A Meeting of Minds: Two Authors' Journey
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Interracial, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lisa secretly writes stories about female submission. Although she lacks the experience, her zeal for it overshadows the obvious. Sir Will writes stories of female submission that draws Lisa's curiosity. Will she use this man to co-write a great story, or will this be the story of her life? Despite the lack of interesting codes, a very intense, erotic tale it will turn out to be once they have pushed each other to the limits.

Opening the door of room 335, Bill thought it looked like any other Embassy Suites with its large, twin beds, separate bathrooms, and heavy curtains. The large TV and movie box sat in the armoire by the window. As he observed his surroundings, Bill noticed the room had that scent which seemed to be a feature of all motel and hotel chains: dust, human sweat, and cleaning polish.

He threw his large, too large, carry-on bag onto the surprisingly fluffy bed. It had been a long flight down from New York and coming the day after his arrival from London, he was tired and weary. Normally, this feeling would be compounded by thoughts of work the following day, but this trip to the Mid-West was different. He was there to meet a close friend, an intimate friend, a friend he had never met.

They had conversed often, always by email and mostly about their sexual fantasies. She had started to write to him after reading one of his stories, intrigued to know more about the man who wrote so knowingly about female submission. She had learned he was divorced and that he enjoyed being dominant in a sexual relationship. Lisa also learned that he was a bit of a softy away from the bedroom and this apparent dichotomy fascinated her; fascinated her almost more than her own longing to explore her deepest sexual feelings.

He discovered, with some disappointment, that Lisa was engaged. She had a somewhat stable relationship with her fiancee, but in her heart a big question mark remained. His parents accepted her with open arms, and thought she would make a perfect addition to their son, and company. She received her degree and was eager to begin her career, her life. Yet there was another side to her, a hidden, suppressed side.

Lisa yearned to explore these longings deep within her and explore her sexual boundaries. She yearned to explore submission, even pain, to heighten her sexual response. Lisa believed she could experience a greater fulfillment if she could just understand more.

Then one day she had found one of Bill's stories in which the female submissive seemed to mirror her own inner visions. It touched her like no story had before and she had to send him feedback, little realising that this would start their long and sensual correspondence. Eventually, she would send him a picture of herself and some of her own stories causing them to explore the possibility of collaborating on a single story. They made a few attempts to get started, but failed.

They lacked that shared concept which would enable them to write the story in their own styles. Secretly, they both had given up the attempt, yet neither wanted to discourage the other. Sometime later, Bill mentioned that he would be in the U.S. on business and asked if she could meet him in New York. It was only after he had clicked the send button that he realised he was offering to take their relationship one step, one 'big' step, further.

He was suggesting they both move out of the comfort of their own secret worlds in order to meet face-to-face. Lisa could not travel to meet him, but suggested they talk on the phone. Bill called her cell and in one brief phone call told Lisa that, if she could not come to New York, he could come to her. They could meet for an afternoon, he suggested, and discuss their story plans or whatever else they thought of.

He basically just wanted them to meet, look each other in the eyes, and compose the best story the site had ever seen. Now, sitting in the room, Bill was not quite so sure about things. It was easy, relatively easy, to play the dominant on the phone, but now the imminent meeting was making him less sure of his ground. With all his previous lady friends, the relationship had developed face to face.

It was much easier in person to tell if a lady would meet his own desires for a submissive partner or simply make pleasant company in or out of bed. Here he was, waiting for his cell to ring, to meet a woman who may not actually be any of the things she had pretended to be. Would she even phone? he asked himself. Would she turn up for the meeting? again he asked, his imagination running wild.

Certainly his current self-doubt would not help enforce his presence as dominant over women.

Lisa sat in her vehicle, contemplating. She had already surpassed rational thought and knew it was too late to undo what they had arranged. She envisioned this scene in her mind many times and still did not know what to expect. Her curiosity, as well as desire for this stranger propelled her into making the decision many weeks, many emails ago. Lisa reminded herself of the story she had read and remembered the intensity she had felt from his words.

She understood sending feedback was customary, but did not expect a response. So when he returned her mail with a warm greeting, she was seduced into accepting his offer to stay in touch. Bill's cyber demeanour made her pulse quicken; his speech was friendly and intelligent. She was thoroughly surprised to discover that his whereabouts were in her beloved Europe, where she had lived as a child.

Visiting London was one of her other passions and she thought of asking Bill to be her guide. However, at the time, Lisa was convinced that they would never meet; the distance--in both senses--was too great. The photo Bill sent her while on vacation came back to mind. She could not see much of his eyes behind the shades he wore, but enjoyed the way one of his thick brows lifted ominously.

With his erotic letters, sexy accent, and sinister-looking brows, Lisa wondered just what the experience would be like with a man like him. Her appetite for experimenting reflected his own in many ways, from what he had described to her, and she found herself thinking of him often. Thoughts of being under the hands of such an experienced lover intrigued her for many months.

After their friendship began rising to different, irreversible levels, they both knew the possibility of meeting was growing shorter and shorter. And now she found herself sitting in her vehicle, redialling his number for the second time. Lisa looked around her and noticed the glow of the setting sun as it bounced off the autumn leaves. Being a visually stimulated kind of girl, the warm colours drew her into its beauty.

