Little White Lies
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens if both spouses cheat and then lie? What if they stick to their stories?


Just after 5:00 P.M. on Thursday, I walked down the hall to Jerry's office and stuck my head in his door.

"Is he in?" I asked Polly, his secretary.

She smiled and said, "Yeah Sean, go on in. He's alone and finally off the phone."

"Thanks Polly. I just need a minute."

I went past her desk and pushed open the door into Jerry's office. Almost a duplicate of mine, it was a very large, open room with a desk, a conference table and a long, leather couch. The coffee table was huge and was currently covered with open files and boxes of records. He was working on a case involving embezzlement by a worker who had been with the company long enough to know the ropes and had been doing it for some ten years. Jerry represented the employee and knew he had a tough road to make a jury sympathetic to his client.

"Hey, Jerry. Just a quick heads up. I think I must have a bad cold and my head is killing me: every bone in my body aches. I'm calling it a day. There shouldn't be any problems since I've got everything up to date. Janie can handle anything that does comes up."

He glanced up with a frown and said, "Hope you feel better Sean, but I won't know it, that's for sure. This damn case is gonna kill me so you'll probably find me face down when you return."

With that, he waved me out and went back to his files. I closed the door and left to return to my own office. I cleared my desk and left all open items with Janie, my secretary and told her to let me go home and die in peace. She was not to call unless either she or Polly was arrested for murdering Jerry. She just smiled and urged me to get out of the office.

Jerry and I had opened our own private practice in defense law after working for one of the biggest law firms in the city of Mobile, Alabama. Both of us felt we were getting nowhere fast at the firm and we had talked about this for some time. Ten months ago we took the plunge and started Ridder and Ballard, Attorneys, Inc. I was Sean Ballard. We took a lease on a large, old two-story shingle sided estate home down town and we borrowed enough money to renovate it and put our own touches to it. We had enough space upstairs for three more attorneys and we each had a downstairs office large enough to work in.

Besides Jerry and me, we had two receptionists/clerks and we already had more clients than we could handle. Our startup debts were paid, and we were finally making a profit, so we had interviewed several young attorneys and had decided to hire two of them, letting our practice grow. He and I were to be the senior partners and the others would work for us until they brought in enough new business to buy into the practice. Now that we were functioning at a profit, we could establish a value to the business and the new guys or gals could buy shares. Life was good.

I was married to a beautiful girl that I had loved forever. Her name was Soledad but I sometimes called her Sunny. You know, Sol-edad or Sol, for Sun, hence Sunny? I hadn't taken a day off in over a year and Sunny had been begging me for some time to take a vacation. I'd put her off waiting until we were on more solid ground with the practice but it seemed like a good time now to talk about time off with Jerry. Most of my cases weren't urgent and I could take some time. A trip away without JJ sounded good and I thought we could both use the together time. While I loved my son, he was a handful and Sunny and I seldom had much time together. I got into my car and began the drive home. I felt like hell but I wanted the peace and quiet of my nice soft bed to die in or at least to make me feel like I was going to live.

We lived in the South Baldwin/Gulf Shore area and our home was much too big for us but we felt it was a good investment. We had a mortgage of more than $300,000 but I was making enough now to just cover it and Soledad loved it. She had become a major player in the local Women's club and she seemed to thrive on it. Her activities and contacts were good for business so I encouraged her interest.

I was less encouraging in her choice of friends but she was happy so I took it as well as I could. Her two best friends were a woman named Judy Cabot, about our age and divorced from her second husband, and Carol Jennings, whom I learned had been dumped by her husband of seven years for infidelity. Both had pre-nups that left them very well off so Carol was not the least upset about it and laughed in my face when I said that I was sorry for her breakup. When I mentioned to Soledad that she was the only married woman in that group, she just smiled and patted me on the knee telling me not to worry.

I arrived home about 7:30, a good two or three hours ahead of my usual time, and pulled into the garage. Sunny's car wasn't there but Lucy's was. Lucy was our regular babysitter and often sat for JJ. As I walked in, I asked her where my wife was and she said that she didn't know for sure but that she had left a number and said she would be home by 9:00. I looked at the number but didn't recognize it. Then, I suddenly remembered that she had her Thursday meeting with the Women's club and this must be the hotel downtown where they were meeting. She would usually be home by 8:30 or 9:00 when she had these meetings.

