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Chapter 1: At the Inn

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: At the Inn - This is just a small part of an on-going story, and I'd love some feedback on it.

Since the Bartender was busy and could not talk, an old man told Seeker that the Were's were most evil creatures, and should be hunted down at all times. She listened quite amused, and said, "Hmmm, I'll take this under consideration"

After she finished her drinks, she wandered out into the darkness to head for the stables to check on her mount. In the barn were two men; Blacksmiths from the looks of them. They looked her up and down, taking in her lithe figure and seductive eyes, and there was no mistaking what she wanted/needed. She was hungry, and these two would do Just fine, she mused. One was hugely built, and had the body of a Blacksmith, the other was probably just an apprentice.

She walked over to them, and the taller of the two stood up and looked at her while she ran her hands over his burley chest. She dropped her head and nibbled at where his nipples would be if his clothing was gone. He grunted as she nipped him there with her sharp, white teeth. Not a word was said as the second one came up behind her to rub his now hard cock against the tightness of her pants. She moved backward as she kissed the taller man, as his hands found her large globes. She growled a bit and licked his neck, sending chill blanes all over his body. The one behind her was unbuckling her breeches, as the tall one was removing her shirt.

He bent to suckle on her titties as she arched her back in pleasure. "Bite" she commanded softly. He obeyed, and she moaned out in pleasure as his teeth bit her pointy nipples.

The one behind her had her breeches down, and was roughly thrusting his fingers in and out of her steaming womanhood. She was in total heat now, and ready for pleasure. She whispered, "Let go over to the hay. I want some of this cock"

The stumbled over to the hay, and fell together. As soon as she was on her back, the tall man attacked her pussy with gusto, eating of her richness for all he was worth, while the other was taking his pants off. The littler one leaned over her, offering her his now solid member. She growled, grabbing him and taking his cock into her mouth, and ravaging that cock like a fine delicacy. Neither man noticed that her eyes had changed to adjust to the darkness in the back of the barn, neither cared.

All they could focus on was the pheromones coming from the woman. Man number one was thrusting his big, thick, fingers into her roughly, producing loud moans and growls of pleasure. She licked and suckled on the cock of the smaller man, licking all of the precious pre-cum from the head of his quivering member now.

In his euphoric state, he failed to feel her sharp teeth sink into the tender flesh just at the base his cock, as bliss ran all through his body. She drank lightly, for she wasn't here to feed after all, she was here for pleasure. He would never know she had drank of his life fluids.

The other man had his cover-all's off now letting her see his muscular body, and massive cock. He rubbed it slowly over her sopping wet slit and she moaned in want. She breathed out, "Ohh yes. That's what I want. Lay back now, do it"

He lay on the hay, and she rose up to poise herself over that large cock. She slowly, gently, wedged herself down onto it. It was so thick that she had difficulty going downward on it. A tiny bit of exquisite pain accompanied the pleasure as she slid down on it. She growled as the pleasure hit, and she beckoned the small man to her. She re-attacked his cock as she began to move on the big meat under her. She writhed, bounced, and slithered her body over his chest, only to return to the other cock above her. So frenzied she became as the passion escalated. She moved harder and faster now and all of them were grunting, growling, and yelping out in pleasure/pain. The smaller man was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, and yelled out as his orgasm hit. She took that opportunity to bite once more on the pubic mound next to his cock. He screamed out in bliss and came all over her chest again, before falling unconscious onto the hay.

She focused on the man under her now. She placed her hands on his hairy chest as the change in her began in full. Her appearance resembled a Black Panther or Were-Cougar as she pounded his cock furiously. He opened his eyes and looked up at her dripping fangs and her eyes that glowed bright blue in the darkness. All he could do was stare at her wide-eyed and moan as she fucked him harder and better than any woman had ever in his life. His cock exploded and the world was one bright flash of white-hot lava coming from his cock. He yelled out, then almost passed out.

She claws dug into his chest, bringing forth drops of life giving blood. She dropped her head to suckle on the one wound and the man yelled out in ecstasy. Her cum boiled deep down inside of her loins as she fed. This isn't what she had Planned to do, but the blood was so delicious that she could help it not.

The orgasm ripped through her, and she threw back her head to scream out like a panther!

Somewhere nearby, in the forest a Werewolf answered the scream with a long drawn out challenge of his own.

She listened to the call of the Were and the orgasm hit her again. She pumped the man until he was nearly raw, as her pussy came over and over again...

She slumped over on his chest, her tongue automatically flickering out to lap up the last remaining droplets of blood still oozing there.

A few minutes later she awoke from her lust stage, and looked at the two men. The smaller one lay on the hay, snoring loudly, totally exhausted. The large one lay panting still. She licked the claw marks on his chest, and they slowly began to heal themselves.

She stood up and went over to the full water trough and stepped in to wash. The big man finally stirred, looked at her standing there, and Did pass out, totally sated and happy.

In the morning they would awaken, and outside of wondering when they had abandoned their clothing, they would just think that they had a marvelously erotic dream. She dressed, and after petting Zander once more, returned to the Inn, her lust temporarily quenched.

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