Business Trip Transformation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife and husband having a hard time in marriage...both working and traveling too much. The wife meets a man that takes her places she's always wanted to go... but has never had the nerve.

I'll be the first to admit it. Our marriage was in deep trouble. We had both been working hard in our respective jobs, traveling and making all 'the right moves' for our future. In spite of that, or rather, because of that, our intimate love life had gone down the tubes.

Having been married for fifteen years and fairly comfortable with each other, we were just getting to the financial place we had aimed for... yet, we had begun to be apart more and more. It seemed that each promotion led to more time away from each other, until lately, we only saw each other on weekends once in a while.

Of course, having so little time together, we'd fight over who's turn it was to do this or that in the household chores and things like that, and now our weekends were mostly spent with each of us keeping to ourselves. The age difference between us had never seemed to be a part of our problems. I am ten years younger than Matt.

Sex? We hadn't had any kind of regular sex for several years, and lately, even that sporadic sex we did have had tapered off to almost nothing. We had both talked about what was happening in our lives, but neither of us wanted to be the one to give up on their career. We were at a critical point that many marriages arrive at... and I was afraid that we would soon be divorced.

One of the only things that wouldn't be any trouble if we got divorced was we didn't have any children. I had been involved in a car accident when I was a young child and the results of that were I would never be able to have kids. My fallopian tubes had been severed and in such a way that they couldn't be restored.

We had accepted that fact and still married knowing that we would have no children. Every once in a while I would feel a twinge about not being able to have a baby, but it would pass. I know that Matt had accepted it, and we had talked about possibly adopting a young child at some point. We had yet to reach that point though. Now it looked as if we'd never get there.

I left on Monday morning for a business trip and would be gone all week long. Mat, my husband, left at the same time, matter of fact we were in the check in line together at the airport. He was headed out on a business trip for a week as well.

We talked in the airport... and as he turned to go get on his flight, he told me, in a very serious way...

"Donna, we're in trouble. We both know it. If something doesn't give soon we'll be separated. We need to take some time for ourselves before it's too late... if in fact it isn't too late. I love you and I don't want to lose you without a fight."

He kissed my cheek after that stunning pronouncement, and left me standing in the lobby, almost in tears. I had seen it of course, but for him to say it in public... as he had... tore me up inside. I loved him, I always had. I knew he loved me too. Lately the fights and not being together had taken their toll though. I never even got a chance to reply to his announcement either.

I boarded my flight a few minutes later, and as I sat down I was depressed. I had been horny for what seemed like weeks. I had fought with Mat last night, and then this morning his little statement on our married life worried me. Would he cheat on me then? I know I had been having little thoughts on trips lately... wanting to get relief in some way. If I was thinking like that could he be doing so too?

Arriving at my destination, I found my hotel room to have been changed. It upset me, but with everything else in life coming at me, I accepted the room they offered in exchange, not knowing what a suite I was going to have for the next week.

Full up as they were, but also aware that I stayed often at their hotel, they had upped my reservation to a beautiful room with a view, a Jacuzzi, and a king sized bed. I was in love with it the minute I stepped inside. Never had they done this for me, and I wondered briefly what had brought this about?

I tipped the handsome young man that had helped me with my luggage, and as he left he pointed out the wet bar and other amenities. I noticed him checking me out as he helped me. It sent a warm tingle through my body knowing that I still had what it took to attract younger men.

Closing the door, I called my client and arranged to meet them that afternoon for dinner. She was quite happy that I would be picking up the tab. I was happy that she was happy as it made my job easier in the long run. Happy clients are great to deal with.

I took a shower, wanting to wait for that Jacuzzi until later tonight when I could climb out of it and into bed and relax. Meeting the client was a breeze and by the end of dinner I had a feeling that this trip would be a money maker for my company. That meant a good bonus for me too.

The client left, promising to be all ready in the morning for my presentation. I had high hopes that things would work out perfectly. I decided to sit in the bar for a bit before heading up to my room. While I was there he approached.

Tall, dark, and very... very handsome. His graying temples took my breath away. I had always had a thing for men with that 'distinguished gray' thing going on. He offered to buy me a drink. I accepted. I knew I shouldn't. It was wrong to accept a drink leading someone into thinking that there may be more later on.