As bad as I was feeling, I let Lucy go after paying her for the whole evening with a tip and confirming that JJ, our one year old son, was sound asleep. He would be out until morning and I could just go to bed after a hot shower and a hot toddy. I wasn't sure which I wanted first so I fixed the toddy and took it to the bedroom with me. I took my shower, dried off, went to make a final check on JJ, finished the toddy and climbed into bed. I was sound asleep and didn't hear Soledad when she came upstairs to the bedroom.


I wasn't sure why I did it but when Jason asked me to dinner, I accepted. The Thursday meeting had been very productive and it had broken up just about 15 minutes ago but I stayed behind to speak with Jason further. We chatted about nothing in particular and then out of the blue, he had asked me to have dinner with him. He said we could just grab a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant since he didn't have a car. He said he didn't need one since he had a room there for tonight and tomorrow the hotel shuttle would take him to the airport.

I tried to convince myself that this was a bad idea, but I was bored and Sean was going to be late again as usual and the only thing I would be doing otherwise was spending another lonely evening by myself. JJ was with Lucy, our babysitter, and he would be in bed by the time I got home. I had to admit that Jason was very nice to look at and he was single and in town by himself. So, what was the harm in two lonely people spending a harmless evening having dinner and hopefully some good conversation?

At dinner, I was pleasantly surprised. Jason was a great dinner partner, witty, smart and easy to talk to. He was a great listener and I found myself telling him things I wouldn't consider telling anyone else, even my best friends. I told him about Sean and Jerry and their new partnership and the time he was spending trying to make a go of it. I admitted that we had discussed it and I had been part of the decision, knowing the time with Sean that I would have to give up. He listened and sympathized but said that he couldn't see giving up all that time with someone as beautiful as me. I was naturally flattered and a little taken with his compliments.

We shared a bottle of red wine with our meal and had another with conversation after. I had a pleasant buzz that allowed me to relax and enjoy. During coffee, he moved over to sit next to me as we talked, commenting that the restaurant had become crowded and very noisy. I didn't comment as he moved closer to me. I pretended not to notice as our knees touched. Once, as he moved to pour coffee for himself he had to lean past me to pick up the decanter, and his hand brushed my breast. I felt a flash of pleasure, followed by a flush of embarrassment. He seemed not to notice, but I did. The wine had apparently made me a little rash.

As we sat and talked, he suggested we move to the bar and have an after dinner drink. At first, I declined but finally agreed as he continued to encourage me. I followed as he took my hand and led me out of the restaurant and into the bar. Since it was early in the evening, the bar was not crowded and he selected a booth toward the back. It was dimly lit, even that early as I slid into the seat. I expected him to sit across from me but he surprised me by sitting next to me.

I moved to the far end of the seat but he just moved closer. As we settled in, I felt the warmth of his thigh next to mine and his hand still holding mine just under the table. As I was about to say something to him, a waitress came up to take our order. He ordered something for us both and the waitress left. He smiled at me and leaned over to kiss my hair. I shivered but didn't pull away. He still held my hand.

When the drinks came, Jason slid one over to me and I took it up immediately, trying to cover my nervousness. I took a sip and thought it was a little bitey for just ginger ale but drank a big swallow to wet my dry mouth and throat. I considered pulling my hand back but I had to admit, it was kind of nice the way he was holding my hand. I liked the warmth of his hand on mine. As I considered this, I took another swallow of my drink. I was beginning to relax and I felt a warm glow in my stomach that probably had to do with this charming man next to me.

I looked at him and started to say something about the drinks but stopped talking when I felt him put my hand on his leg, just inches away from his groin. He held his hand on mine as he watched me with a small smile on his face. He seemed to be waiting for me to make the next move, but when I didn't, he moved my hand upward and onto his crotch. I immediately felt his erection and was surprised by the size. It seemed huge!

With the blood rushing to my face, I looked into his eyes as he moved my fingers around his bulge and began to slowly move my hand up and down his shaft. Once I knew what he wanted, I continued when he moved his hand back up to the table. I began to move with more confidence, and as I did, I felt his cock grow in size until I could only cup it with my hand. It felt somehow very erotic with his pants still fastened and the thin layer of cloth between my hand and his cock. I was breathing harder and my face was flushed but he seemed to be calm and very nonchalant. I began to slow my movements in uncertainty, but he again moved his band back down onto mine and urged me to speed up again. I wondered if he wanted me to bring him to a conclusion right there in the bar.

