Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Slow, School,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A socially inept young man follows his best friend to university hoping to find a better life, make friends and grow.

"Nick, really, I'll be fine." Marcus assured him as he hesitated at the door, and once he was gone, turned to survey the arrangements. Tony, Nick's cousin, meanwhile wondered exactly how things were going to go.

When he'd been accepted at the university he'd been amazed that his parents were OK with the idea of him moving out — they only lived about an hour from the campus, he'd expected to have to commute. When the condition was specified, though, his enthusiasm had dampened. Briana, of course, got away with it completely.

It wasn't that he didn't like Marcus, he just didn't want to baby-sit him. Marcus was... different.

Tall, lean, but muscled with it, he had dark hair that hung down over his darker eyes, giving him a slightly pale, washed out look and a rangy bearing that reminded Tony of the long-distance runners he'd known back at school. Right now, though, he looked a little more like the spaced-out losers that had hung out at the back of the shopping mall across from the school at lunch-times.

"Marcus, you OK?"

"Yes, thank you." Marcus nodded, but didn't move — his eyes didn't even focus.

"Uhhh... what are you doing?"


"It's... you've only come a hundred miles or so, no real change in altitude... acclimatising to what?"

"Background noise, smells, light sources, drafts... I like to know where I am. This is the first night I've spent away from Nick's in four years, two months and four days." There wasn't much Tony could say to that, and he returned to the kitchen and stocking the shelves until Briana turned up about a few minutes later.

"Hey, Bri." He called out as she slipped in. "How's things at your place?"

"So-so... roomies a no-show, so it looks like I've got the place to myself. How about you?"

"Well, you know... all unpacked, but it doesn't feel like home yet."

"Yeah, I still haven't put any pictures up or anything."

"Pictures? Hey, this'll be home when I've gotten laid here, OK."

"I see you've decided to grow up and join the human race now that you're at uni..."

"Hey, we're only young once, right."

"I suppose... listen, I've already found myself a job. You looking?"

"Hell no... I don't need to cover your clothing budget, Sis, so I don't need to work." He grinned.

"How's Marcus?"

"Dunno... he got himself 'acclimatised' — his word, not mine — and I've not seen him since."

"You two going to be OK? He's had it rough, you know."

"I know... I just don't know how we're going to get along. We've met him, what... twice now? I've not seen anything dislikable, but... I've not seen much of anything, to be honest."

"He's quiet, that's all."

"It's more than that. He's just... I don't know, I can't describe it."

"Absent?" They whipped round to the door, where a tall, green eyed woman smiled in at them from inside a deep, curving chestnut-red explosion of hair. "Guess I don't need to ask if I've got the right place, is Marcus in?"

"Uh... yeah, sorry, you are... ?" Tony managed, dropping a big smile into place.

"See." Briana deadpanned, as he scooted across the room to wave her in, "You wondered if you'd get on, and already he's inviting pretty girls into the house."

"Why thank you." She curtseyed elaborately as she entered. "I'm Shawna, Shawna Lewis, I've known Marcus for, like, ever. You guys must be Tony and Briana, right?"

Briana nodded, picking up a tennis ball off the table and throwing it at Marcus' door.

"Yes?" he poked his head out, saw who was there, and a broad smile split his face. "Princess, you settled in already?" Tony's eyes went like saucers. It was like Marcus was suddenly a different guy altogether.

"Settled? I threw my clothes at the wardrobe, said 'Hi' to my roomy — she probably thinks I'm a nut - and then I was over here to see how you were doing. You need a hand with anything?"

"No, I've pretty much got it sorted."

"OK, cool."

"Did you meet Tony and Briana, or did you do your usual and sweep in like a force of nature?"

"I did actually take the time to talk. I distinctly recall someone complimenting me on my appearance."


"Look, I should get back and see my Roomy, get to her know her."

"What's she like?"

"No idea" she shrugged. "Bit sort of... bookish. Hard to say, her parents were still around, you know, she'll probably lighten up."

"Her parents are still around, and you flew in, bombed your room with your fashion collection, and then swooped out again."