I just couldn't resist his allure though. Smiling, complimenting, laughing... getting me to laugh... Pretty soon I was on a third drink from him, while I don't think he had more than sipped out of his first. I found myself asking his name.

When he hesitated, I realized right away that he was about to lie to me. He was going to give me a bogus name. Thinking about it, and then noting that his wedding band was shining in the light of the back bar, I knew why.

I decided that two could play at this game, so as he was telling me his name, I made up one for myself too. After all, how could he know my real name? Just like I couldn't know his real name either. It would be... only fair just in case things went beyond drinks and talk.

That thought hit me hard. I felt a shiver down my spine as I realized I had just decided that I was willing, possibly, to go upstairs with this man... 'James' he had told me, and have sex with him. I was shocked at myself. I was also very horny, very ready and wanting too. Mat and my marriage seemed a long ways away at that moment.

"Mary. Mary... Jones. Road warrior and all around problem fixer."

My introduction was flippant... but I delivered my 'name' without any hesitation. I could see him pause as if he thought I was telling him my real name. Evidently in the world of people who fucked around on the road, telling a real name was not a good idea.

Names given, our talk led to more personal things. Pretty soon I found myself pouring out my whole story, even the details of my marriage and how I figured it was in danger of failing. He was very attentive, supportive and seemed interested in what I had to say. I found myself wishing that Mat would listen like James was. I found myself wondering what else James could do that I would appreciate too.

Blushing at my stay dirty thought, I only hoped that James couldn't read minds. If he could I was in deep trouble. He'd know that I was already planning on us... in bed... in my room. Possibly in my Jacuzzi too. It was big enough for more than two people... and the thought of that swirling warm water jetting between our two naked bodies... I felt my pussy go wet at my thoughts.

James had a similar story to tell. His wife worked, like I did. They were apart way too much, and he too felt that their marriage was about to end as well. The more we talked the more I thought about how alike we were. Alike yet... different. Besides the more obvious things of course, but in his marriage, he thought his wife was the cause of their problems, while in mine, I figured my husband, Mat was the issue.

Talking soon turned to a few dances then a few dances turned into me inviting him to my room for a nightcap. We were both staying in the same hotel... different floors, but not that far apart. He was in town for a week as well and I realized that if I wanted, I could have sex every night this week. My horniness level shot up into higher gear with that knowledge.

I had forgotten my husband, my marriage, and everything I should have been concentrating on, all for one man, one week, and lots of hot nasty sex. I hadn't even been to bed with him and I was thinking of the things he'd say, the things he'd do... I was on a fast track to fantasy land for certain. I hoped that I would survive this week.

In my room I had a little shadow of doubt about what I was doing. A man, with a made up name, in my room, and the intent was sex between us. We were here to have sex, of that there was no doubt. I was here to actually have sex with 'James' and not my Mat. I felt guilty right up until James took me in his arms and kissed me. Throughly.

After that kiss, things went so fast I didn't have a chance to think about my husband, our marriage, or anything at all. 'James' was skillful and sexual. Demanding to the point of almost turning me off... yet he seemed to know just how much to push and when to pull back. He was very good.

First, as we undressed each other he shocked me, and caused a thrill to shoot through my body when he leaned in close to my ears and said the most filthy things to me.

"Well... Mary... tonight you and I are going to explore the world of sin and sex. I'm going to eat you alive. Lick your body until you can't stand anymore, then I'm going to suck your cunt until you cum again and again."

Nobody had ever talked to me like that. It shocked me... and then I found it turned me on so much that I was positively dripping wet in the shortest time I had ever gotten wet before in my life. His nasty thoughts were turning me on and into a quivering mass of jell-o.

I remembered back to when I was a young girl and having fantasy thoughts of what it would be like to have a strong man just take control of me. Something like a Knight errant or perhaps an Arabian King... demanding of me, and talking dirty to me... because they could.

His next words ripped even more deeply into my center. Hearing such filthy things he was going to do to me in so graphic a way turned me on for some strange reason.

"Then, when I've eaten your cunt to several orgasms... I'm going to take my hard long cock and ram it inside you. I'll fuck you hard... your pussy will be begging for more when I'm done too. I'm going to make you mine. I'll own your cunt. I'll own your ass. I'll own your mouth. I'll own you."

