Love Rides Blind
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kali Turner was sentenced by her 'oh so loving' parents to stay at Riverside Ranch for the summer. They know she's afraid of horses. Ethan Andrew is a guide at the ranch that can't seem to leave, even if he wanted too. When she becomes his ranch hand, they find an instant connection, although both would never admit it. Ethan is determined to find the real person under Kali's quiet façade. Kali struggles to let herself trust again, while Ethan cannot imagine what he has gotten himself into

Rays of light gently crept through the blinds as the morning came upon Riverside Ranch. Ethan scrunched his nose and closed his eyes tighter as the morning bell rang crisp and clear through the air. I hate that bell, he though, I'll have to destroy it. He found the noise very annoying, as he did every morning. He reluctantly inched out of his bed and dragged himself to the showers. Thankfully the showers were nearby as they were only across and down the hall. After his shower he got dressed, T-shirt, jeans, old cowboy boots, and his cowboy hat, nothing special. Awake and alert now, Ethan sauntered his way down to the kitchen.

Guests and ranch hands alike were lined up at the picnic tables in the buffet style room. This is where he ate every morning with the other ranch hands and guides. As he entered the room his friends were already waiting for him at their regular table. Quickly he cut the line and picked off his usual breakfast.

"Hey! You can't just cut everyone!" shouted Ali, a lively brunette guest; she looked as much of a bitch as she really was.

"Why don't you stop me? You're the only one complaining." Ethan teased. She snorted and was silent. He went to his friends who greeted him as he sat.

"Hey Ethan, did you see the new set of girls that came in? I'd give the blonde one a ride for free, and I'm not talking about a horse." Rolling his eyes he looked to where Riley had pointed. Yeah he thought, typical rich snob coming to be a 'cowgirl' for a few weeks, what's new? They just can't seem to keep their hands off of cowboys.

"Well Riley, at least I can count on you on being the shallow one in our group." he joked.

"I get dibs on the other blonde." said Preston.

"I stand corrected." Ethan laughed. Before he left the kitchen, he glanced at the schedule for the week... he would be giving trail rides. As he walked out of the huge housing facility he found himself taking in the beauty of the land around him. He didn't know why he had stayed at this ranch for so long, but there was something that kept most people there longer than their intended to stay. Ethan supposed it could have been the fresh air, the beautiful view of the mountains on either side on the ranch, the flowing hills of grass and the forest. Or it could of been the quiet evenings while the sun set behind the mountains as the river steadily flowed, but everyone seemed enchanted by Riverside. I meant to leave years ago, though Ethan, but I just can't bring myself to leave.

He headed to Barn #7, as usual. He usually tacked the horses in the morning and fed them. Not to mention the wonderful mucking of the stalls was also one of his morning duties. In the day time he would usually give trail rides to the guests, sometimes do busy work, and then untack and feed the horses for the night. He could hear the loud whinny of his usual mount, Shadow, a lively gelding that was very reliable. Ethan went up to his horse and patted him lovingly on his shiny black neck.

"Ready for a nice long trail ride today?" He asked. Shadow snorted in response. He started to get each horse ready, talking to them as he usually did. People usually found it funny that all the ranch hands, guides, and trainers talked to their horses. But the ones handling the horses understood the connection a person creates with the animal, after being with them so long. Slowly the sun rose, and around 10:00 all the horses were ready, and their morning feed was eaten.

Kali was desperately scared of the day ahead; she didn't want to be at this ranch. Her parents had abandoned her, just like everyone else. They had sent her here for the summer, to try and make friends, get her in touch with the environment... blah blah blah. She was 19 for Christ sake! Couldn't she do what she wanted with her summer? But she admitted herself defeated; she knew she was a pushover. Plus she did confess that she was quite anti-social. She had no friends, and had locked herself up most of her junior and senior year. Her first year out of school hadn't been much different.

Kali's parents were worried about her, it was evident. So what do they do? Ship me off! They know I'm scared of horses! She thought. It turned out that her parents were close friends of Mr. and Mrs. White, the owners of the ranch and they had made a negotiation, she was to stay for the summer and learn how to become a ranch hand. The catch? She would get half the pay of the other hands.

She talked to the Whites earlier in the day and they suggested that she take a trail ride to better acquaint herself with the person she'd be working with. Then the work would begin. They were truly very nice people, obviously still in love after speeding so many years with one another. They were very old, but pleasant. Mrs. White reminded Kali of the grandma she never had.

She sighed, "Here we go." She started to walk to the barn with group number 7. The teenage boy eyed her as she approached at first, but went back to sulking and listening to music as they started their way over. She was behind everyone when she saw their guide waiting for them. Time stopped. She had never seen a more gorgeous man in her life. He had black hair, some covering his face, he had a muscular figure, and she could see the muscles work under his shirt as he waved over to them. As Kali got closer, she noticed his bright blue eyes and almost fainted when they rested on her.

She realized how silly she was being, and how potentially dangerous the instant attraction could be. Kali scolded herself and walked to the meeting place, ignoring the kind eyes that followed her.~~

Any moment Ethan's group would be at the barn, and the day would really begin. He could just see his group walking over the hill. The guests totaled to 8. There was one old couple, a family; it looked like, of 5, two younger daughters and a teenage boy who looked like he would rather be anywhere else but at the ranch. There also, was a very beautiful girl, she looked about 20 and had flowing brown hair and a delicate figure. She looked very timid around the group of people. She followed everyone else, and if Ethan hadn't looked close enough he would have missed her.

They made their way to the barn where they were all greeted by Ethan. They gathered in the 'meeting place' which was actually a few benches creating a half circle around the side of the barn.

"Hello and welcome to barn number 7." Ethan greeted. "Today we will be traveling on the blue trail through the forest heading south. I would like it if the younger ones stayed closer to the front, they will have to sit with their parents. If you could please follow me I will match you to a horse and we will be off." He motioned for them to follow and turned. He could feel her eyes on him. Suddenly he got nervous and stopped in his tracks for a moment. He urged himself to keep going, and entered the barn. Nice way to play it cool, he thought sarcastically to himself.

After giving most of the group a horse, he turned to the girl. She looks really worried he thought.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah... U... Um, it's nothing don't worry." She replied. He voice was soft and beautiful. He felt like telling her that but instead he asked,

"What's you name?"

"Kali... and yours?"

"Ethan. Nice to meet you and your nervousness is common. You haven't ridden a horse before have you?"

"No, I... I have just... bad experiences I guess. I'm embarrassed to tell you I'm... really really really, scared of horses." She sighed.

"It's ok to admit something like that, that's part of my job, you know, here." He led her to a small, 15 hand palomino mare. He patted her neck.

"Today you'll ride, Summer, she's sweet; I promise she won't try anything." She reluctantly touched the mare's neck.

"It's alright here." He put his hand over hers and slowly led her hand down the mare's golden neck. He couldn't miss the spark that ignited in his hand when he touched her hand. She turned to look at him and he stopped breathing when her eyes met his, they were ocean green. He had a sudden urge to kiss her. But he thought of the people behind him, and stopped himself before he could do anything.

"See, It's not that bad." He whispered.

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