"Shit! It probably was a bit like that. Listen, I was going to head out tonight, see the local sites — there's a flyer on the board in the dorms that say's there's a nice quiet coffee-shop stroke club round the corner that does live music nights. You fancy checking it out."

"I don't know, Sho..."

"Come on, you said you were gonna loosen up on me once we got out here. New leaf and all that..."

"Yeah... yeah I did, didn't I."

"Yes!" She squealed, threw her arms round him and then dashed for the door. "I'll be back about six. I'll see if I can bring my roomy — you guys wanna come? Oh... talk about it, I'll catch you all later." She flew down the steps two at a time and was passing the window by the time the door swung shut.

"And then she was gone..." Marcus observed.

"Shawna, huh?" Tony and Briana turned to him with amused smiles. "Girlfriend?"

"Just friend..." he offered, quieting considerably.

"Your choice or hers?" Briana asked, giving him a calculating look. "Never mind."

"Are you guys going to come?"

"You're just friends?" Tony asked, and Marcus nodded. "Sure, I'll be there." He turned, meeting Briana's gaze, only to see her 'you're an idiot' look. "What?"

"We'll be there, Marcus." She offered.

"What? What'd I do?" Tony carried on, but Briana just glared.

"Listen, I'm going to go shopping — we've a lot of canned stuff, but we need fresh stuff still, anything in particular you need?" Marcus asked, drawing a list from his back pocket.

"You got milk, sugar, bread, bacon and eggs?" Tony asked, getting a nod. "Then I'm fine." Marcus strolled across the room, quiet and graceful, and when the door closed Briana whipped round on Tony.

"You are such an arse."


"'Are you just friends?'" she mimicked, puffing her chest out and hunching her shoulders. "Me muscle-bound testosterone-fuelled idiot thinking with prick and not seeing that room-mate likes HER!!!"

"He said they were friends..." Tony objected. "I went to all the effort of asking to be sure."

"So they're friends... he doesn't want to be just friends."

"How the hell do you know."

"It's all over his face, Tony."

"You just want first crack," he finally offered, after a moment's thought. "I'm not falling for that. You've already got a two-to-one advantage in options over me."

"Well, I wouldn't kick her out, but she seems a bit flighty for me..."

"Right... with that rack she can be as flighty as she likes."

"You dick!" she threw a cushion at him. "Look, they said six, right?"


"Ok, I'll be back about five thirty... go easy tonight, yeah?"

"I'm trying out for rugby this week — I'm off the booze."

"I didn't mean drinking — go easy with Shawna."

"Look, I'll see how things go. She looks like she's a fun time — I'm not going to go there to spite the man, but if it happens it happens."

"You've got to live with him for the rest of the year, Tony. Your record girlfriend is, what, three weeks?"

"Nearly four..." he corrected. "I know... It's different here, I want to get rid of that rep, you know. Settle down in my old age."

"Settle down? To what... three a month?"

"Maybe even two if study picks up. I was thinking of trying a shift system, just to get the Tony factor out there."

"You're a pig, you know. I'll be watching you."

"You always did like to watch." She laughed as she got up, then turned the serious look on him.


"Alright, I'll go easy if she does. If she's not interested in him she's fair game though, right?" Reluctantly, she nodded. "You've got no roomy... Why can't I get that lucky? You wanna swap?"

Shawna slipped into the room slightly out of breath having taken the stairs rather than the lift, and saw Elspeth saying her farewells to her parents.

"Hi," she waved, crossing to her own bed, hoisting the suitcase open. "Sorry about that, I had to go check on a friend."

"That's OK... I'm just gonna see my parents out... back in a few."


"Goodbye, Shawna." Elspeth's mother said, her father just waved from the door.

"Nice to have met you, Mrs Downing." She smiled, then hesitated at the look of surprise she saw. Looking down at the case, following the gaze, she couldn't see anything, and by the time she looked back the woman was already leaving, so she just carried on unpacking.