I could only moan. I couldn't believe the things he was saying to me. I should have been angry... I should have slapped him for what he was telling me... yet I stood there and almost wanted to beg him for more. Talk to me like I was some cheap whore... I was about to beg him to do that. Deep inside I felt a change in me that I knew would never let me be the same 'Mary' again. Ever. No matter what, this night was going to change me forever.

He slowly stripped off my dress, then my bra and panties. I stood there, in my heels and stockings, as he stood back and stared at my body. I blushed, never have had a man look at me as he was then.

Reaching out, he grasped a nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

"You're body is beautiful. Your tits are perfect. They stand out proudly, majestically, and I can see by your nipples, that you want me to do more. I will. When I'm ready. For now... I want to play with you a bit. Not to worry, you'll love how I play. Trust me."

My pussy was flooding now. I was shaking in desire. I wanted this man. My husband Mat, my marriage, they both seemed far, far away. I wanted this man to control me. I wanted him to use me. His earlier conversation and now his almost demanding way of taking what he wanted had me wrapped around his little finger. I just wanted to please this God.

His fingers were at my pussy. Slipping into me, I could feel him touching me expertly. It was obvious that he knew his way around a woman's body. His thumb flicked at my clit as he plunged his fingers in and out of me... like a little cock. I almost came standing right there. I was wet... I was so ready... I wanted him to fuck me however he wanted.

"Mary... I want you to take my clothes off. I will play with you as you do that, but I want you to undo the buttons on my shirt, then my pants, I want you to strip my clothes off."

Shaking, my hands went to his buttons. I fumbled for a bit, then finally figured out the best way to do what he wanted. Soon his naked body was standing in front of me. All but his underwear in a pile at our feet.

"Kneel down... take off my shorts."

I knelt. My head was inches away from his crotch. As I pulled down his underwear, his cock sprang out and almost hit my face. He stepped out of his underwear and I remained on my knees in front of him, waiting for his next order.

I found myself wanting him to order me to suck his cock. I had never done that... not even for Mat. It had caused more than one argument in our bedroom over the years... but I had always felt that only a slut would suck a man's cock. Only a whore would enjoy putting a man's cock in her mouth.

Matt had tried so many times to talk me into trying it. So many times, deep down I had wanted to. I still just couldn't bring myself to do that for him though. I could hear my mother telling me that some things only a whore would do for a man, and a proper lady would never do that, mainly because her husband would lose respect for her if she did. That would lead to a divorce in no time.

Now, I found myself in my hotel suite, hoping... actually hoping that I would be ordered to do those things. Suck his cock... lick it, suck it... allow him to shoot off in my mouth. Of course, this was James, not Matt. He could consider me a slut or a whore because... well, here I was undressing him, in my stockings only. Naked as he was now. I was a slut.

"Have you ever sucked a cock before?"


I almost choked as I answered.

"No? No what?"

"I've... never sucked a penis before."

"Did I call this a penis?"

He had taken his cock in his hand and was waving it in front of my face.

"No. You called it... a... c... c... co..."

"Say it. This is a cock Mary. Call it what it is. Say it."

"Cock. I've never sucked a cock before."

"Why not?"

"Only a slut would suck a cock."

"Only a slut would suck a cock? So... would you consider a woman, a married woman, kneeling in front of a man she just met that day, naked... talking about his cock... her pussy... her cunt... would you consider her something other than a slut?"

His words cut me to the core. He meant me. He was going to have me call myself a slut... I could see it. Ashamed I wondered how I had let things get so out of hand. How could I do this? How could I have let James get me naked in my suite, talking about his cock? I was a slut. I truly was.

"No... only a slut would do that."

"So... you're married and your naked in front of me... talking about my cock... wouldn't that make you a slut too Mary?"

Looking down at the floor, embarrassed to know that I had slipped to this level... I whispered.

"Yes. That makes me a slut. A married slut."

"So... slut... you want to suck my cock... why don't you take it in your hand then ask me if you can?"

Shaking, this was the step that would definitely put me across that line for certain... with no doubt. I was about to become a true slut for this... man. James was about to get from me all that I had never given to my Mat.

"Can I... suck... your... pen... c... cock?"

"What? I didn't hear you."

"I said... can I suck your cock? Please?"

"Lick it first. All over."

I licked it. All over. He tasted clean, salty and a bit... I don't know... different than I had ever thought it would be that was for sure. I let my tongue slip down to his nuts, and caressing those wonderful balls I found my inner voice telling me to go for it. It wasn't just telling me... it was shouting at me to go for it.