As I stroked his erection with my hand, I suddenly realized what I was doing, and what I was being asked to do, and I suddenly came to my senses. What in the hell was I doing? This was not real. It couldn't be! I was sitting in a bar with a man's cock in my hands and trying to jerk him off? I pulled my hand back and hunched into the corner with my arms around myself. I couldn't look at Jason sitting beside me and I began to shudder in earnest. This couldn't be real; it couldn't be. I was a married woman and I had no right to be in this position. I remembered who I was with a shock and it sobered me up immediately.

"Jason, please let me out. I have to leave right this minute. It was wrong of me to come to this bar with you and I have to leave. I have a child waiting at home for me and I need to get there now. Please, let me out."

I was beginning to panic and Jason could see it in my eyes. He was confused at the turn of events and was trying to find some way to calm me down without letting me go. I suspected he wasn't finished with me and he had plans.

"I'm sorry, Soledad. I think things got out of control and it was my fault. I wouldn't ever want you to do something you weren't comfortable with. Here, take a drink to calm yourself down. You can't leave this way. You need to get yourself under control and calm down so that it will be safe for you to drive. Please, calm down and drink this."

Jason backed away and put a light hand on my shoulder as he tried to reason with me. He held the ginger ale he had ordered for me, urging me to take a drink. His, which looked identical, was ginger ale with Vodka.

I glanced at him with a panicky look but took the drink from his hand and emptied half of it in a gulp. I sputtered and coughed but kept it down. It seemed to calm me down almost immediately. I continued to sip at the remainder and finally finished it with a grimace. I slumped back into the seat and my breathing began to calm. My face began to cool down and I finally fell silent. Jason watched me with interest until I was calm and then signaled the waitress for another round. He downed his drink first.

When the drinks came, I immediately took mine and took a large drink of what I thought was just ginger ale. I was confused because I was clearly drunk now and my inhibitions once again were gone. After a few minutes, I started to giggle softly and I looked at my right hand, the one that had been pleasuring Jason under the table. I turned it palm up and then palm down. I smiled at it and turned to look up at Jason.

"Do you know how bad this hand was? It was doing something bad to you. You should spank it. Do you want to spank it Jason?"

I giggled again and gave him my hand. I turned to him with a sultry look and said, "Is it going to be bad again? I think it is, don't you?"

With that, I put my hand back where it was and this time went directly to his zipper and unzipped him. He put his arm around me and pulled me tightly against him as I reached in to take his now softened cock in my hand and began again to jerk him off. As I did, he became hard almost immediately and my hand tightened on his cock as I stroked it faster and faster. He was not going to last very long this way but I was not concerned with anything but what I was doing. Just as that thought occurred to me he reached for my hand and stopped my motions.

I pouted a little in disappointment as he pulled my hand away and zipped up his pants. He held onto my hand as he signaled for the waitress. He obviously wanted to get me somewhere private where we could do more than this. I reached for my drink and finished it and by now I was clearly drunk and my reserve had disappeared. I began to tug on my hand, trying to free it but he held on till the waitress had finished with the tab. He looked at the total, added a nice tip and threw the money on the table.

He pulled me to my feet and led me out of the bar. I followed meekly without a word as we entered the lobby area. But as Jason tried to pull me to the right toward the elevators, I pulled left, toward the outer lobby and the doors leading to the parking lot.

"Come with me, Soledad. You need to come up to my room where you can lie down until you are able to drive."

He pulled but I resisted. I had to go to my car. Somehow I knew that I couldn't go to his room but I wasn't sure why, but if I could get to my car it would be OK.

"I'm fine, and I want to go to my car. I need to get home to JJ. I'm going this way."

With that, I pulled free and started out the door to the lot. Jason paused a minute in indecision and finally followed me out the door. He probably figured that if I wasn't going to his room, he would see what happened in the lot or in my car. Beggars couldn't be choosers.

