Was It My Wife?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brian heard a story about his wife. could it be true? If so, what would he do.

It was late on a Monday afternoon as I sat on the crapper with my pants down around my ankles and listened as they laughed at me. They thought the whole thing was funny, especially the part about my not having a clue. How could a guy not know his wife was cheating on him and doing it right under his nose? Collin Wilson, the one that said he was screwing my wife was telling Ben Cramer, his friend how he had seduced her at the party last week. That was the party where I was called away during the festivities to investigate a scene of a break in at a local art gallery. I was only gone for about two hours but I did return before the evening was over. I found my wife at a table with three other people, one of them Collin Wilson. The other couple sitting there was his boss and his wife.

My name is Brian Sexton and I am an insurance investigator for a world wide insurance company that deals exclusively with high rent clients. You probably wouldn't recognize the name since we catered to a very exclusive clientele. I joined them right out of college and I've been with them now for just more than 15 years. I'm 37 and in my prime. My job is to investigate the conditions around accidents where a large claim might be made. Most of it's routine, but sometimes it gets quite exciting. I investigate thefts and robberies mostly but sometimes auto accidents if more than one or two of our cars are involved. I am very good at it and I have a reputation in my industry. I was often lent out to other companies, but at a steep price. I traveled often but never for long periods, and if a lengthy investigation was required, I had people to stay at the site and do the legwork.

I've been married to Alison for 14 years and we have two wonderful kids, Regina 10 and Christine 8. Alison is a year older than I and works for the same company as a receptionist for Bill Quinn, the President of the company. She and I met and married before she joined the company, but when she lost her job, I wanted her to try to work for my company. We had to get permission from HR since it was against company policy for employees to fraternize, but since I was a valuable employee, they agreed to hire her. Fortunately, Bill Quinn was looking for a new secretary and Alison had more than five years as a personal assistant to a corporate biggie. He interviewed her and liked her immediately. She was hired as his personal secretary.

The two men that I mentioned earlier, Collin Wilson and Ben Cramer, were specialist underwriters who wrote policies for large companies or individuals with very expensive holdings. They were acquaintances only, not friends of mine. Both worked for Jerry Skogins, a nice guy who was a good friend. I reported directly to Bill Quinn and worked independently most times, but I sometimes took interesting assignments from Jerry.

The conversation that I overheard was just a week after the party. I had come to the restroom to relieve myself and I had been sitting there for some time with cramps and sweats. I had eaten some scallops for lunch a day ago and I think they might have been just a little ripe. While I was cursing the fates, Collin and Ben came in. They seemed oblivious to the closed door of the stall and began to talk about the party. That's when Collin started to brag about his latest conquest to Ben. I listened to the story with a growing sickness in my gut that had nothing to do with the cramps and sweats from bad fish.

"How'd you get in her pants? I didn't think she was that kind of woman? Come on, tell me since I wasn't there myself."

"We danced a couple of dances and she was quite friendly but Brian was there and she just smiled when I suggested we go off to my office. She said that Brian wouldn't be too pleased if she were to do that."

"So, then what? What did you do?"

"Well, I talked her into a drink at the bar with me while Brian was dancing with Judy, his secretary. I had the bartender give me a double shot and I substituted mine with hers while she was talking with someone else. That was the easy part. I just wanted to get her a little tipsy so I could cop a feel on the dance floor. You know, take what I could get."

"Yea, but Brian was still there so what could you really do? Hey, wait a minute. You didn't arrange his leaving did you?"

"Hell no. That was just dumb luck. We were dancing a fast dance when he came over to tell her he had to leave for a while. She wanted him to take her home first but he told her to stay and have fun since he was sure he could get back before too long. She wasn't too keen on the idea but she stayed. She sat with me and Jerry and his wife."

"What happened next? Get to the good part."

"Well, Brian left and I got her another drink. I had Joe do a double again and she never noticed the difference. We danced a couple of slow dances and by then she was almost out of it. She was hanging on me while I grabbed her ass, and a couple of times, she pressed against my cock and sort of giggled. I knew that one or two more drinks were all it would take. I got her another one and she chugged it down like a pro."

"I can see it coming."

