My Second Piece of Ass
Chapter 1: First Meeting

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: First Meeting - They were from vastly different backgrounds and found they needed each other for different reasons. This is the story of how they unselfishly looked to each other and after each other. It's about love, the kind of love that is demonstrated through sacrifice.

"Hey, Tucker, we're going to get laid, want to go?" Harry asked. "Sarge and Dan are already out in the car, come on." It was a payday and everyone else had cleared out of the barracks. I had money in my pocket so I went along.

The two NCOs sat in the front. Dan was behind the wheel of Sarge's big Buick. Harry and I sat in the back. Sarge took a swig of whiskey from a pint bottle and passed it around. We headed north, I believe, out of Phoenix.

I never understood why they invited me to go with them. Except for being in the same squadron, we had little in common. They were aircraft mechanics, I was their clerk. The three of them had done tours in Viet Nam, which they talked about constantly, telling stories of their adventures in Nam and Rest and Relaxation leaves to Japan. I had not been out of the states, yet.

We found the small town and stopped at a service station to get directions to the brothel, only that's not what we called it. "We're going to get our ashes hauled," Dan told the pump jockey who laughed as he pointed out how to get to a big house on a dark side street.

The madam was short, big busted and had a bad disposition. She opened the door, looked us over and with a skeptical frown on her face. After looking beyond us, up and down the street, she ushered us inside.

The front room was small, lined with chairs on two walls; there was just enough space for the four of us to stand as we looked over the line of five girls the madam quickly assembled...

They stood in a row, showing a lot of skin, wearing short skirts and not much up top, presenting their wares with one leg out front. They ranged from knockout beautiful to, what's a nice way to put it? Dogs. I stood there, uneasy, rating them one through five in my mind. As the junior member of the group I knew my place, I would go last. Dan picked my 'one' and headed down the hall with her.

"Go ahead Randy," Harry said to me and Sarge, that's what we always called him, repeated what Harry had said. "Yeah kid, go ahead." I motioned for the tall slim blond, my number two. Harry was taking my number three and I heard Sarge say he would take the other two. Sarge had had more to drink than the rest of us.

"I'm Polly," my number 2 said as she led me down a hall and into a room on the left side of the narrow hallway. The room was small and sparsely furnished. In addition to the small bed there was a sink.

"Let's see your cock," she ordered as she closed the door. I whipped it out and she inspected me. Satisfied, she quoted the prices. "A straight fuck is 10 bucks, suck and fuck is 25, round the world is 50."

I peeled out two 10's and a 5 and ordered 'a suck and fuck, ' trying to sound confident and experienced. "Take off your clothes," Polly ordered as she opened the door and stuck her hand holding the bills through the opening, closing the door, empty handed.

She shed the little fringy thing she was wearing to cover her tits, then the little skirt. Being slim, her tits were not large but there was a lot of sag to them. Her bush was fine blond hair. I was having difficulty pulling my shirt over my head. My girl friend from back home had sent it, a heavy black shirt with lots of buttons around the neck. Polly became impatient and tried to help. We both fumbled with the buttons, me getting hard, seeing an honest to goodness pussy for the first time.

Polly sunk to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I thought I would cum immediately. She made slurping sounds and moaned as if my cock was special, the best she had ever tasted. I warned her, "Careful, you're going to make me cum."

She got to on her feet, mechanically like it was something she did fifty times a night. "Want me on top?"

Hell no, I wanted to be on top. I got no argument from Polly. She grabbed a pillow, quipping that she would sit on her throne. I played with her tits as she inserted my cock into her pussy. "Where did you learn to fuck like this?" she asked me. I was slamming into her as hard as I could. "It must come naturally," I answered, knowing that I could not hold out very long.

As I was putting my shirt back on there was a knock on the door. "We're done," Polly yelled out to the knocker. The whole thing had seemed perfunctory. She must have known that she was my first but had done nothing to make it special. The obvious way she had faked pleasure pissed me off. While I wasn't asking for my money back, it had been the best five minutes of my life, the experience left an unfulfilled feeling like there was something missing.

We gathered back in the small front room, sitting together, joking with the girls, waiting for Dan who was taking an extraordinarily long time with my number one.

In the car, passing the bottle around, Sarge bragged about his time with the two girls. "I was fucking one of them and said I wanted to fuck the other one. They changed places and I fucked the other one." Surprised that no one had gone for seconds, I announced that I was going back in. Sarge passed me the bottle, saying I should have another drink first.

The madam gave me a grouchy look but stepped aside and let me in. The line up was the same. Just as I was picking my number one, Tess was her name; there was a knock on the door. The others had followed me but I had gotten what I wanted, Tess. And I knew what I wanted. I had five 10s folded in my pocket.