By the time Elspeth returned, perhaps ten minutes later, she had most of the stuff out — she just hadn't put much of it away.

"Oh my GOD!" Elspeth collapsed against the inside of the door. "I thought my mother was going to have kittens when she saw those thongs in your bag!" she burst out.

"Is that what she was staring at?" Elspeth nodded. "What might she have said if she'd seen my dildo and handcuffs?"

"You have some really cool stuff there." Elspeth noted, looking at the array on the bed. "You don't... really..." She shook her head.

"No, I don't... You have a nice style too." Shawna managed, although she wasn't actually impressed.

"Bullshit — I dress like a librarian." Elspeth told her, holding out the floor-length printed skirt she wore. "My mother bought this lot — first thing tomorrow I'm going shopping."

"Shopping? Oh I think we're going to get along just fine..." Shawna announced, with a beaming smile. "Listen, I'm heading out tonight — nothing big, just a friend from home, his room-mate and his sister. You want to come?"

"Tomorrow, yes. Tonight, no — the only place I plan to go until I can get some decent clothes is to the food court, and then I'm planning on wearing a disguise."

"How tall are you? 5' 7?"

"5' 6."

"34 C?

"36 B."

"Can't help you up top, but I've a few pairs of jeans you might get into."

"Really?" she almost begged. "I can probably rustle up a blouse that'll go... a pair of sandals and I can pretend to be an art student?" They both laughed, and then Elspeth suddenly blushed. "Oh, God, you're not an art student are you?"

"Not really... I want to get into Journalism, and I'm taking some Law, Ethics, Psych and English courses to round it out. You?"

"Philosophy, History... and Art. No real idea what I want to do with them, I just like the subjects."

"Try these ones." She pulled out a pair of hipsters from her rack, throwing them across the room. Elspeth grabbed the jeans, but then disappeared into the bathroom to put them on, which was a shame: Shawna would have liked to have seen what was going on under the skirt and sweater. Maybe she'd loosen up with time.

"Well, are you going to come?" she asked, raising her voice a little to carry.

"Sure, I'll give it a go." She emerged, throwing the skirt on top of the still packed suitcase by her bed.

"Excellent." Shawna smiled, and then hauled her own blouse off, turning to choose her own outfit. "What do you think," she turned back, two tops in hand. "What?"

Elspeth had spun away, and Shawna could see the scarlet skin round the back of her neck. "Are you alright?"

"Yes." Elspeth assured her, nodding, but not turning.

"It's just a body, Elspeth... you've got one too... sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you. Is it going to be a problem? I can probably remember to change in the bathroom."

"I'll... I'll get used to it, I suppose."

"No time like the present, come on I need an opinion. White or green?"

"Um," she glanced back over her shoulder, briefly. "With those jeans?"


"White, I think."

"White it is..." Shawna stared for a minute, then broke into a smile. "I see... you don't have to be shy, I play on that side of the fence sometimes, too."

"You do! OH!" She flushed even darker, cover her hands with her mouth as she realised what she'd said, but Shawna just giggled, dropping the tops and flopping down on the bed.

"It's not something to be ashamed of... not these days. Just... be happy with it. It's university, that's what it's here for. Do you like guys as well?"

"No." Elspeth stammered, hunkering down on her own bed.

"Tough at school, huh?"

"School wasn't so bad... all girl. No one to be obviously not distracted by."

"Ah... well, I'll shoot for the guys tonight, you shoot for the girls. We'll see who bags more."

"Right, like that's going to happen."

"Well it won't if you go at it with that attitude..."

"I know... my mother tried to tell me that."

"And then dressed you in that frock?"

"I know. She means well... still, after tomorrow, I won't have to wear it until we go home at Christmas."

"Well, my New Room Resolution is to have you so ingrained in good clothes by then that she won't recognise you. I plan to have that skirt burned by the time we pack."

"New Room Resolution?"

"It was that or New School Year Resolution?"

"Right enough..."