Shortly he had guided me into taking his cock into my mouth, and as time went on, he was soon holding my head as he fucked my mouth. Deeper and deeper he stroked, and I was beginning to allow him into my throat. My gag reflex had been on edge the whole time, but bit by bit it too went away. I was learning how to relax my throat muscles. It wasn't easy, but I was trying my best.

Before I knew it I was taking his whole cock into my mouth and down my throat. If anyone would have told me that by the end of my first day in this city I'd have a man's cock in my mouth sucking it like a woman possessed, I'd have probably hit them. That it was James' cock was another thing all together.

He was very vocal with me, telling me how to do this and that, how good it felt for my lips to be wrapped around his cock. Everything he told me just made me hornier and wetter. I wanted to please this man so bad, I wanted him to be happy with me, and satisfied by my efforts.

Suddenly I felt his cock begin to throb. I knew instinctively that he was about to shoot off in my mouth. Looking up into his eyes, I saw that he had no intentions on quitting now either. I braced myself for the coming event. I was afraid, but then I realized that porn stars could take it in their mouths and swallow even... why not me? After all, wasn't I just being a slut too?

"Oh yesss... swallow my cum slut. Yesss... you sucked it out of me, now take it all down your throat."

The first spurt hit the back of my throat almost choking me. James pulled back far enough that the rest of his juice flooded my mouth. I accepted all I could then swallowed, trying to please him by not losing any. I felt that I had to catch all of his seed. It was just a feeling I had. I wanted to pleased him the best I could.

The taste was unusual and I found it not too bad. Matter of fact by the time I had finished sucking all he had to give me I was searching and hoping for more.

After he finished cumming in my mouth he pulled away. Taking my hand he led me to the king sized bed and put me on it. I laid there, naked except for my stockings and heels. He spread me out wide... looking around, he found some bra's in my suitcase, and taking them he proceeded to tie me up... arms and legs spread wide open.

Standing back and admiring his work, he smiled at me.

"I see that you don't shave your cunt. That's too bad. I'd like a clean shaven cunt. No hairs in my mouth or between my teeth when I enjoy it. I think we need to fix that. Right now."

"Oh no. I can't. Mat... if Mat see's me shaved he'll wonder why I did that... especially since I've been on a business trip. I can't do that. Please... don't do that to me."

I was worried that once Mat saw my shaved pussy... he'd flip out. I didn't know what I could do though since I was quite securely tied now. I was in no position to argue with James on anything he wanted to do at this moment. I actually felt a bit scared at that point for the first time. The realization that he could do anything he wanted to me right then and there woke me up to what I had allowed myself to get into. It also was turning me on more and more.

"I think that you will be able to tell your hubby that you shaved it for him... once you're home you can freshen up the shave and he'll never know the difference."

His excuse made for me... he left the room temporarily. He was back quick enough... only having been gone long enough to go get the shave kit from his room I guess. That whole ten minutes with me being tied up put my mind in a state of almost unbidden lust.

For some reason, being tied up and helpless as I was turned me on more than I would have thought. My handsome young room service man could have walked in and taken me... any man could have for that matter. I was exposed and helpless and it turned me on like you wouldn't believe.

The cool shaving cream seemed to electrify my pussy... my cunt as James was calling it. By the time he finished shaving me, I had no pubic hair at all down there. He even had untied me and bent my legs way back so he could shave my anus area too.

As he had shaved me, his fingers seemed to be everywhere. In my cunt, in my ass, around my clit... on my nipples, even in my mouth right after he pulled them from my cunt. God... I was even referring to my pussy as a cunt in my mind now. I had really fallen down a slippery slope.

"My my my... your cunt looks so... pretty. The only thing missing is... my tongue. What do you think... let me see... you've never sucked a cock before tonight... so I'll guess... you've never had your cunt licked by a man either... am I right?"

"Oh no... that's so nasty. My cunt is..."

"Your what?"

"My cunt. Oh my God... I'm calling my pussy a cunt now too."

I was shocked. I had called my pussy a cunt with my voice. It had cut through the air like a knife in butter. I hadn't even thought... I just called it what it was... according to James. I was a slut now for sure. He was rubbing my bare cunt. The oil he was using smelled like it was flavored or should have been. I could feel it warming my sensitive area as he applied it too. He knelt between my legs, and put his head right in front of my cunt. I could feel his hot breath on my clit... and I found myself wanting to spread even more for him suddenly.