Her mood shifted as her body began to mimic that warm glow. She thought of the man waiting for her call inside the room and her heart beat sped up. Her body was taking over and she found herself in the moment; her decision was made. She allowed the call to continue, this time not hanging up.

He heard for the second time that voice, soft, sweet, and clear. Did he also notice a hint of apprehension? Of nervousness? He could barely ask the question, but pulled himself together and asked in the coolest voice he could muster as to where she was.

"In the parking lot." Lisa's voice was now noticeably edgy. "I've parked up in the back corner away from the road."

Bill went to the window and looked out. He could see a few cars. "Which car?" He asked, trying desperately to hide his own nervousness.

"The maroon Ford SUV," her voice said in almost a whisper.

For his part, Bill did not want to admit he could not tell an American Ford from a Chevy. But yes, yes he could see a dark red car, an MPV (or whatever), and just make out the shadow of a driver, a lady driver.

"Do you want to meet me in the lobby... ?" He paused a while, "or would you prefer the privacy of my room?"

"I don't think it's wise to go through the lobby," Lisa's voice now very quiet.

"I'll go to the back entrance then."

Bill clicked off his phone. He rarely moved quickly, but now he was moving with speed. Grabbing the room passkey, he rushed out into the corridor and hurried down the back stairs. When he reached ground level, he pressed the bar on the Emergency Exit and opened the door.

Warm air rushed into the air-conditioned cool as he looked across the parking lot. Some 30 feet away, a dark red vehicle's door opened and just as quickly as it had opened, it closed. A person neared, allowing Bill to see the woman who had been the subject of so many fantasies and dreams.

Her simple summer dress moved easily around her slim frame; her slender legs carrying her quickly across the hot gravel. Her hair, that wonderful mass of hair, cascaded down to her shoulders. She was everything he had imagined she would be, he thought to himself as her petite frame moved quickly past him. Bill caught a brief wisp of her perfume before he turned to face her, ignoring the loud bang which the heavy spring made as the door closed behind them.

Then, all was quiet. He found himself looking into the eyes of the woman he thought he would never meet. He failed to notice her slightly laboured breathing as he stood transfixed. Bill looked down into her beautiful face, her features cloaked in the smoothest skin. He continued to stare into her brown pools, his gaze following the soft curls that framed her face and touched her shoulders.

How long he stood, they both stood, he was not sure. Perhaps minutes... it certainly seemed like it. But no words were said, or seemed necessary. Any sound would have broken the moment. Suddenly, an unknown force moved to control his body. He surrendered to that outside influence as it raised his hands to her sides and lowered his lips to meet hers.

For the first time their bodies touched. They marveled at that electric moment when the desire of two people generates the magnetic charge that draws them together. As their lips touched, their eyes locked onto each other's, transmitting the unspoken welcome.

Then the unseen force pulled them tighter together, their eyes closing to concentrate on the senses as their lips opened to each other, enabling their souls to join through intertwined tongues. A lover's kiss.

The touch of his lips weakened the strength in Lisa's legs. The pressure of his arms around her small waist made her long for his bare skin to move against her instead. Her eyes were heavy from a drugging sensation as his tongue explored her warm mouth.

Lisa's nerves were highly sensitive, and she felt she could weep from the need their kiss created. Her purse slid to the floor as Bill pushed her against the wall of the hallway. Lisa's moan came out like a squeal, her back hitting the cool surface, heightening her arousal.

His pelvis grounded into her hips while his hand slid around her neck. They continued to melt against each other's mouth, both moaning audibly.

"Bill... I feel so light-headed," she whispered.

"Okay... okay," he answered faintly and rushed them both to his room, after grabbing her purse.

Bill easily hoisted the petite woman into his arms and carried her the few paces to the bed. Events were quickly overtaking him and even in his wildest dreams, he did not imagine the first moments of their meeting to be so intense. His brain kept telling him that they were there to write a story, but now they were tumbling headlong into writing a new chapter in their own lives.

Perhaps he should have known from the many conversations they had about it in the past, and now all those thoughts and dreams were becoming reality. His hands held her head, squeezing it in order to hold her soft lips against his own. The pressure forced her lips apart, her tongue rising to meet his waiting mouth.

Touching, sensing, entwining, their two sensitive tongues dancing against each other. Bill could feel Lisa pushing her body against him, turning on the bed to crush her lips against his, to press her slender body into his.

Bill released her head, his hand traveling over and down the side of her body. Faintly, he touched the side of her breast, as her chest heaved in the confines of her thin dress, and down to her ass. She had sent him photos of herself, and now Bill could feel one of those perfect globes resting in his hands.

He squeezed it, forcing her to grind against him even more. Bill knew his cock was hard inside his jeans; he knew that she could feel him. His hand squeezed into her flesh even harder, digging into her soft flesh until his fingertips could just sense the edge of her thong beneath.

Releasing his hand, Bill returned it to the side of her face, the ends of his fingers touching the soft curls of her hair. Without warning, he pulled away from her mouth, the sharp interruption making Lisa open her eyes to look into his.

Bill felt he could see into her soul. Her brown pools were filled with an intense mixture of lust and yearning that mirrored his own inner feelings. He was looking for reassurance; for a signal that she wanted to experience their dreams, at least this once. He could feel her body arching toward him see the look in her eyes, yet something still held him back.

