all very erotic and I think Laurie was enjoying the view too. We stayed around until 3 am when Laurie said she was really tired and we should go back. We walked the 10 minutes back to the hotel and as we walked along the walkway of the now quiet hotel, I saw someone slumped in the hallway just down from our room. I recognised him as one of the Viagra swallowers from earlier and assumed he must be staying at the hotel on our floor and had failed to make it back to his room. He was very drunk and my attempts to raise him only met with a grumpy grunt or two. Laurie said we should leave him as she was tired so we went in to our room.

Spanish hotels have single beds so she was soon asleep in hers. The thought of the very attractive 19 year old outside started to play on me and I realised I had a very stiff cock. I called Laurie's name but had no response. She was a really sound sleeper anyway. I got up, pulled on some loose shorts and crept out into the quiet open air hallway. He was still there. I shook him — no response. I place my hand on his leg and squeezed it — no response. I then rolled him to a sitting position and placed my hand directly on the crotch. It was warm and soft. He was wearing loose fitting cotton shorts and a t-shirt. I quickly unclipped the top of his shorts and exposed a pair of small white briefs and then pulled them both down to expose his cock and balls. He was uncut and slightly hairy around the balls with a stream of hair rising to his navel. I bent forward and sucked him. He moaned and slid down, opening his legs and his cock rose very quickly to around 6.5 inches. I don't know what was driving me, the drink, lust or just suppressed desires. Whatever it was, I was being driven. My 7 inch cock was straining in my shorts and I pulled it out from the side of the leg and started to stroke as I sucked him. He slid further down and moaned again. By this time his slim little cock was absolutely rigid.

He showed no sign of coming round so I started to get a little bold and stood up, pulling down my shorts, and put my wet cock head against his lips, pressing gently. His lips opened and my precum could be seen in the dim light stringing from his lips. He licked them and I managed to get the head into his mouth. He licked it gently and I almost came immediately. I pulled down his shorts and laid him flat for easier access and sucked him for all I was worth while I gently wanked his cock. Without even a murmur, his cock went rigid and came in my mouth. A strong jet of cum hit the back of my throat and three more squirts followed. I straddled his shoulders and placed the head of my cock on his lips once again and started to wank. The cum, though thicker than his, squirted on to his lips, in his mouth and on his nose. He licked again and swallowed some. I quickly pulled up his pants and wiped the cum with my t-shirt before slipping guiltily back into join Laurie. My heat was pounding so loudly, I thought it would come through my rib cage. I realised I was more highly charged than I had ever been in my life and I knew this lust was going to raise its head again before the holiday had passed.

When I woke next day, I looked outside the door and he had gone. I could still see the stain where my cum had landed on the pathway. My cock was so hard it hurt so I went back in and let Laurie share some of my new found randiness. I climbed into bed with her and gently pressed the head of my 7 inches against her clitoris, rubbing it round and round. She stirred awake and smiled as I slowly pressed home. Our love making was quick and urgent. I kissed her small tits as I ground my cock into her. She screamed as she orgasmed — quickly for her, and I came in an instant. Thank goodness for the pill.

We spoke about our evening out and without telling her of my extra curricular activities, I said how I had found the semi-nude and sexually explicit teenagers very erotic and that's what had driven me to the frantic sex we had had that morning. She admitted that she found it exciting too. In her words, "... she felt like another person."

I just wondered what else could happen. My cock twitched into semi-erection again and I showed her the lump in my shorts.

"Looks like it's going to be a fun holiday one way or another," She said

This was a side of her I hadn't seen before and I was hoping I could develop it as the holiday progressed.

We did some shopping that morning and had lunch out. Mid afternoon we returned to the hotel to lie by the pool. Once more we could hear the hotel before we reached it. We managed to grab a couple of sun beds back from the main pool area and set up camp. After rubbing cream all over, she surprised me by going topless and lying back in the sun. I decided to sit up and look around. There were guys splashing around, girls splashing the guys, and couples just lying together by the pool. I saw one young blonde girl gently stroking a guys shorts at the front and the tented bump did not leave much to the imagination. I was getting hot again in more ways than one.