Despite the early time in the year, or perhaps because of it, the café was a little more full than was normal, but they'd gotten there early, and Marcus had managed to find himself a safe seat snuck into a corner. It was further from the door than he'd like, but no-one could get behind him, and the noise level was low enough that he could feel comfortable.

He'd resolved to be more outgoing this year, to keep his eyes open and really observe the situations around him. And with hurricane Shawna in full flow, there was more than enough situation to observe.

A half-hour after they'd arrived, she and Tony were up on the dance floor — a few of the more outgoing others had joined them, but it wasn't exactly a throng — and Marcus and Elspeth were sat watching events.

"What are you studying?" Elspeth finally asked, when the quiet had seemed to drag on for too long for comfort.

"Information Technology and Computing." He answered, rather distractedly. "You?"

"English and History." Things stagnated again for a while, and she began to play with the cardboard coaster.

"I'm sorry... I'm still settling. Um... where are you from, originally?" Marcus asked, when he noticed.

"Inverurie, in Scotland."

"A96, I know it."

"You've been there?"

"No, I've seen it on the map, M8, M80, M9, A9, A90, A96... Inverurie, Aberdeenshire."

"Um... yeah... where are you from?"

"Warwick." He ventured a smile, figuring they were getting somewhere.

"I'm gay you know." She blurted, misunderstanding.

"That's OK," he deadpanned, "I probably can't catch your strain just from sitting next to you." She laughed so hard she snorted her coke out of her nose, and was frantically cleaning it off with her sleeve when Briana arrived, flopping into a seat beside them.

"Marcus, whatever did you suggest to the young lady that got that reaction?" she asked, offering Elspeth her hand. "I'm Briana, Tony's sister."

"We were discussing being gay." He informed her. "I think we'd established that it isn't catching."

"You afraid you're going to catch it?" Briana asked, looking slightly narrowly at Elspeth.

"Um... no." she managed, the giggled again as she met Marcus eyes. "I think I might be a carrier, though." Briana relaxed — though neither of the two noticed it — and sat back with her own bottle.

"You know, Marcus, it probably wasn't smart to lay that one out. She might not have wanted anyone to know."

"Then she wouldn't have told me, surely?" he pointed out, staring out at the crowd still.

"OK, then she might not have wanted anyone else to know."

"Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't think of that."

"It's OK." Elspeth assured him. "You aren't the only one that has to learn to loosen up a bit."

"I don't how much looser it gets than dribbling coke down your blouse." Briana pointed out after a second, and the three of them were laughing again when Briana and Tony returned.

"Anyone want another?" Tony called, over the slowly rising noise. Briana shook her head, her's still nearly full, and Elspeth checked her bottle before declining. Marcus held his empty Dr Pepper up, got a thumbs up, and the pair of them were away to the bar again.

"They seem to be getting on well." Elspeth observed. Briana just nodded, darkly, and waited for them to return.

"So," Tony leant against the bar alongside her, watching the warm post-dance glow settle about her, admiring the way she filled out her shirt, "you and Marcus?"

"Next door neighbours since your cousin moved in about ten years ago." She explained. "He's just about the sweetest thing ever."

"Oh... Just... platonic?"

"Yeah... best friend I ever had, but we never dated."

"Didn't want to spoil the friendship, huh?"

"No, just... no spark, really." Tony nodded, collected the drinks and turned back towards the bar.

"Why all the interest?"

"Well... interest, frankly." He pointed out, handing her bottle over with as broad a smile as he could muster. "Still..." somewhere deep inside he felt an uncustomary twinge of guilt, and carried on. "Briana seems to think he still might have a thing for you."

"I think he still does, a little." She admitted, turning back to look at the three of them. "We talked about it like, last year, I think. We agreed we'd just be friends." She assured him. That was good enough for Tony.

"In that case, what do you think the chances are of me being able to drag you away from him to catch a movie this Friday?"

"I'd say they were fair to middling at the moment. Keep me dancing, we'll see how your scores go up."

They reached the table, passed Marcus his drink, and then Shawna was off again, flitting over towards the stage.

"You're working fast." Briana pointed out. Tony just drew himself up on the stool, giving her an insolent grin.