How long had he looked at her? He wasn't sure, but slowly, so slowly he became aware that Lisa's gaze was changing. The desire was still there, but now tinged with doubt? What had she done wrong, she asked herself. Was it not obvious she yearned to be possessed by this man from the other side of the world, she asked herself again?

She may never do this again, but today, right now, she wanted nothing more than to be with him... body and soul. She wanted, no, needed to submit to him. Only then could she reveal the truth about herself and show this man--who had liberated her with his words--how much she needed to be fulfilled.

Bill knew now, or prayed he did, that the time and place were right. He leaned forward and kissed her again. A deep kiss as his tongue probed deep into her mouth, twisting and turning with hers. His hand returned to her body, exploring her curves once again.

This time, one hand moved fully over her left breast to feel the hardening nipple below the material. There was no bra, just soft pliant flesh in which he would soon enjoy directly. His hand moved further down over her slim tummy, pressing over her abdomen until he reached the top of her pubic bone. He felt her rise to meet his hand, and pressing it back against her, sensed the heat now being transmitted from her very core.

Lower still, his hand traveled until it grasped the material of her dress and pulled it roughly away from her legs, exposing her to him. He paused now, enjoying the same bruising kiss which joined them together.

Bill's hand moved upwards to rest lightly on her mons. He could feel the simple sheer cloth of her thong, his fingertips catching slightly on the lacy edge. This simple piece of material now formed the last barrier to his dreams.

He sensed the heat; the hot dampness as his fingers traced the waistband again, causing Lisa to squirm. Following an inner need to capture this teasing digit in her sex, she again rose up to meet his inquiring hand, to press against his finger. But, suddenly, the kiss was broken and his touch was gone. She felt a coolness as he moved his body away from hers.

Lisa's mind fought to understand the change of events, because her senses were pushing her towards fulfillment; now she only felt a void. She opened her eyes slowly, aware that Bill was now standing above her. As he looked down at her on the bed, she felt alone, very vulnerable, and very exposed.

For a brief moment, she wanted to hide and thought to cover herself. Lisa did not understand his pause and moved her hand to pull her thin dress down her tummy.

From Bill's perspective, the scene in front of him was sublime; a beautiful woman oozing sensuality and looking so wonderfully vulnerable. He wanted to possess her and he certainly did not want her to cover herself. His right hand caught Lisa's wrist, stopping her. "No." Bill's simple statement was said firmly and with a degree of authority that registered as an order in Lisa's confused mind.

His eyes burned into her, capturing her as fully as the powerful grip he had on her wrist. The command, the tone in his deep, accented voice, and slightly impending stance almost sent Lisa into an orgasm. Such was the intensity her poor nerves suffered from the image.

She wanted to weep from the onslaught, but only whimpered and pouted. Lisa was not sure if she should reach out to him... or wait. From the many things she had learned about this man, waiting was something he would prefer her to do, but she could not wait any longer. One frustrated tear slid from her eye as she looked up at Bill and remained still, allowing him to look at her lower body.

She almost smiled from the emotion and lust that glazed over his eyes as she watched them roam over her half-naked body. His eyes were as dark as the secrets he held, hiding his thoughts of things, dirty things, others would say, that he desired to do with her. Things that were shunned by inhibited people.

Bill tried to regain his control, for he did not want to hurt this woman, but having her suddenly in his possession, he wondered how he would take her without frightening her. He knelt on one knee and kissed the wrist that he had held a little too tightly.

"Is there something wrong, Bill?"

"No. Yes. No... shit."

"Do you not want to... ?" A slightly worried tone sounding in Lisa's voice.

That was the simple trigger that Bill needed; now some of his self-control returned; he knew what he wanted and needed. What they both wanted. He just needed to keep himself slightly in check.

"I've come a long way for this, Lisa. You're not getting away from me that easy."

"What do you want, Bill? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, Lisa. I want you and I want to hear you beg. Beg me to do all those things that we have talked about. And when you stop begging, I want to do everything else."

Lisa looked up at him. She knew she could trust him, knew she needed this as much as him--perhaps more.

"You want me to beg?"


"Well, I'm begging you to undress the rest of me. I'm begging you to taste my lips... all of them."

"Is that what you want me to do first, Lisa? You want me to kiss your sweet pussy? To place my lips on yours? To taste you?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Then say it," he said stepping back, a sparkle of lust in his eye.

"I want to feel your lips on my cunt, Bill," she said breathlessly.

He reached down with both hands and snapped her g-string in half. Bill pulled the material away from her body, lifting it to his face. He could smell her, her perfume, her juices. Bill's eyes glittered with emotion as he watched Lisa observe him licking her juice from the beige string. He remembered her telling him how sweet her cream tasted, and now he had the proof... sweet as honey, he thought with a smile.

Throwing what was left of her garment to the floor, Bill reached down and put his hands on her thighs. She squirmed from the simple caress, everything he did feeling like pure "torture..."

"Is that what you want, Lisa?"

"What? Hell, did I say that out loud?"

Bill chuckled quietly, "Yes, yes you did."