After our shower and change we once again headed into the San Antonio night life. We ate a meal and headed quite late to the bars. We were both very merry after a considerable amount of Sangria and wine. I went to the bar for some more drinks and noticed a guy chatting Laurie up. I found this very erotic so stayed out of sight to watch. She was flirting quite happily. I saw her squeeze his biceps when asked and saw him patting her backside but that was all that seemed to be happening. When I saw her looking around, I decided I had better rescue her. The guy gave a friendly "Hi," then cleared off when I arrived.

"Did you enjoy being chatted up," I asked?

"Yes, it's nice to know I still can pull," she said. "And he was good looking."

I couldn't disagree.

She was really into the club now and I noticed she was allowing me to do quite a lot in public. I held her breasts, kissed her and even put my hands up her little short skirt to be met with a moist pussy. It was after three when she said we should go back.

Once more the hotel was quite quiet but as we walked along the top floor corridor, I grabbed her and kissed her against the wall in a dark corner. She was quite turned on by it. It was then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw a young blonde haired teenager (he looked about 17 or 18) with his jeans and pants at his ankles pinning an attractive young girl against the wall. She was writhing in ecstasy with her skirt pulled up and I could just make out her pubic patch in the dim light. His back was to me so all I saw were two beautifully shaped buns. Laurie saw them too.

"Let's leave them in peace," She said.

"No, let's do it too," I heard someone say and realised it was me

Without waiting for an answer, I pushed her further into the dark stairwell and started to kiss her. I unclipped my chinos and let them fall and pulled my erect cock into view. The young girl looked across and smiled. The young guy turned around startled then not only smiled but turned and I had a view of a beautiful 7 inch uncut cock at full mast. When Laurie saw this, her pants were down and her skirt up. I pushed her further up the wall until we were right next to them and entered her. The young guy took my cue and pushed his stiff cock into the young teen girl. Picture this if you will but two girls against a wall, side by side, pants at their ankles, skirts over their heads and two guys naked from the waist down fucking them. I ventured an encouraging hand onto the guys arse. He was drunk and oblivious. I put my hand between them and gripped his cock as it fucked the girl and as I fucked mine. I took Laurie's hand and placed it there. She pulled back initially then warmed to the idea.

I felt the young girl's hand on my cock. When it slipped out, she gripped it's full length and helped me put it back in. I had temporarily lost interest in the young guy until his head suddenly came between myself and Laurie and I realised he wanted to kiss her. I pulled back and he stumbled in front of me leaving his girlfriend exposed. I stood back first to see how Laurie was going to react but she took to this intrusion as though she had been doing it all her life. I quickly moved over to the young girl and stood in front of her. She grabbed my cock and started to wank it. I looked across to Laurie and her young friend in time to see him enter her in one thrust. He was bigger than me and certainly in need of urgent release. I entered the young girl too and started to fuck her. I knew I could not last and, as the thought went through my head, I heard the young lad groan as his spunk shot into my fiancée. He thrust into her five times, I presume each time was a shot of cum.

There was a slightly embarrassing few moments as we fumbled with clothes and bade our farewells as decorously as we could. I mumbled something about " seeing them at the pool if they fancied another session," then we left to our room.

I knew what I had to do. As soon as we were into the room, I stripped Laurie, and myself and lay her on the bed. I bent her legs and opened them to allow access and I drank from her cunt like a thirsty dog. She was writhing on the bed as my tongue performed two functions. Pleasure for me and for her. I doubt that any of his copious cum was left inside her. When I was sure she was empty, I turned her over "doggie fashion" and entered her vagina from the rear. I must confess that her cunt was not empty of spunk for long as I refilled her.

"Did we really do that?" She asked

"You bet." Said I. " What did you think?"

"I think I enjoyed it," She said

"Well I bloody well did." I responded. "Can't wait until tomorrow."

Well life isn't like fiction and tomorrow came and Laurie was riddled with guilt. We went through the, "We shouldn't have," and on to the "It was the drink." "I hope we don't bump into them by the pool." I hoped we would but sadly we didn't.

Now all you guys sitting with your dicks in your hand had better put them away for a few seconds. Sadly the mixture of guilt and lack of opportunity meant that the next few days passed relatively without any fun. Unless you count our sex life, which was going from strength to strength. We were sometimes fucking twice a day and my cock was getting a little sore. I suggested we lay off for a couple of days, which we did.

