Caring for Carly
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carly is open, friendly, trusting, naive, breathtakingly beautiful and mentally about ten. Shark bait in other words. She also wants a husband, like her sister. In fact she wants her sister's husband! Can Frank and Jody protect her and make a place for her as well?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sister   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Slow  

The telephone pulled me out of a beautiful post-sex dream. Jody was stirring restlessly by the time I got it on the second grab.

"Hello?" I mumbled. The bedside clock told me it was nearly three a.m.

The voice on the other end of the line was female, but all business. "Sir, this is sergeant Rodriguez of the Phoenix Police Department. I'm looking for Jolene Jordan."

"She's asleep." I, on the other hand, was waking up fast.

"May I speak to her please?"

"Uh, what is this about?"

"Sir, I need to speak to your wife."

"Okay," I reached over and shook Jody. "Honey, it's the police. They want to talk to you."

She reached out and took the phone without coming fully awake.


"Yes," she said more alertly. "Yes," she was sitting up in bed.

I toyed with the idea of copping a feel of my wife's beautiful breasts, but she slapped my groping hand away without even changing expression.

"Oh my God! Is she all right?"

"Yes, yes. We'll be right there. Oh! You do know about my sister's condition? All right fine. Yes, as soon as we can."

By now I was seriously worried.

"What was that about?"

Jody threw the covers off and jumped out of bed. "Carly. Come on I'll fill you in on the way."

"To Kentucky?'

Jody was busy wiggling into the nearest clothing, which happened to be a pair of skin tight jeans and crop top that had ended up on the floor next to the bed when things got exciting earlier. "No, to Mercy General. She's been beaten."

We were both dressed and out the door in less than five minutes.

I wouldn't let Jody drive because she was too upset. As we sped down the deserted freeway I wondered what kind of trouble my wife's little sister had gotten herself into now.

It isn't that Carly is a bad person. On the contrary she is one of the sweetest, kindest people alive. Nearly everyone who meets her is charmed by her childlike personality.

Childlike, and that's half the problem. Carly isn't just slow, she's retarded. Mentally she's about ten years old and the doctors say that'll be as far as she will ever go. Like a lot of the 'mentally challenged', she has a wonderfully sunny personality and she's a joy to be around.

The other half of the problem is that Carly is also stone, drop-dead gorgeous. She shares Jody's pale skin lightly dusted with a wonderful collection of freckles. She has the same pale-blue baby-doll eyes and if anything her body is even more spectacular. Jody used to complain about Carly borrowing her tops and stretching them all out of shape. Considering the way Jody is built that's a quite a feat. Her hair is a natural strawberry blonde where Jody's is more ash blonde. And stereotypes to the contrary, Jody — Dr. Jolene Wilson-Jordan, PhD., is anything but a dumb blonde.

So Carly is open, friendly, trusting, naïve, achingly beautiful and retarded. Shark bait, in other words. Through absolutely no fault of her own, her family spent a lot of time keeping her out of trouble.

Fine, but what is she doing here? Her family has always protected her — Jody especially when she was still living at home, but also her parents, other brothers and sisters and the whole Wilson clan. Why had she left Monroe, Kentucky and come clear across the country? And who had beaten her up?

I was still puzzling when we pulled into the parking lot at the Mercy General Emergency Room. Jody was out of the car before I even stopped and was inside before I could find a parking place in the nearly deserted lot.

By the time I got inside Jody had disappeared. The nurse directed me down the hall to a cubicle with the curtains drawn.

Carly was sitting on the bed with her back to me and Jody was standing with her arms wrapped around her. My sister-in-law was bundled in a cloth coat that was too big for her, and too warm for the room.

"Hello Carly," I said softly."

When she turned around my stomach lurched. One eye was nearly swollen shut and her face was bruised purple, blue, green and yellow.

Without thinking I came over to her and reached out. She flinched away and I dropped my arms. "Oh honey are you all right?"

Stupid question, but Carly just sniffled and nodded without letting go of her sister.

"Frank, can you give us a few minutes?"

"Sure. You guys want some coffee or something?

"No sir," Carly said in a tiny voice. Jody gave me a look that said the only thing she wanted was me gone — now.

"Um, I'll be down in the cafeteria," I muttered and made my escape.

Fortunately the cafeteria was open, at least for coffee. I collected a cup, claimed a table near the door and started sipping. The décor was ruthlessly cheerful, all pale yellow and lime green, in contrast to the darkness outside the windows — and inside me. I was sick at my stomach at what someone had done to that beautiful, innocent woman and I was mad clear through.

But, I thought, as I looked around the nearly empty cafeteria, that still didn't explain why Carly had come all this way. She had dozens of relatives back in Monroe who would have done anything for her. Why come all the way to Phoenix? I didn't know, but deep down I felt our life was about to be seriously disrupted.

I was well into my third cup of pretty good coffee when Jody slammed into the cafeteria looking for me.

"I think," she announced as she plopped herself down, "I'm gonna kill that sonofabitch."

"Who did it?"