"Mmmmm... you smell very good. I'll bet you taste even better."

"Oh no... please... not that. No man has ever licked me down there... it's nasty."

"You're a slut... slut's do nasty things. Get used to it... slut. Slut Mary. My slut Mary."

Just like that I accepted his statement. After all, I had become his slut already. I would do anything for this man... even spend the whole next week doing whatever he demanded of me. I knew it, he knew it, and I'm sure that pretty soon many others would know it too.

His tongue slipped along my inner thigh and lightly touched my cunt lips. I was feeling so dirty knowing that a man had his mouth near my cunt... a man different than my husband. I felt a shiver of delight course through me as I realized that I was acting so much like a slut and loving it.

His tongue had now entered my cunt delving deeply inside. His nose would rub my clit every once in a while, and that extra stimulation would send shock waves through me. Pretty soon he added first one finger, then two, pushing them in and out of me. I could feel another finger brushing my ass hole too.

Having never had anal sex before, I was a bit nervous about the thought of a cock going up there, but I knew that I was also curious what it would be like. I had overheard some co-workers of mine talking about anal sex once. They had made it sound like it was the best thing ever once they had gotten used to it.

I was soon nearing orgasm. James had pushed one finger deep into my ass and now I think three were in my cunt. His tongue had shifted to lick my clit in between little sucks. Those little sucks were almost too much for me to take at times... his lips would lock around my clit and then he'd literally suck in... drawing my clit into his mouth.

Suddenly my orgasm hit me like a freight train roaring down the track full speed. As I came I knew that I'd do anything at all for this man... anything. Thoughts of my marriage, my husband Matt, my job, everything else were gone. All I could think was that I needed more of what this man had just done for me.

After I came back to reality from my orgasm, I found that James still had his fingers inside my holes and his licking had gone to my cunt lips, staying away from my overly sensitive clit. My hands were still on his head pulling him into me though.

He also began to take the lips of my cunt in between his teeth and holding carefully onto them, he'd pull away letting those soft folds roughly slip between them. That feeling of dragging and slight pulling back was exquisite.

He kept it up until I was headed into another orgasm, then suddenly he stopped.

I relaxed a bit and he pulled away. Smiling as he looked into my eyes, he chuckled.


"For a lady that has never had her cunt eaten before, nor sucked a cock, you sure pick up things fast."

"Well... my teacher is very good at what he's doing to me too. That has something to do with it."

"Nah... I think you've always had it inside of you... you just couldn't let it out until the right time."

He had moved up and as his cock head brushed my cunt lips he leaned down and kissed me on my lips too. Somehow I felt like I was being kissed by two different men at the same time. I once again felt that shiver go through me and as I returned his kisses his cock slid into me. He was the same size as Matt... yet some how he seemed so much bigger. I was filled just right as he bottomed out fully inside me.

"Oh... yes... you're perfect. Filling me so perfectly. Just right. Ummm... fuck me now. Fuck my slutty cunt. Please... fuck me James."

"Your slutty cunt huh? Well, my cock is deep in your slutty cunt now... slut. My slut Mary. Feel me... I'm going to cum inside you too. I'm going to fill your slutty cunt full to the brim with my cum. What do you think about that?"

"Oh yeah... cum deep inside me... fill me up. Fuck me. Yes... uuhhh... yes... yessss."

He was fucking me now. I mean fucking. His cock was driving in and out of me hard and fast. Matt had never fucked me like this. It was two people rutting. A slut and her slut master. I put my arms around his back and locked my legs around his butt as he slammed in and out of me.

I came, then I came again. Pretty soon I was having a bunch of mini orgasms and James just kept ramming me with his cock. It was so different. Nasty. I was nasty. I was being a nasty slut. Fucking a man in my motel room that I had met just that day. God I was a slut.

When he came I felt his hot cum flooding my cunt. I came hardest yet at that moment. I actually passed out I think. All I knew was that this man... James... had shot his cum directly into my un- protected cunt... and I had begged him to do it.

"Oh YES... cum in me... fill me up with your juice... so hot... so hot... oh James... fuck me full. Make me pregnant... give me your baby. Yessss... oh yessss..."