Tess' room was across the hall from Polly's. "Drop your pants and show me your cock," she ordered as soon as we got inside. I told her that Polly had already passed me. She didn't care; she had to see my thing for herself. It seemed to surprise her that I wanted an 'around the world.'

As she watched me strip she went into a canned speech. Without my asking the question, 'what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?' she told me how she had gotten started. She and another girl had set up business in a trailer at the edge of a town. Businessmen from the town had given them tips, how to clean up between tricks and how to stay on the right side of the law.

While telling me her story she moved toward the door, opening it, poking the bills

I had given her through, and continuing the story while I was getting my shirt off.

Tess began by kissing every part of my body, paying special attention to my nipples before moving down my stomach and engulfing my cock. Compared to the other four girls, Tess was beautiful. She was younger, there was very little sag to her breasts and her tummy was flat with only a slight bulge. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. There was a no nonsense approach to the way she conducted business. When she wanted to know if she could be on top I said sure. She was about five feet two and maybe one hundred pounds. Like a jumping jack, she bounced up and down on my cock while balancing herself with one hand on my chest. There was a slight bounce in her firm round tits. It was wonderful. I was relaxed, not worried about coming too soon but she must have known some tricks because it wasn't long before she had my nuts screaming for release. Even as my cock deflated, it felt like it was being wrung out from the constant milking action by her pussy walls. She watched my reaction, a determined look on her face. She seemed to take pleasure in bringing me off so quickly.

As we dressed she continued her story about the trailer at an edge of town and how the businessmen had kept the local police from busting them for prostitution. Reaching up to help me with the buttons on the shirt my girl friend had given me, she asked, "if I get to Phoenix sometime will you show me a good time?"

I didn't answer soon enough. We heard the sharp knock on the door. "Yeah, we're coming," Tess yelled. She gave me a quizzical look, her eyebrows raised. I nodded. She gave me a warm little girl smile.

On the way back to the base Dan razzed me for giving Tess my name and unit. Sarge, who was beginning to slur his words, was less critical. Harry howled, thinking it hilarious that I would take up with a whore.

Dan had overheard me tell her I was Randy Tucker and the name of our squadron. She had smiled and said she would count on me to show her a good time. Since she had not written anything down I decided she was just stringing me along, like Polly asking, 'where did you learn to fuck like this?'

We each had a slug of whiskey and settled back for the ride back to the base. Sarge went to sleep. The others were quiet, lost in their thoughts, I suppose, as was I. All in all, it had been a very enjoyable and entertaining evening. Being included in the older guys party was almost as important to me as getting laid. Having a willing pardoner was a lot easier than trying to get a date to go 'all the way.' There was a girl in Phoenix that I dated but not on a steady basis because every date ended the same way, frustration. Mary Ann was 18, just out of high school and a virgin. I could get her sopping wet with the lips of her pussy turned inside out. She would say stop and we would spend the next 15 minutes cooling off before starting up again. Those nights would always end the same, me promising myself I wouldn't call her again. But she was a cute girl and a good kisser and I would acquiesce. In some respects, those nights with Mary Ann were more fun than paying a prostitute to open her legs. More painful and less rewarding but fun just the same.

Having broken the barrier to what I perceived as my personal inexperience, I called Mary Ann for a date the next Friday night. By telling her I wanted to see a certain movie, I knew she would wear a skirt to look presentable. Once when I told her we would just drive around because I was short on money she had worn shorts. There was no way I could get them off of her. Seeing their daughter leave the house in a skirt was more acceptable to her parents who were skeptical of me anyway.

My plan in those days was always the same. Get out of the movie about 10 p.m., go to a deserted road near her house that Mary Ann had told me about and dry hump her, gradually moving her skirt up. She wouldn't have anything to do with me playing with her tits so I had stopped trying. Twice, when I had gotten a hand inside her bra I had discovered they were small anyway. Mary Ann knew my plan. She pushed her pelvis up to meet me, letting the skirt make its way up her thighs. I didn't know it then but I was probably rubbing her clit with each hump. God, she was hot! The aroma of her juices spotting her panties was captivating.

My plan was to move her panty crotch to the side and move my cock up and down her wet slit. But this involved timing. First I had to unzip my pants and risk her hearing the zipper go down, dig my stiff cock out of my shorts, and move the panty leg aside. I had the timing down; we had gone through the drill five or six times. I'll swear she wore old panties on our dates. New ones are too snug at the bottom to be moved aside easily.

The sound of my zipper made an ear shattering sound. Miraculously, Mary Ann didn't hear it. In the dark I fumbled with my cock, cursing myself for wearing jockey shorts which were stretched to the maximum. Supported above her on my right elbow, I only had my left hand free to work with. Freeing my cock, letting it breath in the cool Arizona night air, I felt for the bottom of her panties. The crotch was soaked. So far, so good.

