Getting What I Asked For - A Husband Watches His Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On their wedding night, Mike encourages his bride to fuck another man. Jen, only reluctantly, becomes a hot wife to please her husband. But soon it gets out of control. Will this lifestyle destroy their marriage?

During our wedding reception, my new bride and I had a bit too much to drink. After the reception, Jen and I piled into our rented limo and headed off to the Inn where we were staying. Our friend Ralph also got into the limo, since he was staying at the same Inn.

Jen has a wholesome, pretty face. She's a natural blond with lush, shoulder length hair. She's petite with long shapely legs, a flat stomach, a tight shapely ass, and small but perfectly shaped tits with perky nipples.

While Jen and I were going out, we often fantasized about her fucking other guys. In fact, almost every time we fucked we talked about her with other guys. She wasn't that into it at first, but she soon learned that it was my passion, so she indulged me. Eventually she started getting into it, and things moved from just fantasizing in bed, to real-life playing. We often played games in public where she'd "accidentally" flash her stocking tops to some guys, or lean over a counter and let a guy look down her blouse. But despite all my cajoling, Jen never went beyond just teasing other guys.

Our fantasy life was always more intense when we included guys we actually knew, instead of nameless strangers. And Ralph was always one of our favorites.

Jen met Ralph at work. They became good friends, and every now and then the three of us would go out. Ralph's tall and lean, and has a dark complexion and dark hair. He's handsome, and never seemed to have any problem attracting girls. Whenever we went out he always had a beauty on his arm, and he freely shared with us that he didn't often go home alone.

Jen told me that Ralph often flirted with her at work, and she admitted that it was fun for her to flirt back. Although nothing every happened, she admitted that she was attracted to him. Thus, Ralph was often the focus of our hot wife fantasies, and my jealousy of Jen and Ralph working so closely together while harboring this mutual attraction just made the fantasies more exciting. Also, truth to tell, I didn't really like Ralph. I mean, he was okay, but I thought he was a bit arrogant, and the only reason I hung out with him was because of Jen. Strangely, while my dislike of Ralph increased my jealousy of his relationship with Jen, it also increased the excitement I felt when I imagined the two of them fucking.

On the way to the Inn we drank more, and smoked some pot. Jen always got so horny when she got high. We got frisky in the limo, and then Jen mischievously whispered into my ear, "I know what you want for a wedding gift." She then flopped onto the seat next to Ralph. With a sly smile on her face, and looking directly into my eyes, she wrapped her arms around Ralph's neck. She continued to look into my eyes. She seemed to be daring me to stop her. I was frozen, mesmerized by what Jen was doing. She had never before taken our game so far, certainly not with someone we knew. When I took no action to stop her, Jen brought her lips up to Ralph's and kissed him. The kiss was tentative at first, but soon it became passionate. Ralph's hands started wandering and soon he was groping Jen over her wedding gown.

When we got to the Inn all three of us went to our bridal suite. I started making out with Jen while Ralph made some drinks. I was so excited, I wanted to see more of Jen with Ralph. But in the walk from the limo to our room Jen had sobered a bit, and she giggled, "Okay, Ralph, you can go now."

But that's not what I wanted. I whispered to Jen, "It turned me on so much to see you and Ralph making out. I loved it! You looked so sexy making out with Ralph." I played with her through her gown as I said this. I glanced at Ralph. He was watching as I fondled Jen's body. "I want to see more. I want to see Ralph fucking you. You want to fuck him, don't you?" Jen didn't say anything, but I could feel her body responding to my touch. I moved my hands under her gown. I worked my fingers around her panties and stuck a finger into her pussy. She was incredibly wet. Jen moaned and gyrated her hips as I finger-fucked her. Ralph was still watching us. I'm sure he could hear what I was saying. I turned Jen around so she was facing Ralph. She couldn't help but look at him. My hand was still under her gown, still finger fucking her. Her gown was bunched around my hand, so Jen's ivory white bridal stockings were on display for Ralph's eyes.

I said into Jen's ear, loud enough for Ralph to hear: "You're so wet. You're so ready for Ralph's cock. You want his cock, don't you? You've always wanted to fuck him." Jen didn't say anything, she just ground her pussy harder against my hand.

Ralph had heard enough. His hard cock was tented in his pants. He walked over to us, and he took Jen into his arms. He began kissing my new wife. She initially tried to push away, but he was insistent and continued to kiss her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Ralph's hands moved down her body, and I felt one of his hands move under her dress and brush against her panties. I removed my fingers from Jen's pussy, and Ralph quickly entered her with his. Jen had stopped struggling, and seemed to welcome Ralph's fingers in her pussy. I moved away from them and sat in the sofa, to watch the show.

Jen was still wearing her wedding dress. With his other hand, Ralph reached behind her and unzipped the gown, pulling it down off her shoulders. She was wearing an ivory bustier. Ralph pulled one of her tits free and started sucking on her nipple. Jen's moans became even louder. Her nipples had always been so sensitive, almost a direct line to her clit.

Ralph laid Jen on the bed, and then moved up between her legs, pushing her gown up until it was bunched around her waist. Jen was wearing ivory white, thigh high stockings. Garters from her bustier held the lace tops of the stockings. Jen opened her legs, and Ralph started to eat her out. She was still wearing her panties, but they were little more than a string, so he had no trouble pushing it aside as he ravished her clit with his tongue. Jen moaned and squirmed on the bed. She grabbed his head and pushed her pussy into his face.

