Trust the Unseen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ami Wyster is an Egypt loving teenager. Kareem is a mystery that ranges from his inability to speak English, to his ability to read hieroglyphs with perfect accuracy. But there's one thing about Kareem that makes him very different from anyone else; he holds the key to solving a mystery that has haunted people for 3000 years: Who or what killed Tutankhamun?

Eric wiped the sweat off of his brow and sighed. It was an extremely hot day in Egypt and he was doing the last thing on Earth that he wanted to at the moment. Luxor, Egypt was sweltering hot and only a few people had braved the heat this time of the year to visit the Valley of the Kings. Unfortunately for him, his wife was one who thought nothing of heat, and only of the 'treasures' that lay ahead of them.

At the present time, he was standing in a tomb that was hardly big enough to turn around in, much less for five other people to join at the same time. Sure, the paintings were pretty, and there was no doubt that the sarcophagus was impressive. But at the moment, his heart was leaning towards the nice, cool, air conditioned place that was their hotel room.

He looked around a bit and turned to his wife. "We paid ten dollars to see a room that hardly contains one person... that's a bit of a rip off, don't you think?"

The woman being spoke to turned and glared at him slightly, tucking her brown hair behind an ear. "Eric, this is the tomb of Tutankhamun! You can't just blow it off like some other pharaoh. This boy was a legend!" Eric wanted to say something, but chose to keep his opinion to himself. Egypt was his wife's fascination. She loved nothing more then to spend her time pouring over hieroglyphs, studying pharaohs, and learning about the culture. Sure, it was interesting, but Eric figured he'd stick with his career in the medical field. Unfortunately for him, the Egyptian trait was being passed down to their sixteen year old daughter.

"Are you at least almost done?" Receiving another glare as a reply, he shrugged and started out of the tomb, climbing the first of the famous sixteen steps down to King Tut's tomb. Suddenly, he heard a small shriek and he whipped around to see his wife staring at the base of the stairs with wide eyes. "What is it?"

He received nothing in reply, but he followed to where her hand was pointing, watching her eyes go wide. "Eric," She said. "Was he there when you started up?"

Eric looked down and his own eyes widened. "No..."

At the foot of the stairs lay a boy, completely naked from head to toe. His breath was coming in short gasps and he looked like he hadn't had a drink in days. But the odd thing was; he hadn't been there five minutes ago.

They boy was a mystery. Years later, there was no other way Eric would have been able to describe him. There were no background checks available for the boy, who they estimated his age around sixteen or seventeen. No one was reported missing from a tour group, nor had they been able to contact any of his parents.

The doctors determined he had simply passed out from heat exhaustion. But even that was a bit odd because he showed no signs of dehydration. But at the same time, he showed no signs of any illness. They had tested the teen for everything under the sun and had still found nothing physically wrong with him. "Probably just a fainting spell," The doctor had concluded. "You know how the sun can get to people sometimes."

And so that was that. They could do no more until he woke up and was able to give them more information then they had. Eric and his wife, Sasha, had volunteered to stay with him, being as they were the people who found him. Sasha had a kind heart. "Eric, you know if Ami were in trouble, we would want someone to help her too." She had pleaded. "I can't stand the thought of someone's child out there all alone and someone refusing to help them."

And so they stayed. Eric had called Ami and told her of the situation. His daughter had taken it with a good attitude and had told him to stay safe. Even if she was sixteen, she was still a Daddy's Girl at times.

Sasha sat by the bed, reading a book that she had found in a bookstore near the hospital. She looked up at him and smiled, before going back to her book. Sasha knew Eric would rather be doing other things and she appreciated his effort to keep himself here.

Eric opened his mouth to say something, but whatever it was vanished as the boy in the bed stirred, and opened his eyes. Eric rushed to the bedside and sat beside it, waiting for him to say something.

However, he said nothing and simply stared at Eric as though he were some creature that had never been seen before. The teen looked down at his medical equipment and cringed when he shifted. Eric understood; catheters were no fun either in or being taken out.

He wasn't bad looking, Eric thought, if he were to be cleaned up a bit. His hair was a blackish color, though Eric wasn't naiive enough to think it was pure black. The boys face was round but angled at the same time. Not a bad look, mind you. His eyes, pure black, were round and at the moment, filled with something between curiosity and fright.

Sasha was right there as well. "It's okay," she said taking his hand. He flinched once, but didn't move to pull it away. "I'm Sasha Wyster and this is my husband Eric. We were the ones who found you. You're in a hospital here in Luxor. How're you feeling."

When she got no reply in return, she repeated her phrase in Arabic, but still received the same reaction. "... He can't understand a word I'm saying."

"Maybe he speaks French." Eric suggested. "They do speak that here too, don't they? Give me a moment and I'll call a nurse and see if we can find a translator." But before he could move, the boy opened his mouth and began to sputter out words. Words in a language that Eric had never even heard before. After a moment, the boy quit, realizing no one could understand him.

Sasha, however, was startled. Eric looked at his wife, curious. "What is it?"

"Eric... " She said. "That language... that's a language that's similar to how we read hieroglyphs. Eric, he's speaking in the language of the ancient Egyptians."

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