He caught up with me and took my arm to keep me from staggering into the parked cars. I knew where I was going so I didn't hesitate. I moved toward the rear of the lot and there was my Lincoln Town Car. I gave a little cry of satisfaction and picked up speed. Jason stayed with me till we arrived at the car. Once there, I seemed to run out of steam. The car was my only objective and in my drunken state, I had succeeded but now I just stood there looking at Jason. I was soooo tired.

Jason asked me for the keys and I just held out my purse. He took it, found the key and opened the door. He tossed my purse into the front seat, but by the time he had done all of that, I had run out of energy, lying back against the front fender. I couldn't hold my eyes open and Jason must have thought I was sleeping. Jason apparently decided to take a chance and moved toward me. The lot was empty and where we were, dark, so we couldn't be seen by anyone entering the lot.

He moved to me and I felt his hand on my breast. I didn't respond so he began to caress it and moved the other hand to open my blouse. Still I didn't object so he slid one hand into my opened blouse and caressed my breast under my bra. It felt so good that I finally began to moan a little so Jason continued his ministrations.

He was able to push my bra up exposing my tits to his exploring hands. Sean had always told me my tits were beautiful: creamy skin, erect nipples with small areolas. Sean loved my breasts. He bent to take a nipple between his teeth and softly nipped. I responded with a shudder and my hand went to the back of his head, urging him to do more. Sean knew I loved this so he obliged, taking the nipple into his mouth while the other hand began to move down my body to find the bottom edge of my skirt. Once in his grasp, he pulled it up to my waist, exposing my panty-covered mound to his other hand. He rubbed my mound and found my clit, erect and throbbing. He did this for several minutes, as I humped against his hand. He continued to rub me hard and fast, but he would do this, stop for a moment and begin again. Each stop caused me to reach for his hand to urge it to continue. He did until he could feel the wetness seep through my panties onto his hand.

With the feel of my readiness, Sean pulled my skirt up and held it at my waist with one had while he unzipped his pants with the other. He pulled his cock out and stroked it three or four times to make sure it was hard. He then pulled my panties aside and pushed his now throbbing cock into my wet sex in one strong push. I felt his wonderful cock and with a small sob, I lifted one leg and wrapped it around his waist, maintaining my balance on the other by holding onto his shoulders. I moved against his pelvis, grinding on it with my now swollen clit to give myself satisfaction. Sean hadn't begun to move yet, savoring the feeling of his cock buried in my hot, moist cavern of pleasure. I relished the feeling and I knew satisfaction as his desire was quenched in my willing pussy.

As my movements became more demanding, he pulled out and then plunged back in with a savage thrust. Instead of recoiling, I screamed "Yes, Yes, Yes." My man was giving me what I needed. I had missed him so much but he was here with me now.

Sean began to pump me with a fierceness built up from days of delayed lust. He was fucking me hard and he was enjoying all of me. He fucked me as hard as he could, driving me back against the cold steel of the car, delaying his own climax for as long as he could. He moved hard and fast until he felt the urge to cum and then slowed down and just held on till the urge decreased and then began again. He did this several times, prolonging his own pleasure, until I felt a thrill of fear begin in my mind. Something was not right. I was no longer moaning and returning Sean's passion with my own for through my drunken haze, I had begun to realize that this couldn't be Sean. As this thought impacted on my conscious mind, I grew quiet and stiff in his arms.

Whoever this was wasn't sure what I was feeling, but he must have known instinctively that he had better take his pleasure now. With that thought, he began to fuck me in earnest and pumped hard and fast as the urge grew to a demanding level. He let go and filled my warm, wet cavern with his sperm. Over and over he came until he had nothing left. His cock began to wilt as he pulled out of me. As he moved back, I saw his face and realized that it was Jason. I had just let another man fuck me!

Jason looked at my face as he pushed his now soft cock back into his pants and zipped up. I was just standing there, my arms wrapped around me looking at the ground. My skirt had fallen into place but my blouse was still open and my bra was still pushed up just below my chin. As he watched me I finally realized my condition and with a start pulled my bra down and, turning away from him, buttoned my blouse and tucked it neatly into my skirt waistband.

"My God, Soledad. That was incredible. I've wanted to do that all day. It was torture looking at you and wanting you so much. I'm so glad you decided to have dinner with me and to stay with me afterwards. This was not what I had planned. I wanted to take you to my suite where we could be more comfortable but I guess neither of us could wait. If you want, we can go there now."