I started thinking that perhaps I should stop this, when Ralph got up and moved towards Jen's head. He unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. His cock was huge! Ralph moved his cock towards Jen's lips and she immediately took him into her mouth. I watched as my new bride wrapped her hands around his big cock and pumped him while sucking its head. Jen's hands looked tiny as she stroked his huge cock. I was mesmerized by the sight of Jen going down on another man. I pulled my dick out and started playing with myself.

Soon, Ralph pulled out of Jen's mouth and moved between her legs. Jen kicked off her satin heels and spread her legs even wider to allow Ralph easier access. Ralph pushed her gown farther up around her waist as he moved up between her legs. Good sense prevailed and Jen said, "Wait," as she reached over to the nightstand for a condom. Jen was not on the pill; we were using condoms. She almost frantically opened the package and tried to put the condom on Ralph. But the condom, which we had bought to fit my dick, couldn't fit over Ralph's larger cock. After trying for a few minutes, Jen threw the condom on the floor in frustration and said, "Just don't cum in me, okay?"

Jen laid back down and moved her hand between them. She reached for Ralph's cock and guided it into her pussy. Jen said again, "Remember, pull out, don't cum in me." Ralph said okay, and then I saw him thrust into her. Jen squealed, and I knew he had penetrated her. He started pumping, but she said "Wait, wait, not so fast, I have to get used to you." In response, he moved slower in and out of her.

I imagined Jen's tight pussy stretching as Ralph pushed more and more of his monster cock into her. It took a few minutes, but eventually he had penetrated her completely, and their fucking began in earnest. Jen's stockinged feet were on Ralph's shoulders as he savagely fucked her. I watched as Jen arched her back as she had her first orgasm of the evening. I came as I watched her toes curl as she came all over Ralph's big cock.

Ralph had amazing staying power. He fucked my new wife for another 15 minutes. His grunts and groans became even more urgent and it was clear he was about to cum. Jen urged Ralph not to cum inside her, so he pulled out and shot a huge load all over her wedding dress.

After a few minutes to recover her senses, Jen pulled away from Ralph and walked over to me, still in her wedding dress. She got on her knees and looked at me, her beautiful blue eyes looking intently into my eyes. She stroked me for a few minutes, and then lowered her face and started going down on me. It felt good. I started getting hard again. But that's not what I wanted. I was incredibly turned on by my wife being fucked by another guy. I wanted more!

I pulled her head up. She looked at me again and she instantly knew what I wanted. It wasn't that hard for her to figure out, given all the times we had talked about it, fantasized about it. All the times I had urged her to go farther. She asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded yes. She hesitated, and then slowly stood up. She walked back to Ralph, who was hard again.

Jen stood in front of Ralph, who moved to kiss her. But she stopped him, and said that she wanted to get out of her gown. She turned around so her back was to Ralph. She looked into my eyes as Ralph finished unzipping her gown. Her gown fell around her, and Ralph helped her step out of it. She now stood in just her bustier, garters, and stockings. She paused, still looking into my eyes. Maybe she was having second thoughts, thinking that this had gone far enough. Silently, she asked me again, "Are you sure?" For all my lust, I was feeling insecure and jealous. But this was my fantasy finally coming true. I was too in lust to stop it. So, instead of telling her to stop, I nodded my head, answering her silent question with my silent answer. "Yes, I want you to fuck him again."

All of Jen's resolve disappeared. She knew I wasn't going to stop this. She knew I didn't want it to stop. Slowly, she moved backwards into Ralph's arms. He nuzzled her neck as he reached around and cupped her breasts. Jen melted into him, becoming more and more lost in passion as he fondled her body. He freed her breasts from the bustier, and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Then he moved one of his hands down over her tummy. He pushed two fingers into her pussy, and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Jen moaned and squirmed to his touch, and humped his hand. I had never seen her so turned on or animated.

Jen pulled away from Ralph. She turned around to face him, and then got on her knees. I watched Ralph's face as my bride put her lips around his cock. Jen wrapped her hands around his cock, and started to pump him. While doing that, she took his cock deeper in her mouth, in and out, in sync with her hands stroking his cock. Ralph gripped Jen's head and clutched her blond hair, and started pumping into her, fucking her face. With each stroke, Jen took more of his cock into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged when he pushed in, and became shallow when he pulled out. Her wedding and engagement rings became covered with saliva and pre-cum as she kept her hands locked around his cock as he fucked her face.

I thought Ralph was going to cum in her mouth. But, finally, Jen took Ralph's cock out of her mouth and looked up into his face. "I need you inside me right now!"

Ralph pulled Jen towards the bed. Jen paused to pick up her wedding dress, and used it like a towel to wipe the saliva and pre-cum from her hands. She got on the bed and straddled Ralph. She lowered herself on him, using one of her hands to guide his cock into her. Although she was wet and stretched, she still had to go slow to get all of him inside her. She grunted a moan of satisfaction as she finally became completed impaled on his monster cock. For the next ten minutes I watched my new bride grunt and groan as she passionately rode Ralph's big cock.

Then Ralph abruptly threw her onto the bed and mounted her. He fucked her frantically. Jen's stockinged legs were wrapped around him, and she was moaning, "Oh god oh god oh god." Ralph's muscular body tensed. I knew he was coming, and Jen sensed it too. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him deeper inside her. Her toes began to curl. They both were cumming. As Jen climaxed, she held Ralph tightly against her. Seconds later, he began to orgasm, shooting his cum deep inside her pussy.

They embraced for long moments, and then Ralph rolled off of Jen. I moved onto my new bride, and entered her. The feeling was incredible. Her pussy was so wet and loose, I could barely feel myself in her. But I was so turned on, I came after just a few strokes.

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