By now we were entering our second week and stopping sex was probably a good tactical move as I got the distinct impression that Laurie was in heat. She was openly ogling the young guys by the pool and commenting on their bulges. I felt the time was right to have another try at experimentation

As always, we had a couple of drinks later then showered and dressed. Off we went to follow our tried and tested evening of dinner, coffee then a club. This time I picked a much younger club. She wasn't too keen on the music initially but soon warmed up as things got a bit heated and the youngsters started their usual round of pill taking and drinking.

The lights and the drink had the desired effect and soon she was dancing and watching the talent. I made the excuse to go up to the bar and left her. Looking back at her, she looked like man bait (or even boy bait) standing under a spotlight in her thin white dress with her white panties and her little brown nipples clearly showing in the ultra violet light... I noticed a lot of the youngsters were wearing white tops and shorts and wondered why until the foam came pumping out from behind the stage. Fans were turned on and within seconds the whole floor was awash with foam. I saw Laurie scream and laugh and a group of young lads came up to her and started splashing foam on to her. She responded and soon her dress was almost transparent. The guys looked to be quite young, perhaps even too young to be drinking and they started to spread the foam on her. I noticed they were enjoying rubbing it over her tits and from the look on her face and the actions of her hands she was enjoying it too.

I stood by and watched from a distance to make sure she was o.k. The guys were certainly good looking. The oldest looked about 18, was around 6 feet tall with short dark hair and slim body with a sizeable looking bulge at the front of his shorts. His two friends were a bit different in that one would be about 17, equally good looking and about 5 feet 9 inches tall, slim again but with a well defined, and shaped body. He had short blonde hair. The third looked like the older guy's brother but much smaller (only about 5 feet 6 inches). His hair was very red and he looked to me to only be about 16 but he was being served drink so what do I know. The youngest was very shy and just stood back at his pals stood one in front and one behind her rubbing themselves against Laurie. She was wiggling her arse into the tall guy behind her and his cock was definitely noticeable. These guys were well gone and very drunk. Even the little lad was rubbing his crotch very noticably.

I grabbed the drinks and went back over to her, joining in with the guys. The 18 year old lad asked me if I knew her and I said I did.

"You her boyfriend?"

"Kind of," I Said, "But we have an open kind of relationship." "Why do you ask?"

"My mates and I were just thinking she was a bit of all right and we wouldn't mind giving her one."

"OK," said I, "Can you give me fifteen minutes with her and I'll organise it for you."

"Honest!!!!" said the young guy.

"Have you fucked much since you got here," I asked.

"Truthfully," said the guy, "We've been here four days and haven't shagged anything." "We get trashed and can't manage." We've all been taking Viagra but we get so trashed that we haven't had anything." "Look at them now," He said.

Sure enough the guys were knocking back beer like it was drinking water. Good lookers though. Well built. and even sexier in wet shorts with briefs clearly showing.

The guys slipped away and stood over in a corner watching.

Laurie said," You send them away because you're jealous?"

"Quite the opposite," I Said. "They all think you are really sexy and fancy a bit of kissing match with you back at the flat."

"Just kissing," She slurred.

"I'll be there to ensure fair play," I said

"O.K., it's getting boring here anyway."

I slipped over and told the guys she was up for it and after a few raucous whoops, they followed us slightly noisily. It wasn't far to the hotel and we managed upstairs moderately quietly. Laurie was staggering, as were the guys. I was glad I had not drunk nearly so much that night...

On the way back I managed to get the names of Matt (18), Rick (18) and red haired Simon (16) who was Rick's younger brother and I was told, a virgin. I introduced myself as Craig and also Laurie. We entered the room and Laurie immediately said she was going to have a pee and a shower in that order as she went into the bathroom.

Matt said, "Are you really going to let us all fuck her?"

I pulled out a 12 pack of Durex and a tube of KY Jelly and laid it on the table.

"Wow" was the triple response.

"Now lads, she thinks this is just a bit of fun and a kissing competition. Play your cards right and you will all get your turn." I looked at Simon and said," I mean all!"

I opened some beers I had collected on the way up, and handed them to the guys.

"I need to pee," said Rick. "Can I pop in if she is in the shower as she'll be behind the curtain."

"O.K." Said I and off he went, leaving the door open.