I whirled on him with my face streaked from tears. I had turned away to cry, but he hadn't noticed. He looked shaken and slightly afraid. He knew I was drunk and uninhibited but maybe he didn't think I would do what we had just done if I wasn't willing. He watched me warily as I walked a step away from the car.

"Jason, please go and leave me alone. This was a mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake that I have to deal with in my own way. I'm not blaming you so don't worry. No one is going to have you arrested or anything. You got what you wanted and that is the end of it. Please, go now and leave me alone."

I walked to the car door and pulled it open. There was no longer any drunkenness and I was fully capable of driving myself home. Jason decided that he had best go while I seemed inclined to blame myself and not him. And I was right: he had gotten what he wanted. He probably thought it would have been nice to have me again, but this seemed like a good time to quit while he was ahead. Without another word, he turned and walked toward the hotel lobby and his room.

As Jason walked away, I just sat there in the car looking at myself in the rear view mirror. What the hell had I just done? What was I thinking: going to dinner and to a bar with Jason? I had fucked him here in the damn parking lot of a hotel downtown and I had cheated on my husband! What the hell was I thinking? What about my marriage? What about my husband and my son? What if he found out?

The lust that I felt when we came out to the car had faded and the last of the alcohol was consumed by my panic. I was now as sober as I could be. I finally noticed the time: it was already 9:45! I told Lucy I would be home by 9:00! What about Sean? He would be home by now as well. I started the car and drove home as fast as I could. I had to get home and I had to get myself in some kind of order before Sean saw me. I couldn't let him know what had happened. He was not the kind of man that could accept infidelity since he was not the kind of man who would ever consider doing anything that would jeopardize our life together. I knew that deep in my soul.

As I drove, I remembered our conversation about a year ago. That's when we decided together that Sean would go into partnership with Jerry to form their own law firm. We had talked about the hours Sean would have to put in and I had agreed that we would be better off in the future if we did it now, with JJ so young. I had promised to be understanding of the hours and that I would do my part in keeping the house going, keeping JJ happy and healthy and making sure that all of our household bills and obligations were kept current. He would keep weekends free just for our son and us and he and Jerry would hire young attorneys that could begin to take the load as they became trained.

I had promised to be loyal and a valuable part of our team! I had agreed with Sean to build a better life for all of us! I had just broken the most basic requirement of our marriage and our commitment to build for the future. I had betrayed Sean!

As I pulled into the driveway, I had a moment's panic when I saw Sean's car. As I had feared, he was home. Why did he have to be on time just when I most needed him to be late? I slammed the door and ran into the house. Sean wasn't there and neither was Lucy. I was frantic! What was going on? I ran upstairs to JJ's room to find him sound asleep. So Lucy must have put him to bed and then left when Sean came home? That made sense. But where was Sean?

I went down the hall to our bedroom and found Sean sound asleep. Why was he asleep so early? He usually went to bed long after I did. I went over to him and shook him awake; asking him what he was doing home. Sean just grumbled that he came home sick and sent Lucy home. He pulled away and covered his head with the pillow, effectively dismissing me. I realized suddenly that I could not let him see me like this and cursed myself for waking him.

I gave a small prayer to God and hoped this was a good omen. Sean was totally unaware of my late arrival and he couldn't see me and the guilt that was probably clearly written on my face. I went back downstairs and closed the house, making sure that all the doors were locked and went back upstairs. I would have to take a shower to wash Jason off of me and out of my vagina. I would also have to dispose of the panties I wore since they were soaked with my juices and his sperm. I shuddered as I recalled the whole sorry night. I remember thinking for a while that it was Sean and it had felt so good but then the truth came crashing back. I had betrayed Sean. As I was standing in the shower, watching the strings of Jason's cum drop to the floor, the guilt doubled me over and I clutched my stomach. The wave passed but I knew I wasn't going to be OK.

Once I had finished my shower and disposed of the evidence of my indiscretion, I climbed into bed beside my husband and prayed passionately that God would forgive me and give me strength to keep this secret until the day I died. I vowed to God that Sean would never know and I would make it my life's work to be true to my marriage vows and to fulfill my part of our agreement, both of which I had betrayed that night. It would never happen again!