His hands moved over her smooth caramel coloured skin until his finger tips reached her labia, which glistened in the half light of the room, her lips already puffy and distended. He had not touched them and yet her outer lips were already starting to open like the petals of a flower in front of him.

He looked at the contrast between her lightly toasted skin tone and the pink core of her which now slowly opened to his gaze. He lowered his head slowly, taking in her scent and the sight of her in equal measure until his lips were just millimetres away from her pussy.

She could feel his breath on her over-sensitive skin and could almost sense his touch which, tantalisingly, didn't come. She tried to move toward him, but Bill, anticipating her reaction moved backwards, keeping that small distance.

"Please, please," Lisa's voice was starting to show small signs of desperation, of need, of hunger as she tried to move herself closer and bridge the gap. Now he was starting to hear her truly beg, these pleas were coming from the soul, not the brain. She wanted him, needed him.

Bill would make her beg for it, really beg for it and mix a little of that torture along the way. His tongue flicked out and made the lightest of touches with those silky soft lips, the very tip helping to part those delightful folds further.

"Ohhhhhhh, yessssss," Lisa strained further toward him, but he withdrew the caressing tongue and simply breathed onto her lips, watching as they opened a little further, almost winking at him like the lids covering some hidden eye.

"Ohhhhh, please, Bill?" He could hear that note of desperation once again. "Bill, please..."

Her body arched off the bed, but Bill maintained the distance, watching as she fought to make him touch her. He was aware, out of the corner of his eye, that her hands were at her breasts, squeezing them, playing with the nipples which looked so hard and inviting.

Bill moved back and took her wrists in his own hands. Yet again, he had broken the spell and brought her back toward the real world. She was confused, frustrated, and desperate.

"Later," he said. "I will tell you when you can touch yourself."

He put her hands by her side and bowed his head to her left breast. His tongue snaked out and rasped over the nipple, igniting a fire within her. He did the same with the right, a wet trail showing the path that he had made.

Still holding her hands, his head moved lower, bringing his lips back into line with her pussy. The tongue again a firm caress down each lip, his saliva mixing with her pussy juice which now seemed to start to bubble from between her inner lips to coat his tongue. He watched as best he could, at that cream between her inner thighs as it disappeared into the dark crevice beneath.

"Come on. Please." Lisa's voice now soft and breaking, her eyes started to turn up as her nerve centre was rapidly licked in that small area of flesh surrounding her pussy. His tongue firmly torturing the area. She knew her core was opening to him, knew that she was falling into a whirlpool of emotions as this man, whom she had only met a few minutes before was pushing her toward the most mind-blowing climax of her life.

"Dammit, he hasn't even fucked me yet. I haven't seen his cock and I'm already going insane." Her thoughts were becoming as incoherent as her words and still that tongue kept on, relentlessly stroking its way up each pussy lips, pushing, cajoling her pliant flesh to move to his bidding.

Bill released her hands, he needed to use his fingers on her, and hers stayed where he'd left them as if stuck to the bed. Her fingertips curled down to grip the bed cover. A moment later and he was on his knees, between her thighs, his tongue still tracing her folds.

He then moved his fingers to join his mouth, using the tips to open her further, peeling back those wet lips, turning her entry into a true circle rather than a gash. He could see into her, see her inner folds, see the juice which now flowed freely down.

He used the broad width of his tongue now and pushed her lips farther apart with each upward stroke, passing over the little hood of flesh which begged to be exposed. Bill used the tip of his tongue to tease it.

"Oooo, yesssssss." He was aware of her cries and moans above him, but he would not be distracted from his chosen path. For her part, Lisa was already past the point of no return. That inner fire was building within her and demanded release. Each pass of his tongue over her now exposed clit just accelerated the process.

She fought to stay still, but her body was now moving itself. Sinew and muscle were now tensing fast, reaching the point when they would be taut. Bill continued to tease and probe, increasing the pressure now with each pass, rubbing her clit before it flicked away at the end of each stroke.

His face and cheeks were now covered in her juices, his fingers so slick that he found it hard to maintain their grip, despite the increased pressure which he now applied.

Suddenly, the damn within Lisa broke. Those inner fibres tightened that last bit, her womb convulsed, her body arched up and from deep within her, Lisa's climax shot forward. Juice melted into his mouth, this time hotter, sweeter, thicker than before. Somewhere above him, Lisa screamed, but he did not hear her, because her thighs had clamped shut around his head, the enforced silence intensifying the effect on him.

He could feel her spasm, once, twice, thrice. He lost count until he was aware that her hands were on his head. She was trying to push him away, her climax so intense she thought she would surely pass out. Coloured lights flashed before her closed eyes, she heard sounds which were not there.

Her rigid body did not give back some control until it had squeezed her senses five times. The sensations were intense, every nerve ending was at fever pitch and she did not want to be touched. She wanted to slip into a sensual dream world, but still that tongue played on her, sending high voltage messages to her brain as it whipped over her engorged clit. She tried to move Bill away; she needed to tell him to stop, needed to beg him to stop.

"Enough," her voice low, barely audible. "Please... wait... stop."

But still, it moved over her. Couldn't he hear her? she wondered. Bill was not totally unaware, but was equally determined to complete his chosen task. His fingers continued to play on the edges of her cunt, his tongue, giving lighter strokes now, continued to stroke her clit.