"You got it. One more double and she was feeling lightheaded. I suggested we go outside for some air and she came willingly. I took her out to my car and we sat in the back. She was almost out of it so I slipped a hand under her skirt and felt her pussy. She just groaned but didn't stop me. I stuck two fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her and she loved it. She was humping my hand like a wild woman. I couldn't take any more so I pulled her dress up over her head and then dropped my drawers so that I could get at her. She just watched me, waiting, you know? When she saw my cock, she grabbed it and pulled it right into her mouth. She gave me a quick blowjob and I almost came in her mouth but that's not what I was there for. I pushed her back and got between her legs while she stuck her legs right up in the air. I had a straight shot to her pussy and I took it. She was so wet, I slipped in right up to the hilt and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She was crying and screaming fit to be tied and I had to put my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. I pounded the shit out of her and she begged for all I had. I gave it to her and she loved it. I couldn't keep it up too long and finally blew my load. It was fantastic. When I was done, I made her clean me with her mouth and she did it."

"I can't believe that Alison would do that. She never seemed like the type to cheat on her husband or to give in to the likes of you. Are you sure this actually happened?"

"I shit you not. I have a date with her next Saturday when she normally goes to get her hair done. She said she'd meet me and for me to get a motel room. I'm gonna fuck her all afternoon, you watch and see."

"Well, I envy you man. Alison is one hot piece of ass. I always wondered what Brian did to deserve her. Maybe you can set me up when you get tired of her."

"Maybe, we'll see. In the meantime, don't even think about this conversation. I don't want anything to screw this up. OK?"

"No problem."

They both walked out of the restroom while I sat there trying to keep my stomach from climbing out through my mouth. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. Could this actually be true? I began to think back to that night.

It was almost 11:00 when I returned to the party and Alison was sitting with Collin, and Julie and Jerry Skogins. Alison didn't appear to be drunk when I sat down and she had been talking with Julie about the kids. Collin spoke to me but didn't stay more than a few more minutes before he left. I did notice Alison say anything to him but I thought nothing of it. The only thing that was strange about that night was that Alison wanted to make love when we got home. That was not all that unusual but she normally didn't want to do it that late. That night, she was particularly hot. Guilt? Remorse? Maybe.

It had been a week since the party, and I hadn't seen any difference in Alison or her behavior. She never mentioned anything about me being gone during the party or anything about what she did when I was gone. I did ask her and she said she danced some with Collin and Jerry but mostly just watched. She and Julie were talking about school and the play the kids were in but she said that was about all. She would rather have come home when I left, she said. I let it drop and decided to watch her more carefully.

"Hey, babe. Do you have plans for this Saturday? I was going to go golfing if it's OK with you." I watched her face for her reaction.

"I get my hair done this Saturday just after lunch. It should take me at least an hour or an hour and a half. Where are you going to go for golf?"

So she was going to get her hair done. How would Collin know that unless she told him? I hadn't even known that. It seemed that this thing was all too real.

"I guess the country club. I might see if Ben Cramer can join me. I think he and Jerry are members there aren't they?"

"I have no idea. I know Jerry is but I don't know either Ben or his wife very well, so, I don't really know."

"Me either. Hey, what about Collin Wilson? You were talking to him at the party weren't you? He might just be able to go."

Alison turned to give me a strange look. She paused before she answered.

"Why would you want to go with him? He is, pardon the expression, an asshole! I had to dance with him a couple of times at the party, but I was really turned off by him. He's a real piece of work."

Now that was interesting. Was she trying to talk me out of asking him so they could have their get together or was she trying to convince me that she didn't like him? Either way, it seemed very unusual for her to talk about someone else that way.

"Oh, I don't know much about him but he's a friend of Ben's and they seem to share everything. Maybe it's a bad idea. I'll just call Phil and Charlie. They always want me to join them."

"That sounds like a better plan. Stay away from Collin. He's bad news."

"OK, he's off my list. So you're OK with golf?"

"It's fine with me since I'll be out anyway. Why don't we plan for dinner later at The Cypress Inn? My hair will be beautiful and you'll be relaxed from golf. You can take me out and show me off. I can drop Chrissie and Gina off at my parents."

I agreed and we made plans to meet Saturday afternoon at home by 5:30 to get ready. If I was careful, I could get all the information I needed to divorce her ass that afternoon. It would be really neat to lay it on her at dinner at one of the nicest places in town.

At work the next day I went down to the equipment room to get some of the things I needed to do my 'investigation' of my wife and her lover. I decided to take one of the company vans with the surveillance gear. I would leave it at the company lot until Saturday morning when I left for 'golf'. I got two of the small transmitters to put into her purse and car and one of the small GPS units that I could install in her car. That would tell me exactly where she was at any time. The van was also video capable but I couldn't decide what to do with it. Since Collin said they were going to a motel, I couldn't see any way to take pictures. Maybe I could put a camera unit in her jacket, but only if I knew what she was going to wear. I would try, but couldn't be sure.