Yes, I know that I couldn't get pregnant, but saying those words like that caused me to almost believe that I could get pregnant, and it did something extra for me.

Afterwards, resting from the main event, I started to have little guilt trips. What had I done? How could I ever face Matt again? I had sucked this man's cock until he shot his cum into my mouth and then I had swallowed it all like some kind of candy.

I had let this same man fuck me, and dump his load into my cunt. Matter of fact, I had started to call my pussy a cunt now too. I was even thinking of it like that. I had become a slut in one short day. From prim and proper to full tilt slut... all in one day.

I had let this man finger my ass hole and suck my cunt too. Things that I had actually yelled at Matt for even mentioning that he wanted to do. In my sexually repressed world back then I had really limited our sex lives. I was thinking of the ways I could now open up for my husband. Then it hit me. How could I? After the many times of my vehement refusals, how could I and not let Matt realize that it had taken James to get me to want to do these things?

I almost started to cry. James leaned up on one elbow and must have seen how I was feeling. His hand brushed my hair back from my face and he leaned in and kissed me gently on the cheek.

"You are wonderful. This has been the most perfect day I've ever had. Thank you."


"You have made me the happiest man in the universe. Someone so beautiful and so wonderful as you, letting me make love to you. It has been an experience that I'll never forget. Ever."

"I'll bet you say that to all the other women you have don't you?"

"All the other women? What do you mean?"

"Don't you do this wherever you go? Check in to your motel or hotel and then go out and find the first most likely slut to pick up?"

"Oh Mary... no. Not at all. Believe it or not, you are the first woman I've ever done this with."

"Yeah... sure."

"No... really. I've never been with another woman while on the road ever, Mary. I can tell that you've never been with another man on the road either. That doesn't make it wrong, it doesn't make it right... it just... happened. We were both lonely, both having issues with our spouses, and now... we have become lovers. We are great together too I think."

It took me a moment. It all hit me suddenly too. He was going on calling me Mary, and I had called him James. False names. We had fucked. Like animals, I had sucked his cock and swallowed his seed. He had ate me out. I... and I... had loved every second of it. I was truly a slut. I didn't truly know him, yet I did.

"So... what's next then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well James, we've had sex and I've done things with you that I've never done with my husband, Matt. What's next? I seem to be your slut... we have a full week ahead of us... what's next?"

"So... you're okay with this then?"

"Yes. I felt a bit guilty for a bit... like I lost something important. But I now realize that what I thought was so important wasn't all that much of a deal. I just had the most wonderful time of my life with you. I've done things today that I've never thought about doing with Matt... even having refused to do things like that for him. Now that I'm a full fledged slut I guess I need to learn all I can."

"Do you think that Matt will like the new you?"

"I don't know. I hope so. I'm not sure how I'll bring this out to him yet, but I hope I'll be able to. I'd like him to be like you too. All the time. With me that is."

"I'm sure he'll come around Mary."

"So... it's early still. Want to go out dancing or something?"

"How about we take in a movie?"

"A movie?"

"Sure, I know of a little theater where they run movies all night long. Lets get you dressed up a bit... let me pick out what you'll wear... and we'll head on over there."

His idea of what I should wear spun my mind around and twisted it up. I couldn't wear that in public... not like he was telling me to anyway... yet I allowed him to talk me into it. James was having his way with me... his slut... and I was allowing him to do whatever he wanted with me.

He had gone through my things while I was in the shower and when I came out he had my shortest dress laid out along with a white blouse that was almost shear. Where the garter belt and stockings came from I didn't know, but I guess he had brought them along. No panties, no bra.

As I put it all on he helped me, and when the skirt was on me he stepped back and shook his head negatively.


"Your skirt... it's too long."

"God... it only goes to my knees as it is. That's not too long... that's almost too short. Especially since I don't have any panties on. If the wind blew just right..."

"Everyone should see what you have to offer. You're my slut... remember? Slut Mary. MY slut Mary. I want to show you off... letting other people see what a hot slut I am enjoying. You're so beautiful and sexy looking, other men and some women will be drooling all over you."

His words caused that familiar shiver to shoot through me. I knew before I said another word that I would do what he wanted me to do. I would do whatever he asked of me. God... I had changed so fast... so much... it scared me yet it excited me at the same time.

"Well, what do we do about the skirt then?"

"We... go... SHOPPING."


"Yep. Shopping."

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