"Oh God NO... please," Lisa was starting to beg now. "It's too--"

Then suddenly, the senses changed. Lisa felt as if she had been hit by lightening. A pain so sharp, so intense, so devastating shot through her body. Bill's tongue, that soft yielding digit which had caressed her had withdrawn and now he was using his teeth to inflict a small bite to her clit. It was the merest pinch, but to Lisa in her euphoric state it felt as though he had bitten into.

The force of the feelings was too much for Lisa, her mouth opened to scream, but the noise never escaped her throat, trapped inside by some inner force. She wanted to cry; she felt that she had been robbed of that post orgasmic glow, but then she felt his tongue curl around the throbbing nub of flesh, bathing it in warm saliva.

As soon as it had hit her, the pain was gone and she found herself responding once again to his tongue. It was as if the pain had restarted her emotional response. Bill had received the anticipated reaction and knew that he would soon be driving her toward another climax, bigger, deeper, darker than the one before.

His fingers were busy now, gently probing, opening her further, and enabling him to insert his tongue into her opening. Like a small flat cock, it now moved around inside the opening of her walls, returning to her clit on each circuit to bathe it again before his teeth scraped over the surface as his tongue returned to her entrance. Now his fingers probed deeper, venturing inside with his tongue. Lisa felt herself being spread open by the combined onslaught of fingers and tongue.

Bill could feel her reacting again, sensed the change in her breathing, the change in her reaction. He felt that he was at the crossroads... did she really mean torture, he wondered. This time as his tongue rose to meet her clit, it circled it, making it stand proud and in one quick motion, sucked it between his lips.

It was small, but now large enough for him to apply a strong sucking motion. Lisa moaned and pushed herself forward and down into his mouth. Down so that her clit was forced between his lips and touched his teeth.

He opened his mouth a millimetre and then closed it--trapping her clit between the sharp edges of his teeth. This time he held her, applying enough pressure to stop her escape. Now she sought to move away from him, from those sharp edges which now seemed to hold all her nerve endings in one tight spot. Her mind wanted to flee, to move away from this cruel union, but her body was starting to tell a different story. Her body started to seek more.

Her brain was no longer able to control her body which even now, as the sharp agony from her clitoris continued, was striving to force itself towards this man. Bill summoned up all concentration and waited for the right moment. As he felt her surge up towards him, he drove two fingers of his left hand deep inside her.

He felt his ring catch on her labia as he drove his digits deep into her, but did not stop. He withdrew them, now covered in her thick cream and drove them back inside. Again, he withdrew only to plow them back deeply into her, as deep as was physically possible. He heard the rush of air from her lungs and knew that he had her, sure that he had her in his control. Now positive that this woman was his.

Lisa was close to the edge of consciousness. In those few brief moments all her pent-up and hidden emotions and cravings rushed out of her being. She no longer cared about the future, she wanted the now. She needed to be fulfilled. She needed to give up her self-control to ride this roller coaster which had been unleashed within her.

She felt a another digit thrust into her, aware that she was now being stretched, for Bill had now added a third finger to the bunch which moved in and out of her tight box. Her movements caused Bill to lose contact with her clit, but he fought to regain it, biting into her outer lips in his quest to inflict that final sting.

Then, he found it again. He sucked it, using his teeth to hold it and with measured timing, thrust his fingers back deep into her canal at the instant he applied the final pressure. Lisa screamed. Screamed in pain. Screamed in sheer unrestrained ecstasy. If the previous climax had been the best of her life, this was beyond all description, her scattered brain was able to ponder.

Her whole body convulsed in one gigantic reaction, forcing her up against Bill. Lisa's wild movement forced her tender flesh harder against his mouth, further over his invading fingers. Bill felt her muscles squeeze shut around his fingers, felt her juices spray out against the palm of his hand and against his lips.

He could no longer maintain contact, and released his mouth and withdrew his fingers from her, slumping back on his knees. He watched as her body continued to react, small convulsions wracking her body. Her distended pussy seemed to be winking at him as it opened and closed with each spasm. He didn't believe he had seen a more beautiful sight than that which was now before him.

This lovely creature open to his gaze in the throes of a post-climax, falling head long into a sensual coma...

A few moments later, Lisa carefully lifted herself into a seated position. The top of her dress hung from her smooth shoulder and very low on her breasts, exposing one erect nipple. She had the mind to wait until her body recovered from the recent journey, but she wanted to be near him while her body continued jerking sighs and whimpers from her.

Lisa slid to her knees and crawled to the man kneeling near her. The perspiration on his brow was evidence that reminded her of his diligence and determination, which in return reminded her body of his skillful touch. She closed her eyes and smiled as the inside of her labia seemed to react from the thought. Bill eyed her movements and rose to his feet. Although he wiped the sweat from his forehead, he ignored her cream which was smeared across his jaw and chin.

Instead of taking his time, Bill yanked his shirt open and tossed it to the floor. Not breaking eye contact with Lisa, he retreated backward to the table and leaned against it. An unspoken command made Lisa crawl toward him again, something she did not mind doing. She was aware of her appearance, half-naked and wild curls, and she knew in her heart and mind that this is what Bill wanted and loved.