If she went anywhere, I could follow her by the GPS unit. The surveillance van could tap into its signal so that I could watch her location on a grid in the van. It was programmed with the local street maps so I could tell the actual address within a hundred feet. The sound transmitters would pick up any voices and I could record them in the van. All of this could be done automatically so I didn't even have to be in the van. All I had to do was park it within a mile of where she was. Neat!

I planned to spend the rest of the week just observing. I was very good at it since that was what I did for a living. I watched Ben and Collin but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I normally stopped in to see my loving wife at least once a day, but now I stopped a little more often. I still saw nothing to make me suspicious but decided to try to see what I could get out of Ben. He was working on a policy for a large factory complex and I normally spent some time just looking over the site and making 'contingency plans' for a possible disaster. It was called risk analysis and was part of every underwriting process.

I stopped by his desk, just across from Collin's that Tuesday. He was there working on his draft.

"Hey, Ben. I'd like to take a look at Baxter's plant layout today. Got some time to take me around?"

He looked up with a distracted look on his face until he registered what I was talking about and then just shrugged.

"Sure, I can go anytime. I need to get back there anyway to take some pictures. When do you want to go?"

"How about an hour or so?"

"Great. I'll stop and pick you up at your desk on the way,"

I left after a few more words and looked back just as I was moving around the corner in time to see a smirk between Ben and Collin. They looked at me just as I walked out of sight. Interesting? Assholes!

I decided I was going to make Ben pay. He was not guilty of anything except collusion with Collin and making crude remarks about my wife, but he was in on the plan and decided to watch me get cuckolded by Collin so he was just as guilty in my book.

Ben stopped by about an hour later as planned and we left in my truck. I put one of the little transmitters in my truck console. It could pick up any conversation in or around the truck. I wanted some of what I was going to say to Ben on tape. Some would be just between him and me.

As we pulled out of the lot and started the 25-minute trip to Baxter's, I began to talk.

"So, tell me Ben. Did you enjoy the party last week?"

"I wasn't able to make it Brian. I was traveling so I missed all the fun."

"What fun was that Ben? Was that Collin screwing my wife? Is that the fun you missed?"

Ben was stunned and didn't know what to say. He stuttered and twisted in his seat and actually reached for the door handle until he realized where he was. He finally slumped down and looked over at me.

"How did you know? All I know is what Collin told me. I don't even know if it's true."

"Do you think he would lie about something like that? Do you think he would make that up?"

"I don't think so, no. But how did you know? You weren't even there from what I heard. Weren't you called away for a couple of hours? That's when it happened. Collin told me he got her drunk and then took her out to his car."

"How I know is not your concern. I just want to know what else Collin told you. Does he have any plans for another get together?"

This was to see if I could trust anything this shithead told me.

"He said they were going to get it on this Saturday when she was supposed to get her hair done. He was going to get a room this time. That's all I know, honest Brian."

"Well, I want to thank you for being a good friend and for telling me this, I " I said sarcastically. "I know you wouldn't want to be a part of something like this. You were going to tell me anyway weren't you?"

"Yes, of course. I like you and Alison. I wouldn't want anything like this to happen to you. Collin is a real jerk. I'm sorry you had to force me to come clean. I feel like a real ass."

The hypocritical piece of shit. What was it he said? Oh yea, maybe he could have her when Collin was finished with her. With that, I reached into the console and turned off the recorder. It had what I wanted for later. What I wanted to say now was off the record.

"It's no problem Ben. As long as you do as I tell you to, you'll be OK. Screw with me and you're going to be in a world of hurt. Clear?"

Ben just shook his head affirmatively. He had gotten the point.

"Just one more thing Ben. None of our conversation gets back to Collin. He's not to know what I know and you're not going to tell him. If I find out that you've said anything to him, I'll smack the shit out of you first and then I'll make sure you're fired and that word gets out that you can't be trusted. Do you understand me? You know I have ways to listen to you and Collin so I'll know if you screw with me."

"I won't say anything to Collin. I won't even talk to him if you want."

"No, no. Do as you always do and let him talk. That's all you have to do. No problem if you seem to go along with him. I know the truth now. Just remember what I said and you'll be OK."

We said very little after that and spent the next two hours at the site without speaking. He did his thing and I did mine. I had what I needed and Ben was going down as well. He just didn't need to know it right now.

That week was one of the longest weeks of my life. I watched my wife relentlessly but she did nothing out of the ordinary. It was Wednesday night and the kids were attending a school dance for the young ones and it was supposed to break up at about 9:30. I was sitting in the family room just staring at the TV when Alison came in and sat down on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and started to nuzzle my ear.