"Not him," Jody said dismissively, "I mean Pa."

"He did this?"

"Worse," she said grimly. "He threw her out. Or as good as."

"What! Why?"

"Because she's pregnant and she won't have an abortion and have her tubes tied!" Jody said viciously. She made an effort to control herself.

Jody seldom gets this angry, but when she does it's like a force of nature. I learned that when she does get this mad, meek is the best way to go. I shifted into seriously meek mode. "Would you like some coffee?" I asked gently.

"I'd like to poison Pa's," she muttered. Then she gave a deep sigh. "Yes, darling, coffee would be fine. They're doing some final tests now and then she'll be ready to come home with us."

I went and got the coffee, heavy on the milk and sugar, the way my beloved liked it. When I came back she seemed a lot more composed.

"Why don't you start at the beginning?"

She sighed deeply. "The beginning is me, I guess. When I left home, and especially after we got married, it left Carly at loose ends."

I nodded. Carly practically worshipped her big sister and Jody had protected and cared for her right up until we got married. She had chosen the university she had and even stayed on there for graduate school because she could go back to Monroe on weekends to be with Carly.

"Anyway, we got married and I accepted an appointment to the Institute and we've only been back once or twice to visit and that left Carly at loose ends. Plus, she wanted what every woman wants — a husband and kids. I had the one and I was working on the other. But she couldn't have it, you know? And it ate at her."

"Don't put too much on yourself, love. You couldn't live her life for her."

"Oh, I know. But if I hadn't had those damned student loans to pay off, I wouldn't have had to go into private industry and I could have gotten a job closer to home. Maybe taught at the high school, you know?"

The thought of the brilliant Dr. Jolene Wilson-Jordan spending her life teaching biology to bored teenagers in a rural high school was enough to make me choke on my coffee.

"Anyway, after I left she took up with Eddy Ray Sims. Pretty soon she was engaged to him and the next thing you know they were living together."

"Didn't your parents object?"

"Some. But Eddy Ray's a real smooth talker and his people are well thought of in Monroe County." She made a face that wrinkled her nose charmingly. "And Carlene is just as stubborn as a mule."

I nodded. Carly wasn't the only Wilson — or the only Wilson sister — who could be world-class stubborn when they wanted something.

"So after Eddy Ray proposed, they moved in together. I guess my folks didn't like it much, but they figured it was high time for Carly to get married and settled."

She frowned. "I knew the family hadn't seen much of her for a while. Ma's e-mails told me that, but everyone figured she and Eddy Ray was doing all right and no one wanted to interfere.

Again, I understood. People in that part of the country have a strong dislike to coming between a man and his wife. A fact I had appreciated on more than one occasion since I married Jody.

"But things weren't all right?"

"Not the least little bit," Jody said grimly. "He'd been beating on her for some time, only being careful to do it where it wouldn't show and threatening to kill her if she told. I guess he'd been doing some other stuff too, but you know how it is trying to get stuff out of Carly. Anyway it all came to a head last week when she told him she was pregnant. He beat her up good and threw her out."

"Well, she went straight home of course. And that's where the trouble really started." She clamped her lips together so hard they turned white. "Apparently Pa told her she couldn't stay unless she had an abortion and agreed to get fixed so she couldn't have any more children. Fixed! Like a stray cat or something. Can you imagine?"

I could indeed. Carly and Jody's father was a good man in a lot of ways, but he was cold, narrow-minded, hard-headed and just as pig-mule stubborn as his daughters. I could definitely see him going for the 'simple' solution and to hell with what Carly felt.

"So she refused flat out and Pa threw her out. So the poor thing came here. Four days on the bus with those injuries untreated all the time." She took a sip of her coffee. "She's got some broken ribs, you know. It must have been hell bouncing around on that bus and she was in such a bad way by the time she got here she couldn't even get off the bus by herself. That's when they called the paramedics."

"Why didn't she go to one of her cousins? I'm sure they would have been glad to take her in."

"Because I'm her sister and I look out for her," Jody said fiercely. She sighed. "She doesn't think too good at the best of times and she sure wasn't at her best when she bought that bus ticket."

"Well, she's certainly welcome to stay with us as long as she wants." Jody gave me a little smile of thanks. Of course I knew come hell or high water Carly was staying with us until this was straightened out.

"She should be done by now. Let's go get her."

So while I signed my life away for Carly's treatment, the doctor gave Jody a prescription for pain pills for Carly. Then we bundled her out of the emergency room and into the car for the drive home. Jody sat in the back seat with Carly and I remained up front in lonely splendor.

"I'm sorry to be such a bother," Carly said softly.

"Oh honey, you're no bother at all," Jody told her sister while hugging her gently.

"That's right," I said cheerfully. "I'm always glad to have another beautiful woman around to spoil."

In the rearview I saw Carly smile and it was like the whole car lit up. Inside I was hoping we could send Carly back to her family soon. Between Jody's job and my contract work we didn't need any more complications in our life and I had a nasty feeling this situation was going to get pretty damn complicated before it got straightened out.

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