My cock touched her. The feeling was exquisite. Now, to let go of the panty with my left hand and take hold of my cock to guide it up and... "STOP!"

We sat up and I zipped up. Mary Ann pulled the skirt down to cover her legs and moved to the far side of the car, sitting I knew, on wet panties. We breathed deeply; neither of us spoke. I reached into the glove box and found a pack of stale cigarettes. Lighting one, I offered it to her. Knowing that neither of us smoked on a regular basis, I was surprised when she took a puff.

I turned on the radio. Looking back, I should have talked to her about what had happened, so many times. Throwing the cigarette out the window I reached for her and she came willingly. We kissed and I rubbed her back. The kisses became more passionate but when I made a motion to lay us down she said it was getting late and she had to go home. 'You're right, ' I thought, 'it's getting late.'

"You've been out with that 18 year old again, haven't you?" Dan asked.

"Why do you say that?"

"You've been sniffing at the same finger all morning, go wash your finger, watching you do that is making me horny."

We spoke on the phone twice after that. Once I called Mary Ann just to say hi and again three months later to say goodbye. I was calling from the train station where I would begin the first leg of a trip that would take me overseas.

Another payday arrived and nothing was said about making another trip to the brothel. Harry and I drove around town looking for females to pick up but like so many other nights, we struck out. A heavy flight schedule made us work long hours the next week, right through the weekend. By the end of the next week I was looking forward to a couple of days off, even though I was broke and payday was not until Monday.

About 4:30 p.m. I got word that a call had come for me at squadron headquarters; there was a message for me. Sarge looked at his watch and told me to go over and see what it was. I walked the half mile from the flight line to the small building that housed our commander and his staff, glad to be off work a little early. The first sergeant handed me a pink slip, saying I could use a phone on a nearby desk. I was to call Laura at the Marriott. It was a Phoenix number.


"Hi, Randy?"

"This is Randy, who is this?"

"Oh Randy, I'm sorry, you know me as Tess, that's my work name, we met, you remember? At the..."

"Tess," I exclaimed too loudly and noticed the first sergeant looking up from his work at me.

"Please call me Laura, that's my real name," the soft voice said.

"Laura, I will, hi, are you in Phoenix," I said, thinking immediately, what a dumb thing to say.

"You said you would show me a good time if I got to town, remember?"

"Yeah, yes I do but... it's just that this is a bad time."

"Do you have a date or something?"

"No, that's not it."

"What is it Randy?"

"Well, it's a... fin... it's... I'm short on cash."

"Oh, is that all? Randy, do you know where the downtown Marriott is? No wait, I'll pick you up, when can you be ready?"

"Laura, did you hear me? I'm broke until Monday."

She said not to worry about that and I told her I could be ready by the time she got there. She asked for directions to my barracks and said she would be there in thirty minutes. I took a fast shower and must have spent 15 minutes deciding what to wear.

Three guys were standing near the car and another pair was across the street, gawking at the car and its occupant. Tess, no Laura, sat in the passenger's seat of the bird-shell blue Corvette. The first thing I noticed was the wide brimmed straw hat, perched atop her shoulder length light brown hair. She smiled as I approached, lowering the dark shades, she shook her head sideways to direct me to the driver's side. When I got seated she leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek. I looked at her, mouth gapping, unable to fathom the transformation from the skimpy clothes I had seen her wearing at the brothel. She was dressed in white pantsuit, black patent leather boots with two inch heels, a starched white shirt with pearl buttons and a back ribbon necktie. She wore very little makeup and her scrubbed schoolgirl look was refreshing. I was glad that I had decided to wear slacks and a sport coat. I even had a tie in my pocket, just in case.

As I pulled away from the curb I got a peek at the guys on the sidewalk, envy oozing out of their pores. One of the guys across the street whistled. I smiled at Laura, thinking to myself, 'I know what her legs look like under those pants, none of these guys can say that. Or, could they?'

"How old are you?" Laura asked as we approached the main gate. I turned in the visitor's placket, thinking about how I should answer her. "I'm nineteen, why?"

"Good, I won't be able to take you to bars or night clubs, that's good," she said, conviction in her voice.

"You look nice," I said, still unable to believe my eyes. "Did you see those guys back there?"

She smiled timidly at me, the no nonsense exterior that I had seen in the brothel had disappeared, someplace in hiding. "How about dinner and a movie, we can talk while we eat and relax in the movie, how does that sound?"

'What was happening? Why had she chosen me? Dinner and a movie, with her, perfect, ' I thought.

"Tell the valet we won't be using the car tonight, we can walk, okay?"