The effect of it was deep in the eyes that watched her. Lisa's patience began to wear thin. She had wanted to take him into her mouth, to put her lips around his cock, to swallow his cum since she had first heard his sexy voice on the phone. Now she had the opportunity, and Bill wanted it, too.

He watched her as she removed his belt and jeans, his arousal popping out with excitement despite his sensual fatigue. He moved to the edge to allow Lisa's fingers to curl softly around his shaft. She decided to start from the bottom, circling her wet tongue around his balls, his male scent drifted up to her nostrils as her tongue encircled him for the first time.

She closed her eyes, inhaling him deeper while each delicious apple went into her mouth, licking each one of them. The crinkle in Bill's brow delighted Lisa more than anything. She wanted to please him, wanted to show him she would do anything for him. She was glad to see such reactions from him and when his hands gripped the table, she knew her efforts were more than pleasing.

Her mouth moved away from the soft sacs so that she could taste the rest of him. But, before she did so, she felt Bill bend over her and grab her hands, pinning each one of them to the top of her head. She felt vulnerable, she felt sexy, more than anything, she felt very content.

Lisa leisurely ran her tongue over his cock, sliding from the bottom up the heavy shaft to lick the pre-cum that had collected at the head. She admired his large purplish crest, the skin silky and smooth. Saliva poured from her lips over the engorged head before sucking his member into her mouth.

She was almost tempted to swallow it if it weren't attached to the man, but she kept her wits and continued to suck his magnificent cock head. Lisa felt one of his hands guiding her now, firmly directing her to go further. She did not need his coaxing and allowed his head to slide over her tongue and deep into her throat.

Normally, the thought of choking would have worried her, but, for this man, the thought of not being able to take him further concerned her. She had the determination to please him and knew that she would try to go that extra mile.

Desire gave her that energy, the will to submit to his pleasure, but she had no time to think. Suddenly, she felt his strong hand release hers before pushing down on her head; his erection now lodged at the top of her throat.

The sudden shift wrenched tears from her eyes as she tried to accommodate his hardness into her tiny mouth. She needed to breathe, but she needed to please him just as much. The whole act made Lisa even wetter and more determined to give him the best blowjob he had ever experienced. She gulped for air and Bill released the pressure slightly.

Lisa backed away for a moment, watching saliva drip from his incredible cock, and leaned forward for more. "Kiss it," was his only command as he held his own rod and caressed her lips with it. Soft kisses were planted over the head and around the girth of it, licking at it when he continued to rub the smoothness over her mouth.

Lisa coated the hard member in her saliva, mixing it with the pre-cum she collected from the tip, only vaguely aware that the fingers of Bill's left hand were now entwined in her curls, directing her subtle movements. He directed her back to the head.

"Now open up for me." Lisa knew this was not a mere request and she opened her mouth obediently to let him slide once more to the back of her throat. Again, she felt the pressure on her head again and knew he wanted her to go deeper.

Wanting to please him, she backed away once more to gasp for air and looked up at him with respect and admiration. Wonderful tears of exertion slid down her cheeks as her lips returned to his cock.

This time she did not need his guidance as she allowed his cock to pass over her tongue, the tip continuing toward her throat. She knew he wanted more. The hand entangled in her hair continued to guide her, applying a persistent pressure so that he penetrated a little further each time. Bill was suddenly aware of her hand between his thighs as Lisa began searching for that spot behind his scrotum.

When she found it, she stroked it causing Bill to accelerate his assault on her mouth. His hips moved forward and now he was fucking her mouth, driving himself faster and deeper into her, the finger stroking that muscle behind his balls propelling him toward an awesome release.

Then, without warning, Lisa's middle finger slid gently inside his asshole; a slow caress along the nerves of his opening. The soft friction produced a devastatingly powerful response in Bill. His hips moved his cock deeper into Lisa's mouth.

His other hand now came down and held her throat as he continued to force her pretty head down on his raging cock. The effect of her finger now buried in his ass and her thumb continuing to stroke that same little muscle behind his sac was sending Bill totally over the edge.

Lisa could sense the tell-tell signs of his volcanic eruption, felt his nerves and muscles contract and pulsate. His grunts and moans of pleasure were like erotic tunes. Lisa smiled as his strong legs began to weaken, waves of pleasure searching for the centre of his loins to find release.

Pleasure races against his senses, heading straight for his cock. "Oh, SHIT," he yelled out. His hands pushed her head down hard and his dick was suddenly buried deep into her mouth. Lisa's eyes widened; she had taken him all. Bill released her head from his grip so that he could grab the edge of the table, his inevitable orgasm now fast building into a crescendo.

Lisa sat back, her hands moving to the base of his cock as it slowly left the confines of her mouth. She looked up at him as his shaft escaped her lips, looked up toward that face screwed up in the throes of a climax. His eruption splattered her face and hair with the first ropes of hot cum.

She watched as his eyes opened, and he looked down into her as the second spurt of his seed flew out to land on her half-covered breast. Further, spurts splashed onto her cheeks and lips; Lisa happily licking up all within reach, relishing his sweet cum before swallowing it. She rarely enjoyed the actual taste of cum, but Bill's tasted sweet to her and vaguely remembered how much he likes to drink orange juice for that special purpose.