The tents in front of the two brothers shorts were very obvious.

"Viagra affecting you guys," I asked.

"Yes, and the rest," was Matt's reply. "What's keeping Rick"?

He and I walked over to the door and found Rick with his shorts at his ankles and a naked Laurie, still dripping wet, sucking a 6.5 inch uncut cock which was so rigid it was vertically hard against his stomach. Matt passed me, slipped out of his shorts and briefs and stood with a whopping 8 inch piece of uncut meat. The red head was completely exposed. He rapidly went to Laurie's rear and started rubbing his cock against her butt. Young Simon had come over to the door and stood tentatively watching the scene.

"Some view eh?" I said.

He nodded and I placed my hand on the front of his shorts. He jumped, looked at me for a moment, the just stayed still. I stroked his piece of boy meat. It felt about 5 inches long. I dropped my own shorts and stepped out of them, slipping his down at the same time. His cock was a picture to me. Pale in colour with a pink, slightly long foreskin. Ball sacs were long and hanging between

Simon dropped between her legs and started to lick. Young he was but he had certainly done this before. The red haired, sandy pulled his briefs off and exposed a delightful uncut 6.5 inch cock with a length of curly foreskin on the end. He climbed on to her and placed his cock to her lips. Poor Rick stepped out of his briefs and presented a 7.5 inch cock, uncut cock with the head completely exposed and a gentle upwards curve. He wondered round, grabbing a tit here and there and then pulled Simon off. Simon stripped next and his cock was a thin 5.5 inches which stood so stiffly upright that it was almost flat against his belly. Two tiny sagging balls hung below and a little triangle of hair appeared above.

I stripped and took out my digital camera. Without asking I started snapping. Not one of them even looked up. They were feeding on her like animals round a carcass, slurping and licking. I moved in with my cock in hand and joined the boys. I gripped Simon's little cock and after an initial reaction, he just shrugged his shoulders and let me start to wank him. I pulled him away and knelt to take his cock in my mouth. He let me. After a few minutes I stood up, towering over him and said I would like him to reciprocate. After a second, he gently took my cock in his hand and placed it in his mouth. It wasn't the best suck in the world but the view was great. So was the digital photo. He looked over at Laurie longingly. She was bent double with her arse facing us holding and sucking the two boys. Simon looked at me a I handed him a condom which he quickly ripped open and slid on his little cock. He went over behind Laurie and pulled the cock down from its position flat up against his belly and pushed it in her vagina. I heard her gasp.

I though, "First cock of the night."

I lead the two older boys out and Laurie followed, slightly limping as Simon was up her and showing no signs of wanting to withdraw. Eventually we all ended up in the bedroom area. I pushed the two beds together and Simon immediately stuck his cock back in. I started snapping again and suggested Rick stick his big cock in her mouth. He dived round and did precisely that. Matt looked a bit spare so I climbed on the bed and took his cock in my hand and up to my mouth.

He flopped back on the bed and said, "Man that's the greatest blow job ever."

Simon suddenly went rigid and spasmed a couple of times. He slowly pulled his cock out of Laurie and the condom hung on the end of his cock with a sizeable load dangling there. He collapsed on the bed pulling off the condom which I carefully laid aside for later. Rick wasted no time in stretching a condom on his cock and laying Laurie in the missionary position. He slowly entered her and she gasped as the large organ stretched her wider that my humble cock could. My camera got more use. Matt was sticking his cock in her mouth and Simon lay on the bed gently stroking his semi hard cock.

"Up for it again," I said to Simon.

"In a minute" he said, "But surely the other guys come first?"

"I wasn't meaning for Laurie," I said

He smirked and I saw his cock jump to full size, small though it was. Meanwhile, Matt had pulled Rick off and was busily entering Laurie. Rick still hadn't cum though and I saw Laurie took his cock in hand, still with the condom in place and start to suck. She cupped his balls and gripped his large organ. I went over and shared this meal with her, kissing her and the cock in turn. Her vagina lips were being pummelled by Matt who was definitely enjoying him self. I felt some movement at my rear and Simon was slowly penetrating my hole as requested. I grabbed some KY jelly and lubricated myself. He slipped in easily and I felt nothing. No pain just a warm solid feeling in my hole. Here was Laurie and I sucking cock and both with cocks up inside us. This could last forever. It actually lasted about 5 minutes. The first to cum was Simon, for the second time. Matt followed, still inside Laurie and then Rick pulled off his condom and blasted a load of about seven spurts on both our faces. I think he was aiming to go over our heads, but I wasn't going to shout at his as his warm liquid poured down our faces. I grabbed the three full condoms and emptied them over Laurie's chest. I sat across her and blasted my own load to join it. Mine hit her square on the cheek and ran down over her tits.