We walked through the lobby, her arm in mine. She carried a small black patent leather purse in a white gloved hand. Her stride was sure and swift, making me square my shoulders and walk tall beside her.

The suite had three rooms and a balcony overlooking a rooftop pool. We stepped out to a balcony. She had removed her jacket, gloves and the shades. "You didn't bring a shaving kit," she exclaimed, pinching my cheek, and then looking out at the skyline. As she raised one hand to shade her eyes I noticed a line in her cheek, a laugh line, the beginning of what could become a wrinkle. I wondered how old she was.

"That's okay; we can pick up a razor between the restaurant and the movie. The stores will still be open," she said, lowering her hand and looking back at me. The line had disappeared.

She had the evening planned, already having chosen where we would have dinner and the movie she wanted to see. She had a large salad and a small piece of fish, saying that she had to watch her figure. I had a steak.

She was 28. It didn't really come up, she volunteered to tell me. I didn't pry, letting her divulge as much information as she wanted me to know. Nor did she ask me anything more personal than where I was from and how large my family was. She said she didn't want stories; she had heard all the stories. "If we become better friends I'll want to know all about you and I'll tell you anything you want to know. But for now, let's enjoy the weekend together, sound good?"

As we ate, I took notice of things about her. She displayed an air of confidence. Her table manners were better than mine, her vocabulary was limited but her grammar was perfect and she wore no jewelry, no rings or bracelets, no dangling earrings, nothing to attract attention. There was a clear stain on her long fingernails. She had that clean looking girl look. Sitting tall in my seat, I was proud to be in her company.

When the waiter dropped a leather folder containing the check at our table she motioned to my coat pocket. I reached for the handkerchief pocket and she shook her head, moving her hand inside her jacket. I reached inside my coat and pulled out a one hundred dollar bill.

"I took the liberty when you were taking so long to comb your hair," she said after the waiter had left with our check. I looked at her, surprised, wanting to say something, to let her know how appreciative I was. She had handled the check discreetly, not calling attention to who was really paying for our dinner. She waved me off, "you have very nice hair, and I don't blame you for taking so long to comb it."

She watched closely as I tucked bills for the waiter's tip into the leather folder, then looked away to show that she approved of the amount I had left. I tucked the change into my pocket, knowing that she would be offended if I even offered for her to take it. The waiter was there to help Laura with her chair and to bid us good night. She took my hand as soon as we were on the street.

We stopped at a drug store for my razor, a toothbrush and toothpaste. She placed a bottle of men's cologne on the counter and smiled up at me as I paid for our purchases. I carried the bag in one hand and took her hand in mine as we left the store. Her plans were perfect; the movie was just starting as we took our seats.

I put my arm around her and she leaned close to me, taking my free hand in hers. She squeezed my hand from time to time during the movie. As we walked back to the hotel and discussed the movie I realized the hand squeezing had something to do with the parts of the movie that she wanted to me to remember, to discuss.

Laura had an arm around my waist when an older couple stepped into the elevator with us. The woman gave us a peculiar look and glanced at her husband with the sign that married couples use to say, 'take notice, we'll discuss this later.'

Laura increased her hold on me and in her best southern accent, "He's my little brother, I'm jest so happy to see him," she said gazing up at me, wide eyed and smiling. The elevator stopped and the older couple got off without looking back. "Have a nice time tonight, we plan to," Laura said without a trace of the accent she had displayed earlier.

"I was born in Alabama," she confided to me. While I had picked up traces of an Alabama accent, it seemed to come and go. For the most part, Laura's speech was fairly generic, devoid of those colloquialisms that the guys from the south often used to so eloquently to express themselves.

She asked me to pour her a drink while she changed clothes. There was a bottle of scotch and a bucket of ice on the small bar. I placed two ice cubes in each glass and poured enough scotch to cover the ice. I poured some water into my drink but waited to see if she wanted water in hers. She didn't.

She surprised me, appearing in a long silk nightgown and a long sleeved matching robe. She took her drink and moved toward a settee. We had been together for over five hours and I had seen no skin, no leg and no tits. In the 15 minutes we had spent together before she had been totally naked most of the time. What's more, she had removed all traces of her makeup.

She stretched out on the settee and put her bare feet in my lap. I rubbed a foot with my free hand while taking short sips of my drink. Contentedly, Laura sipped her drink slowly and presented her other foot to be rubbed. I asked if she wanted a refill and she shook her head, dreamily closing her eyes.

"You can use that room," she said, pointing to a door behind the bar. The shock must have shown on my face. She got up and came near me, placing one hand on my head. "I'm Laura today, I like being Laura sometimes." She patted my head, "you have nice hair, goodnight," she said as she left the room.

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