She never lost eye contact and continued to watch Bill as the last throbbing waves of pleasure passed through his body. She could feel cum on her body, and Lisa, being the cum-lover that she was, used her fingers to collect it, licking it into her mouth deliberately so Bill could see how much she wanted to please him.

Bill's cock twitched, reacting to the sight of this partially clad beauty before him, licking his seed from her body. Bill could not remember cumming so hard or seeing such an erotic sight.

"Lisa, that was wonderful, but you have drained me." He noticed the look of pleasure that spread across Lisa's face, knowing that she would enjoy the reward of words for a job well done. "Come here and let me see the rest of you." Bill reached out his hands to help Lisa to her feet. Now she stood before him, his discarded jeans at his feet reminded him that he was naked; now he wanted her to be naked, too.

Languidly, he turned her around and reached up to take the tongue of her zipper, hanging under the straps. He edged it down, the room virtually silent apart from their breathing. As the zipper descended, Bill watched her smooth back come into view.

His fingers moved to brush the material from her shoulders and in a brief moment the dress was at Lisa's feet. The soft light in the room highlighted her smooth lightly toasted-coloured skin, which seemed to have a sheen of satin.

The soft curls of her hair hung down to her shoulders, the line of her spine drawing his eyes downward to the perfect globes of her bottom. His fingers traced that smooth line following her spine into the dark cleft of her ass, and then around under one of her cheeks. Bill saw her shudder, saw the goosebumps form. "Turn around, let me look at you."

Lisa turned in response to Bill. She suddenly felt very vulnerable again. Lisa had always enjoyed the roaming of a man's eye and was proud of her mixed race, which had provided her with her prominent features. She worked hard to maintain her figure, took pride in her well-proportioned body and smooth skin.

But now, with Bill, this was different. She was naked and felt totally exposed both externally and internally. For the first time, her whole self was exposed to a man. A man who desired her. A man who wanted and needed her.

A man she wanted to please. She watched, mesmerised, as his hands went to her hips, pulling her closer to him so she could feel his breath on her skin. The index finger of his right hand traced a line down to her pussy, easily penetrating that sweet, tight hole still open and slick from earlier.

Bill pushed his finger into her deeply, enjoying the sensation of touching her inner walls and their silky texture. He felt her viscous cream collect on his fingertip and removed some to taste her again.

He gingerly smeared it on his tongue before drawing it into his mouth. "Mmmmmm, so good." He looked at her again. "Taste it yourself."

She smiled back at him, glowing in the compliment. Only when she felt him take her wrist and move her hand to her own sex, did she realise that he meant it. Of course Lisa had played with herself and brought herself to many satisfying orgasms, but never before in front of her lover. Tentatively, her own finger stole between her folds.

"Deeper," Bill's quiet assured voice spoke. Lisa moved deep within herself, moving her finger until it, too, was covered in her thick juices. She removed it and offered it to his lips, but Bill shook his head. "You." She felt her own finger pass her lips and then tasted the creamy nectar. Warm, sweet; unexpected arousal danced throughout her tummy.

"Again," now commanding her to taste herself. "Open that sweet pussy so I can see you as well." Bill moved her other hand, prompting her to part her own labia with her fingers. Lisa felt herself touch her clit as her finger re-entered her body.

It felt nearly as good as when Bill had done something similar not moments ago. Again, she brought her finger to her lips, and again she tasted herself.

"Continue; enjoy until I say stop," Bill's command was not what she wanted to hear. She wanted him to do these things to her, not sit back as an observer. She closed her eyes and continued, feeling his eyes observing her even though she could no longer see him.

Knowing he was watching as time after time her slick fingers passed to her mouth began to excite Lisa. She could feel the tension build once again within her. She was also, very slowly, bringing herself to a climax. Without warning, her eyes flew open as Bill passed a large cube of ice he'd retrieved, over her left nipple. Hard and engorged with her sexual arousal, the ice burned deep into her, electrifying her nerves at the tip of her breast.

Slowly, very slowly, he passed the cube across her chest and pressed it against her other nipple. Again, the searing rush of energy raced through her nerve endings.

"Keep playing with your pussy," Bill's voice quiet and assured, forced her to realise that her finger was still high in her pussy, not moving. She brought it to her lips, a fresh flow of hot cream transferred to her tongue. Bill leaned forward slightly, bridging the gap to her body and tasted the chilled nipple as her finger descended once again to her moistness.

He was still sucking her hard flesh, this time placing it between the sharp edges of his teeth. All of a sudden, he caught her wrist and guided her hand to where his mouth was working its magic on her breast.

He guided her finger and smeared Lisa's juices over her nipple, using his tongue to help coat it. Once again, she felt that rush to her nipple, this time as the warmth of Bill's tongue and her own pussy cream brought the hard nub back to normal.

Now he transferred his mouth and her finger to the other nipple, bathing it with their combined warm liquid. Lisa started to enjoy the warm glow, but then the ice returned to the exposed nipple ensuring that the nerves stayed alive.

Bill repeated the process several times, mixing the warmth of her finger and his own tongue with the sharp cold of the ice. Lisa had never felt so alive, her senses started to reel in the glow of renewed arousal. Then, almost as suddenly as he had started, Bill stopped and leaned back to look at her, to admire her perfect breasts now crowned with perfectly hard and pointed nipples, which stood as erect as small cocks.