We all collapsed and realised how hot it was in the room. The windows had steamed up and we were all happy.

Rick said," I can't believe my little brother just fucked a guy."

"Neither can I, "said Simon.

"What did it feel like," Asked his brother?

"Awesome." was the reply.

"I can see there's more to my fiancée than meets the eye," Said Laurie.

The boys left promising to meet us another night and we showered before having one of our best long sessions of the holiday. I fucked Laurie to orgasm five or six times and even managed to give her my load of cum straight where it belonged.

"Did you enjoy getting fucked," she said.

"I don't know." I lied. The whole situation was so erotic and I felt it wasn't fare that you should have four guys and I get nothing."

She laughed but I think she rather liked the idea of me being had by another guy.

We spent the next day by the pool and Laurie covered herself in sun cream. I stayed in the shade and read a book. I was getting a bit bored and said to Laurie that I would take a walk to the local shops to get some drinks for our afternoon "cocktails."

Before going, I went into the little toilet at the back of the pool and was only in for about 10 second when someone came up and said, "Hi."

It was Rick.

"Enjoy last night," I said.

"You bet," he responded. "I came over to look for you as I wanted to ask you something though."

"Fire away," I said.

"Do you fancy a bigger cock up you?"

Now let's not waste time here. Three minutes later, I was opening the door to our room and Rick was all over me. This 18 year old was almost 6 feet tall and well built. He stripped me with a hunger and left me totally naked as he kissed my tits and knelt to suck my cock. He virtually lifted me on to the bed and stripped down to his shorts before sitting across me kissing passionately.

I wondered how much pent up homosexual tension was inside him.

"Can we have a quick shower," I asked.

He stripped and joined me as we soaped and kissed and lathered. He cupped by balls with soap, he lathered my hole and slowly inserted one then two fingers. I was really surprised that it didn't hurt. Was I meant for this? I sucked his enormous organ and he groaned. His urgency was erotic. We had been in the room no more than 15 minutes and I felt he was already hurrying to get on with it. With Laurie downstairs, I thought it best to do so.

We dried and I lay face down on the bed, raising my buttocks slightly on offer to him. He squirted KY all over by hole and inserted both fingers again. Then I thought I could feel three fingers. I was writhing with a wonderful full feeling. Then I heard him rip open the condom, stretch it over her cock and then it was time.

His cock pushed gently into my hole. Inch by inch he pushed, then withdrew, then pushed. When he said he was fully inside me, I could not believe that so much man muscle was in my body. He pulled me up to doggy fashion and started to fuck. All the way out then all the way in. He pumped and pumped. I was squealing like a pig, not with pain, but an absolute pleasure. Now I knew what a female orgasm must be like.

Without warning, my cock went rigid and without even touching it, spurts of cum shot out onto the bedspread. I felt this monster go rigid inside me and the pumping of teenage cum entering my body inside the rubber protection. He collapsed off me and lay back on the bed.

"I could get used to this," He said.

"I hope you aren't going to take this out on your brother," Said I.

"Maybe" was his answer.

I made the place look as respectable as possible and we quickly left. Rick gave me his telephone number back in the U.K. Only about 100 miles from me so there were going to be possibilities.

The holiday was drawing to a close and though Laurie and I made an effort to get a repeat performance with other unsuspecting victims on our last two nights, nothing particularly worth writing here happened.

So that was it. I left the U.K. 14 days ago, a heterosexual, engaged man, and returned having had bisexual experience, active and passive homosexual experience and group sex. Not bad for a budget holiday.

Where does it leave me. Well one year on and we are still engaged. Rick came over one weekend when Laurie was away and I have visited him and had a session with him and his brother. I have had some casual gay sex and Laurie and I have had one threesome.

Don't ask me where I'm going but the journey isn't half fun — and it's almost holiday time again.

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