The next morning, I got up an hour early and decided to put on some makeup and look especially nice for my husband. I dressed in a nice blouse and skirt since Sean always liked me that way. I got JJ up and made him breakfast and then got him into the playroom. He would be content for the next couple of hours. I fixed Sean's coffee since he never ate breakfast and got a cup for myself. I sat down to wait for my husband.


I woke the next morning feeling 100% better. I guess I was just worn out and needed the rest. I shaved, dressed and walked downstairs. Soledad was already up and had coffee ready. I really needed a cup.

"What time did you get home last night? And by the way, where in the hell were you after the meeting? You never told me you were going out afterwards. It threw me when I found Lucy here and you gone."

I was a little angry because we never went out without letting the other know where we were and how to reach each other.

"I was with Judy and Carol after my Woman's club meeting. They called and wanted to go out for drinks and some fun. I didn't think you would mind. I left a number with Lucy." She seemed to be fine, no hangover or anything.

"That's not the point. You could have called to tell me you were going out. I thought we had a deal?"

"You're right darling. I should have called and I won't forget again. OK?" She came up behind me and gave me a big hug. I could see she had on makeup and she looked like she was ready to go out. That was not typical so I decided to ask some more questions.

"What's with the makeup? What the hell is going on with you? You go out without telling me and then you take a shower when you get home late and now makeup in the morning. What're you up to?"

I was never one to let things go just to be polite or politically correct. I wanted to know what the hell my wife was doing and I wanted to know now.

Soledad looked at me in surprise at my outburst. She appeared to be flushed and more embarrassed than angry. I would have expected anger: but not embarrassment.

"Nothing is going on Sean. I was trying to look good for you as an apology: that's what's up with the makeup! I was just out with my friends and I forgot to call you at work. Since you're always at that place, I didn't think you would even know since I would probably be home before you anyway. You're never here anymore and I just got bored. I had a sitter and she had my number, so back off!"

"Come on Sunny, we had this discussion a year ago. You and I decided that we were going to make this thing work with Jerry. You knew what I was going to have to do to make it a go and you agreed to pull your own weight. I thought that meant that you would hold down the home while I built the business. I know the time I spend. Do you think I like working long hours, missing my son's first steps, his first words, and his new discoveries? I miss him and I miss you but I expected you to understand that I needed to do this for at least the first year. Was I wrong?"

Soledad suddenly collapsed into the chair. All of her belligerence left her and she suddenly looked like a little girl caught doing something wrong. She actually had a tear in her eye.

"I know what we agreed. I know what you are giving up to do this and I know you are doing it for us. I'm so sorry. I was feeling sorry for myself and I just did something on the spur of the moment. But I should have told you and let you know. You came home sick and I wasn't even here for you. I am so sorry."

"It's OK. I was just concerned and I let my concern turn into anger. I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry too."

We hugged and agreed to try harder to keep each other informed and in our respective loops. We kissed and I went to work.

I had been working for more than two hours on one of the cases I had active at the time when I decided to take a break. I needed a cup of coffee but I wanted to get some air so I decided to walk down Church Street to a coffee shop I knew was only a block away. The fresh air and the hot coffee would give me strength to go on, trying to make sure that a stock broker I was representing who had acted on a tip illegally might live to trade another day.

I got my coffee and sat down on one of the wrought iron chairs around a table setting outside. It was a warm day and the sun felt good. As I relaxed, I heard a voice, one I would rather not hear.

"Well, if it isn't the hot shot lawyer. Hi, Sean. What's going on?"

It was Carol Jennings. Not one of my favorite people but one of Soledad's so I tolerated her.

"Hi, Carol. I was just getting some fresh air and a coffee. Care to join me?"

"Thanks, Sean. I would love to. Just let me grab a cup."

She went in and came out shortly with a latté. She sat down across from me as I watched her. She was actually worth watching: there was no question that she was a beautiful woman. Short, with long black hair worn straight and a body that would make most men stand up and cheer. No wonder she had cheated; she probably had plenty of offers.

We shared small talk, she about her exploits with the legal system relative to her divorce and me just making the required responses. She brought me up to date on her travails while I enjoyed my coffee and watched her rather large chest, as she got excited. Things were going fine until she said something that got my attention.

