Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Zoophilia, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mother decides to turn to son when husband not providing

I lay there with my mind blank as my husband, Roy, grunted and shuddered as he squirted his seed inside me. Finished, he kissed me briefly, rolled off and turned onto his side, muttered 'Goodnight' and was snoring within seconds.

This had been the story of our lovemaking for some years and Roy now gave even less consideration to my needs and satisfaction than he had when we married so many years ago. In the early days I knew no better and thought that my lack of climaxes was because of our inexperience or that maybe there was something wrong with me. Sadly, by the time I had done some reading, our ways were set and my husband was too set in his ways to ever change. Now days our 'lovemaking' was quite infrequent and it only occurred when Roy felt the need.

I reached out and grabbed the box of tissues from my night table, plugged a few of them between the lips of my vagina to stop the sticky fluid seeping down my legs and climbed out of bed to go to the bathroom to clean-up. I only had to pull my nightie down from waist level as 'he' only pulled it up far enough to get at my vagina, not seeming to have any interest in the rest of my body these days.

In the bathroom, after securely locking the door, I sat on the toilet and pulled the tissues free to drop them in the bowl before releasing my urine, which had been building up since we started that night's sex, in a powerful gush, hoping that it would flush me out. Even after the torrent of my pee had ceased I sat there for a while making sure I was empty and feeling sorry for myself. Finally I wiped myself dry with a wad of toilet paper and flushed the cistern before going to the basin and washing my face and crotch with a hot soapy flannel.

After drying off I leant on the basin looking into the mirror and thinking. On impulse I stripped off my nightie and stood there stark naked and critically considered myself. I was of medium height, not overweight (only a couple of kilos heavier than when I married), and still had a nice mop of light brown hair with only a few grey hairs showing. Admittedly I had a few tiny crows feet wrinkles appearing at the corner of my eyes but my nose was quite pert and I had full, sensual lips concealing even, white teeth and I thought I smiled very nicely. I was 41 years old, for God's sake, with 2 children and considered that, while no raving beauty, I had weathered pretty well.

My eyes slid down my body and evaluated my breasts. These were of medium size and still looked cute. They sagged a bit but the areolas were of a medium brown colour and my nipples were prominent and good sized. When they were sitting in a good bra I was sure that any normal man would be eager to get at them.

My waist was a bit bigger these days but was still well defined and my tummy below it only bulged enough to be sexy. My pubic hair was thick and luxuriant and I kept it trimmed neatly and tidily and it only partially concealed the large puffy lips of my pussy. I had exercised vigorously after the birth of each of my children and I knew that, while elastic, my vagina was still tight and like that of a much younger woman. My legs were nicely formed and even though my thighs were larger than when I was a girl they were still firm and almost cellulite free. My bum, from what I could see of it, seemed to be firm and nicely shaped and, all in all, I considered myself to still be a good-looking and sexy woman.

I leant on the basin again and looked deep into my reflected eyes and wondered what I was going to do. Somehow or other I needed to get some major attention paid to me and to get rid of my sexual frustration by some other means other than self-gratification. The possibility of cuckolding my husband with some other man passed through my mind, as it so often had in the past, but once again I discarded this idea. Roy might not be very good sexually but in all other ways he was a great husband and father and worked long and hard to provide and care for us all. The risk of someone seeing me 'misbehaving' was too great in this small township to even contemplate.

My thoughts drifted back over time to my only other sexual partner and I fondly remembered how inexperienced and fumbling we were and how little we achieved. However, it was thrilling and arousing, even if un-fulfilling, and I think it was the forbidden aspect of experimenting with my brother that made it so. I wondered how his sex life was these days — I seemed to remember his having many girlfriends after we finally decided to stop and guessed that he was a lot better off than I was.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, the thought of having sex with my son flashed into my mind. Almost instantaneously I felt my knees grow weak and my pussy become moist, so I quickly sat back down on the toilet, still completely bare-arsed, and my hand seemed to find its' own way down to my pussy. I tried to wipe the fantasy from my mind but I didn't succeed and I quickly found myself stimulating my cunt very vigorously with the fingers of one hand and pinching and pulling on my nipples with the other. When my climax quickly arrived I had to clench my teeth tightly to prevent myself from crying out loudly and it took so time before I settled back to normal and, even then, I still couldn't wipe out the picture of Peter and me.

I quickly, and somewhat guiltily, donned my dropped night-gown and crept back to bed by my husbands' side. Sleep didn't come easily and, before I finally did drop off, I had convinced myself that it wouldn't do either Roy or Peter any harm if I did seduce my son and it would do me the world of good. I was sure that when I woke I would have forgotten or discarded this silly fantasy and idea.

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