"We have about two hours before I have to go pick up the kids. Want to make out?"

While I was a little confused and angry with what was going on, I was also human and a man. Her butt was wiggling against my crotch and my cock was beginning to have ideas of its own. Against my will, I was aroused and my temperature rose very quickly. So much for restraint.

I reached around her waist and pulled her tightly against me. I kissed her softly with some tongue until she opened her lips. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and she began to suck on it. I moved it in and out of her mouth as she began to breathe harder. I moved my hand to her breast and felt her 36 Cs through her blouse. Her nipples were already sticking out showing me her arousal. I pinched them through the material as she moaned into my mouth. She pushed me back and stood up, reaching for my hand.

"Take me upstairs to your bed, right now! I want you inside me and I want it now."

I needed no urging and followed her up the stairs and into our bedroom watching her sweet ass all the way. She had begun to remove her blouse and bra as we went and they were flung into a corner as we entered the room. I was not far behind with my shirt and kicking my shoes off at the same time. We tumbled onto the bed and finished undressing each other. She kicked off her skirt and pulled on my pants tugging them down over my hips and onto the floor. She was in panties and I had shed my boxers with my pants. I was naked with my cock painfully sticking straight out in front of me. I looked at her beautiful body. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"Come here big boy. I want to see what I'm going to be getting. I want to see it up close and personal."

She bent over me and took my now engorged cock in her hands. She stroked it and breathed on it as she put her other hand under my balls. She lifted them up and gently caressed them as she slowly jacked me off until I was so hard it hurt. She looked up at me as she did this with a smile on her face that broke my heart. I loved this woman so much. I forgot all the doubt and hurt and everything else as I watched her.

She seemed to be satisfied that I was ready. She moved her leg over my body until she was straddling me just at my hips. She raised herself until she was right over my cock and then she watched my face as she took me in her hand and rubbed the head against her swollen lips. She was wet and obviously very ready. As I gritted my teeth to hold back, she lowered her hips down over my rigid cock and took it all in one smooth stroke. The pleasure consumed me and she gave a small sigh as our bodies met. She rose up again and then down once more. She opened her eyes to watch my face as she slowly bent over me, placing her tits against my face. I opened my mouth to take one of her nipples in my teeth and nipped gently as she moaned her approval. She began a steady up and down motion, fucking me slowly and deeply. I ravished her tits as she fucked me and we became one, experiencing all that we could.

She continued this for a few minutes while I got my control back and then I put my hands on her hips and began to help her movements, taking the weight off of her knees. I would lift her up and then lower her down on my hardness. As I got into it, I began to raise myself into her and then pull her down with me. As we got further and further along, I felt her breathing increase and her pussy walls beginning to grip tighter. I knew she was close to an orgasm.

I held her hips just above me and began to fuck her in earnest. I was slamming up into her again and again as she whimpered almost continuously. I was almost there! I went even faster and finally, feeling the liquid moving up the tubes looking for release, I pulled her down tightly against my crotch as I pushed into her as far as I could go. I felt the surge and let it go, pumping into her all I had. As I came so did she. For an eternity, we both just held on rigidly letting the pleasure run its course. Then she collapsed on top of me and we lay that way contented and sated.

We just lay there in each other's embrace for some time feeling no need to speak or break the mood with action. It was love at its most intense. I had forgotten for a while the doubts and the fear that this could well be over for us. I wanted to forget and believe the whole thing was a lie. But it was not to be.

"That was quite nice, husband. I think we need to do this more often, don't you? We seem to have been out of sync for a while. Let's not let that happen again. OK?"

"OK. I'll definitely work on it. What time is it and do we have time for a quick shower?"

"It's after 9:00 and I have to get the kids. We can pick this up later if you want or wait till our date Saturday night. I can have the kids go to mom's for the night. How about that?"

"It's a date. Nothing else Saturday that would interfere?"

"Like what? You have golf and I have a hair appointment. Then, lover, we have a date for dinner and after that, I'm yours to do with as you please. And you'd better please to do many, many things to me. Have you had a better offer lately?"

"Never. OK, we're on!"

Alison quickly dressed and she was gone for the kids. I lay there for some time just reviewing what just happened. She had done what she usually did and she hardly ever gave me a blow job. What she did tonight was normally all she would do. How could she take Collin's cock in her mouth after fucking him if she wouldn't even give me a blowjob? How could this woman make love to me like this if she was screwing a shithead like Collin Wilson? I knew she was smart but was she also that good an actor? Something was definitely screwed up and I was going to find out Saturday.