"How's Soledad? I haven't seen her for about a week. She said she was busy with her committee meetings and we haven't been able to get together. I wanted her to join Judy and me last night but she said she was going straight home after her meeting. Tell her to give me a call soon, OK?"

I think I hid my shock well as I told her I would give Sunny the message and we parted. I went back to the office to dwell on what she had said about last night. Sunny had lied to me and she did it deliberately! Why? As a lawyer, I knew a lie was told to someone usually as a means to disguise something that was illegal or wrong in someone else's eyes. In Soledad's case, it had to be something she did that I would see as wrong.

It is in my nature that I never let things go for long. I'm a lawyer alter all and I have to get to the bottom of things and I have to do it immediately. I had Sunny lying to me and she would have to tell me why she did it. She would have to do it tonight. I wouldn't let it go, nor would I play games with private detectives or spying. I would confront her and get it out into the open.


After Sean went to work, I was able to take the time to calm myself down and decide what I was going to do. He obviously didn't know anything so all I had to do was to make sure he never found out. So far, only I knew what happened, and that's the way it was going to stay.

I spent the day with JJ and doing some of the chores around the house that needed doing. I never had too much to do since I was by nature an orderly person. Of course, since Sean never got home much before 8:30 or 9:00, I had plenty of time by myself to do what needed to be done. I usually fixed dinner for JJ and myself early and then put him down about 5:00 or 5:30 so he could sleep for an hour or so and be awake if Sean got home before his bedtime. JJ loved to wait for his dad and Sean loved the time with him getting him to his bed at around 9:00.

The day passed rather slowly and I unfortunately had time to remember last night. I remembered the dinner and some of the time later at the bar. My face flushed as I remembered that part. I had actually had my hand on that jerk's cock. How could I have been that far gone? I remembered wine with dinner and then what I thought was ginger ale but must have been the vodka that Jason ordered for himself. He switched the drinks! I never drank hard liquor because I couldn't handle it. I remember drinking what I thought was the ginger ale and not much after that until the parking lot.

God, the parking lot! I could remember thinking about finding my car and then only a blank until I found myself leaning against the fender of my Lincoln with Jason pounding his cock into me. I had my leg wrapped around his waist and he was fucking me hard. I remember thinking that Sean was feeling so good inside me. Then, I must have gone into shock for a few minutes when I realized this was not my husband and just as I was about to scream at Jason to let me go, I felt his semen shoot into me! He had cum into me in the fucking parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel while I was spread against the damn car fender!

With that vision, I sank down on the kitchen floor and cried until I was weak. I was humiliated, ashamed and frightened, all at the same time. Ashamed that I had gone that far with a man who was almost a stranger; humiliated that I had done this in a public place; and frightened that my husband whom I loved with all my heart would find out.

By the time I recovered my wits, it was just past 5:30 and time for JJ to go down for his nap. Just as I walked back out of his room, the phone rang. I pulled myself together and picked up the receiver. It was Jason!

"Soledad? It's Jason. Jason Payton from the Women's Club meeting. Can you talk now?"

I was furious at him calling me here. I wanted never to see that son of a bitch again!

"I know who you are and don't you ever call me here at home or anyplace else ever again! We have nothing to talk about. Goodbye!"

"Wait, please wait! I just want to talk to you and apologize for what happened last night. It shouldn't have gone that far and I think we both had too much to drink. I just wanted to let you know that I was sorry."

"You were sorry I wouldn't come back to your room with you, that's what you were sorry about. You weren't the least bit drunk but I think you made sure that I was! You gave me vodka while I thought it was ginger ale."

"That's not true and I don't regret anything that happened. I loved it and would have loved to continue but I know that you're married. You have nothing to fear from me. I hope you know that."

At that minute, Sean walked into the kitchen, startling me. He was never home this early so I was caught off guard. I felt the blood rush to my face as the guilt overwhelmed me. I cupped the receiver in my hand and turned away from him to cut Jason off.

"My husband is home so please do not call me here again. Goodbye!"

I hung up the phone, trying for calm and said, "Sean! You surprised me. I never expected you home this early on a Friday. I haven't even started supper yet. I'll make something right away. Why don't you have a martini while I get things going?"

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