"What can I say? The old Richardson charm wo..." he cut off abruptly as he fell off the back of the seat, and this time it Briana with a mouthful of coke that ended up dribbling down her shirt as she laughed.

"See, and we didn't even have to mention the fact that you're gay for that one." Marcus observed. Tony just laughed even harder as he got up, but Elspeth and Briana were sharing an awkward look as Shawna came back and grabbed Marcus' arm, dragging him away.

"I'm sorry... I should have said something myself." Briana offered.

"It's OK... I guess I should just get used to the idea that some other people out there are going to be like me... that's a good sign, right?"

"Well I, for one, am glad I know." Tony offered, sitting back down, staring over towards the stage where Shawna had dragged Marcus. "I hate getting slapped for complimenting pretty gay girls." Elspeth managed another blush.

"Smooth, Tony... real smooth." Briana smiled though, feeling the tension ease out of the conversation. "What are they up to?"

"Ladies and gents, the band's due a break, and we've got a couple of volunteers looking to fill in." announced the singer, and Shawna dragged Marcus up on stage. The guitarist looked a bit reluctant to pass his instrument over, Marcus looked even less enthusiastic about being on the stage in the first place, but Shawna badgered them into it, and then grabbed the microphone.

Marcus closed his eyes, drew a breath, and then took out his guitar penny, and began to play. From the first slide he was lost, gone in the music, fingers dancing up and down the fretboard with practiced ease. He started off getting the feel with the 'Layla' refrain, but when Shawna didn't start singing he slipped up a little, dropped into Dire Straits' 'Tunnel of Love' and then she let go.

"Getting crazy on the waltzers, but it's the life that I choose, Sing about the sixblade, sing about the switchback and a torture tattoo, And I been ridin' on a ghost train, where the cars they scream and they slam, And I don't know where I'll be tonight, but I'd always tell you where I am."

Her rich contralto held the tune well, and the power carried through the club easily, as Marcus eased back just a little behind her, lowering the volume. Tony appreciated the lyrics — given the singer — more than the music, but even he realised they were both good. They pushed on through the rest of the track, and then Marcus just segued neatly into the deep, powerful intro from Metallica's Enter Sandman. Shawna leant back, whispered in his ear — pointing out to him that it probably wasn't the right atmosphere for the club — and suddenly they were back in with REM's 'Shiny Happy People'.

By the time they finished that, the band were on their way back, slightly disgruntled at being, frankly, outclassed, and Shawna gave up the mic to drag Marcus back to their seats.

"I told you you could do it!" she squealed, as they flopped down, and despite the pale appearance and stiff walk, Marcus' smile was one of eminent satisfaction.

"I got up and played for a crowd..." he marvelled, though only Tony heard him.

"That was amazing!" Elspeth enthused, and Shawna squealed another little yelp.

"I love that."

"Singing?" Briana asked.

"Performing? Being up there in the spotlight... Marcus is the artist, he's there for the music, but I just love to be loved." She flung her arms out, dramatically, and Tony caught her as she slumped into his lap. "However, right now, I'd love to pee..."

Whatever the telepathic message was it bypassed Marcus and Tony, and suddenly the three girls were going. Marcus just savoured his drink, staring up at the stage, not quite believing he'd been there.

"I think you pissed Bri off, you know." Tony told him, slipping into place beside him.

"She doesn't like Metallica? Shawna said it wasn't a good choice, it just felt right."

"No... before you got up. The crack about being gay."

"She is, isn't she..."

"Yeah, well... ish. But I'm not sure she appreciates you telling everyone."

"Oh shit... she just warned me about that, too."

"Yeah." Tony confirmed. He sat back for a few seconds, watching as Marcus' look got darker and darker, until finally he stood up.

"Tony, I'll see you at home, OK."

"Hey, Marcus... It's not that... Marcus!" For a moment Tony wanted to dart after him, but the girls' drinks were still there, waiting to be spiked, and the girls' themselves were not there to tell them where he was going.

By the time they returned, Marcus was long gone.

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