While she was gone, I checked the transmitters and found that they worked fine. I would install them Friday night in her car and purse. I was all ready except for one more meeting with Ben Cramer. I needed to find out what motel Collin had made his reservation for. Ben would find out for me or I would do something he wouldn't like.

The next morning, I called Ben and asked him to meet me in the cafeteria on the third floor. He agreed without comment and I was sitting at one of the tables when he came in. He joined me without saying anything and I quickly came to the point.

"Ben, my friend, I need you to find out from Collin where he plans to take Alison Saturday. I want the name of the motel and where it's located. All you have to do is get him somewhere private and ask him. Tell him you think he's feeding you a line of bull and say that if he tells you where he's taking her, you'll believe him."

I smiled at Ben as he tried to figure out how he was going to do what I asked. He was scared that I would do something if he didn't. He finally agreed but asked me how I would know if I didn't tell him where they were to meet. I told him not to worry about that. I had ways.

With that he left but not before I put my arm around him and stuck one of the transmitters under his jacket collar while reminding him of our agreement. He was so frightened of me that he never felt a thing. It was almost invisible, held by an adhesive and he wouldn't notice it.

I went back to my office and turned on the receiver. It hummed and let me know that Ben was back at his desk and talking to Collin. I heard him ask Collin to meet him in the copier room in ten minutes. Collin agreed and then nothing until Ben got up to meet Collin. I settled back to listen.

"What's up buddy? Got a problem with a policy? I am the best you know."

"Bullshit Collin. I was with Brian yesterday at the site and he doesn't seem to be having any problems at home. I asked him if things were OK with him and he said something about never better. I think you were giving me a line of shit about his wife."

"Hey man. Nothing but the truth. I wouldn't lie about something like that. Why don't you believe me?"

"Where are you taking her Saturday? You said a motel. Which motel? Maybe if you show me a receipt for a room or something, I'd believe you. Otherwise, I think you're shittin' me."

"Oh, yea? I have a reservation already at the Skyview motel on Statler Street for Saturday night. I can check in at 2:00 and she'll be there by 2:15. How's that for facts? You can call the Skyview and check my name for reservations. That good enough for you? Want to use my cell?"

"OK, I guess that'll do. I really envy you Collin. Alison is really something. I hope you know that she has a good marriage with Brian that you're trying to mess up. You'd better be careful and think this through."

"That's not my problem. If she's up for it, so am I. Anyway, how good can the marriage be if she is willing to fuck my brains out?"

That was about all that was worth hearing so I shut off the receiver and just let it tape the rest. I was almost ready to believe everything now. I had really hoped that Collin would back down and admit he was just making this up but now he had confirmed the room and he was just waiting. I at least had the address so that I could plug it into the equipment in the van and let the rest go automatically. Maybe I could just park the van there Friday night, turn on the equipment Saturday about noon and forget it. Everything else would be done automatically and I wouldn't have to be anywhere near by. I didn't want to see or hear my wife as she tore my heart out and stuffed it down the toilet. I was lost now. I could only carry through and try to get what I needed to get back at her and Collin and Ben.

The first thing I did was to call the motel and confirm that Collin was registered. He was so that part was true. Now, I just had to wait till Friday night. But then I had a thought. What if I could get some pictures of them going into the motel room? I decided to pay a visit to the motel that afternoon and see what I could do.

I walked into the office of the Skyview Motel and waited for the clerk. He was a seedy character and that was fine by me. Integrity wasn't what I was looking for just now.

"Hi there friend. I'm an investigator for an insurance company and I need some information. I have ID and a warrant for you."

With that, I flashed my badge quickly and gave him an authentic looking document that appeared to most people to be a search warrant. It was bogus but I counted on his lack of smarts to be easily fooled. The $100 I slipped to him didn't hurt either.

'Yea, sure man. What do you want to know?"

I asked him to confirm Collin Wilson's reservation and asked him if he had a room number yet. He said no and I asked him if he could assign him a room on the first floor facing Statler Street. He hemmed and hawed until I slipped another $50 his way and he finally gave me a room number that would let me shoot a tape. I let him know about the van that would be parked in his lot and he just shrugged his shoulders saying it was no sweat. I thanked him again for his help and handed him another $50 for his silence. He gave me a nasty grin and slipped the bills in his pocket.

After I left, I decided that I could now get the video I wanted by pointing the camera through the front window of the van which I would leave facing their room. I was now set.

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