Maiden of Rome
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, TransGender, Fiction, Historical, White Couple, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Roman Tribune is captured by Germanic barbarians and sent to a witch. She turns him into a stunning woman and sent back to Rome.

The rains intensified as the XVII Legion made its way into the depths of the Teutoberg Forest. Tribune Drusus Marcellus rode his horse down the narrow path with his men using their soaked leather shields as prevention against the cold wet elements. Along with the XVIII and XIX Legions being strung out in single file through the darkened thick woods, Drusus felt this was a bad omen. In an area like this, there was no means for a Legion to form a phalanx. They were exposed.

Arminius, a German chief who was friendly with Rome, had sent a message that one of his large settlements were destroyed by wild tribes and was threatening another. He pleaded with General Quinctilius Varus to send help immediately. This was their third day on the march and it had rained from the very beginning. They had crossed the Weser River which was the boundary between the Empire and this unknown wilderness.

"Keep moving lads," he shouted to his troops. "Come on, don't lag." 'Easy for me to say, ' he thought. 'I'm on my horse and these poor men are barely making it on foot.'

Drusus was the son of a nobleman and Senator Julius Marcellus, friend to Augustus the Emperor of Rome. Knowing that his Uncle Julius had been assassinated, Augustus took the title of "Father of the Empire". His father fought at Augustus' side that defeated both Marc Antony and Cleopatra in the great sea battle of Actium. Both Antony and Cleopatra commited suicide which left Augustus the sole ruler of Rome. Many times he was at court with his father to meet the Emperor.

As Drusus grew into manhood, he was tall but wiry thin. He was trained on Mars Hill to become a great swordsman as well as an archer. Augustus bestowed upon him the rank of Tribune and sent him north to the XVII Legion. He distinguished himself many times in battle suffering a few wounds in the process. What endeared him to his soldiers was that if they had no tent to sleep under, neither did Drusus. He would do like the rest. Take his cloak and blanket to sleep under the stars, or in rain, or in snow. He ate what they ate. He drank the same wine or ale they did. Thus he gained the loyalty of his men and some other tribune's. Another thing that made his men like him so well was he forgave all debts from them when they played dice. Drusus didn't want or need their money. He just gambled for the fun of it. When the game was over, he returned all the coins he had won but allowed his men to keep what they won from him.

"All right men, take a fifteen minute rest," Drusus called out. He dismounted to let his horse drink from a nearby pond. He took a drink of water himself then went into the trees to relieve himself. The last thing he remembered was shouting, skirmishing then blackness.

Drusus awoke with a painful head injury. His helmet had been crushed on one side of his head and he heard laughter. He opened his eyes to see he was bound by ropes as well as a few other men in Roman warrior armor. He laid there with his eyes closed due to the severe agony. He listened to some German chieftans talking and laughing but had no knowledge what tongue they were speaking in. Whatever it was, they were a joyous bunch quickly becoming drunk from the ale they were consuming. He tried to move his hands but they were tightly bound.

"What happened?" he whispered to another tribune.

"They got us all," the man answered.

"What does that mean?"

"They slaughtered almost everyone in our three legions. They attacked us all up and down our line. We had no room to manuveur or set up any defense. Rome is ruined," he groaned. "There's no one between us and Rome. All they have to do is just march down the peninsula and take it over. I pity my wife and children."

"Augustus won't let that happen," Drusus returned even though he felt he was talking in a fog. "He'll think of something. Tell me, were there any men who made it back across the river?"

"I don't think so," the man said. "It is a complete ruin for us. They took Varus off and beheaded him. They've got it in a jar over there to send to Rome." In truth Varus had fallen on his sword committing suicide. If there was a head in the jar, it wasn't Varus'.

Seconds later Arminius entered the tent. All of his troops rose and voiced their praise of him. He walked by Drusus paying him no mind. He was out of Drusus' sight when he sat in the seat of honor reserved for all brave German chieftains.

"Bring the prisoners forward," he commanded in Latin.

Drusus was pulled to his feet. He thought that he was coming around until he was yanked up. His knees buckled and he had to be held firmly by the armpits. Arminius walked down the dozen or so prisoners.

After checking them, he ordered, "Crucify all of them." He turned his back and sat down again. He watched his men pulling each Roman out to go to their death. "Wait!" he shouted. "That one. The one who can't walk on his own. Bring him back."

Drusus was wondering what was happening. He felt being tugged backwards and stood before the German leader. The room was still spinning. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. All he wanted at that moment was to lie down somewhere quiet and rest. Perhaps a good night's sleep would cure what ailed him. He managed to get his eyes to focus upon Arminius who stood in front of him contemplating something as his hand rubbed his black beard. Then he broke into a big grin.

"I've got it!" Arminius bellowed then laughed. He staggered back to his seat as the laughter grew intense. Everyone in the big tent were laughing too but had no idea from what. "Lets send this one to Dagmar." Everyone roared! "Put a blindfold on him and send him to her. Let her have her way with him."

"Maybe she can turn him into a goat," one shouted.

"Or a toad," another followed.

"Or a bear," came a third observation. "I haven't had bear meat since last spring."

Arminius raised his hand to stop the mockery. "Let Dagmar figure it out. I think she'll have something clever in mind. Take him to her."

All Drusus remembered was being dragged out into the cold of the forest and tossed into the back of a wagon. He did notice that the rains had stopped. He heard someone tell the driver something he could not understand. The wagon moved as he managed to struggled under a canvas covering in the straw. It was then he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

He dreamed of his family. His mother Julia, his sister Vipsania, his younger brother Gaius and his betrothed Vinia. It was a pleasant image as he pictured Vinia in her white robe checking carts for fresh vegetables as he went along with her shopping. He held the small leather sack as she bartered the vendors down to what she felt was a fair price.

Later they'd strip down in her parents' bath as they lay nude side by side. He loved washing her beautiful blonde hair then playfully clean her breasts paying careful attention to her big nipples. She loved straddling him and impale herself on to his penis in the water. He was so much in love with her. She came from a noble family, too.

After the long bath, they called for the slaves to bring them towels and stood facing each other as the girls in servitude dried them. They would separate briefly to clothe themselves then return to embrace. At dinner at her father's estate they'd lay side-by- side together oblivious to all dining with them. She fed him little delicacies with her hand then he'd scoop some honey onto his finger and placed it at her lips. Vinia would take the finger into her mouth letting her tongue play with that digit until the honey was all cleaned off. She'd look at him seductively as she did this act. Her parents watched her and smiled that she had captured the heart of such a great nobleman.

Drusus was shaken awake by the driver. He handed him a skin of wine and some meat from a wild boar. He ate hungrily wondering what these barbarians were going to do with him. Drusus stepped into the woods to relieve himself both ways taking some leaves to wipe the remnants of his bowel movement. Then he climbed back into the wagon and it started moving at a snail's pace once more.

The pain in his head had subsided somewhat but it was still there. Reminding him of what had happened. He refused to believe that all three Legions were lost. It couldn't be. These were good men. Excellent warriors. Well trained and ready for any kind of battle that came their way. He felt that he was the few that were captured and now he was being sent into the interior of this savage nation.

On the fourth day, they arrived at a small hut with a thatched roof with smoke flowing from the center. The driver motioned him to get out. As soon as Drusus was on foot, the driver turned the cart around. He motioned him to the door then left. He watched the man in the cart pulled by two oxen until he disappeared around a bend. Then he turned to the shelter to study it. The only thing about it that caught his eye was the strong wooden door.

He walked over and knocked.

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