Then she felt the ice again, felt it as it glided over the lips of her labia, the pussy which her fingers still held open. Her knees started to buckle as the sensation literally consumed her and took her breath away. Her hands went to his shoulders to steady herself as the cube of ice continued to move over her plump lips, pausing to swell on her clitoris and deliver its own unique blend of hurt and love.

Lisa felt the melted water running down her legs. She sensed him move to collect another ice cube from the bucket. Again, it moved over her, but this time, Bill pressed it against her more firmly using her body heat to mold the ice in a perfectly smooth bullet that swiftly slipped into her canal.

She squealed as she felt the ice enter her body, changing form almost instantly as the cold solid met her internal vulcano. The sensation within her was like nothing she was accustomed to.

Yes, it was painful as the freezing cold entered her body, but an inner warmth also permeated throughout her being, quelling the hurt as the ice cooled her fires. She felt another ice cube enter her. It lasted just a little longer than the first; a third, a little longer...

Bill kept applying the delicious torture and she felt her labia going numb, just her clit fought the cold, a delicious pinprick of pain surrounded by searing cold. Three more ice cubes followed and, if she had care to look, that was all that was left. The last two seemed to keep their shape longer in the heat of her body before they escaped and ran down her legs.

She felt a void then, but not for long. Bill gently pulled her towards him, his resurgent cock now back to full hardness. It brushed her labia, its heat causing her to jump. This small reaction sufficient to enable his cock to pass between her lips and into her snug channel. To Lisa, it felt like a branding iron passing into her body.

His hot rod of flesh forced its way past her frozen pussy to penetrate high into her body. He withdrew slightly, and then drove his shaft high into her silken sheath, opening her like never before.

Not that he was big, but the ice treatment made it feel as if she was being split in two. Standing, Bill drove into her again, forcing himself deep into her cunt; ensuring that on each stroke the angle maintained contact between his cock and her clit.

Lisa's fingers dug into his shoulders, he felt his hands grasp her ass as he continued to pound his cock into her gradually warming pussy.

The potent sensations of his thrusting sent that weakening vapour seeping throughout their joined bodies. Bill turned and placed Lisa's bottom at the edge of the table, giving them a little stability. Her bent knees stayed near his waist as he grabbed both sides of her small waist. Being the most euphoric sight a person can witness, they both watched Bill's cock tunnel into her cold entrance.

Slowly, at first, he drove in and pulled out. Both their mouths watered at the sight of Lisa's cream coating his thick shaft, marveling at the way the liquid overpowered the coldness. The feeling his thick head felt passing though her semi-frozen cunt was indescribable. Lisa felt his thickness from the tip of her opening to the back of her womb once he pushed farther inside.

Spasm after lovely spasm crept along her insides, the jolts speeding Bill's movements. He grabbed Lisa under knees and fucked her as hard as he could. Whimpering, Lisa watched him through half-closed eyes as his wonderful hips drove his cock into her body. She wanted to kiss him, but couldn't reach his mouth. She also knew that if they kissed he would slow down and she wasn't ready for that.

Instead, she licked her tongue over her top lip, her own actions making little moans come from her mouth. Bill smiled and continued drilling her wet pussy, but really wanting to taste that tongue, as well. The friction ignited the beginning of their release, and the pressure began to build. Lisa panting over and over, 'Oh God' as the waves expanded and crept along her nerves.

A tinge of fear crossed over her mind not knowing how hard she was about to orgasm, but euphoric waves rushed along, dissipating her fear and turning it to pure need. Fresh cream flowed from her opening, past Bill's cock, and between her cheeks as her muscles began contracting.

Bill kept his grip under knees as he assaulted her opening and watched as the internal blow jolted throughout her body. Lisa lost the strength in her arms and fell back against the table, the vibrating muscles causing her to wrap her arms around her shoulders. Her orgasm seemed to never die down. Bill watched in awe, as her second orgasm intrigued him as much as the last.

Soon his thoughts were interrupted as her trembling walls vibrated against the length of his cock. Bill released her legs and leaned over, bracing himself on the table. Again with the, 'Oh SHIT' he thought to himself, only vaguely realizing he actually uttered the words.

Instead of the sensations creeping along as before, it hit him like a bolt of lightning in the centre of his hips, jerking a loud grunt from his sexy lips. In her own sensual bath, Lisa watched him. She had always enjoyed hearing these sounds from men and was enjoying being able to watch it. Bill tried to speak, tried to say something from his heart to her, but, 'Oh God' was the only thing he could muster as his cock exploded, or imploded within her snugness.

He came down on his elbows as wave after heavy wave pushed his body deeper within her. Slowly, he moved back, sliding out of her calming, wet cunt, and placed his twitching cock on her mound. Finally, they were able to kiss. A breathless, lazy, deep kiss that left them moaning against each other's mouth.

Lisa loved the sensation of his balls rolling up against her swollen lips as cum spilled from his cock and down the side of her thigh, imagining his juices seeping out of her pussy as well. She also enjoyed the feeling of his small, but hard nipples moving over her equally hard ones. Now that she was able to move her arms, she brought them down to gently caress his ass.

Finally, no one moved... for now at least.

"We've only just begun, girl... ," he whispered in her ear.

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